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Let us remember to take time to connect with Nature... to breathe in and feel the Real Life

My life is flowing on and I am watching that,  “When life becomes our guide,  we enjoy the process of living;  when we get freedom from our own feelings,  we get a perfect existence.” I Want to Die with my Romantic Mood, The LOVE in my Heart, THANKS in my Being, Blessings on my tongue and Laugh in my eyes, Ameen! * Wish you ALL a Happy - Healthy - Peaceful and wonderful LIFE!!!


How beautiful to be aware of what IS. * FALL:  T o me it always seems to represent new beginnings.  Special When Leaf's falling on the ground-  I always feels that every leaf is me.  'Fall Is a Second Spring When Every Leaf Is a Flower'.  Fall is my love,  watching the change color  and fall leaves from the trees,  like me,  watching the change feelings  and  fall Ego from the Core

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong Romance

Wow! Finally the sun rises !!!  And here,  the feelings are all growing in the direction  towards the Love.  And given the cooling Blessings around this World,  surrounded by Space,  this Life is super good for LOVE to Grow

We are the light of our own empty space

All I know is that I was born as a thought-- travelled as search  and  found life as an emotion.  I kept on dissolving  but could not find the Boundary. To accept our inner nature is connected  to the whole of the universe,  is to understand  and  then balance between being unique  and  being connected to everything.

Let we rise early and fast, gently and without worry

LOVE has been my constant Companion.  It has been my Compass.  It has saved me.  Take everything that I have, but leave the LOVE with me.  LOVE will be sufficient for me.  PRAYER suffices for me.  SILENCE is enough for me  I love to be alone.  I never found the companion  that was so companionable as solitude,  so night time is my best friend. Only a part of me will go back to LOVE,  a larger part of me will remain in the SILENCE.  When you no longer have Desires  or  Attachments to this World,  you should look for me out  here  in the  SILENCE. We are led through life with an open heart and mind,  which allows space for grace  to come in  and  live through us.  

Let we spend our lives in conceiving

Wherever I am, it is the aim: 1)---THE REALITY * To have any teaching is preaching.  A real teacher has no teaching, no method, no way.  To know our own Self, we don’t need any teaching.  What we really are, always we are That itself.  No one is going to teach us.  We have to realize WHO WE ARE,  here and now,  in this moment. 2)---THE REALITY * If we have no concept of any direction in our mind,  then we will know what we really are.  We will know that we are That itself:  That which we always are  and  That which we always will be. 3)---THE REALITY *Peep within our own self  and  listen to our own voice.  What do we hear?  Don’t listen to any other voice. 4)--- THE REALITY * Ignore all voices,  transcend the senses  and  all the information they are giving us.  Then  and only then will we know  WHAT WE ARE

Wherever Nature leads it will be blissful

Few years Ago I asked Nature, ''What is your Nature?'' After few months: Nature said,  "I have not traveled yet to my nature, but you wait Shaheer, I will go and see; then you come."  Nature entered the beautiful unique ocean, and disappeared beyond the Wonderful color... Then: something happened. Like somebody came and touched my Head,  I felt; Light-Clear Light with a Beautiful AROMA This is what Nature means and Her mystery means. It says many things without saying anything.

We must see What role our Personality plays

New name- Fresh Moment-  New Atmosphere- Newness everywhere, New NOW! This Newness is just like a light:  when the light is in our house how can darkness exist there! Newness means: Awareness! More Awake! The LIFE absolute from which has sprung all  that is felt, seen, and perceived,  and  into which all again merges in Time,  is a SILENT.   Don't be a victim of bigotry.  Be religious,  but don't be a Hindu, a Muslim,  a Christian, a Sikh,  a American, a Chinese.  - Let the whole Earth be Our Home, Our Church, Let the whole existence be Our Temple. Some people thinks I am Idiot.  They say,  'You take the life thing to seriously'.  Well I don't know,  but life took me seriously  when life died for me in the Worry -in the Pain  and  in the Restlessness

Life is a mystery to be lived, enjoyed, celebrated.

I Asked flower about its Secrets,  then flower said, '' While you are here with LIFE, be here;  be totally here so that you can learn a new mode of movement,  so  that you can move into eternity,  not in time'' Time is the world and eternity is God;  horizontal is the world,  vertical is God.  From here and now you can go on two journeys:  one journey in the world,  in the future;  the other journey into God,  into depth.  Become more and more aware,  become more and more alert  and  sensitive to the present.  NOW!  Look at me! '' Look at my Fall Condition Shaheer,  I am more beautiful because I gave my AROMA.  Remember,  a Person becomes religious  only when One encounters death,  never before.

The life is shining with fullness

Exploring Our Relationship With Nature Nature is my Ideal Guru,  and  I try to open my whole being to  what it has to say Life is not about how fast we run  or  how high we climb,  but how well we bounce I want to be one with the nature Nature speaks through millions of directions,  but we cannot consult a dictionary about it  and  we cannot ask a philosopher what it means - a wordless message

Let our Love bloom like a Spring

My longing only started to grow with trees.  Trees are my Mother when I was Born again.  I learned and discovered I spoke to trees.  What was once considered a crazy myth inside  my culture became reality.  Spirits walked through my house's door  and window  and I felt their's Holy fragrant.  Trees talked back.  Natures told me secrets,  laughed at my ignorance  and  let me console in them. The tree shook me deeper to my core. My First Love: Trees