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26 qualities

: fearlessness; : purity of temperament; : steadfastness in jnAna-yoga; : giving; : self-control; : sacrifice; : study of scriptures; : askesis, austerity; : straightforwardness; : non-violence; : truth; : absence of anger; : renunciation; : peacefulness; : absence of fault-finding; : compassion for all living beings; : absence of crookedness or pettiness; : gentleness; : modesty or humility; : absence of temptation; : energy; : patience; : firmness of mind; : purity : absence of envy; : absence of pride.

The Concept of Prakriti (Cosmic Energy)

The Word Prakriti means Cosmic Energy ` The concept of Prakriti The nearest English translation of the word Prakriti is Cosmic Energy, though the innocuous word 'Nature' is very often used by scholars and laymen alike. The difference between the connotation of Prakriti as used in Vedanta and the meaning of the word Energy as used in Science is actually at the root of the matter. In Science, Matter is fundamental and self-existent; its motive-power is Energy. In Vedanta , Energy is self-existent, and Matter is the product of this ever-present Energy. It is the qualities ( gunas) inherent in Cosmic Energy, not as something separate but as the constitutents which make up the Cosmic Energy, that gives matter its substance. The qualities are something like strands of the twisted rope of Prakriti. There are, as it were, two Prakritis, both emanating as the power of Brahman, the Absolute Reality. The Superior Prakriti (paraa-prakriti) contributes to the spark of t

Faith is higher than Religion

Nature provides Everyone with everything  that one needs, in illness, in trouble, in difficulty,  and it is all there, within and without us.  Within us is the source of all things.  Without us appear things in name and form,  and therefore,  to get the essence of all things,  one has to find it in God.  When once God becomes a reality,  person shows in our life great  fulness.

Prayer is higher than any religious-place

  We have taken a new step forward in life, we have turned a new page in our life. There is no reason for anyone for grievances or complaining—all, all is forgiven, all the past. A new life has begun—with new, clear hope and new courage, and the feeling of single-mindedness which trusts is going to be developed in us

Life is such a Mystery

The whole of life, everything, is the answer to our question. Sometime Shaheer is thinking why should she speak to anyone and writing these words, and writing books, WHY? What should she ask and talk or Why? because There is nothing to ask and talk

May all beings be happy

I felt as though every drop of water in my body had come up and settled in the corner of my eyes. The stir on my lips, the contraction of my eyes, the gentle tossing of my head—all began in a most graceful manner. What is happening? Why is it happening so? Though this understanding was lost in ignorance, the ecstatic delight at the sight of the beauty of the world was matchless.

Be good to yourself

The Life: Nobody would have been able to understand it -- but we don't have to understand anything, we have just to be silent, we have just to be absent. So any way, either singing or dancing, loving, serving, whatever makes us absent, immediately we will be filled with God's presence. Suddenly we will become aware of our own inner light... This light is our reality and our true Life... * Have a safe journey!!!


How my search makes my life vaster, teaches my thoughts to take flight, makes my emotions profound as the ocean. My search with it's pure identity opens a future’s window, in which time and Life relationship introduced and capabilities and understanding are realized. My search is not only a journey but a blissing. Wow! Thanks to Creation... Bow to World... Love to Liveliness... Feeling to Human...

Feel oneness

Fasting means abstaining from; it is abstinence.  The place of overcoming is in the consciousness of person.  The forty-day fast is an all-round denial of sense demands.  In fasting, we as metaphysicians abstain from error thinking  and meditate on spiritual Truth until we incorporate it  into the consciousness of oneness  with the Wholeness [God]. Always Be  and  Feel Oneness

We can only learn to love by loving

 Shaheer learned that it was she alone who was mad, and the whole world beside her was sane; and she had disturbed these wise people. From that time forth she knew no more how to roll in the dust in obeisance: She do not ring the temple bell: She do not set the idol on its throne: She do not worship the image with flowers. It is not the austerities that mortify the flesh which are pleasing to the God When we leave off our clothes and kill our senses, we do not please the God The person who is kind and who practices righteousness, who remains passive amidst the affairs of the world, who considers all creatures on earth as his own self, He/she attains the Immortal Being, the true God is ever with him/her.