Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path


1)---My questions are my path:
Life asked me a direct question. I do not know what caused my loving. It was very spontaneous. I did not have any background, I did not do any meditation, I had not read any book until 35 age. I was in only many questions. I had only studied my inner questions. It came to me, but how I do not know. Perhaps its chose me. The Truth reveals Itself to a person. I did not have any qualification. I was not educated person. I was only seven years old, seeing many questions in me. What I saw then I am still seeing. What is it? What is it? What is it? I am more and more in love with It with each passing moment. and I have a path only these questions

2)--- What force 'questions' is that?
The force which has brought me here- today- with myself, the force which is speaking these words, writing these feelings, the force which is asking the questions: that force is the same. The force has now become the questioner. The same force is now asking. And this force is also telling me, 'Keep quiet!'

3)---I am in love with someone, but the Beloved I have not seen.


I truly enjoyed every moment.
 It was very peaceful and centering. 
It brought me into a place of nurturing quiet. 
I felt the aliveness 
tingling energy filling my body 
 running through like liquid light.


The Mystery, or the truth of who we are, 
is something that can’t be put into words. 
All we can ever talk about are its qualities.
 Awareness is one of its qualities. 
Is there any place where Awareness stops 
something called “I” begins or is it all Awareness?
 Is it possible that this Mystery is not only not far away 
actually looking out at itself through us...


Every moment, 
Life tells about the beauty-Nature- laws 
and more more.
 Last night, As I arose from the Silence, 
I was left with a sense of alive gratitude and peace. 
I felt divine-happiness in my whole being.
 I felt infinite space within the area of Stomach,
 yet I kept my attention on the happiness. 

When we rest in the sensation, 
with the mind simply witnessing the every feeling.
 Meeting the feeling, 
without a story 
and without judgment, 
is so much more profound in our healing process.
It was also beautiful to be able to meet the anger,
 sadness and fear. 
It is an important part of the journey,
 the journey into my own Heart.


Just for today:

I say, in simply being here, and being the best person we can be, in this moment, we are making this world a better place!!!
May we let our light shine!!!
May We walk in love and beauty!!! 
And remember always, We are loved! we are precious!!! We do not walk alone! We are ONE! Love You 'All'


Today I choose to wake up curious and determined to see the beauty in all of creation, walking gently upon the earth, with open arms and a thankful heart… With each sunrise we are blessed with a majestic canvass…as spiritual beings making the physical journey to mother earth, it is up to us… as creative artists, to paint each day as we wish….


Truth cannot be spoken. Because inhaling and exhaling is a meaningless occurrence involving a temporary combination of earth elements, it is in the silence between those actions that TRUTH can be understood in the moment of non-action. Quiet meditation, therefore, was intended not to still the mind but to focus on the nothingness during that breathless span of freedom from body and mind activity, wherein truth can be realized during that empty moment


 What can I say, What you all mean to me! Should I dress it with Words or cover it with Silence. Then the dew of this morning touched me and uttered; Feeling is only energy, but it has to dress itself.Words and Silence are both dressed. Then my feeling dress itself with the same, 
'Stay content forever- Always prosfer- May no evil ever come near you 'All'

The Creation

To the Creation

You are Special, so I fall in Love with You. 
O Beautiful CREATION, 'I Love You'.
 I Trust You know this---
 With Every Moment,
 that passes by, 
You are more the Shines-
 in my Life, 
so Loving- so Giving,
 your presence shines through, 
for all to see- 
I feel Bless-
 I am a part of YOU... 
Bow You O, 
Wonderful CREATION!

Ae,You--- You are Beautiful, 
you who read this status-
 you are Beauty of creation, so I Love you.
YOURSELF--as much as Anybody in the Entire UNIVERSE, 
Deserve Your LOVE and AFFECTION... 
So I Love you- 
if I say something Wrong-
Please FORGIVE Me.....


Life is a journey,
where our finish line is has yet to be examined. 
We are all on a pilgrimage to a final destination. 
Our choice of direction will lead us farther 
closer to home. 
Every day is an opportunity to train.
 To find the truth and to find ourself is really 
what the journey is about.

1)---I said to my mind, be still, and wait without hope

2)---For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,

3)--- For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith

4)---But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting

Radha Krishna

The relationship of Radha and Krishna is the embodiment of love, passion and devotion. Radha's passion for Krishna symbolizes the soul's intense longing and willingness for the ultimate unification with God. Shri Krishna is the soul of Radha and Radha is definitely the soul of Shri Krishna. She is the undivided form of Shri Krishna. She will remain a mystery unless one can know her inexpressible divine elements.
Shri Krishna is not only the ultimate object of all love, but also is the topmost enjoyer of all loving relationships. Therefore, in the dynamic and expanding form of Krishna, He has unlimited desires to enjoy spiritual loving relationships known as leela. To do this, He expands Himself into the dual form of Krishna and Radha, His eternal consort and topmost devotee. In other words, Radha is the feminine aspect of Lord Krishna and is non-different from Krishna, but together (both the masculine and feminine aspects). They fulfill the purpose of engaging in sublime loving leela to exhibit supremely transcendental loving exchanges.
Radha Krishna is the original principle of loving relationships (conjugal Love). The sex principle exists in the Absolute in its pure form without any inebriety or impurity, because Krishna is in fact Radha. In other words, the Lord is one, but for His pleasure and enjoyment, He expands himself to enjoy loving relationships. The original expansion is Radha. Together, Radha and Krishna enjoy eternal pastimes of transcendental love.

Hazrat Muhammad

The return of the human being to his original home, by three stages.

There are two aspects to the human being: the physical [jusmani] and the spiritual [ruhani]. The physical aspect is common to ordinary human beings, while the spiritual aspect is peculiar to special human beings. 
For the ordinary human being, the return to his home proceeds by stages, based on the practical implementation of knowledge of the sacred law [shari'a], the spiritual path [tariqa] and direct experience [ma'rifa]. As the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said: 

Comprehensive wisdom is direct experience of the Truth, so long as it is practiced without hypocritical display and the pursuit of fame. 
The stages are on three levels:
1. The Garden in the realm of Dominion [Mulk], that being the Garden of Shelter [Ma'wa]. 
2. The Garden in the realm of Sovereignty [Malakut], that being the Garden of Bliss [Na'im]. 
3. The Garden in the realm of Omnipotence [Jabarut], that being the Garden of Paradise [Firdaws].

That is why the Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him) once said: 
The sleep of the scholar is better than the worship of the ignoramus. 
This state is experienced after the heart has been enlivened by the light of the affirmation of Oneness, and after constant repetition of the Names of Unity by the tongue of the secret being, without letters and without sound. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said in the Sacred Tradition [Hadith Qudsi]: 
The human being is My secret, and I am his secret. 
He has also said (Almighty and Glorious is He): 
Knowledge of the inner being is one of My secrets. I have installed it in the heart of My servants, and no one is aware of it, apart from Me. 
-and He has said (Exalted is He): 
I am as My servant thinks of Me, and I am with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in private, I remember him within Myself. If he remembers me in company, I remember him in better company.
The practice of reflection [tafakkur] is essential in this context. As the Prophet said (blessing and peace be upon him): 
A moment of reflection is worth more than a year of worship.
A moment of reflection is worth more than a seventy years of worship.
A moment of reflection is worth more than a a thousand years of worship.

I am life's lover

Creation is happening NOW:

Our body, mind, and the world around it are being created 
from microsecond to microsecond. 
Things may appear the same,
 but they are not; 
everything is constantly changing and being re-created. 
God/life/nature is creating our life 
and our world from moment to moment.
 Life and everything in 
it is always new...

mr. fakir


 I am a Human being.
 Happiness is my Compass,
 LOVE is my Milestone, 
and Liberation is my Destination.
 God is the Guide. 
I believe that I need to Surrender
 to a Life
 to be on the Light-Path


 Shaheer has to disappear.
 Everything has to be left behind 
and then she has only one thing to lose
- --herself. Now she has enjoyed everything. 
She has enjoyed her individuality every moment;
 now she has to enjoy the disappearing of individuality.
 She has seen the beauty of individuality;
 now she has to see the disappearance 
and its beauty 
 deep Silence has coming and she will go on moving into
She always has new-born feeling
 in this Nothingness


Then how could I become a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian, while religion is the mark of distinction of person and not merely his words? 
Then how could I tolerate to be called a Indian, american or a Canadian, while all are one?
Of course, a slight wave did arise and it became in the state of silence, a dedication, a devotion, an enthusiasm, a daring and firmness and it began to demand relief from every bondage. 

— I got the understanding but learnt no modes of worship or penances, but life itself became synonymous with prayer and worship and veritable house of prayer.
— I got the knowledge but did not learn how to do prayer and worship. When my feelings became prayer and worship and my world became a temple I never knew.
— I got the knowledge but did not practise Yoga or enter its stages, when my existence took ‘Sunyas’ (the path of renunciation) I never knew, I can’t say when my feelings practised Yoga and when my sense of ‘I-ness’ took its seat, when my breaths became my meditation and I during my life time performed my final rites and became a denizen of this world, denizen I never knew.
My life did its Ph.D of religion from the university of the universe. Nature became my guide and understanding became my direction, which wiped out all ignorance and entrusted to me that degree which lets us enter real life and with it my lost balance got restored.
Thus, my life is flowing on and I am watching that, “When life becomes our guide, we enjoy the process of living; when we get freedom from our own feelings, we get a perfect existence.”


The moments that I was looking for 7 years prior came and disbursed in the present moment. When I was looking for them in the experience of death. To know that death, experience death was the main goal of life at that moment. I attended as many funerals as I could. I was experiencing death as a form of meditation.

One day I saw death breathing life. The body was not breathing but the death was.When the being thinks that the being is alive. The recognition of death swett away my feeling and my desires. Death that took over life was alive and was smiling at its glory. The smile of death made me aware of the pain within me and my being felt alive in that pain of death. And I began to grow in that death's womb.
Although I have taken birth in this short capsule of time and although my age is very childish, but womb of death began to make me aware of the cradle of life; because I am aware that the death has to take the dress of life in order to take shape as death, and life has to pass through death to take life form.

Rhythmic Life

O my life, I have some more experience of such a melodious and rhythmic life.

In the moments of love I mingled my tune and rhythm with the tune of every individual, for whom there welled in my heart the swelling of love. Not only this, I also noticed that we were raising our steps simultaneously. At first I did not take it into my consideration regarding it as a figment of the imagination. But when an event goes on occurring and reoccurring it is bound to catch our notice. But I did not share my experience with any body; as I knew that none would believe me. But today as I began to coalesce my tune with the tune of the universe, I remembered those experiences that our love might be directed towards an individual or towards the universe, our experience is always of harmony, of a lovely rhythm or tune; that the depth corresponds the height. If there is the universe the experience too, scatters above the thick depth. The shape of this infinite power of love presented to me both life and death in the same shape.


 I changed, you changed, we all changed. 
We can't hate on anyone for changing,
 because that's just LIFE. 
We live, make a bunch of mistakes,
 and learn from them. While all this is happening, 
We'll grow; and never,
 ever be the person we once were.



Keep faith in our own-self and don’t let anyone else define our reality. We are strong and unique. We have a particular mission in this life that only we can fulfill. We can wake up in the morning and change the world, one small step at a time, just by fulfilling our unique mission.
Life is always a contest between the world changing us, or we changing the world. The prize that lies in the balance is the fate of our soul. Who will win?
That is the ultimate level of sincerity, and the challenge of a lifetime. If we can even approach that level of sincerity, we will change the world, whether we intend it or not.

Love relationship


That is why the idea of relationship is
 so important to our spiritual realization.
 The human being is inseparable from the universe:
 we are and we live in relationships. 

Yet our relationship with the world is
 for the most part unknown to us; 
we are aware of only
some of our relationships, 
especially those which we voluntarily choose
But we live in relationship 
whether we want to or not, 
whether we realize it or not.
 Nothing exists apart from us; 
everything exists along with us--
it includes us.
 For a better society to be possible, 
we all need to learn to live together
 in harmonious relationships


From the moment I looked you I fell in love.
 Ae beauty of life- You are my Soul-Mate.
 I will always love you 
 I will grow in to be with you. 
Every minute I spend with you is a minute I will cherish for Universe.
 You symbolize who we are and who I want to be.
 I am so in love with you. 
I love you, for your Seasonally Personality, 
the warm embrace of your SUMMER,
 that endless love you share with us in SPRING,
 that priceless FALL, 
the way your Uniqueness melts my being like Snow-falling in WINTER
I can't wait to spend the rest of my life in your nature (Silence)
- O my Wonderful Nature 
I love you madly- like- I love myself


There is an ‘artist’ within all of us that is the divine creator.
 When we pray we co-create with God 
to raise awareness of wonder in the world. 
When we draw closer to God that reflection of love
 is what others will perceive in us. 
We become God’s instruments 
that generate images of compassion 
beauty in a wounded world.

I have searched myself

Life is a morning walk itself

Existence itself is divine

All things come in their due Seasons

Things moved in their cosmic beauty



My Feelings were the Holy scripture,
 is the Holy scripture, 
will always be the Holy scripture! 
So I have so much place in my life for everything

The universe constantly and obediently answers

 to our conceptions; 
whether we travel fast or slow, 
the track is laid for us.

 I love to be alone. 
I never found the companion 
that was so companionable as solitude, 
so night time is my best friend

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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