Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path


Our spirit gives us intuition between right and wrong.

*Our Spirit *
It’s in our spirit that we have meaning and purpose in life. At the deepest level our spirit gives us meaning and purpose and our spirit enables us to love one another, our self and God. It’s through our spirit that we have communion and fellowship with God. Our spirit gives us intuition between right and wrong. Our spiritual health will have a significant impact on our emotional health which will have a major influence on our physical health. The inter-connection between the spirit, the soul and the body is certainly a complex connection, nevertheless, the connection is very real.


 God loves the way things are because “He made beautiful everything He created” (Quran 32:7). All things are lovable because they make his beauty manifest. Each thing plays its own harmonious role in the infinite web of relationships that the Quran calls God’s “signs.” The signs in turn display the characteristics of what it calls God’s “most beautiful names.”

More simply, the world is ugly inasmuch as we perceive it empty of God, the absolute good. It is beautiful inasmuch as we recognize the divine with-ness, the signs of the most beautiful names that fill the universe. Failure to recognize the signs goes back to ignorance—the “root poison,” as Buddhists call it.

“I was a Hidden Treasure, and I loved to be recognized, so I created the creatures to recognize Me.” QURAN
* A bit of reflection on God’s love for beauty leads to the conclusion that he loves himself before all else. God as the one true lover perceives his own true beauty and loves it eternally. As for the universe, God loves it because, by loving himself, he loves everything demanded by his beauty and mercy, and that includes an infinity of creaturely possibilities.

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The slowing down of our experience of time will place us more 
more in the present. 
The more we are the presence, 
the more we are in the present.
the slowness of time has a lot to do with being in the present.

We are all connected; 

To each other, biologically. 
To the earth, 
To the rest of the universe atomically

Silent Silence

Silence is the language of Universe. We need silence to be able to reach our Self. Both internal and external silence is very important to feel the presence of that supreme Love.

Silence does not mean "NOT TO SPEAK" or to keep quite. It actually is to free our own self from unwanted and wasteful thoughts. Thus, it is the method to save energy. Usually the amount of energy wasted in speech is less than that wasted if we are forced to keep quite. But if we free our own self from unwanted thoughts, focus on our own self, attain silence in the mind; we save our mental energy.

Qualities. ( mystery )

1)---The Mystery, or the truth of who we are, is something that can’t be put into words. All we can ever talk about are its qualities. Awareness is one of its qualities. Is there any place where Awareness stops and something called “I” begins or is it all Awareness? Is it possible that this Mystery is not only not far away but actually looking out at itself through us...

2)--- The Qualities of the Mystery

- Awareness is one of its qualities

- Another one of its qualities is its mysteriousness

- Another quality of the Mystery is surprise

- One of the Mystery’s most obvious qualities is that everything appearing in it happens all of a sudden. All of a sudden the phone rings, all of a sudden we feel sad, all of a sudden we wake up in the morning, all of a sudden we have the idea to go to a movie. Everything appears out of nowhere—from an itch, to a sneeze, to a moment of grace where our mind falls silent. Every thought, every sensation, every feeling, every experience has happened all of a sudden.

The Journey is the reward


'Surrender',The only true choice we have, since we can’t choose to awaken. Then, as always, awakening will take care of itself.


The pendulum is still swinging. It keeps cranking out this thing called experience and life. This doesn’t change once we see the Truth, but seeing the Truth frees us from suffering over what we once suffered over.

3)---Each level we drop to is more liberating than the last. What allows this free-fall into deeper and deeper truth is letting go of trying to affect where the pendulum is

4)--- we let our-self fall continuously into more and more truth. When we stop grasping or holding, the natural gravity of our being pulls us off the current apparent duality or pendulum and deeper into the truth of our being

Somewhere along the way, we got the idea that there is somewhere to land, but that’s not it at all. Each deepening just creates a new pendulum swing to then drop off of into further deepening. We are in a continuous free-fall into not knowing, where there is no suffering and many wonderful things happen. There is no end to the discovery of even deeper and deeper aspects of this Mystery. This deepening is actually the most natural thing in the world; it is our innate nature

Love is a healthy tip for healthy life ( Happy life )

It is easy to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in Solitude to live after our own; but the great one is he/she who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude

I am nothing, but still very healthy-blissful-carefree and the festival only festival.

I believe that equality is one of most  valuable gifts that I can give to myself in my lifetime here on earth!
Equality needs to be given to me by me first!
When you feel equal to everyone you encounter on your life journey, no matter who they are or where they are, you will have discovered the true, compassionate, loving and valuable you!

In love, there is gratitude, there is a deep gratefulness. You know that the other is not a thing. You know that the other has a grandeur, a personality, a soul, an individuality. In love you give total freedom to the other. Of course, you give and you take; it is a give-and-take relationship — but with respect.



We need a sense of spaciousness and relaxation. 
Many people think of meditation as hard work. 
That is not meditation. 
Meditation is learning how to let go of stress and striving.
 We have to learn how to rest. 
That is what we are doing here:
 resting in the nature of mind.

When we have reached the very peak of our exertion, when we have expended every ounce of energy we have, we reach a point where we simply take a deep breath and sit down. When we allow our-self to wholly let go and relax in that moment, our mind becomes completely non-conceptual. We do not have a thought in our head; body and mind start to calm down and loosen up, and yet we are not distracted. There is a sense of being fully present and appreciating that moment.

Moreover, it is the same whether we are a human being or another form of sentient being.
{ Hindu- Muslim-Buddhist and any other } The nature of mind is the same. It arises and it manifests within the space of our awareness in its own natural state.

Be in a state of let-go in silence and suddenly we will be able to smell the fragrance that is coming from our own innermost depth. Then the flower blossoms and compassion spreads. Silence is the flower and compassion is its fragrance...

Love- affairs

I am deeply involved, 
have love affairs with Nature, 
with Everything.
I know that I have a unconditionally love affair 
with just about everybody 
and everything that I see 
and I feel, 
because for me love is not about anybody; 
love is about how I am within myself...
* Blessings & Love!


Our present day deeds lead us 
to our future. 
Today we can give the right direction 
to our deeds.
 Our every action makes us.
Our every step leads us
 to our destination.
We see that many drops of water combine together 
to form an Ocean,

leaves combined together take the shape 
of trees;

each cell combined with other cells forms the structure 
of a person.

Our every feeling and emotion becomes 
our character.

Every object in the Universe, 
animate or inanimate, 
has its link with a complete 
whole life.


Forever, Forever, mean it never ends!
I am scared from this word and this feeling!
also, free from me
Infinite! Vastness! Endless! Unbounded!
Nothing but everything

white but black

shape but shapeless

It sacred me, but liberated


Love you all


The Meaning of True Love!
A love affair need not be with any particular person; 
you could be having a great love affair, 
not with anybody in particular, but with life.
Love is an inner state 
– how we are within our-self can definitely 
be unconditional..
Love the person who saw you when you were invisible ... 
So ... 
You 'all' are such a beautiful soul 
and I am very fortunate to have met you 'All' 
in my journey of life...
I lost my mind and heart, 
I could not figure out where the world of beauty 
and love begins 
- and where it ends.

Ae my shyness Life, I always Love you!

I had to protest against me

Today an incident has happened in front of me,
 I was disgusted by seeing it, 
or I was already very much against discrimination,
 it is coming out?
 I would never have been a partner if I did not have an interest in it,
 so I started to see myself that where did it come from me? 
What was the incident when this conflict in me, this seed of protest began to grow?
I remember that I was not given a bath at my grand father's house in TubeWell. 
How I protested. 
My brothers could take a shower and not me, because I am a girl.
 When my maternal grandfather started looking on the other side, 
I immersed myself in the TubeWell. Jumped along with the clothes.
 It was in me that I was being discriminated against and I did not support such a thing.
 Dived with clothes.
 I just thought that I was being discriminated against and I did not support it. 
Now when I saw myself in wet clothes, I was the first one to feel embarrassed.
 I did not have any clothes. When one was in wet state, then one understood. 
What is dignity? 
There will be difference if there is difference. 
I understood this.
 If I have to take a bath, will I have to make arrangements? 
There is always a difference between a boy and a girl. 
When does opposition start in us, when anyone ignores us? 
Shows us below?
 Then opposition to this discrimination arises in us.
If there is a difference, it is important to understand the difference.
Difference in name of country
Difference in the name of religion
Difference in name of caste
Difference in name of color
There is a difference in everything and we make a difference? 
When our discord injures another, the protest begins. 
When there is a difference between any two things,
 then we have to learn something from that difference.
 This question should arise in us, why is this difference? 
The difference has to be learned, not to be built, like Mr. Trump's thinking.
The difference is visible to us because there is difference. 
We have seen that difference, if there is discrimination in us, 
then we have to understand ourselves why this discrimination came in us? 
When we go deep in us, we will know that seed.
 Identification of seeds will introduce us to both sides of the seed.
 When we have any quality or demerit, there is a reason behind it. 
Whether the cause is small or big, it depends on our understanding. 
The seed is always small, when sown, the size becomes very large.
Person has seeds, One's qualities and demerits:
 Sow anyone, size will grow.
First of all opposition must be with the person own-self.
Who is a person who has fully accepted own-self?
Some people are such that they do not like their own nose,
 some do not like their skin color, some their teeth, some their country, 
and some people do not like their own parents.
When today we discriminate against ourselves, what else will we do?
This seed is sown in our house itself.
We allow sows because our soil is like this 
(soil means our values, our actions, our thinking, our understanding).
How can we object to someone while we ourselves are like that?
A person makes mistakes, because it is not necessary to understand that
 if Karma is good, only then will it be understood. 
Good Karma makes life happy, comfort and healthy.
 Understanding and learning are always found by mistake.
 Information comes from studying. 
But understanding always arises on the ground of mistake.
Why is a forgiving person considered great?
The person who made a mistake also felt embarrassed
 and understood by the mistake.
When we make mistakes, our shame makes us humble.
 And what is understood, it becomes the light for our future life. 
When someone forgives such a person, 
then only such a person creates humility 
and understanding gives light to the world.
Discrimination always starts with the person.
One Question:
If I have mango seed, then only I can sow it,
 if I do not have it, how can I sow it?
Whenever someone discriminates against anyone,
 One does it only because it happened to him/her.
Nobody forgave him/her, if he/she was forgiven?
The world is a city of the blind. 
The blind continue to behave like the blind.
 Will we never remove this blindness? 
If we come out of blindness then we will be called humans.
 Everyone is engaged in breaking each other.
 The one who breaks is a worldly person, the one who connects is a human being.
The one who breaks is hungry, the one who connects is the moneylender.
The one who breaks plays politics, the one who connects is the real politician.
My small incident had made me learn that whenever someone says Yes, or No,
 to think for a moment, 
then make our thinking our way and we take the next step.
We are all embodiments of discrimination
We all discriminate against each other
Because we all have differences, there will be discrimination
 How should we understand discrimination?
Our focus should be on this matter.
If we did not do this today, we would die as we are.
 Coming into the world also failed.
 Relationships faded. what did we do ?
 If we are not able to give happiness to ourselves, 
then we have deeply discriminated against ourselves.
 When we are guilty of ourselves, how can we talk about the other's fault?
From today onwards, we should not discriminate against ourselves,
 if we do, then we never have the right to say to others how can you do this?
As a Protest is taking place in today's environment, 
we have to make this Protest the last Protest. 
Why does anyone have to protest? 
We want to be called super creatures, does it suit a person to bring others to this position?
 If made a mistake, it is beauty to be ready for punishment too,
 every person wants to live life happily and comfort, 
everyone wants to love, give love. 
The quality of all of us is one - so for what difference?
 all Jesus, Krishna, Nanak, Moses, Buddha, Hazrat  Muhammad etc. 
are considered as ideal, 
not any politician or money person.
Even though I cannot do anything for everyone, 
I am sending love and blessings to everyone from home,
 because you all belong to me and I love you all.


मैंने आज भेदभाव के विरोध में प्रोटेस्ट करना है, तो मैं कहाँ से शुरू करूँ, यह सोचती रही ?
आज मेरे आगे एक घटना घटी है, उस को देख कर मेरे को इतराज़ हुआ या मेरे में पहले ही भेदभाव के प्रति बहुत इतराज़ था, वो बाहर निकल रहा है ? अगर मेरे में इतराज़ न होता तो मैं कभी हिस्सेदार न बनती,  तो मैंने आपने आप को देखना शुरू किया कि मेरे में इतराज़ कहा से आये ? वो कौन सी घटना थी, जब मेरे में यह इतराज़,यह विरोधता का बीज पलने लगा ?
मेरे को याद है कि मेरे नानके घर जब टूबवेल में मेरे को नहाने नहीं दिया गया था।  कैसे मैंने विरोध किया था।  मेरे भाई नहा सकते थे और मैं नहीं , क्योंकि मैं लड़की हूँ। मेरे नाना जब दूसरी ओर देखने लगे तो मैंने टूबवेल में डुबकी डूबकी लगा दी। कपड़ें को समेत ही डुबकी लगा दी ।  मेरे में बस यही ख्याल था कि मेरे साथ फ़र्क़ किया जा रहा है और मैंने यह सहारना नहीं।  अब जब मैंने खुद को भीगे कपड़ों में देखा, तो मैं ही सब से पहले खुद में शर्मा गई। ओर कोई भी कपडा मेरे पास नहीं था।  जब भीगी अवस्था में  एक ,तब एक समझ आ गई।  मर्यादा क्या होती है ? फ़र्क़ है तो फ़र्क़ होगा ही। मेरे में यह समझ आ गई।  अगर मैंने नहाना है तो मेरे को ओर भी प्रबंध करना पड़ेगा? लड़का और लड़की मैं फ़र्क़ होता ही है।  हमारे में विरोध कब शुरू होता है , जब कोई भी हम को इग्नोर करता है? हम को नीचे दिखाता है ? तब इस भेदभाव के  विरोध में हमारे में विरोधता का जन्म होता है। 
फर्क है तो फ़र्क़ को समझना ज़रूरी है। 
मुल्क के नाम पर फ़र्क़ 
धर्म के नाम पर फ़र्क़ 
जातपात के नाम पर फ़र्क़ 
रंग रूप के नाम पर फ़र्क़ 
हर चीज़ में फ़र्क़ है और हम फ़र्क़ करतें हैं ? जब हमारा फ़र्क़ दूसरे को चोट मरता है, तब विरोध शुरू होता है। जब किसी भी दो चीज़ में फ़र्क़ होगा, तो हम ने उस फ़र्क़ से कुछ सीखना है।  हमारे में यह सवाल पैदा होना चाहिए कि यह फ़र्क़ क्यों है ? फ़र्क़ को सीख बनानी है, दीवार नहीं बनानी, Mr. trump की सोच की तरह। 
फ़र्क़ हम को दिखाई देता है तो क्योंकि फ़र्क़ है।  हम ने उस फ़र्क़ को देख कर,अगर हमारे में भेदभाव भी आता है तो खुद को समझना है कि हमारे में यह भेदभाव क्यों आया ? जब हम आपने आप में गहरे जाएंगे तो हम उस बीज को जान जाएंगे।  बीज की पहचान हम को बीज  की दोनों sides से मिलवाएगी।  जब हमारे में  कोई गुण या अवगुण होता है, उस का पीछे कारण होता है। कारण छोटा हो या बड़ा ,यह हमारी समझ पर निर्भर करता है।
 बीज सदा ही छोटा होता है, जब बो देतें हैं तो आकार बहुत बड़ा हो जाता है। 
इंसान के बीज हैं, उस के गुण और अवगुण: किसी को भी बो दो, आकार बड़ा हो जायेगा। 
सब से पहले विरोधता व्यक्ति की खुद के साथ ही होनी चाहिए। 
कौन है ऐसा व्यक्ति जिस ने खुद को पूर्ण स्वीकार किया है ?
किसी को अपनी नाक पसंद नहीं, किसी को अपना रंग
किसी को अपना मुल्क पसंद नहीं , किसी को अपना घरबार 
जब आज तक हम खुद के साथ भेदभाव करतें हैं तो दूसरा करेगा ही ? 
यह बीज हमारे घर में ही हमारे में बोया जाता है। 
हम बोयने देतें हैं क्यों कि हमारी मिटटी ही ऐसी होती है  
( मिटटी मतलब हमारे संस्कार, हमारे कर्म, हमारी सोच, हमारी  समझ )
हम कैसे किसी पर इतराज़ कर सकतें हैं, जब कि हम खुद ही वैसे हैं ?
इंसान गलती करता है, क्योंकि समझ आने केलिए ज़रूरी नहीं कि कर्मा अच्छा ही हो,तो ही समझ आएगी।
 अच्छे कर्मा से ज़िंदगी सुखी और खुश और तंदरुस्त होती है।  समझ और सीख सदा गलती से ही मिलती है। 
 जानकारी पड़ने से मिलती है।  पर समझदारी सदा गलती की ज़मीन पर ही पैदा होती है। 
गलती माफ़ कर देने वाले को महान क्यों माना जाता है ?
जिस व्यक्ति ने गलती की, उस को गलती से शर्मिंदगी भी आई और समझ भी आई। 
जब हम गलती करतें हैं तो हमारी शर्मिंदगी हमारे को विनम्र बनाती है। और जो समझ आती है , 
वो हमारी आगे की ज़िंदगी के लिए रौशनी बन  जाती है। जब कोई ऐसे व्यक्ति को माफ़ कर देता है, 
 तब ऐसे व्यक्ति  ही विनयशीलता इंसानियत को पैदा करती है और समझ संसार को रौशनी देती है। 
भेदभाव  की शुरूआत  सदा व्यक्ति से ही होती है। 
एक सवाल:
अगर मेरे पास आम का बीज होगा, तो ही मैं उस को बो सकती हूँ , 
अगर मेरे पास न हो, तो मैं कैसे बो सकती है ?
जब भी कोई किसी के साथ भी भेदभाव करता है, वो इस लिए ही करता है 
क्योंकि  उस के साथ ऐसा हुआ था 
  उस को किसी ने माफ़ नहीं किया, अगर माफ़ किया होता तो ?  
संसार अंधों की नगरी है। अंधें अंधों जैसा ही व्य्वहार करते जा रहें हैं।
 क्या हम कभी अपना यह अंधापन दूर नहीं करेंगे ? अंधेपन से  निकलेंगे तो इंसान कहलायेंगे। 
 हर कोई एक दूसरे को तोड़ने पर लगा हुआ है। 
 जो तोड़ता है वो संसारी व्यक्ति है, जो जोड़ता है वो इंसान है।  
जो तोड़ता है, वो भूखा है , जो जोड़ता है वो साहूकार है। 
जो तोड़ता है वो politics खेलता है, जो जोड़ता है वो असली  politician है। 
मेरी छोटी  सी घटना ने , मेरे को यह सीख दी थी कि जब भी कोई हाँ, या नाह कहता है, पल के लिए विचाराना , फिर अपनी सोच को अपना राह बना के आगे को कदम ले लेना। 
भेदभाव की मूर्त हम सब हैं 
हम सब एक दूसरे के साथ  भेदभाव करतें हैं 
क्योंकि हम सब में भेद है, तो भेद भाव आएगा ही 
 भेदभाव को समझ कैसे बनाना है , हम को यह आना चाहिए ?
हमारा ध्यान इस बात पर होना चाहिए। 
आज अगर हम ने ऐसा ना किया तो हम जैसे हैं, वैसे ही मर जाएंगे।  संसार में आना भी फज़ूल हुआ। रिश्ते नाते सब फज़ूल हो गए। हम ने क्या किया ? कुछ भी नहीं। अगर खुद को ही ख़ुशी न दे सके तो, हम ने तो खुद के साथ ही सब से गहरा भेदभाव किया है।  जब हम हमारे ही दोषी हैं तो हम दूसरे के दोष की बात कैसे कर सकतें हैं ?
आज से हम ने खुद के साथ कोई भी भेदभाव नहीं करना, अगर हम करेंगे, तो हम कभी भी दूसरे को कहने का हक़ नहीं रखते कि आप ऐसा कैसे कर सकते हो ?
जैसे आज के माहौल में एक प्रोटेस्ट हो रही है, हम ने यह protest को आखरी प्रोटेस्ट बनाना है।  क्यों किसी को protest  करना पड़े ? हम सुपर जीव  कहलाना चाहते हैं , क्या यह इंसान को शोभा देता है कि वो दूसरे को इस पोजीशन पर ले आये ? अगर गलती की है तो सज़ा के लिए भी त्यार होना सुंदरता है, हर इंसान ज़िंदगी को खुश और सुख से जीना चाहता है , सब प्यारा करना चाहतें हैं, प्यार देना  चाहतें हैं।  हमारी सब की गुणवत्ता एक है -  तो फ़र्क़ किस के लिए। 
आज तीक  सब  जीसस, कृष्णा, नानक, मूसा , बुद्धा, हज़रत मुहम्मद   आदि  को ही ideal मानते हैं किसी  राजनेता या पैसे वाले को नहीं। 
चाहे  मैं सब के लिए कुछ कर नहीं सकती पर सब को घर से ही प्यार और दुआ तो भेज रही हूँ, क्योंकि आप सब मेरे हो और मेरे को आप सब से प्यार है। 

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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