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My Awakening Path

My Awakening Path   Today I did not hold the hand of God, Now God has held my hand This life is so unmatched, Whatever it gives – It gives amazing. If life is Wonderful, It is because every living being is Wonderful. For me I am the first and most precious mystical page. - We have never seen our incompleteness as a bless, only as a problem. This incompleteness is a method – Which connects us with life – and as a necessity connects us with every living being. It is this scarcity that keeps us all alive, moving, growing, creating and most importantly transforming our lives. This is the simplicity of change, Which changes from moment to moment, due to Which our life changes. - Hey, is it love for nature or love for Silence! The beauty of nature and the energy of silence both lead me to the beauty of my existence and the beauty of Silence. By Which my life is opened and I see that only 'Silent' breathes in me and 'Nature' is born. - I was ignorant of myself – Why?; I did no