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Every challenge in our life helps us to Grow: This is a Meditation

Our Growth is our Meditation... - --So fresh, so new. Joy comes in gentle waves, just as the breeze touches the petals of flowers. It wells up from unseen depths. It involves the entirety of me. How sweet my heart feels; full, overflowing with its own nectar

I feel I am walking into a Death ( Death- Journey )

I feel I am walking into a death always, because I love Death...  Why??? I do not know. My Life Journey is always death's Journey I am alone, in death. My experience of my existence is all there is, and this existence is the presence of death itself. The awareness now is aloneness—a peaceful, pure aloneness. Within this beauty, I love only the God Then: I know about my Love for death... * Death of striving, death of seeking, even for the goal, brings the energy of real life to its fullest bloom. The more we accept the more we die, and the more alive we are. Total acceptance, with the entirety of our own being, is complete death

Things I love about life and journey

Things I love about Life: ` Falling asleep to the sound of the rain ` Hugs from Creation ` Getting lost in a Silence  ` Warm fresh smelling Aliveness from the Prayer ` Finding a quote or a song that describes my situation ` Being with the one who gives me Silence ` Seeing the sun after a long day of rain ` A warm cup of tea when it's cold out ` When a people smiles at me And ` When winter turns into spring

So love can come into being only when the mind is not there

We see the ways of the intellect but we do not see the way of love. The way of love is not to be found through the intellect. When we love, we co-operate, we are not thinking of our-own-self? That is the highest form of intelligence - not when we love as a s uperior entity or when we are in a good position, which is nothing but fear. When our vested interests are there, there can be no love; there is only the process of exploitation, born of fear. So love can come into being only when the mind is not there. It is only when we know how to love each other that there can be co-operation, that there can be intelligent functioning, a coming together over any question. Only then is it possible to find out what God is, what truth is. and We can not go to it, it comes to us

My limitations create my opportunity to learn

When my feelings through my eyes saw nature, I felt my silence in It. Nature became my best teacher because of my respect. I then remembered when I no longer felt my silence through my innocent eyes, I met the nature who became my best well-wisher I love to get up in the early morning when everything is quiet and calm around me! At this time everything I do is easier, arrives with no thought and I am able to be who I truly am within my own vibration and creation!!! * Blessings! Be grateful for and celebrate the beauty in all things because beauty is everywhere; and ignore all limitations and boundaries wherever they are found, because they are illusion

Openness & curiosity ( self help )

The Quran All existent beings are compounded of two things, darkness and light, The light belongs to the Invisible, and the darkness to the Sensib le world; but the two are intimately connected, and the former exercises a paramount influence upon the latter. 1--First stage of journey, and is called, Service or Worship. 2--When in answer to prayers the Divine influence; the stage called ’Ishk, Love. 3-- the next stage, called Seclusion 4--Occupying himself henceforward with contemplations and the investigations of those metaphysical theories concerning the nature, attribute ; then reaches next stage, which is that of Knowledge. 5--Now this assiduous contemplation of startling metaphysical theories is exceedingly attractive to an Oriental mind, and not unfrequently produces a state of mental excitement akin to the phenomena observed during the recent religious revivals. Such ecstatic state is considered a sure prognostication of direct illumination of the

Happiness is not what makes us grateful.

I love reality and enjoy living it. Everything I do is a matter of investigating reality or living and expressing it. It does not matter what I do, or how I spend my time, as long it is living the truth I have realized and I love and enjoy People, Creation, Beauty, Music, Singing, Dancing and Movies. My journey is my God and every spec is my own beauty When love starts with me, and is given to me freely by me, it sure is easy to remember that it is me that is making memories for me. Life is for living, learning and making memories to create a good day, moment by wonderful moment!

The trace-less path of love comes in many forms ( Life-Journey )

Today, when life is introducing me to its every aspect, is separating me from the expansion of the five elements, then I look at myself with pitiful eyes .In which I feel, how stupid I was. As I look upon my life, I feel that every life has the same story to tell; it is only the question of the level of the individual as to from which window of personality one watches the panorama of this world.  Today, my life lies in that field where even the invisible aspects of life c an be experienced. The visible aspects of life that rest on the shoulders of the visible aspects offer me their colourful design of experience to play with. The feelings and perceptions of life that lie asleep in the lap of the moments of yesterday and standing in the glimpse of the future moments and my present period— are flowing like the flow of streams. In it, the deep experiences of life are playing the role of tides to wipe out all memories of my past moments and carry me into the great expansion.If

My soul can find no staircase to heaven ( Absolute mystery )

'I' the absolute mystery, a vastness that has manifested itself within itself as a transparent sphere of conscious presence, whose center is a radiant point of light Then I allowed myself to be lost in creation's Love, unconditionally. I wondered at The very life's mystery. I gave myself to love itself. I walked the brave fully painful path of creation's love with ecstasy and moist being Life might not give us a second chance, so never waste a moment when we can still make up for our mistakes... It's never too late, so let's start making amends. To everyone and everything No one is promised tomorrow. Have a wonderful Life with no regrets!