Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path


We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire; the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing

With every journey there is a new lesson learned, every place traveled, explored; makes us in fall in love with the World

 Everyone had stopped for a procession of eleven very slow moving Geese. I was delighted, and impressed with the teamwork and the overall humanity of it all. It made my life.
So I can’t say I always hate the unexpected. Life does have a way of presenting us with delightful surprises every now and then.

The Path

That Path is Beautiful, when our journey becomes the destination itself!

Of course, let us have peace," we cry, "but at the same time let us have normalcy, let us lose nothing, let our lives stand intact, let us know neither prison nor ill repute nor disruption of ties ... " There is no peace because there are no peacemakers. There are no makers of peace because the making of peace is at least as costly as the making of war - at least as exigent, at least as disruptive, at least as liable to bring disgrace and prison, and death in its wake.


 If one thinks there is nothing to learn from a grass is not a nice person

My advice to us is that we find a community, whether in a Religious place or not, that will allow us to walk beyond the Boundaries of Religion into an exploration of the ultimate Mystery of Life that We call God and then enjoy the Journey


The strongest person

If love is your weakness..
then You are one of the strongest person

Shaheer gazed at Shaheer for 32 years and only Shaheer; so kamli- Shaheer could recognize Shaheer to know the being of Shaheer. She could only live fulfilled life after acquiring the knowledge.
What is the character and what is the personality?
Shaheer could not distinguish that! 
She failed in such knowledge.This Kamli [stupid] Shaheer was not aware that Success of Passing was within the Elm of Failing.


The award was bestowed upon Shaheer was infine...
Happiness- Peace- Rest- Love- Freedom.

Wow...and Wow.

Kamli means=50% innocent+ 50% idiot

I said to Shaheer, ''If love is your weakness..then You are one of the strongest person in the world, too!

Nature of mind

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude, 

looking forward, I am filled with vision,

looking upwards I am filled with strength, 

looking within, I discover Silence-Happiness and Freedom= 


The nature of mind is seen as space, but even the notion of space must be transcended to deeply understand the nature of mind. As long as there is space, there is someone there experiencing something and calling it space. But completely experiencing the nature of the mind involves complete openness, or complete nothingness...

Natural Living

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Today I choose to wake up curious and determined to see the beauty in all of creation, walking gently upon the earth, with open arms and a thankful heart… With each sunrise we are blessed with a majestic canvass…as spiritual beings making the physical journey to mother earth, it is up to us… as creative artists, to paint each day as we wish….


There is no End to Realization, kinds and types of Awakening, or Enlightenment and Completeness. There is no end for Reality - Being or God -is simply too Infinite and Indeterminate to be Circumscribed by any Experience, Realization, Insight, Teaching or Understanding...

The wound


If I feel myself sad, first I need to be aware of sad, then what am I sad about? After that I keep answering the question until at some point I recognize that I am missing something or have lost something and that will reveal some kind of emptiness. We explore the emptiness, the emptiness begins to reveal why those qualities are missing. We have to go through the emptiness and the wound that will lead to what was lost and we begin to recognize the quality of our being. This is not only the sense of sweetness but also a sense of presence, the quality of being, so the inquiry continues with this quality itself.


The path did not stop there, and it has not stopped. Realization continued. One example is the realization of seeing that duality and nonduality are the polar opposites of a conceptual dichotomy. They are both the expression of reality, but one with the concept of separateness and the other with the concept of unity. This ushered in the simple realization of reality where there is no separation and no unity. Reality is what it is, with no commentary. Reality is neither material nor spiritual, for both are conceptual categories. Reality is simple and can accommodate all the conceptual categories without it being patterned by them.


Life is a continual discovery of reality and its secrets. It is not a seeking and not a looking after anything. It is like the creative dynamism of being is liberated totally so Being is free to manifest its truths in endless ways. It is absolutely nonsectarian, and totally inclusive. It celebrates the differences between the traditions and teachings, for they all express it purely and genuinely.

I am

1)---I am my Experiences

2)---Attention is our connection to experience

3)---Attention makes reflection meaningful.

4)---Reflection in the absence of attention is empty and meaningless

6)---Attention brings experience into focus

7)---Without reflection, we are simply being carried along by the flow of life.

8)---The focus of reflection is not simply experience but my experience: thus the object of reflection is my self because at this stage of consciousness development, I AM MY EXPERIENCE...

9)---Because at this stage of development I AM MY EXPERIENCE, all reflection is also self-reflection. Thus,“I am myself”  

Love is light

Though love is light it becomes darkness when its law is not understood

1)---Now what the ear likes to hear is music, 
the prohibition of it is what I call obstruction to the ear

2)---What the eye likes to look at is beauty;
 its not being permitted to regard this beauty I call obstruction of sight

3)---What the nose likes to smell is perfume; 
 its not being permitted to smell I call obstruction to scent

4)---What the mouth likes to talk about is right
wrong; and if it is not permitted to speak
 I call it obstruction of the understanding

5)---The comforts the body enjoys to have are rich food 
and fine clothing; 
and if it is not permitted, 
then I call that obstruction of the senses of the body

6)---What the mind likes is to be at peace; 
its not being permitted rest I call obstruction of the mind's nature

7)---All these obstructions are a source of the most painful vexation

8)---Morbidly to cultivate this cause of vexation, 
unable to get rid of it, 
and so have a long but very sad life of a hundred, 
a thousand, 
or ten thousand years,
 is not what I call cherishing life

9)---But to check this source of obstruction 
with calm enjoyment to await death for a day,
a month, 
or a year or ten years,
 is what I understand by enjoying life


The Clever one

 The Human is very Clever Animal:

~ Everything that has an inner reality, if not preserved through its counter part of it's outer reality and practice, then the wisdom teaching which is part of the inner reality gets lost over time. We have many historical evidences that will testify this that when the outer forms which hold and work as a container of the inner teachings and symbols are discarded, then even the inner reality is lost over time. 

Sacrifice of the animal is meant to sacrifice the inner animalistic attribute of human being.

*Sacrifice of animal is the outward action as a reflection of the inner reality of true sacrifice of the self -
'The Ego'

Absolute laws

All creation is based upon absolute LAWS, yet nothing speaks

Person’s thirst (passion) and devotion itself 
takes the shape of process or activity and appears in action. 
Our faith and devotion take shape in keeping 
with our mental tendency. 

When the topic of my interest is love, 
then my quest will be for love only. 
My attachment with love will be my devotion to love. 
Later, this devotion becomes dedication. 
Devotion always returns in the 
shape of devotion.
Thus, if I say the whole world should be happy, 
beautiful and peaceful, t
his pious wish is my inclination or tendency, 
my attachment and devotion to the world. 
When I have such love and devotion to the world, its fruit will also be there. The world may or may not be beautiful, 
but this devotion of mine will certainly make me beautiful. 
The spreadoutness of this life begins from me. 
When my life becomes beautiful, 
the world, too, will become beautiful; 
for the creation will appear according to our own point of view, 
or you may say that our fruit will be according to our intention 
because life flows according to our feelings and conditions. 
This very feeling becomes an idea when then taking the shape of an activity 
or process becomes an action 
thus reveals itself.

To every unique human being that I have encountered on my journey 
through this lifetime, I thank you for being. 
To those who have gone before me, 
your presence 
is honored every day as a part of being me



What a wonderful thought some humans have: 

"Nobody does anything for another"
Yet they never look at themselves to see if they have helped someone. They only help their family at most where needed. 
God Bless: If anyone, feeling someone's pain or looking at their situation, do decided to help someone out. What do these people have to say:
"Yeah right she's helping, She is only doing it for self recognition"
" By showing off her money in gifts she is making friends. "
Looking at their faces I think to myself, "They know I am not rich, Do they not have any shame? 
I look inside myself at the smiling Shaheer, and I pad the back, not for them but for the shaheer's smile and Shaheer's smile is my inspiration for my journey.

Where are Buddha, Nanak, Jesus, Krishna and Muhammad-?

Silence is the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt, and I'm glad I got the chance to experience it with Nature as special as Trees. Thanks trees and universe!

 Where are those sweet human beings, the perfect masters of humanity in whose presence we grow every moment and never cease growing?

Where are Jesus- Krishna who when speaking every time would marvel his disciples with new parables of ageless insight? Where are Buddha, Nanak who would spell bound hundreds and thousands of monks and nuns with discourses after discourses that would pierce the very seat of reality? Where is Muhammad the Messenger who would speak with such eloquence that his companions would feel homesick even if they are at their respective homes, but absent from the presence of him? Where are those beautiful human beings worthy of calling true masters in who's Company , Sangat and Sohbet (spiritual conversation) you would melt away in Bliss...

All is silent

Feel it now, this very Moment. The presence is here, as it is everywhere else. All that is needed is Our falling into a kind of attainment  Our falling inwards into a kind of at - one -minute. Then the cawing of the crows and the cuckoo calling from far away… and all is silent. In that Silence we start becoming Aware of the impersonal presence that surrounds us

Presence is known by presence

Presence is known by presence

---If your anger is external, not internal,
 it will be anger proceeding from not-anger
---If your actions are external, not internal, 
they will be actions proceeding from inaction.
---If you would attain peace, 
level down your emotional nature. 

---If you desire spirituality, 
cultivate adaptation of the intelligence.

--- If you would have your actions in accordance with what is right, 
allow yourself to fall in with the dictates of necessity


A really religious person is totally free

For me, 
I don’t surrender to any Priest- Pandit- Kazi, or Guru 
and any Place. 
LOVE is enough for me. 
Life is my GURU 
Feeling is my PRIEST. 
I only Surrender to LOVE- 
Love is my Guru 
my holy place 

If we can know our own life and understand it, 
we will find the ocean of divine knowledge within us. 
We will find the Holy scripture in us. 
We are the Veda- Quran- Bible etc; 
we're our own book. 
If can study that book 
reach the state of fully ripened knowledge, 
we will be able to understand Krishna- 
Muhammad- Jesus- Nanak- Moses etc. 
we will be able to speak about God- 
Love- Freedom 

First time

When I first met Nature 
began to change and deep experience Silence,
 I didn't know anything about this Silence. 
That didn't matter. 
What mattered was what was happening. 
What mattered was the kind of LIFE This was.
 Then I See: 
Nature is My Guru.
 Trees are, Oh my God: 
tress are my own being. 
Then, I Live with trees. 
I Became totally myself. 
I'm in relationship with Creation 
this is a wonderful doorway.

True nature

But if we are in the stance of our True Nature,
 things can change around us, and our body still changes, 
but the experience is that there is no passage of time.
 And that is because the experience of that body of light
 is agelessness, endlessness
—always now, now, now, 
never changing, 
that ever-fresh now, 
this very moment always.

What is Experience?

What is experience?
 How does experience happen, where is it and what exactly is it?

My heart is all spilling, all melting. It melts me away. It annihilates me, little by little. I am no more. I exist no longer. Here I get scared. I see one side is darkness, the other is light.

There is no me left, nothing remains. There is only light. Light is bliss, is ecstasy. Bliss and only bliss. Light is bliss, bliss is light. Then I disappear totally. Sometimes there is not even light or bliss, for there is no perception at all, or nobody to perceive. Naked being, which is light, which is bliss. I don’t know how I remember, or who remembers. I am all drowned, all gone, all extinguished.

The Law of Silence


The Law of Silence is that which allows entities the space, peace 
and time to rest and recuperate from the noises
 and chattering outside.
The silence is found within the soul, 
and is not limited to sound, 
but also relates to silence in terms of motion, 
emotion and feeling.


If the Path is Beautiful, then this Beauty gives us the feeling of Infinity

Amazing living life has meant so much more to me than just the living any boundaries. It has opened up a whole new avenue of life. My experience was so deep so grateful. 
My moments traveled with Amazing world. So,I wanted to thank you for a wonderful time, O my Beautiful life!!!



Silence is a guru and silence is a scientist of the soul. it's religion does not consist in worshiping, its religion consists in transformation -- the symbol of religion is fire 'element'. The symbol of fire is significant, it is the only thing that defies gravitation. It does not go down-wards; it always goes upwards, because silence is actually positive energy and energy is always fire...
* Have a Joyful Journey



The emptiness was so beautiful that now nothing could be more beautiful than that. the Silence simply remained in its sublime emptiness -- that's why blossoms showered upon Silence as rain. Silence is so silent that the Life say that it has almost become absent. Silence would come and nobody would take note of its sound. and silence would pass and nobody would become aware that silence is passing. Emptiness is a very silent breeze...
* Enjoy your Empty Core


Today and now
  We go hiking on every hill in Los Angeles. Today we went to this hill. If happiness and wellness are together, life is heaven
Flowers all around - pleasant weather - flowing water - fun in the gait - with romantic mood - as if engaged with the spring season and such a moments as God has given a gift.


On a cloudy day, I might ask myself, "Why should I continue to 'extend an olive branch' to someone who is unwilling to 'step out on a limb'?" On a clear day, my answer is simply this, "Let not my withdrawal of an offer of friendship ever be the excuse for nonacceptance."...


When we've walked through that doorway of opportunity,

 we do not slam it shut behind us.
 We reach back,
 and we give other folks the same chances that
 helped us succeed.


 I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.


Q: Are you enlightened?
A: Depends on what is meant by enlightenment. If it means knowing all the secrets of the universe my reply is an emphatic no. If it means removal of doubt about reality then it is yes.

Q: Please tell us in a little detail about your enlightenment.
A: Enlightenment is a personal experience which can not be shared or copied. Therefore going into its details will be misleading. Suffice it to say that you see things which ordinarily you can not even think of seeing. It is an extraordinary sensory experience which can not be described in words.

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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