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Relationship is meditation in itself

  What is a relationship and Why are We all in a relationship? Every event in the journey of life is Spirituality,  Which explains the life from Sannyasa to Nirvana. For me our relationship is also a method This is What I have always seen and known in relationships, that relationship is the awareness of the interrelationship between two people. Every relationship works as a natural method of meditation. My relationships have created awareness in me, not any religious book or religious place. When we are awakened through relationships and the awareness with which we see and live life and the world, all that becomes religion. Relationship means meeting without fear, complete freedom to understand each other and freedom to communicate directly with each other in full form. Those who love never talk about responsibility. Love itself knows its duty and its right. Love in itself is a means to a deeper fulfillment and relationship is self-disclosure. रिश्ता क्या होता है और क्यों हम सब एक रिश्

Moments of Sanyaas

 Let's Live the Moment of Sanyaas चलो सन्यास के पल को जीयें! Sannyasa is an Awareness,  Which has always awakened me How to see and know every event right.  Always understand this understanding that We get knowledge but intelligence is natural with us. - सदा इस  समझ को समझ लेना कि ज्ञान की हम प्राप्ति करतें हैं पर बुद्धिमानी हमारे पास  स्वाभाविक है। --- Always keep the truth with ourselves that understanding always accompanies us every moment because understanding is in our present, We have it from the present itself; that means as soon as we were born - the same understanding arose - Which is our ' Just like me is timeless. Meaning that 'Understanding and I' is also one -How? - सदा  ही यह सच खुद के साथ रखना कि समझ सदा ही ,हर पल हमारे साथ देती  है क्योंकि समझ हमारे वर्तमान में है,वर्तमान से ही हमारे पास है ;मतलब कि जैसे ही हम पैदा हुए-वैसे ही समझ पैदा हुई -जो हमारी 'मैं' की तरह ही कालातीत है। मतलब कि 'समझ और मैं' भी एक है -कैसे? --- Wow ! What is life! T