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Unexpected Path "unbelievable Path"

 Unexpected Path My journey as a writer, born from my  speechless State, undoubtedly brings a unique perspective and depth to my  life  Unbelievable Path Even today I remember how the experience of death filled me with a sense of bewilderment, speechlessness, and namelessness, and when I came out of that event, what a deep vocabulary I was gifted with – Amazing, Wow! "My speechless state made me a writer." My experience of speechlessness that inspired me to become a writer highlights the incredible ways in which adversity can foster creativity. In the absence of spoken words, I have found a deeper voice through writing, a medium that has begun to allow me to express my thoughts, feelings, and stories in deeply personal and expressive ways. Through my writing, I have been able to transcend the limitations of speech and communicate with others on a deeper level. My unique perspective, shaped by my speechless state, imbues my writing with a depth and authenticity that resonates

A Transcendent Life "Transcendent Experience"

 A Transcendent Life Transcendent Experience You will feel as if I am describing a very deep reflective experience of consciousness, or should I say, I am describing a spiritual experience. Where I am going through different dimensions of my consciousness and perception. As: Lying in bed in deep silence: This indicates a state of rest or peace, and this is my physical state from which I am experiencing dreams and introspection into the universe. Dreaming of walking on a dirt road, seeing your mother: Dreams often symbolize subconscious thoughts and feelings. To see one's mother, to see aspects of her parenting, guidance, or unresolved feelings related to her, and to bring that mother, who died 19 years ago, into the present day, in a dream, is a statement of consciousness that she is from the past. Can go in time. Calling Ariana in the dream: Ariana in the dream is a symbol of comfort or assurance, a symbol of trust, and also a symbol of deep unity. The physical form does not reach

Unbelievable Journey 'Voyage Through Consciousness'

Unbelievable Journey  A Gray and Purple dimension, in which I felt only drops of water falling on me. If water can't exist here in a State of deep silence, then water drops could exist there - How? This question of mine was turning hidden from me, when I started smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers. I had seen the flowers or some part of my consciousness had awakened, which was engaged in revolving around the universe - I did not even know this yet. The dress of my own body started taking the form of mist and it started molding itself in the color of that dimension. I was aware of at least four dimensions and was also aware of all the questions arising in me. 1- I was lying on the bed in deep silence; 2- I was having a dream - in which I was walking on a dirt road and was seeing my mother going from a far distance. 3- When I started crying in the dream, I called Aeriana (daughter) to come and quiet me, but my voice did not reach Aeriana - I know this, but Aeriana will come, I ha