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A Spiritual Traveler

When I stayed in me, I remembered Buddha, Why? I was seeing and listening to the dominance of religion all around.  But if religion was not visible in anyone's movement,  then my eyesight ordered my walking feet to stop.  This stop of mine took me in the right direction. Everyone around me was taking part in the race for money  or was preparing to take part.  The hunger for money was understood When I saw the rich man running too.  Something stopped in me again.  This stay of mine gave me that richness Which never ends. A false feeling in sweet words; Something on the tongue -  something else in the character; Carrying out kinship with an empty mind,  giving up one's existence for a false nose;  Wow! Couldn't happen to me. Something stopped -  Something stopped inside me again that  my auspicious journey has become an auspicious time. There has to be a very deep Stop, that is called a Pause,  When it comes , the person becomes a Spiritual Traveler. Every step I stopped, alw

Sound of Moments

  Sound of Moments What should I say! Today the story of my wonderful life in each of my conversations identifies me with its voice and mystery. That moment of silence when it is in full depth, which is so wonderful and beautiful - that takes existence to the heights - how does that moment enjoy the journey of the ages - Wow! Then living, alive, learning and growing in it is a wonderful life journey! Just:I will continue to enjoy my journey, destination and myself forever! - चुप का वो पल जब पूर्ण गहराई में होता है तो ,जो बहुत ही अद्भुत और खूबसूरत होता है- जो अस्तित्व को उचाई पर ले जाता है - वो पल कैसे युग की यात्रा का आनंद देता है- वाओ ! फिर उस में रहना, जिंदा, सीखना और बढ़ना एक अद्भुत जीवन यात्रा है! अभी: मैं अपनी यात्रा, गंतव्य और खुद का आनंद सदा ही लेती रहूंगी ! --- Today I came to know that even though life opens many doors everyday that we can do a lot, but today I only do what makes my life happy. My silence always becomes my guide. My silence has always explained one thing to me

Conversation with the Moment

Conversation with the Moment That small moment of birth and death, in the length of which the ages travel, the wonderful feeling of wanting a point is in this experience. (What am I doing at this moment?) 0- I am writing... 1 -   Why? 0-My experience is very sweet, I want to share my life with everyone...  1-Means you want to fill everyone with the feeling of color of beautiful experience? 0-   Absolutely right... 1-Now look at this in such a way that whatever you are doing, you will call this 'here and now'; but this is also a game of the universe. Whatever you think that - 'I am doing this' - it is not you that the whole universe is engaged in this. 0-  How? 1- Now understand this in such a way that when you see that a bubble is being formed on the power of water, is this bubble creating itself or all this is happening in the power of all the water. The temperature of the water, the air in the water, the space in the water and the water, which has also taken the form

Infinite Paths of understanding

Infinite Paths of understanding   I had never imagined that there are infinite paths of understanding of life,  Which make the living entity conscious. Knowing oneself is the hardest part. -  स्वयं को जानना सबसे ज़्यादा कठिन है। Can you believe today that the past and the future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, that today is the tomorrow and the past exists - do you understand? - क्या आज आप ऐसा मान सकते हो कि अतीत और भविष्य वास्तविक भ्रम हैं, कि वे वर्तमान में मौजूद हैं,मतलब कि आज में ही आने वाला कल और बीता हुआ कल मजूद है - क्या आप समझ सकते हो? The most dangerous person in life is the one who is very intelligent. Why? Because the more profound the understanding, the more difficult it is. Stay tuned forever to know How! - जीवन में सब से खतरनाक व्यक्ति वो है, जो बहुत समझदार है।  क्यों? क्योंकि बहुत ही गहरी समझ जितनी कठोर होती है- उतनी ही नाज़ुक होती है।  कैसे?यह जानने  के लिए  सदा साथ बने रहिएगा! We are all an action of the universe, just as a wave is an action of the