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To live a beautiful life

1st step of wanting to live a beautiful life  It's a beautiful day today. The sky is clear, and the lake is equally splendid as you can see, and the surrounding area is quiet and extremely pleasant. This lake is not too far off from the house, hence the reason I decided to visit the lake as I was busy with work at home, and I did not want to travel too far today. If you are not happy with the video content or what I say, think, or feel, then I pray that you will forgive me for the same. I also request that you let me know why you do not like the content, please. If you wish to add your comments, suggestions, or even if you wish to share your personal experiences, then by all means you may do so without hesitation. I will be more than happy to connect and talk with you. You may recall that two days ago, I shared and spoke about a doctor, to be precise a heart surgeon, whom I was very eager to see and meet up to discover the health problems he is suffering from. This is because it ca

How do you get a happy life?

What is cosmic energy? It is a beautiful day today, and it is also bright and sunny. I want to share and speak to you about the experience I witnessed yesterday. I must share this particular experience with you because it is very important. It is Nature's law that Life offers you choices as to what you must do, whether you should travel eastward or westward etc. if I stopped writing and sharing my experiences with you all, then I am quite certain my life will come to an end. Such are my experiences in life that I cannot remain silent. I have been writing for the last 15 years, and I have been talking and sharing my experiences only just recently. Two days ago, I get to know that an individual is sick and that he is a medical doctor by profession. I wish to see him and speak to him, but I am told that he is unable to speak or communicate and that he is bedridden for the last two years. He can see and hear, so I was told. I request that the doctor's photograph is sent to me so th

Why is the color of blood the same?

Why is the color of blood the same? My only question is how someone lives life with such thinking, when his mind is full of discrimination Today, I have decided to walk along this dusty path that leads to a lake - it seems that the lake is calling out that it needs me and us! The path signifies a sense of loneliness and unattachment, as far as the meaning of life is concerned akin to bachelorhood. How we perceive life, and how we live life is very important and worth pondering. In retrospect, when we examine life, there is a sense of feeling that somehow, we have failed to achieve all our desires! Why do we get that feeling, and what exactly is the reason behind it? There has to be a ground of thought behind such an assertion. Does this mean that the saints and sages of yore were wrong in their assumptions about how life has to be lived? It is a fact of life that every individual seeks happiness, health, and peace to eke out an unruffled life. If the flow of life hinges on our thought

Depth comes from feeling, not words

Depth comes from feeling, not words Just like every flashing thing is not gold, just like that.  No matter how good the words are,  they do not necessarily have depth. Whatever happens or gets revealed to us can be said to be a faultless occurrence. Reality and Truth are the same aspects of the one God. Whether a person's thought, feeling, circumstance, direction, or situation may seem and appear to be wrong, but the unfolding of life is beyond our understanding and grasp. It never fails us - we as human beings can fail because of our inadequacies and lack of understanding. How can we prepare ourselves to gauge life? Both the mental and sensory organs have their limitations? Life is given to us so that we can live it and not busy ourselves accumulating material things. A thought to accomplish something in life will become self-limiting. Our innate capability is vast and endless, and in creation, we can either ruin our life or glorify it. Life can appear to you in any form and grant

The Mother

The Mother What is a motherhood?  and what should be the education of a girl before having a child?  In Punjab, India, when we study the English Language as a subject in class 6, we get to study a storybook written by an American writer. It is written in 1870 or 1873. In the story, a teacher asks four female students, 'What do you wish to become in life?' The first girl replies, 'I wish to become a doctor.' The second girl replies, 'I wish to become a lawyer.' The third girl says, 'I wish to become a housewife,' and the fourth girl says, 'I wish to become a mother.' The girls explain their reasons well, and when the fourth girl is asked to explain her reasons, the whole class, including the three girls laugh at her. the teacher, tells the entire class, that what the fourth girl has said is very important and deeply meaningful. At that very juncture, a thought came to my mind, so what do I want to become? In life, events take place that is beyond