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Today's person

 To-day or To-Now: I will play and laugh like a baby, knowing that every Moment is over, and everything that needed to be done is done. I will wake up clear, refreshed and ready to fly through a new day, new Moment and new Me!!! * Blessings

New Course

                 In Today's Time  I am completely Entering for my new course in living.  I welcome my materialistic life with deep Smile,  with an open Heart, pure Love and free Being.  I am attracting everything with my tear filled eyes  because my life has said,  "This is You shaheer. This is you Kamli Shaheer, take Creation with your Arms.''

In today's time

 It is never too late to change. Everyday is new.  Every breath is fresh new air. Life continuously renews itself. why should we not?   All it takes is the choice to let go of the past.  of that which does not work anymore and embrace the new with openness and joy!!! * BLESSINGS!

My journey

Universe is a school, Life is a class room,  I am a student, Relationships are a syllabus,  Experience is A teacher,  Trust is an Examiner,  And if Freedom is the Result  then   Love is my first grade

Calming Canopy [Relaxing Video]


I Am just filled with SO much love, appreciation,  and bliss in this moment that I feel to share with you all.  What an amazing gift this day was... thank you to all of you. I Am SO blessed.  You all are so amazing  and I feel so blessed to have you in my life.  I only hope  that I give to you as much as you give to me  now and always


Well, what am I? My absence. What else could you be? Your absence? When I am absent there is no Time, and it is always the present. It cannot be thought of because `it' is what is thinking that thought. How, then, could there be `a self', which is necessarily an object? Is not such a `thing' unthinkable? How could it be possible? An object cannot be its own subject! Therefore thinking cannot think of what is thinking


What we are is not a concept; that is the condition of appearance only. DEATH: In order to die, that which dies must have been born, and for that to be anything that matters it must be an entity. But only matter appears to be born, only matter appears to die, and matter just doesn't matter very much, does it? So what? Let us attend our own funeral, of course?

The Environment of Death

Time says: Hello Human

The connection

 Now: This Moment: I will honor my feeling of connection and understand that we are all one, we are all a part of this wonderful world and universe. I know that as I honor this connection it will radiate from me to all others I encounter as I move through this Moment- NOW! * Always Be Now!!! Human:) = O Flower, How can you be so Perfect ? Flower:) = I look up high to see only the light, And never look down to see my shadow. Human:)= O, Silence, What are you? Silence:)= I am the energy, I am never born or die; I am the mother, who creates everything;Time and Space take birth from me. I am sweeter than music; I am Powerful than an Atomic bomb. I am the Truth. I am a sacred Beauty in the heart of a Human and I reveal to myself to Pure being

My absence

Non-Objective Relation: My absence as `me' is my presence as God, and `your' absence as my object is `your' presence as God, so that our mutual absence as `us' (subject and object) is our mutual presence as God. Which is non-objective relation We look at the universe from outside, 'NOW' sees it from within. That is what is meant by `seeing things the other way round'. Phenomenally, we can know no present, since it must be in the 'past' before our senses can complete the process of recording it, leaving only a suppositional past and future; noumenally there is no question of 'past' or 'future' but only a presence which knows neither 'time' nor 'space'.

Aeriana quarantined with lemons and parrots

Truth is not learned, but discovered

Love is my habit, joy is my nature, and fulfillment is my destiny.  I am walking the path, step by step, simply  because it is so stunningly beautiful at every turn.  Being, now, here, with grace, completeness, and joy.  All is well, and within me,  and me within it all. = Beauty is my HOLY SCRIPTURE; = Purity is my TEMPLE; = Silence is my TRADITION; = Love is my RELIGION; = Womanhood is my DIGNITY; = Nature is my SPIRITUALITY; = Universe is my GURU; = World is my FAMILY; i = Heaven is my PRESENT-STATE;


Wow! Time was my own moment--- my own idea... Shaheer was my own feeling--- my own emotion... And: I was nothing but emptiness I was fullfil not only nothingness

Good morning world

You know what's good about morning?  It's knowing  that God still loves us enough to wake us up  and  give us a chance to live another day


One of my greatest 'AHA' moments was realizing  I am the one I was waiting for to rescue me  from an unfulfilled life.  WOW! What a difference that has made O my Love,  Understanding of the Silence's wisdom has dawned within me,  then My pain has ended  and  I am filled with Divine understanding

My silence

Even I am in love with my Silence When we watch the sunset,  let our worries go with it.  See them burning up in the brilliant colors Allow the beauty to remind us there is more to life than trouble!  When we put our troubles away with the sunset,  we make room for blessings to fill the next day. Love you ALL! What Glorious Praises of Yours can I utter,  O my Beloved Love?  I cannot describe even your depth.  My being and limbs joyfully blossom with you.  Even I am in love with my silence ,  but  My Beloved love watches over me... Wow... Those who remain awake and aware are saved,  while those who sleep are plundered.  They do not recognize the True life,  and like a dream,  their lives fade away. The proud one is bereft of humility  and  never attains salvation from anger  and  humility.  It is almost impossible for One to discard ostentatious behaviors  towards people  and 


We are a living building. And what is the nature of living being? A building which will keep the message of God for years to come cannot be made in a day; it takes a lifetime. [Then] what remains is one thing and that is trust in the architect. We can trust the architect if  we can understand its [Love] point of view... - LOVE IS OUR ARCHITECT


                                                          Quietude   D espite my wish not to write anything, my feelings and perceptions standing in profound experiences are engaged in verbal clothing. What clothing do they wish to give my individual Life today? Will their flow never stop? The awareness of the journey of the mind and the intellect began with materialism and passed through the emotive field to reveal the intellectual field. Today it becomes a Beautiful means to explain the wonderful, immaculate Life clothed in inexplicable garments expressing itself in these verbal forms. It is that Beautiful means that makes the meaning of spiritual Silence present Life in verbal form teaching us the grandeur of spiritual Silence, but makes it wear the garments of words, which is replete with the consciousness of nothingness. However at the same time, it gives individuality a new direction, which is prepared to annihilate itself, but is at the same time entering the womb for