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Journey of Laughter and Awakening

 Journey of Laughter and Awakening


When a child is Born life begins with Crying, and when This crying became my question, the answer started forming within me. I didn't even realize when my question took Shape. I came to know when One day I started laughing out loud. I got tired of laughing, But laughing continued for 20 days.

Even today, I find those moments very beautiful, when my light smile tried to break my deep Silence, and I was afraid that my Silence might break and I might disintegrate. For 20 days, My smile tried to break my Silence, but I had controlled it. At last, the smile took a rebellious form and my smile became a storm of laughter, then my silence was swept away. I felt this laughter at every stupidity of mine. I was laughing at my stupidity, at my thinking, at my feelings, at my relationships, at my world, at my entire life, and also at God. The foolishness of my life which was revealed through my laughter, was ended by a scream from the Soul. When nature accepted me as a seeker, nature gave me this laughter as a Gift, just as it gave a newborn child a cry. A child's life is a journey of the mind and the journey of understanding always starts by understanding the Mind. This was the beginning of my journey in Mind.


The passage you've shared seems to describe a personal transformation or awakening experienced by the author. It highlights the significance of laughter in their life and how it played a role in breaking their silence and leading them to introspection and self-discovery.

Here's a breakdown of the key points in the passage:

  1. Life Beginning with Crying: The passage begins with the idea that life starts with crying when a child is born. This is a common metaphorical way of describing the entry into the world.

  2. Question and Answer: The author mentions that when their crying turned into a question, answers started forming within them. This suggests a period of introspection and curiosity about life's purpose or meaning.

  3. Laughter Continues: The author experienced a prolonged period of laughter that lasted for 20 days. This laughter seems to be spontaneous and uncontrollable, symbolizing a deep emotional release.

  4. Beautiful Moments: The author finds beauty in the moments when their smile tried to break their deep silence. It seems like they were afraid of losing their silence but eventually let go.

  5. Laughing at Life: The laughter extended to every aspect of the author's life, including their own actions, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and even their perception of God. It served as a way to reflect on and accept the foolishness in their life.

  6. Nature's Gift: The author sees this laughter as a gift from nature, just as a newborn child is given the gift of crying. It symbolizes a journey of understanding the mind and embarking on a quest for self-discovery.

  7. Scream from the Soul: The passage concludes with the idea that the foolishness of life, as revealed through laughter, ended with a "scream from the soul." This may represent a moment of profound realization or transformation.

Overall, the passage appears to be a poetic and metaphorical reflection on personal growth, self-awareness, and the transformative power of laughter in the author's life journey.

हँसी और जागृति की यात्रा

बच्चा जन्मता है तो बच्चे का जीवन रोने से शुरू होता है, और यह रोना जब मेरा सवाल बना तो मेरे भीतर ही इस का जवाब बनने लगा था। मेरे सवाल ने कब रूप रंग आकार को पहन लिया, मुझे पता ही न चला। मुझे पता उस वक़्त चला, जब मैंने एक दिन ज़ोर से हंसना शुरू किया। मैं हांसे हुए थक गई पर मेरा हंसना 20 दिन चलता रहा। आज भी मुझे वो पल बहुत खूबसूरत लगतें हैं, जब मेरी गहरी चुप को मेरी हलकी सी मुस्कान ने काट देना चाहा था और मैं घबराती थी कि कहीं मेरी चुप टूट न जाए और मैं बिखर न जाऊं।20 दिन तक मैंने मेरी चुप और मुस्कान को संभाला था, पर आखिर को मुस्कान ने बागी रूप ले लिया और मेरी मुस्कान हासे का तूफ़ान बन गई, जिस में मेरी चुप बह गई। यह हासा मुझ को मेरी हर बेवकूफी पर आया था। मेरा हंसना मेरी बेवकूफी पर था, मेरी सोच पर, मेरे भाव पर, मेरे रिश्तों पर, मेरे संसार पर, मेरे तमाम जीवन पर, और परमात्मा पर भी था। मेरी बेककूफी भरी ज़िंदगी को जो मेरे हासे से प्रकट हुई थी, उस बेवकूफी को रूह की एक चीक ने खत्म किया था। कुदरत ने मुझ को साधिका के रूप में जब स्वीकारा तो कुदरत ने मुझ को तोहफे के रूप में यह हासा दिया था, जैसे जन्मते बच्चे को रोना देती है। बच्चे की ज़िंदगी मन की यात्रा करती है और समझ की यात्रा सदा ही मन को छोड़ने से चलती है। इस से शुरू हुई थी मेरी यह समझ की यात्रा।


Life is God experiencing Self

Thank you to Nature for the feelings she gave me,  the trees, mountains,  her many lakes and oceans,  for the sun sets of color,  the clouds that dance in the sky,  for everything she gives wanting nothing  but love in return!!! Thanks You to The world:  For all the good and bad people  I have encountered along the road,  for the lessons you taught me, even if they where bad,  it was still a good lesson to be learned  and for this I thank you... Blessings!!!

I experience myself as the conscious

'There is no "I" but I.' 'Then is there no "you" but you?' 'I, always I,' 'Gives me to think, I will meditate upon it.' 'Do nothing of the kind!'  'To "meditate" means using split-mind:  just look from within and see  - see  that so it Is!  Stop splitting and stay Whole!' Whatever we may be, we are being 'lived'.  We are not traveling, as we think:  we are being 'travelled'.

What a Spring in my life!

When I am absent there is no Time,  and it is always the present   Today: I will walk through the day with spring in my step,  a smile in my body  and  I will have nothing to say about my healthy life,  wow!  I will enjoy the aroma of nature,  and  the flowering from the inside of me  to the outside of me! Will we go through our day today smiling?

Everything is related to everything else ( We are one )

I will enjoy the travels of my free spirit  and the amazing journeys within my Feelings.  I will wake up fresh,  clear and ready to journey  through the seconds of my life  in my well rested physical body!!!  It always amazes me  how I am all one Mentally,  physically,  emotionally  and spiritually  when I awaken!  Wow!  What a beautiful Journey  and  its Beauty

It is amazing how Infinite we are

When I wake up early and go for a walk early  enough to see the sunrise,  if I keep still and watch for a few minutes  I can actually enter in the moment of this movement.  In all my experience,  I become just Energetic aware that I am here,  standing at this special moment on the surface of this special spot;  and  this spot is going, going for away toward the stars  but very close to me,  then  galaxy, more stars,  more wonderful  - unique and amazing colors  then more universe, more and more billions miles away,  like before Jesus- before birth of this planet,  but close, more close, In me -  in myself.  And  this very moment experiencing the whole universe along with me,  in me  while I feel I am infinite  and  I am beyond the universe

Spend life with who makes you happy ( The real artist ) I will prepare and one day I have a chance...  because of my 'Strong -Courage'  and  'Aroma of my Trust'...  Because my life knows that Courage  and  Trust is the commitment to begin  without any guarantee of success BLESSINGS!!! Every morning we are born again: Every time Shaheer wake up a new her arrives with the new moment This moment: 'She is different than she was yesterday' The time is new because of her feeling, The day is new because of her thinking, The moment is new because of her experience and She is new because of this whole life. Every moment she change, her world changes and she is reborn into what she choose to be in this moment. She is creating her moments today with new clarity, new thought and new meaning.

God is the Source of the intelligent universe Here, Where all of us exist, Here- right Here, where the two dimensions meet. Natural and spiritual. These dimensions are one. This is pure- real and the holy way... Lets go together for this wonderful and shrine pilgrimage...# 1 * Understanding comes when we, you and I, meet on the same level at the same time. Here, Where all of us exist, Here- right Here, where the two dimensions meet. Natural and spiritual. These dimensions are one. This is pure- real and the holy way... Lets go together for this wonderful and shrine pilgrimage...# 2 When love starts with me, and is given to me freely by me, it sure is easy to remember that it is me that is making memories for me. Life is for living, learning and making memories to create a good day, moment by wonderful moment! * Our thirst is Our guru My preceptor is my thirst, my life, my holy and ascetic practices, and my circumstances. However, the

Ceremony (Who are you)

The Gift: Life is a ceremony where we are here as friends and families to celebrate this occasion. Today’s accelerated moments which we gain from our advance technology has enabled us to travel through the universe, and strengthens our thirst of life.    I am fortunate enough to see and meet you all. The uniqueness of this celebration is that we ourselves are hosts and guests, So today we are meeting, with wishes of peace and happiness.  In this ceremony of life, my heart wished to present a gift. The gift should be of something which can bring hope of a happy life.    With     the grace of God, a pure thought was born which I am gifting today.   A new, unique and virgin view of point, with which we will encounter life.  Wise have said, “If our first step is placed with understanding then our destination becomes easier, and also our path, pleasant.” Paint your own portrait, then you will realize.How difficult it is, to give yourself any face This line

Enjoy the beauty of a silence. (purity )

O, My Naughty Shaheer! First, I see you. You are always in My sight. And then I guide you lightly. Sometimes strongly. I hold a sword of love, and with this sword, I vanquish all ills that never belonged in your heart in the first place. I vanquish ill will. I vanquish all that which is opposed to love. Beloveds, in My Presence, what can you do but love? What barrier to love can exist when you are surrounded by My love, and you sink into My love. You float on a raft o f My love. Where else would you want to be? Where else is there for you to be? There is nowhere else but right here right now with Me. Do not bow. Jump instead. God is with you. This is an occasion for joy. Be joy then and forevermore, for I am always with you, and you are always with Me. Oneness is Our lot! Oneness is Our fortune. Oneness is Our Reality. It is the only Reality that is. You and I are One Experience!!! Always Your from Heart, The Sprightliness