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May all beings everywhere find perfect peace Life is one beautiful series of events, followed by another beautiful series of events! When I view this objectively, it is even simpler than that. Life is one beautiful moment, followed by another beautiful moment and the wonder in all of this is that I create it just as I wish it to be in this moment! * BLESSINGS!!!

The mind How can a person who has not experienced life know what it is? But as we see, we have to die first, before we know what life is.  The SUFI says that after Fana there is Baq’a—after extinction there is existence, in Him. 'Die before DEATH', says in every religion... 1=The whole world fears death, but death will be full of bliss for me I am waiting for death which will merge me, into absolute bliss' 2= Kabeer, dying, dying, the whole world has to die, and yet, none know how to die. Let those who die, die such a death, that they shall never have to die again

The divine law manifesting the latent tendencies of the mind I feel sweet.  I am all sweetness.  I discover that my mouth tastes sweet,  as if there is honey in it.  There is no question of whether I love myself and others.  I experience myself as love.  I experience everybody and everything around me as love.  Even the walls are made out of love.  There is only love and nothing else.  It is the basic substance  of existence.

How can the tendencies of karma affect One who is entirely unattached to activity?  I believe the whole point of inner work is to enjoy life.  For me,  this means accepting myself for who I am unconditionally.  When life is moving along effortlessly,  my unconditional love for myself  allows me  to enjoy every moment of life  in abundance.

Transforming The very purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticize others. Rather, we must criticize ourselves. How much am I doing about my anger? About my attachment, about my hatred, about my pride, my jealousy? These are the things which we must check in daily life"

Love is the fire that burns all infirmities

THE WORLD CAN NOT UNDERSTAND IT: There is a love that is like the light of the candle: blow, and it is gone. It can only remain as long as it is not blown,  it cannot withstand blowing. There is a love that is like the sun that rises and reaches the zenith, and then sets and disappears. The duration of this love is longer. And there is a love that is like divine Intelligence, that was and is and will be. The closing and the opening of the eyes will not take away intelligence; the rising and the setting of the sun will not affect intelligence; the lighting and the putting out of the candle does not affect intelligence. When that something which through the winds and storms endures and through the rise and fall stands firm – when that love is created – then a person's language becomes different; the world cannot understand it. Once love has reached the Sovereign of love, it is like the water of the sea that has risen as vapor, has formed clouds over the earth,

When the moments paused; then

OH! WONDERFUL: This morning the touch of the cool breeze, by giving the countenance wetness, was bestowing upon it newness along with freshness. The magic of this tender touch was actively engaged in eliciting a unique tune from a profound depth. The sound of my moving step combined with this tune raised a rhythmic symphony. I felt as though every drop of water in my body had come up and settled in the corner of my eyes. The stir on my lips, the contraction of my eyes, th e gentle tossing of my head—all began in a most graceful manner. What is happening?  Why is it happening so?  Though this understanding was lost in ignorance, the ecstatic delight at the sight of the beauty of the world was matchless. Suddenly— This intoxicating moment raised my eyelid and the nature of my breaths changed. When the moments paused, my being too subsided and my existence was swept away by a new stream and the motion of my every breath called, “Oh! Wonderful!

That is prayer

Prayer is a vibration. A feeling. A thought. Prayer is the voice of love, friendship, genuine relationships, genuine concern.  Prayer is an expression of your silent being When we forgive someone by our heart. *That is prayer. When we are helping someone in need by giving our time and energy. *You are praying When we send off our near and dear ones and say, 'drive safely' or 'be safe'. *That's a prayer. When we cook something to nourish family, friends and anyone *That's a prayer. When we hug a someone *That's a prayer. Prayer doesn't just happen when we kneel or put our hands together and focus and expect things from God. Thinking positive and wishing good for others is a prayer *unknown

Good Morning Friends, I do not know what Hand it was that knocked at the door of my sleep and awakened me so that I might enjoy this Fresh-- morning where we learn the True sense of leading our Life... ~ I do not know what Moment it was that dominated all 'durations' of my Life and created for me, this New period...

In life

In life,  there are some people you're going to have to lose,  in order to find yourself.  Not everyone is meant to stay.  So honor your feelings,  let go,  and let loose.  It's all a part of a bigger,  sparklier plan  - amazing new experiences  and  people are waiting to come into your life!

Day by day  Day by Day I Embrace the Lessons the LIFE Teaches Me.  Today I Learned:  '' HOLD the VISION, TRUST the PROCESS''  and '' COMPLETE with IMPERFECTIONS.  So Ae Shaheer,  Keep Going and Do It

Wonderful day Today was a wonderful day of Traveling in MOMENT  and watching the FEELINGS!  Amazing to watch them wonder back and forth So NOW: I have a sound SILENCE, LIFE with a full of WOW!  and HEART full of AAHA!  * BLESSINGS!!!

Relax It's a Beautiful Day!  And see the beauty all before us.  To be Soulfully Grateful... Wishing you a sensational day... That's all!!!   Because:  The future will take care of itself! Be Relax and be Happy!!!

Refine LOVE demands the impossible.  It says: On the first step you have to drop the EGO.  there is no need to refine it-  and there is no need to work on it,  because One has to drop it,  so why bother carrying it ?  drop it here and now

Reform I begin reform with myself.  The judgment seat of LOVE is within me,  and a judging, or discerning between the true  and the false is going on daily in me as an overcomer;  I am daily reaping the results of my thoughts  and my deed.

The Letter

LOVE SAYS: I am full of unique master, but my uniqueness is my simplicity like pure Nature. If you are seeking me, you have certainly accepted that I 'Love' exist, and I will not accept anything on belief, because I am purity of Trust. So I am just seeking, searching in all directions, trying to come in tune with the universe. It may be just my fallacy, my fantasy, but I want to go without any prejudice, because I am also Freedom... so You are all my love, so  I love you all... from: THE LOVE


The ego is only an absence of awareness  You cannot tell me who I am and I cannot tell you who you are.  If I do not know my own identity,  who is going to identify me?  Others can give me a name or a number,  but they can never tell me who I am really.  That is something me myself can  only discover from within


How far can one go,depends on who they travel with... Today, with the moment flowing through the window of awareness,  it sees that others are in a happy state.  The feelings of others fill me with the realization of my own imperfection;  the sadness of all reminds me of my own sadness.


 When the world pushed me down to my knees,  I knew that it was time to pray.  I am blessed to still have these old knees  that allow me to kneel,  blessed to be able to prostrate,  blessed to be able to pray.  And  I am blessed  because  I have Love For when we lose respect for life,  we lose respect for humanity,  and  when we lose respect for humanity,  we lose respect for God’s creation,  and  when we lose that,  we have lost everything.


Cross--The Cross represents that state of consciousness termed "mortal mind." The center of action of this "Mind" is in the brain, and it is here that it has to be met in the final overcoming that the 'I AM' undertakes.The Cross is not a burden as commonly understood, but a symbol of the forces in human adjusted in their right relation.

sound & color

SOUND & COLOR: * What is color? It is an aspect of light. We read in the Vedanta, that the first aspect of the Creator, the source from which the whole creation was made, was sound. In the Qur'an it is said, 'The first command was "Be," and it became.' Movement is vibration. It is only the effect of movement which we call sound. Movement speaks and we call speech sound when it is audible. When it is not audible, it is because there is no sufficient capacity. But the cause  of sound is movement. Color also is movement. And its capacity makes color concrete to our vision. At the same time, although we may call a color green or red or yellow, every color is different to each person. In fine shades of color people do not see alike because the capacity is different in each of them. The tone is according to the capacity. In other words tones or colors have not got different values, but to us they become different when we sense them or feel them. In relation

A loving life

If we want to learn about a loving life—a love for the anything or a hate of the someone—we must really look at it, see the symmetry of it, the texture of it, the quality of the living love. There is beauty, there is vigor, there is vitality in a moment of love. So to learn about the love, the life, the  environment   the thoughts, or a our own-self, we must look with all intensity.


I want to be one with the blossoms and birds If there is any wisdom running through my life now,  in my walking on this earth,  it came from listening in the Great Silence to the stones,  trees, space, river, flowers, the wild animals,  birds to the pulse of all life  as my heartbeat.


everything in nature will speak to us if we aware enough Experience the feeling of unity, ‘ekatva ki bhawna’.  Have you ever seen the flock of birds,  flying long distances,  in perfect unison?  and Beauty of walking? They don’t’ crash into each other,  they maintain a uniform distance between each other  while flying.  Perfect harmony  and unison.

This silence took to the peak of thoughtlessness: MICHAEL JACKSON

Michael Jackson - When the wind blows in the same directions as everything else in the creation, then deep thoughts kept ignorant off the same… - When the mind kept on flowing in the spools of thoughts, then no feelings took upon itself to slow down to break… - When the consciousness travel through the emotion, none of the awareness took upon itself to awake… - When in the environment of L.A.’s sp eed of life, gazed at Silence, being separated and saw the disbursement of realization; - Then, = This silence took to the peak of thoughtlessness.   = This separation took birth of tear and introduced itself to deep being.   And = Depth of life realization put itself into the cradle of creation. MICHAEL JACKSON   Whom I only shared few moments of television moments with, Who’s song I have never fully heard. Today the Energy of Michael Jackson took my being into the womb of universe. Was this the relationship I was meant to have… Was his being only meant to giv

The whole universe

Person contains within own-self the whole universe as His miniature.  Our ability to attract will depend upon the largeness  of our thought   as we feel that it flows out into  a great Universal Creative Power.  We are dealing with the form in thought,  and not with the form in matter.  We have learned that  when we get the true form in thought and permeate it  with the spirit of belief  we will see the thought made flesh  without any further effort on our part. Thought can attract to us only  t hat which we first mentally embody.  We cannot attract to ourselves  that  which  we are not.


If we are always somewhere else, we are not here Life feel the need to remind us that we can change our life overnight,  we take the necessary steps on the dark path of ignorance,  so we can eventually illuminate our own minds  with the sources of every step from Nature  and use them as a mirror for us  to learn about our own-selves.   All that’s required to begin with is an open mind,  which can give us the freedom to empower  and re-educate our own-selves  with the knowledge  LIFE  share with US... * BE AWARE  ''The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die,  is a process of learning''....Krishnamurti

The system itself is the system of freedom

The system itself is the system of freedom In this profound sadness  I saw a ray of light which was silent like me but not so sad;  and it was Nature.  The peaceful and beautiful state of nature became a protective wall for me;  the stability of trees the unwavering state of mountains  lent a support to my staggering frame.  In my wild eyes the flight of birds began to twitter;  the gurgling sound of the flowing water gave me the enjoyment of a ‘kirtan’ (hymn-chanting); the untouched touch of the air taught me the glory of detachment;  the emptiness of heaven taught me how to replenish emptiness;  the company of the life burgeoning  in this extra-ordinary atmosphere kindled in me a dim light in the glow  of which there appeared  a beautiful rhythmic quality in me.

God and freedom

If we focus on flower, the landscape around us disappears.  We are this person today,  and someone different tomorrow.  How is this change achieved? --- God and freedom may be one, but religion and freedom have never enjoyed each others company, MAY BE! I felt like it.  But we never say  or marvel at the fact that freedom made it possible.  We never recognize  that freedom is what truly links one person to another.

No thought

 When my mind is still I am exactly where I need to be in this moment! No thought, just being the me I am! 10 years ago, I came to realize I lost me.  I stepped into a world of Nature…  Nature's deep Silent habit was putting my Energy  into the right places,  what I say this is Nature's Bless,  Life's trust or God's love who tried to ‘plan’ for the future…  Which brought forgiving about the past… to be ‘responsible’.  Always;  I wanted the Perfect Life, a perfect me, always... One day suddenly,  I look inward, to the Nature,  the Powerful Energy that lives within everywhere ---  everything and within me,  That IS me.  Wow!  This Light,  this Consciousness connect me  to the all Creation...