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Let's go # 1

Let us all see ourselves today, consider God as a window.      # 1 I always wondered why I love everyone, and why I have never felt any trouble? How everyone loves their own family, you give importance to the country, and how you consider religion the best? Why are we different? , Why don't we all live together? Why do we all fight? No one had the answers to my questions. Or did not want to answer. Sometimes it used to feel that I am definitely crazy. To think of me as crazy, it seemed that everyone had progressed in some part of life. And I always used to roam around after all. I never used to get any support from anyone that I was ever angry with me. The slightest resentment of anyone was like a mountain to me. I had such a habit of people around me that they would make mistakes and get angry themselves. The thief himself and the police himself would remain. Love was my weakness and whether I am always guilty or not, the only result for me was that I am guilty. The

The unique story of death

When we told you the bad time, 'I felt as if I was going to die' or to say that 'my bad time was like death'. It means that I have experienced death. The experience of death is hidden somewhere within me. Experience of death Died many times - live again Still afraid of death, why? When we have experienced death, why have we not gone beyond death? The law of the universe is that whatever we feel, we go beyond it. Sometimes he even says that 'my life is worse than death' Why and how, someone knows about the experience of death. This means that we all experience death. Today, all our experiences, whether it is of death or the time of birth, remain deposited in our consciousness. Every door of consciousness opens according to the demand of the time. Who is Enlightenment called? When we experience the experience of death and the experience of birth together, and in that experience, on one hand, events happen very deeply. When we are roaming that part of your consc

physical relationship

The person is a very intelligent animal (physical relationship) On the natural side, whenever we look deeply and carefully, one thing will be clear to us that natural behavior is very clear and straightforward. We will understand this quality of nature very soon. Why? Because this is the quality of the universe, our quality. When we grow in natural behavior, we too will start living cleanly and straightforwardly. I have many such people whose cause of problem is 'body-relationship'. Boy or girl, if no one has any sense of sex, then how does it mean that there is a disadvantage in it, sickness? If someone is not interested in sex, is one sick? Or are those who think so ill? From the beginning, I did not like to do makeup. My life was natural. When I did not do makeup even after marriage, people said that I have a problem. Is my mental level sick if I don't like to do makeup? Do people think very well? If no one has the feeling of sex, then that person

The ugly character of life is anger

27 years ago: While praying for the shower, I was praying and asking God for the house. After 10 minutes, the energy of the house varied. I thought that my prayer was complete. But it did not come to mind that the difference in energy can also be negative. I asked for positive energy, but what I got was negative. It was 17 years ago like this: That incident is happening again. I am praying that God, make this house full of your blessings. And life started going completely negative. If I see the deep way of life, then I am a failed person. Didn't get what you asked for? Whoever got, got awesome. I got everything that only belongs to me, which I have to take full advantage of. That which the world demands, but not Serious. As much as Serious is for money, not for happiness and happiness. Surely everyone want happiness and comfort, but walk on money's path. I always asked God for happiness and got pain. If I asked for happiness, then I got grief. If I asked for

Have you ever treated the father as a human being?

Today, when the Father got deep into the depth of the word, only one of the people met. Human: Whenever we see any person in a relationship, we make the existence of that person very small. If we see that person as a human being first, then see him from the layer of relationships, then the existence of a human being is very big. How many relationships a person goes through, why and how? Today, the moment I looked at the relationship from that word came in me, whom we call the father. Every person has a profound influence on me. How many humans we meet every day of our lives, some are special and some become common and go through life. What is father? We called the father who gave birth to the body, but this is why we fell in love with him because our mind was also born from him. Our thinking is also being formed by the person with whom we live everyday. Life is concerned not with the creation of body, but with the formation of thought. My memory has been very deep. When

The relationship means that the two sides enjoy each other ( Happy Father's Day)

I was surprised that I had never been shy with anyone, only you had been shy with the Bapu ji (father). The rest of the house is not from any man - just from my Bapu ji, why? No one could solve this question for me, just waiting for time. Call it time or understanding; For me both are the same. I once saw that father and me were left in the room. We were both having dinner. Maa went out to get something. I saw that my eyesight and Bapu ji's eyes were united, then both of us started looking down immediately. Right now I was thinking that I eat the rest of the food outside, but before me Bapu ji got up and went out. Through this incident, I came to know that Bapu ji is very shy of me. The flow of shame was very deep in both of us. When I went to India from Canada, for the first time Bapu ji told me one thing. "Thank you dear that your clothes has not changed." It should be the same even today as it was before. '' I was surprised that Bapu ji told me thi