Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path

I am that I am

The thought of me is not me. No individual here. The me, the I that 'I' intuit is pure silence, pure spirit. being, awareness, silence, truth, space, who am I, nothingness, the self, samadhi, I am that I am, essence of reality...etc...

The inner life. ( The God )
The One who understands the truth knows that as long as God exists, one will exist; he/she must not only see the divine being as the great unknown cause and see God as the great self-knowing, understanding power of infinite intelligence, thinking through his own thought and willing into his own life all power and all good. More than this, God must become within his own soul the greater self, the inner life, the inner light that is to light his path with sure step to the attainment of the greater ideals. God is to become the great friend of the life, understanding him/her, and helping him/her at all times to understand all things. No more books, no more teachers, no more preachers, no more yoga-meditation, creeds or candlesticks will one ever need.

The best relationship

This morning the touch of the cool breeze, by giving the countenance wetness, was bestowing upon it newness along with freshness. The magic of this tender touch was actively engaged in eliciting a unique tune from a profound depth. The sound of my moving step combined with this tune raised a rhythmic symphony. I felt as though every drop of water in my body had come up and settled in the corner of my eyes.
The stir on my lips, the contraction of my eyes, the gentle tossing of my head—all began in a most graceful manner. What is happening? Why is it happening so? Though this understanding was lost in ignorance, the ecstatic delight at the sight of the beauty of the world was matchless. Suddenly— This intoxicating moment raised my eyelid and the nature of my breaths changed. When the moments paused, my being too subsided and my existence was swept away by a new stream and the motion of my every breath called, “Oh! Wonderful!

God loved us ( The God )

Early on, I was mistaken in four aspects. I endeavored to remember God, know It, love It, and seek It. When I had reached the later stage [or I had got there], I realized that It remembered me before I remembered It, It knew of me before I knew of It, It loved me before I loved It, and It sought me before I sought It.

Silence. ( Pure beauty )

Love is Life. And if we miss Love, we miss Life.

Simply sit down, keep quite. Keep quite for one moment. This is the moment we need- this is the moment of rest.. keep quite for a moment without thinking and we will find Relaxation. When there is no thought there is beauty, there is Love; So perfectly pure and Spotless-- that everything will be instantaneously unfolded before us, then this beauty will hug beauty itself.

No matter how deep an incident, within it life is discovered. Every incident becomes deeper and deeper, but will not be solved. In this lays life’s fragrance, because life is an ocean, not a river. From this creation, human spouted as a deep incident, ambassador for creation...

``` If my thanking God for His blessings is a blessing,
then I must thank Him in the same measure again.
--- And:
My only excuse is that I am inadequate


These schools can never teach all that I learnt from my environment. Nevertheless, if there is no schooling, there are no degrees, and if there is no degree, there is no ‘personality’; in the absence of personality, there is no ‘professional’.
But in my present day’s moments
I am unprofessional person
and have no personality

The experience of beauty

The quintessence of being a real human person

This freedom is alive and is available to us this moment if we are willing to risk everything: even our very life! Simply let go of all our thoughts, especially the thoughts, "I am this body, this person, this name, this history." What is left is "I: just I ." We are the silent space of love itself embracing the entire universe this moment.

When this pray comes out from within me, then every cell of my body is present with Krishna, Muhammad, Jesus, Nanak, Buddha, Moses, Einstein, Kabira, the Wholeness and Creation

The reflection of the Emptiness is still in my Being. The experience of beauty without the beautiful. One experiences a transcendent eternal beauty. Not a sense of peace or release from the tensions of life. Within and without. Not a sense of joy or happiness, not even a freedom. Not just a oneness. One that is all. There is no I or You - yet, I wish to die, for there is nothing beyond - beyond what? - beyond that which is my experience, beyond that which I am. Time has stopped - and space - spaces have merged into Being.

The Real Listener
Take time to listen. Listen to what is being shared with you, and observe what is not being said. Seek wisdom in understanding all your relations. In understanding their mind, mouth and heart. Be patient, calm, and be gentle with yourself. In your learning, in your lessons, in your teachings and in life..

The very nature

Nature is all things. She rewards herself and punishes herself; and in herself rejoices and is distressed. She is rough and gentle, loving and terrible, powerless and almighty. In her everything is always present. Past or Future she knows not. The Present is her eternity.

Wonderful life
To all of the feelings along the way who hurt me, felled me, betrayed me and broke my Being...My Life forced me to see the change I needed in my life and gave me the determination, motivation and a trust that I needed to change.
So O my wonderful life, You gave me more than you could ever take from me, so thank you

Silence is our blissfulness space

A cold breeze blew bring with itself a sound of beat which united within me. Melted as one. A few Moments later, the breeze vanished leaving me with a sweet wave- Blissful happiness- Wonderful peace, and a new unique way to live

I am blessed

I have every reason in the world to be happy. I have one to a thousand reasons to feel good. Today, I count my blessings. I let the sun shine inside my heart and I see in its light the dazzling beauty that's within me. I see my strength, I see my compassion, I see my love, and I see my joy. I choose to feel connected, I choose to feel alive in this moment and I choose to feel good, happy, and whole. My life is good and I am blessed

The silence

There are two kinds of speech and two kinds of silence. Speech is either truth or falsehood, and silence is either realization or unattentiveness. The words of one who speaks the truth is better than silence, but for the person who makes up lies, his silence is better than his speech.

The presence
We are so filled with trouble that the Divine Melody is never heard. If we could see, if we could hear, if we could understand, if we only realized the presence of the All, what could we not do?

Today, through the window of contentment, I see the helplessness of mine, a useless and pitiable plight. All my aspirations, caught in the grip of helplessness and despair, remained not only a mere burden on me, but a state of extreme horror one feels when encountered with a ferocious wild beast.

Nature is my path

-- How do you feel when you connect with nature?
Sometimes the best creative solutions come when we simply give ourselves breathing space, enough space for us to see things from a different perspective
Nature is my path- my teacher and my religion 
For me:

Nature is the best therapy

A state of grace
I had just fallen in love with a beautiful nature, when gave me the task to accept my emptiness by my life. I loved myself too. It was the first time I adulated 'in me' that my heart actually opened to a nature and creation in a very deep and intense way. I was very much in touch with my feelings and I felt so hungry for nature's acceptance. I trusted in life and in God. so 
Nature said I looked good 
Life said I never looked so alive
It was like just being born in a new world, or with a new body like these buds. I felt that I am flowering.  
Accepting my emptiness is a state of fullness, a state of grace, the flowering of selfless love...

The nature of light

So fresh, so new. Joy comes in gentle waves, just as the breeze touches the petals of flowers. It wells up from unseen depths. It involves the entirety of me. How sweet my heart feels; full, overflowing with its own nectar

When the heart opens, when the real nectar of divine love flows within the body, all boundaries dissolve, all categories vanish. I am a flowing nectar. I am a budding rose. I am intrinsic joy. There is a feeling: a light joy that partakes of the nature of light

My satisfaction

My deep hunger which was my restlessness. My long thirst which was my pain. It Became my satisfaction, I didn't know. my unknown condition - froze me in a state of 'wow'- When I saw myself burping my satisfaction
'Waah, Wow', My hunger was my satisfaction!

Ability (Who am I)

I love to get up in the early morning when everything is quiet and calm around me! At this time everything I do is easier, arrives with no thought and I am able to be who I truly am within my own vibration and creation!!!
* Blessings!!!

Be grateful for and celebrate the beauty in all things because beauty is everywhere; and ignore all limitations and boundaries wherever they are found, because they are illusion...

Peace is everywhere for the wise person who lives on whatever happens to come to him/her, going to wherever he feels like, and sleeping wherever the sun happens to set

Pure silence

Reality is now. Being is now. In the words; there is no God but God, there is no moment but this moment. There is no reality but this reality. There is no now but now.

Allowing the pure silence, the emptiness, the openness within us to be experienced, relaxing into the space of no thought, need, want , desire or belief we will soon realize that we are what we have believed in for so long and perhaps tears will come,

Accept that we are nothing but a form that has arisen from silence, allow our life to blossom like a flower, believe in the beauty and uniqueness of our own form and we will see how easy it is to accept all that we are and allow our self to be without any conditions or opinions.

Light is bliss
My heart is all spilling, all melting. It melts me away. It annihilates me, little by little. I am no more. I exist no longer. Here I get scared. I see one side is darkness, the other is light. There is no me left, nothing remains. There is only light. Light is bliss, is ecstasy.Bliss and only bliss. Light is bliss, bliss is light. Then I disappear totally. Sometimes there is not even light or bliss, for there is no perception at all, or nobody to perceive. Naked being, which is light, which is bliss. I don’t know how I remember, or who remembers. I am all drowned, all gone, all extinguished.

Beautiful relationship
My life always love and care about creation. 
My life is always naughty in love. 
When someone asks me,
 "Are you ok?...
My sparkly eyes says in naughty style, 
'huuun, love' ...
Then my silence smiles, 
"I am not in love, love is in me..

The real teacher
To-day if I pick up any sacred book to read, I can’t; for I find sacred books spread around me on all sides. In the beginning my longing to understand my own state turned itself to sacred books. But this pilgrimage was for a short period; because when life itself starts teaching us, we cannot read any books. The Vedas and other holy scriptures, too, are only hints for our life. 

Beyond time ( Awareness)

Today,I lose the sense of being a person, and become an awareness
I realize that I feel intimate not only with people, but also with the food, trees, cottons, bed, television, even with the floor and walls. I feel intimate with everything I am aware of...
When the soul matures the absolute becomes aware of itself, for the developed soul gives it the discriminating capacity necessary for such recognition and enlightenment. I am both, in inseparable oneness, just as the body includes the eye and the eye is inseparable from the body.

Look at nature ( Beauty)

Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and flower

- I seek strength, not to be greater than anyone or anything, but to fight my greatest enemy – myself.

-- The sun does not set to end a day, it sets to begin a night and give the chance to all creatures to live. The darkness is not scary, unless our mind is blank and can’t imagine the beauty and life beyond it.

--- Our life will never be painted in pink. But look around us, look at nature. There are better colors than pink…

Let it go ( meditation)

It is your time to fly with your own wind. Let go of those things that keep you from flight. If it is heavy, let it go

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, we will receive untold peace and happiness.

The flowers that sleep by night, opened their gentle eyes and turned them to the day. The light, creation's mind, was everywhere, and all things owned its power.

We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.

Take time to listen. Listen to what is being shared with you, and observe what is not being said. Seek wisdom in understanding all your relations. In understanding their mind,mouth and heart.Be patient, calm, and be gentle with yourself. In your learning, in your lessons, in your teachings and in life..

Blossom (Silence)

When life blossoms In silence 
It may be day or night, 

Perfect silence or deep uproar 
There is a watchman-ship of silence at work. Words turn a person into a beggar and silence places on the human head the crown of the emperor of the inner spiritual kingdom. The individual despite being in shackles is free; but for being in the grip of longing despite being free we are slaves. In the desert of burning passions one’s worth is not more than a fig, but you, see in the matter of dreams and aspirations even a king is at the level of the laymen, for I think that Whether there are dreams or aspirations,
Thoughts or reflections, all give us the message of our metropolis; 
Death teaches the glory of life; 
Mountains, valleys, seas, the sky give us an idea of our comprehensiveness. 
The consciousness of time teaches us that infinite and eternal we are; 
Air suggests to us the tune of ‘Oum’. 
— Let there be the wails of lamentation or peals of happy laughter, 
— Helplessness of circumstances or the sobbing state of the environment, 
— Angry words of complaints or utterances of curse, 
— Showers of blames or the pains of law violations, 
— The fragrance of love or the drops of enthusiastic aspirations, 
— Flowers of smile or the thorns of tears.
All feelingly make us realize their individual significance.
• Hungry bellies, moistened eyes, faded faces— do they not lift the corpses of comforts? 
• Does the loneliness of trouble not look for happiness and comfort? 
• Do broken hearts not give the message of death? 
• Wild cries, the bitter gesture of envy and jealousy, the mode of thinking of rascals and ruffians, the solitude of love, the disappointment of hopes, the accidents of earth-quakes and whirlwinds, the cunning prattle of the wicked people, the tricks of the corrupt people, do they not transport us to the consciousness of death and throw our life into the pit of suffocation, helplessness and despair?
• The fragrance of flowers, the beauty of nature, the juice of fruit, the taste of vegetables, the redness of the sun, the bullishness of the sky the flights of birds, the stability of the trees, the unshaken stand of mountains, the light of the moon, the bashfulness of a woman, the fearlessness of man, the spiritual ecstasy of Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, the joyful symphonies of Shehnai do they not make life beautiful, are they not a boon for life, are they not life themselves?
But what does actually happen? 
The individual may live anywhere, may it be a palace or a hut, there comes a constant hum of quarrel and bickering and of envy and jealousy. Why? 
Why is not there heard the thundering voice of love and peace? 
And this silence, takes us beyond the challenge of death and the lullaby of life into the sweet and fresh music of the universe. The immaculate expansion of silence takes us into the music of depth as well as exalts us with the attainment of height. Very lucky they are who follow this path and hear this music of the spheres, who enjoy this zest of taste, who know this secret that they are not finite beings, but infinite; that they have no end and are endless. It is only with this realization that a person becomes happy, peaceful and contented. Then begins the start of a new life with new aspirations:- Then fears and worries born of the womb of the moments, the grief of in-completion, the painful sighs of weakness— all vanish in moments, then silence comes with only essential utterances and life proceeds with essential matters, “feelings” proceed only in the right direction to the place where freedom rises in revolt and where slavery has worn out itself. When they become votaries of dedication and devotion only then do they get their freedom which takes them to infinite bliss. But the individual has developed his interest in utterances while true friendship is shown only by ‘silence’. The individual’s life rests itself only on utterances while the necessary thing is to enshrine life into the heart of silence. This journey is the journey of freedom and freedom comes with knowledge. Knowledge is born of the womb of silence. Silence leads the individual to the quintessence of life, while the sabras of utterances can even kill life. when life blossoms in silence:-

Mystery. ( life )

Anticipate this moment. Anything beyond this moment we can’t be conscious of. We never know when our gifts of moments will be no longer in this reality. Understand that we’ll always be consciously unconscious. And it’s a beautiful mystery that is revealed to us each moment.

The story of a love is not important – what is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.

Celebration ( happiness)

Today I wish to Celebrate that I am loved, I am Happy and I am free to be Me…And thanks you for Today!!!
* May you experience much love and acceptance in your hearts today!!!

I have cleared many secrets that I carried through life knowing that clarity comes from me accepting all that I am, all that I have been, and all I have done Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Peace, love, light, blessings and clearing for us all as we travel through our lives learning, growing, and becoming who we truly are!

Totality ( Wholeness)

 In my experience, as I open myself to seeing the truth of who and what I am, God is a truth that reveals itself on its own. It is independent from anyone's mind or preferences, and has always existed and always will exist inside each of us. God, for me, means experiencing the totality of all existence in its true nature and condition.

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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