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Don't give up

A unique and beautiful moment,  the feeling is peaking through the silence  and it is a wonderful life's journey  to be Here, Alive, Learning and Growing! Now I will enjoy my journey, destination and myself!   I know that I will find many things to do today, not because I have to, but because I want to! Because silence said to me, '' Don't give up the beginning is always the hardest.'' then, I give myself Permission to move forward with my full support and universe's bless !!! * Light- Peace- Love and Blessings to 'all'


Shiva and Shakti; God’s dual male-female form is given various names in Hindu mythology: #Shiva and Shakti,   Ishwara and Devi, Purusha and Prakriti. Shiva and Shakti are popular terms and are used here. The description of the Divine couple is rich in imagery. Shiva imagines; Shakti procreates. He is the legislator, she the executive. Shiva is the origin and birth of things, Shakti is the nurturer and preserver of things. He casts his seed into woman; the woman cherishes the  seed and brings it forth into life. Shiva is the father of things, Shakti their mother. He is imaged as the Sun, the father of life. She is imaged as the Earth, the one who bears, nurtures and sustains. ``` Three Forms of the Divine Mother Shakti, the Divine Mother, is known by various names: Devi, Uma, Parvati, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Chandi, Durga and many other names. Three forms of the Mother are popular in India. One is her power of all embracing grace and opulence and prosperity. A second is

Love is my religion and foundation of my Temple

Love is my Path, My Destination Because I am Love: Love is a way of life. Love is open. Love is undefined. Love is infinite. Love cannot be weighed. It cannot be measured. It cannot be put on a graph. Love is all-encompassing yet incalculable. Sometimes it will take over your whole life. It will be in every breath, in every blink, in every step, in every word, in every thought, and engulf your entire being with its intangible abundance. For me, love is my religion. It is t he foundation of my temple. It is the guideline of my creed. It is the song of my prayer. It does not condemn. It does not judge. It does not betray. It does not begrudge. It does not war. When you live in alignment with love; great things happen. Love will fuel the hero and will defuse the villain. It is an endless well of spiritual and emotional nourishment. Love will forgive, heal, inspire, embrace, and transform your life

My Journey (At the end of the journey, we are not the same)

Door of Silence (Who is traveling)

There is gathering is it mind’s  or is it only body’s Is it words  or statement sitting at the silence door,  Gazing through emptiness eyes Vibration of sound traveling,  Through the silence of words,  And reaches the gate of time  the sound of words hits at the time  And the music comes out…  Which takes it again at the door of silence  Ears are listening to the silence  In unknown entity is viewing,  the stylish words…  is it statement or mere speech is it  to be listened or viewed  looking at the speed of ear,  which reaches in the line of words the question arises;  who is traveling ears or statement words  or tongue ear has it’s own speed  or the statement has it’s own path  which completes at my knowing…  Who am I  What is this knowing this knowing becomes silence…  then the door of I’ness opens,  I, I am,  No-no, this is just ‘I’  Then  The I’ness gazes at the ‘I’ This I’ness  and my ‘I’  The viewing and hearing Neither the I’ness survives, 

Time & Body

 I remember when I ask myself what had passed,  "Time or Body".  Then Shaheer replied,  "Body".  Ask the same question again, "What is passing at this moment".  Then a sound murmuried," Today I am the alone". Then time replied again, "I am the fragment of imagination. A being looking at its own changing body begins to say my name. A being passing through desires and thoughts also blames me. Although I stand still." Then I ask," What is your speed and action?" Time answered while looking at shaheer, "Shaheer do you remember those moments when the wish to fly entered your being; those moments were to attain me. Do you remember that thought which kept thinking who is your own and who is foreign--who am I and what is Life; those thoughts were to understand me. Do you remember that search which kept on researching freedom; that search was too surpass me." Then I looked at shaheer who was enveloped in sigh of sile


 I #wish everyone a good night  as you wake up tomorrow to a long life  full of challenge and success.  No matter where success takes you  st ay humble and true to you.  Don't take life too seriously but,  at the same time never stop growing.  And while you're there please reminder to bring  as many people as you can along the way.


The quality of being-ness in Sunyata is of being awake:  Bodhi, It is not that I am awake.  It is more like reality is awake.  Everything awakens to its own nature.  It is a sense of openness, brightness, naturalness.  My eyes are wide open, shiny.  My face shines with an inner light,  so does everything else.  A feeling of total presence,  of concreteness.  Everything shines  and is luminous,  yet stays just itself.


1)---- Can we find the point where the hearer ends  and  the sound begins? 2)--- No. It is one seamless experience  – hearing –  that takes place in the boundless field of consciousness. 3)--- And where do we go to find  this boundless field of consciousness?


My openness, simplified me.  When my openness felt that people think  I am insane,  foolish,  then my openness put on a mask.  My simplicity named the mask toughness.  toughness became a rule;  Rules do apply unless their is discipline,  Because of toughness, my delicate  and  Soft heart was protected.  Now: toughness caused tension  but my openness always put me to easy  and relax.  This toughness from myself,  made me win ,  however I always remained at the first step.   Today,  I see that nature's one virtue {Openness}  gave me a phd in happiness,  in which life became an artist  and  living became an art. As I watch this art and artist,  Shaheer traveled to the nothingness dimension.

Stay True to Yourself

1)--- In what direction can the mirror turn to reflect itself? As a frustrated seeker, we might ask our-self the question,  who is doing the seeking?  When we examine the qualities of us,  the seeker,  we discover there is nothing real to invest our identity in.  All we find are fleeting attributes of a limited body-mind.  If our actual experience shows that there is no real seeker,  then doesn’t it follow  that  there is nothing real to seek? 2)--- No Seeker = Nothing to Seek There is nothing to do.  There is nothing not to do.  Relax in this invisible  and  indivisible balance point between being  and  not being and discover the inherent happiness  in and of the infinite,  eternal,  and  unnamable Absolute.

Amazing pray

Just like the waking up,  I found myself crying in the waking down.  Walking among trees, totally in awe.  Listening to birds chirping and watching the moon shine.  So much gratitude for the forms.  The things, communicating to each other,  being so utterly unique, singing their own individual songs.  I cried and cried,  and then laughed and laughed at the utter arrogance t hat all these wondrous forms could ever be excluded.  I even said,  “I’m sorry” to the trees,  the ground, the sky,  the animals that I saw.  I was apologizing for not seeing them,  for missing them in form.  Silly huh?  But it felt authentic.

Let go

I stand on mountain tops believing that avalanches will teach me to let go .


I sit before flowers hoping they will train me in the Art of opening up

The universe is one eye

 The universe is one eye  The mystic may be recognized as seeing and hearing. To see further than one sees, to hear more keenly than one hears; in other words to see that which the eyes cannot see, to hear that which the ears cannot hear. This experience brings one to realization: to see without eyes, to hear without ears. No doubt to the mystic seeing and hearing, these two words, have a different meaning. When we say 'seeing' we mean seeing through the eyes, when we  say 'hearing' we mean hearing through the ears; but to the mystic seeing is not only through the eyes, nor is hearing only hearing through the ears. It is seeing even without eyes and hearing even without ears. The English word 'seer' means someone who can see equally well with or without eyes. The dynamic range of the eye The eye is able to function in bright sunlight and view faint starlight, a range of more than 10 million to one. The eye is a contrast detector, not an


May the true nature of mind, the life within,  guide us all on the path of living  and dying well Relatively speaking,  we are not free,  so long as we do not recognize the true nature  of our mind.  That nature is empty,  luminous wisdom;  it is primordially pure awareness;  it is the state of wakefulness  that transcends duality.

Deep Silence: I felt Deep Aliveness (aha)

I sat beside my window, and asked myself: ''Where is this thing called life?  Where is it?   Why do I always seem to miss it?  Show me,  Shaheer please show me!  I want to feel alive!''  because I felt always death not life...  This world was death for me... Just then,  the bird came. The first little looking curiously down at me.  I smiled [ unwanted ],   I felt that Bird smiled at me and tree gave him company  –then something happened;  --- a eyes with smile, every leaf filled with smil e.  There was a whisper within,  '' Deep silence and I felt aliveness ,  Wow!!! Then I smiled again,  now that smile was pure and came from soul.  Aha!!!


Love is what we are, eternally The inner oneness, this taking absolute responsibility  and giving absolute freedom,  this unconditional welcome,  is 'Love' Love is being.  It is always present, stable, reliable.  It is the ground from which the expressions of love,  and indeed all expressions,  spring,  and the ground into which they die back.