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My Gait Becomes Mystic

My Sanyasi Companion First Part:  This tree is my Gurukul and today I too have to take the education of Sannyas from this Gurukul. I closely observe, understand and recognize every leaf of this tree. How this leaf, surrounded by sadness like me, is engaged in penance!   I asked the leaf what do you chant?  The leaf said, - 'We do not chant, we enjoy our falling color.' I asked from the second leaf, who is your guru? The leaf said, 'My birth had made me a guru.' I asked from the third leaf, what religion do you belong to? The leaf said, 'To be a leaf is my religion.' Now I asked that why are you all wearing this Sanyasi color today? So the tree replied, - 'Today and now I have given initiation to these leaves, it is my initiation that now the life of these leaves is successful, wherever these leaves go, they will always remain nectar; From today these leaves will walk on the path of freedom. Second Part : Today I again got free from those leaves, which were s

life itself is enlightened

 Life itself is enlightened Let us find out today that what is such a thing, in this world which is not enlightened? And who is not in its own nature and who is not full of self-realization? Now look at that- See the sunlight on the mountains? Feel the touch of cool air? See that the season of spring and the season of autumn;  Doesn't it make you feel quite clear that we are all already knowledgeable? Who hasn't already been enlightened? Everything is already virtuous and powerful.  Now look like this - "When I heard the bell ringing, there was no 'me' before I heard that, so there was no bell for me again. But the bell was still ringing." Look at that- "Look at the flowing water, the water that used to flow, which still flows and will continue to flow; The sound of water flowing would also make the tone of the music, but there was no one to hear or see. When I saw the water and heard the sound of flowing water, I knew, but even before I could see and hea

Saintly Walk

Saintly Walk When there was sanity in my walk: My moment was a sanyasi, when I had put my shoe in someone's bare feet and when I walked from there, I had the gait of a monk. Then there was only one message in the sound of my move that 'to be in service is the highest aim'. Have I ever thought so?  No !  So how did this incident happen? Then I came to know that a person is not a sage, thinking is a sage, which makes a person's movement a sage. The remembrance of the saints filled me with the same thoughts as the saints and I do not even know when the service itself became a service. Everything is nature, which always gives and takes to all. - When will you be ready to serve? The more we detach from attachment, the more easily we can give up time and money. What is a donation? Which is the real charity? charity: to give something to someone Till today we have never given anything to anyone To give money is to give charity, that which belongs to the world has gone into the

Capable of Sensation

  Capable of Sensation The depth of sensitivity is actually the degree of awareness. The more we live consciously, the more deeply we feel everything in life  Whenever we face any problem, it is a sign that gives direction to our mind. - If I want to tell the real story to all of you, then I have to start with my name, because I really know me. - I can only agree with my own experience, because I know my own experience very well. - I have not made life easy, I have given myself such a position that every situation passes easily through me. - Living will be a great adventure, if we become a good person whom no one can ever ignore. - If anything seems to be important to us, we should always feel it deeply, because there must be some capecity hidden in it for us. - This life is a huge and deep treasure. If we continue to wander on the surface of beliefs, we will never see this treasure. - The monkey's brain is reactive. sage mind is active - You are what you are when no one is looking

Artistic Expression

Artistic Expression Deep experiences are artists in themselves.  I learned how deep feeling draws itself from deep inside  The more I studied religions, the more I learned from them that no one ever worshiped anything other than one-self. - Today religious places need a better conception, and a deeper concept is needed to describe God. -  N othing to do but let what happens happen - We are a mystery in which everything is present, yet we are free from time and space. - The nature of movement is action: If I say that - "I act" It is not my awareness that whatever action I do.  Eyes see, nose smells, thoughts run through the mind,  Is this all awareness?  No, all this is happening in consciousness. All this action is the nature of life. This is the nature of movement. All these actions are in our existence. It is our conscious consciousness operating in time and space, which stands before us in the state of our awareness. - Face the Soul One day I saw that 'Jinder' whom

Expression of Experiences

Expression of Experiences How every experience of life expresses itself, this incident is very precious - which makes my life even more beautiful  Finding the right thing in the right way, we will know only when we understand the right policy of life. - Meditation is a beneficial activity that teaches us to walk in every direction. - If we have to teach ourselves to play with the understanding of living, we must always pay attention to the root of everything and every part. - Due to our negative thinking, death will never stop, life definitely stops, which we never see. - If the cause of fear is attachment, then the cure for this fear is dispassion. - Life is not always positive but the benefits are always there. - The focus should be on the process, not the result - It is also a fact of life that we cannot be what we want, but we can be everything that we are. -  What we cannot do is someone else's gift and responsibility. Our boundaries keep making room for other people's gif

Poetry of Experiences- part 1

Poetry of Experiences   I am love for life, that's why I am a strict teacher for the individual. - My inner eye always guides my heart, my soul and all my thoughts. - Today I feel the best and dearest of all when I catch that gaze of nature, whenever she looks at me with a slanted look - O love, I have known the colors of life only with you - that's why I love only you - When for the first time I blushed with trees, and I would like to love trees dearly, then I learned that the power of the qualities of nature is the deepest sensual force, which fills one with the loving love of life . - When I first understood myself, I considered myself ' A Best kind of bad thinking'. Today when life told me, 'I want to see you in the best of you and you will get that condition by being absorbed in me.' So I surrendered myself at that very moment. - Oh life, whenever I see love in your eyes, I get ready to play with it. - Today I found in myself the beauty of Dirty mind and th

Desire for Sex (Meditative State)

  Desire for Sex in a Meditative State In the state of meditation, sometimes one experiences sexual intercourse very deeply. This phenomenon happens to a person in the state of meditation, where only life itself is the object and the subject itself. What is the feeling of the depth of an event like sexual intercourse, that is known in the state of meditation. When the same incident happened to me in the state of meditation, then only one realization arose in me that today if any sage-muni will come in my life, then I have to become his friend. Because a waking human being - whose 4 dimensions are active - who is an energy-field - that; mean that  'A kind soul, a clear mind, a man of a fully awake state—whose every dimension is awake, the fully awake body I longed for for the first time—when this incident happened to me in a meditative state.' That desire which was never born in me, that desire was found in me by meditation. ध्यान अवस्था से सम्भोग की चाहना   ध्यान की अवस्था में

Secret of Fasting?

Let's know today what is the secret of fasting? What is the meaning of fasting?  What is the meaning of fasting? Be it any custom, be it any ritual, or any tradition, whether worldly or religious; We do not have any understanding, only with the above understanding we move forward. That's why we never go anywhere. That's how we fast without understanding fasting?  If there is a policy of fasting in the policy of any religion - a very deep and a good result is hidden behind it - which we have not yet understood. First of all, let's talk about Islam today. Because the deepest and most beautiful result and main purpose of fasting is in the Qur'an. Allah says in the Quran:  "Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for you, so that you may attain Taqwa (Allah-Consciousness)." (Quran, 2:183) If we control and control our worldly needs, we gain the strength for the big fight: just as if we don't control our nafs, nafs controls us. (There are three t