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The speed of Awareness -Part 7

Speed Of Awareness The speed of time is based on consciousness It is a beautiful day today. I love to discuss the topic of LOVE, DETACHMENT, TIME, and SILENCE. These four themes are very close to my heart, and I like to talk about them. I have delved very deeply into these four subjects, much like how you turn milk into yogurt.  In the books I have written, I have mentioned the four subjects and how I can talk about them at length. Today's topic will be TIME Part 7. According to science, we live in a four-dimensional universe, namely, length, width, height, and depth. Time is an abstract measurement, not a dimension, throughout our dimensional realm. The ancient Sages envisaged these Truths through personal experiences and wrote about them. They did not only become subjects of experimentation but, they also turned themselves into laboratories for experimentation. The technique used by the Sages is non-other than meditation (Dhyana). It seems like a profound term, but it is far from

How does time disappear in the present?Part-6

How does time disappear in the present? What is it like to live in the present? How can we live in the present? What do I need to do to live in the present? Why is it important to live in the present? Why is there no time in the present? How does time disappear in the present? Not only is the weather pleasant, but Our Life is also pleasant. Not only is Life beautiful, but every moment is delightful. Not only is every moment wonderful, but our existence is majestic. When we mention EXISTENCE, then the entire UNIVERSE (Brahman) is charming. In this quiet atmosphere of SILENCE, I am yet again in a small park in the gorgeous city of Los Angeles. Today it is the 15th of June 2021 and, the lockdown is finally lifting. Eighteen months have elapsed, and for the first time, Los Angeles breathes freedom. The pandemic or Covid-19 has affected many ordinary people's mindsets and thinking patterns. Life has taught that whatever has transpired is for the good of all. The race that humankind had

Stress Relieving Music

Stress Relieving Music

Spiritual Quotes

Spiritual Awakening  How lovely it is to stay in oneself, to be content with whoever is, and want nothing else, and want nothing. It is like a magic which even one cannot believe because it is a more mysterious miracle than magic.  स्वयं में ठहर जाना कितना प्यारा है, जो भी है उसी में ही संतुष्ट रहना और कुछ नहीं चाहता, और कुछ नहीं चाहता। यह एक ऐसे जादू की तरह है, जिस पर खुद को भी भरोसा नहीं आता क्योंकि यह जादू से भी बड़ा एक रहस्यमी चमत्कार है  My life had changed the day I saw that all my desires were behind me. Because I stopped asking for desire and started earning. मेरा जीवन उस दिन ही बदल गया था जब मैंने देखा कि मेरी हर कामना मेरे पीछे रह गई।क्योंकि मैंने चाहना को मांगना छोड़ दिया और कमाना शुरू कर दिया। This life is such a life, where neither two days are the same nor two hours; Neither the leaves of two trees are the same, nor the point of view of thinking is the same; for true art is that in which the actual creation of art is always different from each other. यह जीवन एक ऐसा जीवन ह

What is Energy?

What is Energy? Energy is the name of the real DNA of life. Every living being and thing originates from energy. Color and form are born according to energy. What is mist?  The water became lighter through the air and started traveling in space. Meaning that the water should be light and enjoy flying in the sky with the wind. What is energy? The ability to do work is called energy, we will find this definition in Google. But what is energy? It is the ability to do work, it is a virtue of energy, not energy, so what is energy?  We are all an electro surrounded by electro light like a faint mist. When an electro collides with another electro, the climate of the electro changes. 'Jal-Vayu' means that there was a change in 'Water' and 'Air'. There were two parts. positive and negative These two parts which have become functional, this working is the energy. ---*--- जीवन के असली DNA  का नाम ऊर्जा है।  ऊर्जा से ही हर जीव और चीज़ की उतप्ति होती है।  ऊर्जा के हिसाब से ह

Is time also not an illusion? Part 3

Is time also not an illusion? What is the time? What is the definition of time? What is the correct form of time? Is time also not an illusion? Is not our time also an illusion? What is the relation of time with us? I am a little late today, and I apologize for the same. My mother tongue is Punjabi, and I also speak Hindi. In whatever way I communicate in Hindi, I do so for you only. If I speak in Punjabi, I will only reach out to Punjabi-speaking people and not everybody else. However, if I talk in Hindi, then I will connect with everyone. If I speak in English, then I will connect with everyone. If I communicate in Silence, then I am sure I will connect with the universe. I came to know that the realization of time is only with the 'I', then the speed of time is only the speed of awareness of 'I'. In whatever I speak, I want you to know that I do it for you only. If I cannot express or say certain words correctly, then please kindly forgive me in advance for the