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Thanksgiving Day

ThankSgiving Day  My every breath comes from 'ThankS'; Every step of mine arises from 'ThankS'; My every action is a blessing of 'ThankS'; Every moment of mine has blossomed with the blessings of 'Thank You'. So 'Thanks' EveryOne. Is there any feeling that I have to say a special 'ThankS' today? So my thoughts started to blossom. Special 'ThankS'! Today I also have to say 'ThankS' to Someone, but to say it is to Someone Special. WHO is THAT? Today I have to give a special 'ThankS' to the one due to Which this 'ThankS' was born. That beautiful feeling, due to Which a feeling of 'ThankS' arises in any Living being; The experience Which is very deep, but the Soul does not even have the tongue to say it; The experience that bends the existence of the Living entity; Who fills the eyes with water; Who snatches the Words from the tongue; One who considers one-self smaller than Every word; That moment that

When my incompleteness got complete

When my incompleteness got complete When I recognized the beauty of the completeness of the incompleteness, then all my incompleteness also became completely complete. Every step of my journey was lived perfectly - this perfection was considered the secret of beauty. - मेरी यात्रा का हर कदम सम्पूर्ण जिया-यह सम्पूर्णता ही सुंदरता का रहस्या समझा गई।   I saw and understood the totality of the negative part, saw a deep layer of positivity in the beauty of the negative, like a diamond lying in a coal mine. Since then my feet started walking on the sandy path.  - मैंने नकारत्मिक हिस्से की भी सम्पूर्णता देखी और समझी, नकारत्मिक की सुंदरता में सकारत्मिक्ता की गहरी परत देखी जैसे किसी कोयले की खान हीरा पड़ा हुआ है। तब से मेरे कदम रेतली राह पर चलने लगे।   I have never seen incompleteness till today, because I have also seen incompleteness in completeness of incompleteness. मैंने आज तक अधूरापन कभी देखा ही नहीं , क्योंकि मैंने अधूरेपन को भी अधूरेपन की सम्पूर्णता में देखा है।  There is nothing incomp

When You Make a House a Temple, Then

When You Make a House a Temple, Then! When our life becomes a circumambulation, then this universe becomes a religious place for us – in Which our every emotion becomes a pure learning. When the flowers of happiness Bloom in the house, that Fragrance gives peace to the Mind. -   जब घर में ख़ुशी के फूल खिलते हैं तो वो खशबू मन को तंदरुस्ती देती है।  --- When we Bow down with love at home, that Bowing gives health to the body. - जब घर में हम प्यार से झुकते हैं तो वो झुकना जिस्म को तंदरुस्ती देता है।  - - When we light the candle of Trust in the house, then our understanding becomes healthy. - जब घर में हम भरोसे की मोमबत्ती जगातें हैं तो हमारी समझ तंदरुस्त होती है।  -- When we light incense sticks of Patience and contentment in the house, then life starts living in health. - जब घर में हम सब्र- संतोष की अगरबत्ती जलाते हैं तो जीवन तंदरुस्ती में जीने लगता है। जब हमारा जीना एक परिक्रमा बन जाता है तो हमारे लिए यह ब्रह्मण्ड एक धार्मिक जगह बन जाती है- जिस में हमारी हर भावना एक शुद्ध सीख बन जाती ह

Come be the inspiration of the Moment! ( Quotes)

Come be the inspiration of the moment! आओ पल की प्रेरणा बनिए ! When We carefully consider any Event or Situation, in the end WE Stand in the Moment, Which gives us the Right understanding   Only the statement that is spoken at the right time has its value. - जो कथन सही वक़्त पर बोला जाए, सिर्फ उस की ही कीमत होती है।  The person who wins by fighting - that day belongs to that person, but the person who stops fighting, then life becomes that person's. - जो व्यक्ति झगड़ा करके जीत जाता है- वो दिन उसी व्यक्ति का होता है पर जो व्यक्ति झगड़ा करने से रुक जाए, तो जीवन ही उस व्यक्ति का हो जाता है  It takes a right action to like someone; There must be a good reason for leaving someone like this. - किसी को पसंद करने के लिए एक सही एक्शन ज़रूर होता है; ऐसे ही किसी को छोड़ने केलिए भी एक सही वजह ज़रूर होती है।  Only a person who has the zeal to fight can talk of peace; Only the person who has the courage to sacrifice can become the king and the person who desires complete freedom, only he can lov

Deep Truth

   Deep Truth Anything that is a deep truth in life will always turn out to be a deep lie - because it is so simple and so easy. For me the truth of life is that if the questions ar e beautiful and good, then your life is happy, because beautiful questions are born from beautiful experiences. I took it from the question entered into the universe and the question itself answered me and made my life happy. like:  I have a question which I am asking to God and to the universe. I get the answer to that question when I saw a poor person or saw a dry tree. Meaning that I got the answer through a dry tree. If I hadn't asked that question, I wouldn't have had the experience of a beautiful answer today. Fine! We all always want to be called intelligent and we are always ready to answer, even if the answer is wrong. If anyone has any problem, then immediately we hear the answer - worship, recite, read the Gita, pray - just trust God - it is late in God's house, there is no darkness.

How do We make ourselves Wise?

How do We make ourselves wise?   If the Questions are beautiful and good, then your life is valuable How do We make ourselves wise? The question is what makes you think? When any question becomes a thinking - it becomes a ladder to take our understanding forward. We are going on thinking, but we do not understand the question, so leave it - and forget. Sometimes this question will haunt you silently, won't even let you sleep - so pray before the universe - and then forget. Is there someone in your life whom you can talk to about this question? So talk. Even after talking, if you do not understand, then forget and relax. live life as you are living it Now we have to go ahead- wait  What kind of change do you want to bring in yourself? How do you treat people who will do nothing for you? What are you most afraid of? What is your favorite thing (anything) in life? What is the best and worst event in your life?   अगर सवाल सुन्दर और अच्छे हैं तो  आप का जीवन मूल्यवान  है

Intoxicated Feeling

 Intoxicated Feeling Some parts of us are beyond the laws of Space and Time, which We know only When We are out of Space and Time - We know so far only from our own shadow, that shadow is also made of reflection in us. Meaning that we know only by the shadow of the shadow. Self-knowledge doesn't come from the shadows, it's when the shadow ends, when we become aware of the deeper aspects of ourselves—that's when enlightenment begins. - हम अभी तक खुद की परछाईं से ही जानू हैं, वो परछाईं भी हमारे में पर्तिकिर्या से बनी है . मतलब कि हम सिर्फ परछाईं की परछाईं से ही जानू हैं। आत्म-ज्ञान परछाई से नहीं मिलता, जब परछाईं खत्म हो जाती है तब , जब हम स्वयं के गहरे पहलुओं के प्रति सचेत होते हैं-तब आत्मज्ञान होना शुरू होता है।  --- When does a struggle arise in a person? When some part of life or something limits a person – the action taken against that limit is called struggle. - व्यक्ति में संघर्ष कब पैदा होता है ? जब जीवन का कोई हिस्सा या कोई चीज़ व्यक्ति को सीमित करती है- उस सीमा के खि

Mysterious Lover

   Mysterious Lover ( Death & Life) Moments of death are meant to make a person understand and recognize that You never Die Have you seen Death? So! Now pay attention to the breath and listen to the Silence! Neither remember yesterday nor worry about tomorrow! Forget time now! Now forget life too! Now forget yourself too! Look what's there? Feel attentive! Deeply Silent! Feel it inside yourself! Deeply Silent! Some waves began to be born out of the Silence, These waves started getting stronger from within the body, Deep feeling began to flow towards the waves, With deep quiet Silence, the feeling of coolness began to be felt, You are standing at the door of Death. Now You dare enter inside. - क्या आप ने मौत को देखना है ? तो!   अब सांसों पर ध्यान दो और चुप को सुनो!  ना ही कल को याद करना है और न ही आने वाले कल की चिंता करनी है!  अब वक़्त को भूल जाओ ! अब जीवन को भी भूल जाओ!  अब खुद को भी भूल जाओ! देखो वहां पर क्या है ? ध्यान से महसूस करो! गहरी चुप! खुद के भीतर भी महसूस करो ! गहरी