Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path

What we really are!

1)---That is the great thing about infinity: Every part of infinity can also be infinite!

2)--- Without space, everything would disappear

3)--- Surprisingly, although space is empty, it is also alive and aware. We usually think of space as nothing, as empty and dry. But this nothing, or no-thing, is the source of everything

4)--- Empty space is the softest thing in the universe, and it is very low maintenance. There’s nothing it can do to harm us, and there’s nothing we can do to harm it. Perhaps the most surprising discovery of all is that empty space is the true source of everything that really matters in life

5)--- The biggest surprise of all is when we discover that space is what we really are. It is space itself that is aware of everything we experience

6)--- What a delightful shock to discover that this mysterious space is what we really are!

In the next moment (powerful)

1)---In every instant, the universe that you know dies and a new one is born.

2)---Life comes fresh each moment, completely unlimited by what came before

3)---There’s no telling what will be born in the next moment

4)---We can’t see, for instance, how sadness changes into allowing because it never does. Sadness never becomes anything; it just comes to the end of its natural life. At some point it finally dies and something else unpredictable takes its place

5)--- The question is, How willing are WE to see that what is happening now in this moment has no relationship to the past?

6)---There’s a powerful sense of a flow of time. It seems like the present is affected by the past, and the future is affected by what you do now. That illusion is really convincing. That’s how good Being is at this game. But every now and then it throws out a whole new universe that doesn’t at all correspond to what just was, and then we’re left confused.

Falling in Love (zen)

 When we fall that deeply in love, what we find out is that it is not a personal love. The only way we can fall in love with something as vast and varied as this master of disguise is to fall right out of our-self. This body/mind isn’t a big enough container for that much love. The only thing big enough for that much love is something very large and impersonal.

All we are talking about here is that blessed point in our life when, either through wisdom, maturity, or pure exhaustion with the alternatives, WE finally fall in love with what is—WE fall madly in love with things exactly the way they are.

All of us have had moments of this—we’ve flirted with what is.

Falling in love with what is, is a very mature kind of love. It’s not always as glamorous as our fantasies

It’s funny to talk about being in love with one of our fears; but if WE are honest about how much time and attention we give our fears, there must be some kind of a love affair going on because that is what love is—giving attention to something

An awakening is simply a moment of clearly seeing this lover. It is a moment when we see what is more completely. It’s not surprising that when someone has had a profound awakening, they often fall madly in love with what is because it is a rich and beautiful reality

Are WE willing to be in love with what WE saw?

The purpose of an awakening is to give birth to this mature love—this love for what is

WE can fall just as deeply in love with what is without an awakening.

All we have to do is notice that love is here already. We don’t have to get rid of our fears and fantasies; just notice that love is also present, flowing even toward them. Once we recognize this, then our fears and fantasies lose their importance.

FALL IN LOVE with that. What is, along with being the perfect lover, is also a master of disguise. It puts on different disguises. It puts on the disguise of our own fear or longing. All it is waiting for is for us to say, “Oh yes, there you are my beloved. What a beautiful disguise!”


-To admit the whole truth means recognizing that love is always present. Much of our suffering comes from one simple misunderstanding: that love is limited, that it is here only some of the time. This is a misunderstanding about the true nature of love. Love is actually the container for everything else. It’s always present. Love is that aware, allowing space in which everything happens, so it’s present no matter what happens. It is so completely loving that it allows everything, even painful emotions and negative thoughts.

-What is it that we’re really looking for in getting love from another person? 

We’re looking for space. 
The perfect lover is someone who allows us to be whatever way we are. If we’re in a good mood, the perfect lover would allow that. If we're in a bad mood, the perfect lover would allow that too. And yet, that perfect lover—that perfect love—is already here. It is already allowing everything.

- What really nourishes us is simply recognizing this love—the endless giving of space to everything that happens. That allowing, or accepting, is the nature of our Being; and when we simply notice that, we can experience this limitless love.

Me doesn't actually exist

1)--- The ME is that the ME is just a thought; it doesn’t actually exist.

2)--- If we just stop for a moment and look, we won’t be able to find this thing called ME

3)--- Whenever we look, there’s something different there. It turns out that the ME has no substance; it’s just an ever-changing set of ideas. It’s made up of thoughts about ME

4)--- So, when we check to see how I am doing, essentially, we’re checking to see how a thought is doing.

5)--- No thought has ever had a thought. This flow of consciousness is rampantly having thoughts, but the ME within that flow has never had a thought

6)--- The ME is just one of the thoughts appearing in that flow. And yet, all day long, we’re checking: How’s it going for ME?

7)---All that is real is experience; there’s no container for experience called ME. So, as long as our attention is flowing towards this ME, no matter how many good experiences we have, We’ll suffer because this is a place of contraction, a place that doesn’t include the full breadth of our Being.

8)--- When we hear this, it’s natural to try to be less self-conscious. But the only way we could do that is by becoming more self-conscious.

9)--- WE are pure consciousness, and this is the one thing we can never become conscious of. It’s the one thing that consciousness itself can’t flow to. That’s why we put all these substitutes in its place, like the idea ME.

10)--- When we actually go looking for consciousness, it’s like trying to look into our own eyes without a mirror. We know there are eyes there, but we can’t see them. They’re not hidden, but we can’t see them. We know there’s consciousness, but we can’t see it or taste or touch it or hear it.

11)---There’s nothing else but pure consciousness that is having the illusion of suffering. When we see that, then that is the end of our suffering because that’s the end of the ME

12)---All the ME has ever been is our suffering. It’s not such a great deal, is it? We get to exist but at the cost of suffering. All the ME is, is this effort. Without the effort, all that’s left is the wonderful play of pure consciousness called life, no one to experience it and no one to suffer from it; and yet it dances beautifully


When WE get up close enough to an experience, WE see that it doesn’t exist anymore. We see the truth of it—that it’s no longer here, and that frees us from that particular illusion of cause and effect.

There are two ways to go about this. One way is to go directly to this moment, where nothing from the past exists. Meditation and inquiry are both designed to bring you to this place where nothing exists. Nothing exists because it’s already dying by the time you notice that it’s been born. That’s how quick life is happening. When you come to that place, you realize that nothing’s around long enough for it to exist and that nothing that ever happened still exists. That’s the direct route, and it can dissolve all limitations in an instant.

The only way to find. - ( Just be )

The silence is right here in us, every single moment of our life. This silence allows the entire universe to be. The silence is the very space of being. There is only silence. We are silence. This is our ' our-ness' , 'your-ness', 'I-ness'. Just listen with our whole being to what is here, now. It is the most amazing thing we can ever discover.

It is with us now. It is you--me--and everything. The only way to find this is to stop everything else. Everything! just be

* Just be

How can we be Religious when we kill one another

The Human is very Clever Animal:
Everything that has an inner reality, if not preserved through its counter part of it's outer reality and practice, then the wisdom teaching which is part of the inner reality gets lost over time. We have many historical evidences that will testify this that when the outer forms which hold and work as a container of the inner teachings and symbols are discarded, then even the inner reality is lost over time.

Sacrifice of the animal is meant to sacrifice the inner animalistic attribute of human being.

*Sacrifice of animal is the outward action as a reflection of the inner reality of true sacrifice of the self --'The EGO'

Wow! What a moment in this Life!

Wow! what a moment in this Life!
This moment has heat but with in coolness Which has eagerness, 
but peace with in. Which has desire-less---unknown rectitude. 
Today in these deep moments ,Brings those very accidents would educate me 
to feelings what was coming in the next six month. 
then I would question myself. If being can feel What', 
coming beforehand then the being can also feel what's to come in the future? 
This question also became my Guru.
I experienced 27 premonitions, but What I felt since childhood, 
today I am waiting for that particular moment.
These are the moments which has destiny but path unknown.
This is the ultimate moments where there is light within darkness and darkness within light. 
At this moment if I can not say this is not light or dark-ness, 
then what is" it"?
 These moments are the path and destiny, 
If so then what's to come?

Many things are not perfect without us

So, I learn from my mistakes. It's a very painful way to learn, but without pain, the old saying is, there's no gain. I found that to be true in my life. We miss a lot of opportunities by making mistakes, but that's part of it: knowing that we're not shut out forever, and that there's a goal we still can reach

If we love something, let it be free. Even in a loving relationship, people need their space. If we want to learn to love, we must first learn to forgive and let go of past hurts and grievances. Love means letting go of our fears, prejudices, egos and conditions.

We cannot love someone completely unless we trust them completely. Act as if our relationship with the person our love will never end. Trust is essential in all loving relationships. Trust our-self, trust others and trust the world. It is the foundation for love.


A time comes when we don't have to use
 meditation techniques anymore 
We just sit down 
we are Blossom itself

Person’s thirst (passion) and devotion itself takes the shape of process 
or activity and appears in action. 
Our faith and devotion take shape in keeping with our mental tendency. 
When the topic of my interest is love, 
then my quest will be for love only.
 My attachment with love will be my devotion to love.
 Later, this devotion becomes dedication.
 Devotion always returns in the shape of devotion. 

Thus, if I say the whole world should be happy, beautiful and peaceful, 
this pious wish is my inclination or tendency,
 my attachment and devotion to the world.
 When I have such love and devotion to the world, 
its fruit will also be there. 
The world may or may not be beautiful, 
but this devotion of mine will certainly make me beautiful.
 The spread-out-ness of this life begins from me. 
When my life becomes beautiful, the world, too, 
will become beautiful; 
for the creation will appear according to our own point of view,
you may say that our fruit will be according to our intention
 because life flows according to our feelings and conditions. 
This very feeling becomes an idea
 when then taking the shape of an activity 
process becomes an action
 thus reveals itself.


Time to hug, time to party, time to celebrate

SILENCE is Real Music and Nature is Rhythm. 
Thoughts are Key-note, 
Feelings are Tone and Action is Sound.
This Music is the basis of the whole Life.
 In reality the whole life is Song, 
what we call music is simply a miniature of the original music,
 which is creation itself, 
expressed in tone and rhythm,
 but the truth is that Life itself is SONG
I have found in every word a certain musical value, 
a melody in every thought,
 harmony in every feeling...

To be spiritual one must communicate, 
especially one must communicate with nature; 
one must feel nature.

ONE who is not close to Nature is far away from what is called spirituality

Who am I

Leaves and Myself

But I was watching many such leaves as still lay on the world but their pale, orange-colours were displaying the glory of their renunciation or detachment. In their ochre-colour, these leaves were making friends with my inner spirit of asceticism. It seems today, that not only I but even the leaves are in the state of detachment.

I feel that the world is a mere path, nature is our means of knowledge, universe is our temple, and God is our destination. Human besides travelers are nothing else. The mind is a priest, the intellect is our Guru, and our tendency is a provider that makes us artists and places us upon the stage of the world.

Knowledge and meditation, however, are not possible for one who is worldly, sensual, deluded proud, egoistic and selfish. It is the clean mirror that reflects the shining sun and not the wall built of mud and stone. Love for the Infinite means detachment from all particulars and renunciation of objective indulgence.

Silence is desires-thoughts-battle and ‘me and mine’-‘you and yours’. This silence gives birth to awareness, with comes the changes in human being. This total awareness gazes at the creation. This silence becomes the death of Ego. In this dimension the being becomes totally art.

Who am I?

This is that key which opens up the gate of creation. I, Shaheer born in Sikhism, goes to the temple but dreams about Krishna, searches for religion but finds nature, searches for guru but finds science, searches for Monk, fakir, sufi, but finds a Silence.

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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