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How is life after Nirvana?

  How is life after Nirvana? Sometimes it feels like now my head will just explode, as if the bubble is bursting, and I look at the space, which after bursting will just merge into the space, then this one which is 'exploding' event, so what is it?   Today my life experience is telling me that this life, this worldly life is just a journey of death till the journey to Nirvana. The last step of the journey of death is 'Nirvana'. Today, when I carefully look at the germ element of the body, I began to feel that every single germ is a squeeze out of the depths of our every single experience, which is traveling with us through eternity. Germs are not just soil – we have a long journey experience. Disease is our negative energy, which gives us knowledge about the positive energy – which awakens the wellness in our energy.  I can see how every particle is eager to tell its own story to me, which raises my energy level to a high degree, and how I myself am engulfed in madness,

Buddha and Nirvana

What is the status of audacity? What is the status of 'audacity'?  Do you know who is called 'audacity'? Have you recognized all of nature that you say that man is the best thing of all? Now when we have no identity of our own then how can we say that what is God, and the person is of God's image - how? how ? How can anyone even think like this, I have not understood this till now? If a person does something for his family, he does something for his country, or does something for his community, does that person become big by doing this? Have you ever seen an animal, how do they love their own child? Have you ever seen a bird, how birds take care of their families and build houses? What is the greatness of a person in this, I do not understand this? No one else has ever made the mistake of thinking of oneself as better than everyone else. What is arrogance - I do not understand this? If the last step is going to be immortal, then there is some understanding - when th

Traces of Delicate Experiences

  Traces of Tender Experiences नाज़ुक अनुभवों के निशान Loving myself became the first step in loving the universe मेरा खुद को प्यार करना ही ब्रह्माण्ड को प्यार करने का पहला कदम बन गया  Whatever I learned, I learned from giving love. Then I came to know that whenever we learn something, how our learning removes our limited sense from us and our limited bondage and makes us always citizens of the open sky. There is such a unique art in every learning, which always connects us with the limitless. मैंने जो भी सीखा प्यार देने से ही सीखा। तब मैंने जाना कि जब भी हम कुछ सीखते हैं तो हमारी यह सीख कैसे हमारे में से हमारे सीमित भाव को और हमारी सीमित बंधन से निकाल देती है और हम को सदा ही खुले आसमान का नागरिक  बनाती है। हर सीख में एक ऐसी ही अनोखी कलाकारी होती है, जो हम को सदा असीमितता  के साथ ही जोड़ती है।  Whenever I look at life with an untouchable feeling, I get absorbed in the feeling of this untouchable feeling and become moisture in myself. Ever since my journey to this emotional state has st