Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path

The speed of Awareness -Part 7

Speed Of Awareness

The speed of time is based on consciousness

It is a beautiful day today. I love to discuss the topic of LOVE, DETACHMENT, TIME, and SILENCE. These four themes are very close to my heart, and I like to talk about them. I have delved very deeply into these four subjects, much like how you turn milk into yogurt. 
In the books I have written, I have mentioned the four subjects and how I can talk about them at length. Today's topic will be TIME Part 7. According to science, we live in a four-dimensional universe, namely, length, width, height, and depth. Time is an abstract measurement, not a dimension, throughout our dimensional realm.
The ancient Sages envisaged these Truths through personal experiences and wrote about them. They did not only become subjects of experimentation but, they also turned themselves into laboratories for experimentation. The technique used by the Sages is non-other than meditation (Dhyana). It seems like a profound term, but it is far from that. In short, Awareness is directly proportional to the dynamics of how we think and how we subsequently perceive LIFE. 
Just as the shadow of the 'I' is in time, the movement of time depends on the awareness of the individual. We all travel differently in time
How we perceive LIFE is directly related to our thoughts. In short, what we see in the world becomes our thought. This thought-form then turns into a question, and the latter will then give you an experience. One can, therefore, stipulate that thought is a Blessing that will grant us experience. Thought is a subtle vibration through which one will encounter LIFE'S flow and how it unveils to become a full-blown experience.
Thought is like a seed that germinates into a question, and these, in turn, will become life's events, also referred to as the Law of KARMA. What is Havan (fire ritual), as mentioned in the Hindu faith? It means surrendering yourself. One offers coconut, and symbolically this means giving up our egos. One also places in the ritual fire pomegranate that contains innumerable seeds. The symbolic meaning behind this is that pomegranate is responsible for manifesting the universe, and hence it is also offered in the fire ritual. One also chants Svaha to offer an oblation to the Gods. Teerth Yatra, Haj, and Havan are the same. However, when one performs these rituals and pilgrimages, our egos increase tenfold.
We have never surrendered nor offered our 'heads.' Even when we visit temples, Gurudwaras, and kneel by bowing our heads, we do not leave our egos behind - but we return with inflated egos.

What does the Dharma say about the four dimensions? They are known as, Samsarik, Maansik, Bodhik, and the Atmic platform. We live in a four-dimensional universe, namely, length, width, height, and depth. Gyana or full knowledge means maximum understanding that is the loftiness of spirituality. Bodhik knowledge will endow us with knowledge of LIFE or the world we live in, and the Atmic level offers our complete depth of PURE KNOWLEDGE. If we become Gyani, but the root system is weak, then we will fall. However, high you raise your head; it must also bow down as much to hold the ground firmly. Wherever you are in LIFE and under whatever circumstances, it will point to one thing only that we are ALL ONE. Based on our thinking, one can tell your power of intelligence. 
When a person has a thought, it signals activity. With this activity will arise the seed thought 'I AM,' and along with 'I AM,' the concept of TIME begins simultaneously. Today I checked the definition and meaning of TIME via Google search engine, and it defines TIME as a concept. I explained TIME as a SHADOW of 'I AM' in the previous presentations. In the 5th Episode, I inquired, 'Could time also be an illusion?'
Dharma has not spoken about TIME - it has only used the concepts of Time (Kaal) and TIMELESSNESS (Akaal). My definition is as follows - where the thought 'I AM' begins, TIME also follows. We constantly believed in the spoken words, but we have never experienced their TRUE nature. Without experiences in LIFE, we can never be gratified and be HAPPY.
What is MIND? We often think about our past, don't we? The mind often revels in past events and memories stored in the subconscious. It happens while we are in the present NOW. When we think about any future events, the mind races into the future based on one's thinking in the present NOW, which is the direct result of one's past activities, good or bad. Time-traveling is possible from the PRESENT NOW (Vartman). How one goes into the past and future is different.
Let us imagine that we think about our past, and we find ourselves reliving our past; through our memories. To clarify the point above about Time-Traveling means, we use a car as our time capsule to relive the past. Likewise, to live in the future, we use a jet plane as our time capsule to relive tomorrow.
What is Mei or 'IAM'? It is LIGHT. Three forms of thoughts or SOCH are, Awareness, mindfulness (understanding) and, attention - when you have acquired these three attributes, you are a WINNER, and you are unbeatable. I was on board the flight from Canada to America, and it was cloudy. As we crossed the thick clouds; and the skies cleared, I noticed water droplets on the window. Due to the speed of the plane, the droplets were making a trail moving upwards. My focus of attention was on the drop. Such was the attention that I saw myself merge into the, drop and I found myself within and as the drop itself. The first I noticed in the droplet was the seven colors of the rainbow. With focus instilled on the droplet, I then find myself and the drop turning into a flash of LIGHT the size of a speck.
Awareness in itself is the embodiment of perfect KNOWLEDGE, and so it requires no information or inquiry. The speck of LIGHT was non-other than AWARENESS itself. I also noticed that the plane disappeared, the vast sky and the droplet also disappeared - there was only a LIGHT of AWARENESS or ELECTRON. When a person attains ATMA BODH (TOTAL AWARENESS or SELF-REALIZATION? can questions arise? In such a state, nothing; is left in or out. It is ALL ONE and ABSOLUTE.

What is meditation? It is a technique that enables one to envision the ABSOLUTE and One's TRUE SPOTLESS NATURE. It is a way to clear the thick clouds of pain and trouble so that we can find ourselves on a SPOTLESS and CLEAR platform. I had not even fastened my seatbelt, and lo behold, the plane landed. It seemed as though the flight attendant had failed to notice this. I felt like asking, 'Could you see me or not?'
I am clueless about how the two hours had elapsed during this fascinating experience on the flight. They seemed like 5 minutes. In a family of 6-7 members, Aeriana is a very astute individual with a powerful intellect than all the members collectively. Aeriana can pick up on cues of people's thoughts, including what they want to say, very quickly and accurately. For example, if a person, for reasons unknown, is unable to put across a message that they wish to express, then Aeriana at once would let the person know what needs to be said and expressed rightly so.
On the other hand, Paresh wants to say something but is unable to say what needs to be said, then at once, Aeriana would let Paresh become aware by telling him that, 'No Paresh, this is not what you wish to express! Say what you need and wish to say.'
Paresh says, 'No, this is what I meant to say!' 
Aeriana exclaims, 'No, this is not what you meant to say!' Aeriana would then say what Paresh wished to express directly to him. Of course, Paresh would be amused and astounded and would retort, 'Yes, this is what I meant to say!'
How does Aeriana know this? She can pick up on a person's cues easily. She can tell within a minute if a person is telling the truth or not! She can scan and read a person's thoughts within five minutes.
Suppose if she has to wait for something or someone, Aeriana would approach me and say, 'I am tired! I can't wait much longer than this.'
For example, if Aeriana has to wait for Paresh to come from New York to California. Paresh says, 'I will be in California in two days.'
However, there has been a delay, and Paresh has not yet arrived. Aeriana would give up waiting for Paresh in two hours, let alone two days. I am not waiting for him any longer, so tell Paresh not to bother to come.
When we wait for someone in anticipation, our speed exceeds, and time lengthens. Our Awareness becomes alert and quick, and as a result, our Time-Traveling will be fast. Science says that the speed of light is the fastest, while TIME slows down.
In comparison, I would say that what would take two days for me to become exhausted waiting for someone - takes merely two hours in Aeriana's case. The greater our Awareness of LIGHT - the greater will be its velocity. A person's life flow is dependant on the speed of Awareness. The reason for problems in a household is because Awareness (related to thoughts) is not of the same velocity in each individual.
As far as the field of SPACE is concerned, what it takes to capture a bird flying by and a plane flying in the sky is the same. The difference noticed, however, is in the TIME taken.

I understand both Aeriana and Ravi well. While Aeriana covers the speed of Awareness in 2 hours, Ravi covers it in 48 hours. The difference is 46 hours. What Ravi experiences in 48 hours, Aeriana experiences in 2 hours. Aeriana does not live in the four dimensions, but she lives in the nine dimensions. It shows us that Aeriana is alert and sharp, while Ravi is slow. Unbeknownst, Aeriana works in the nine dimensions, called the nine powers (Nau Shakti), while Ravi works in four. I am aware of all this while neither knows this fact.
I am aware of both these situations and individuals, namely Aeriana and Ravi, then where do I stand in this scenario? What is my dimension? Since I know their dimensions, it means that I am in a different altogether. A person like Aeriana would receive applause from people around her because of her astute nature and sharp Awareness. She could become a Sage, scientist, or philosopher easily. While a person like me - all I can add here is that no one would understand my category. I cannot become anything at all. The reason for this is because the dimension I am living in is grounded and immovable. In LIFE, nobody knows how to slow down and stop.
Both Aeriana and Ravi are in motion and active - they are flowing where LIFE wants to take them. The speed of SILENCE is the greatest. People who have understood SILENCE cannot become anything in LIFE. I would fail as an experiment in a laboratory because I am motionless. It is such a person who will be able to Time-Travel. My AWARENESS has become motionless in my SELF or BEING! Also called Atma Bodh in Hindi. The journey here onwards is not of 'I AM,' but AWARENESS alone, also called the ELECTRON. The latter state is TIMELESS because where there is time, there is a dimension where you can traverse the path back and forth. 
However, AWARENESS is dimensionless, and TIMELESS is a state of STILLNESS and IMMOBILITY! We do NOT want to STOP because it signifies DEATH, and we are scared and fearful of death. The reason is that death occurs in the Maansik, Bodhik, and Samsarik dimensions full of FEAR to which I am well acquainted. If we know this fact, then why can't we accept it and make it a point to realize our ETERNAL FORM?
The need to DIE first is vital to LIVE happily and positively in the NOW. Fear should not become an impediment, and one who has attained ATMA BODH will have to overcome their notion of being ENLIGHTENED. Hence I cannot become a scientist, philosopher, psychologist, or a Guru. 
With the Grace of God, post-death, I would like my state to be that of an ETERNAL SOUL akin to the Masters in the HIMALAYAS. I have told everyone in my family that the day I die, I want to go away from home - and in my hand, there will be a handkerchief with money tied in a knot. I want to be at a place where no one knows I have died. I have no idea where this thought has arisen, but I have had this thought several times. I do not want anyone to know how I died. I will dance, sing and love every form on earth. Just as I love everyone, I can also disassociate - for example, my affiliation and bond with Paresh may seem powerful - but I can become detached just as swiftly in a trice, and it would not matter!
Aeriana has told me several times that I want to die before the age of fifty. I asked her, 'Why?' She replied, 'I will not live longer than fifty! I will die young.' I told her, 'Good luck!'

Why does she say this? what is it in her that knows she will die young? I am not scared f this. Why must I be scared? If death is inevitable, why fear it?
The greater the AWARENESS, the slower the TIME becomes. Awareness is LIGHT and UNDERSTANDING or DIVINE KNOWING. While Aeriana covers the speed of Awareness in 2 hours, Ravi covers it in 48 hours. The difference is 46 hours. What Ravi experiences in 48 hours, Aeriana experiences in 2 hours. Aeriana's speed is at 90 degrees, while Ravi's speed is at 10 degrees. Suppose a person who has accumulated wealth decides to give up his earnings helping others s/he will undoubtedly attain a HIGHER GOAL and become a Sanyasi, Pir, and Paighambar. If one can become a beggar by giving up wealth, s/he can be considered a Time-Traveller.
'मैं' का परछाईं जैसे वक़्त है, ठीक वैसे ही वक़्त की गती व्यक्ति की जागरूकता पर निर्भर करती है हम सब वक़्त में अलग अलग से ही यात्रा करतें हैं।
Had Obama given up his Presidency, he would have attained a very HIGH GOAL, but he got elected for the second term and accepted the oath of Presidency. If Obama had known how to STOP, it would have turned into a DIVINE BLESSING! A successful person is happy at seeing his rise and fall simultaneously.
I am happy to be a part of this beautiful journey in Brahmand - it is where I belong because, after all, I have stopped, and it is my HOME.

Translated By Paresh Jivanji

वक़्त की गति होशमंदी पर आधारित होती है

How does time disappear in the present?Part-6

How does time disappear in the present?

What is it like to live in the present?
How can we live in the present?
What do I need to do to live in the present?
Why is it important to live in the present?
Why is there no time in the present?
How does time disappear in the present?
Not only is the weather pleasant, but Our Life is also pleasant. Not only is Life beautiful, but every moment is delightful. Not only is every moment wonderful, but our existence is majestic. When we mention EXISTENCE, then the entire UNIVERSE (Brahman) is charming. In this quiet atmosphere of SILENCE, I am yet again in a small park in the gorgeous city of Los Angeles. Today it is the 15th of June 2021 and, the lockdown is finally lifting. Eighteen months have elapsed, and for the first time, Los Angeles breathes freedom. The pandemic or Covid-19 has affected many ordinary people's mindsets and thinking patterns.
Life has taught that whatever has transpired is for the good of all. The race that humankind had entered was stupefyingly monstrous - one that could not allow us to slow down the momentum. If, however, we understood how to slow down - we would attain victory over Life and the mind. Nature taught us how to take Life easily. In pursuit of wealth, the race of madness had begun - we had already suffered amnesia anyway, but the current rush to procure wealth further aggravated the loss of memory!
It is the age and era of technology and wealth accumulation, so why would we not pursue the rat race? When we forget to reduce our speeds for the endless pursuit of wealth Nature, intervenes by requisition to teach us a perfect LESSON. The Covid-19 pandemic brought many families closer, though I am not sure about India - here in the USA children, and adults who wanted to stay away and live separately from their parents and those parents who wanted their children to move out are united.
The system and culture here in the USA prefer to live separately, but the effect Covid-19 had on people was devastating as they lost their jobs and houses were auctioned compelling, them to reunite. The shift occurred both ways as children and adults returned to their parents vice versa, thus reestablishing family values.
Due to Covid-19, this understanding has dawned which, is a plus point. Despite shocking post-Covid consequences, there have been positive accounts also. LIFE always brings about a perfect balance when we forget to abide and live in poise. It is necessary to slow down, and this should be one's Dharma. Be it your Karma, wealth issues, relationship problems, thinking, and disjointed feelings, Life will somehow find a way and the means to compensate for the disparity, even when slowing down or stopping escapes, your attention.
Death is a natural phenomenon that will eventually bring a stop or an end to us. It is an inevitable LAW in itself and, it is inescapable. Suppose if slowing down or stopping emerges from our BEING itself? Why do we get tired? Why do we get bored? It is because we do NOT know how to slow down in LIFE - we constantly run hither and thither for thirty to forty years, whether we achieve something or not is irrelevant, but run we must!
Kids today are doing the same thing using technology or video gaming - a race no different. At least, in our times, we walked to the temple or a mosque and, we walked to see our relatives and friends, and during arguments or fights, we would run to confront the individual(s). What has today's technology conferred to the younger generation? The younger generation spends most of their time in front of television sets playing video games. Technology has come to a standstill, just like Dharma has until now. Dharma has no doubt taught us how to meditate, do yoga, and recite Mantras like Waheguru, Ram Ram, Aum Namaha Shivaya, and Allahu Akbar, but has it alleviated our worry, stress, and fear? Dharma has failed to refresh and renew our lives.
Whomsoever I met when I traveled in India, I could sense the shadow of death, disease, and distress on the people. There is no LIFE, luster, aliveness, and freshness in any of us - so where can this NEWNESS come from us? It can only come from within us.
Today's generation is tired and frustrated. The parents advocate Dharma (one's spiritual duty) and advise their children to go to places of worship, be it Temples, Gurudwaras, and Mosques -because this is what the parents have done throughout their lives. However, don't children notice that their parent's lives have remained bland despite years of worshiping and frequenting places of worship? The parents who attend the Gurughar and Churches - are they happy?
We derive the greatest pleasure when we are out, shopping, or going to a cinema to watch a movie - why can't we derive the same joy visiting places of worship? The happiness the younger generation is deriving from computer games today will become a nemesis leading to untold misery and disease in times to come. Why hasn't Dharma procured the happiness that shopping fulfills? I know some women in their forty's and; fifty's who do not leave their houses without lipstick. They want new clothes which are their form of freshness and newness - but they lack the same freshness within as their hunger and thirst for aliveness and freshness comes from the mundane things!
The search for aliveness, freshness, and newness can only arise from within your BEING. People are setting up meditation and yoga camps, left-right-center the world over - and these camps certainly offer peace and rest to people, but it is short-lived. Their problems and diseases remain rooted. We fail to spend TIME to see to our illnesses because we are too busy attending to TIME itself - we become prey to TIME. I AM, is a reflection of time by paying attention to TIME do, you think you will acquire happiness? Will your BEING or SELF attain BLISS? However, by attending to the SELF, our mind-body complex will automatically be renewed.
We seek to find peace and happiness through all the following means, namely, frequenting places of worship, shopping, playing computer games, and so on, but these joys do not appease us. This want shall never be satisfied until we slow down and STOP in LIFE. In a frenzy to SEARCH for Freshness and Newness continues - and if we acquired this newness and freshness, not only our SEARCH but our very ACTIVITY or MOVEMENT would cease.
Someone advised me to recite Waheguru, and in two months, I became despondent, and I wanted to end my very existence because the word did not go down too well with me. It seemed as though my existence decided to remove the Mantra Waheguru from my system entirely just, like when a person suffers from an allergy. At the time, I felt like chopping my neck as well as my tongue. In two months, LIFE forewarns me to become QUIET. I despised the word so much that I felt like retching, and I did not want to utter or hear anything, be it Waheguru, Ram Ram, etc. No matter how Dharmic or Divine a word may be, the SELF discarded every word.
An indescribable sense of QUIET descended - this experience shows that even Dharmic words become defunct and futile, and one becomes tired and fed up eventually. The greenery you can see in the park is nothing compared to the SILENCE that one can experience. As we both see this beautiful greenery, the foliage I observe is purely emanating from the depth of SILENCE of the SELF Here and, Now that is, in the PRESENCE.
In a moment, everything around me, as you will see, will come to a standstill just like the tree. My eyes, my LIFE, thoughts, senses, feelings, experiences, the I AM within me has come to a halt, and in this QUIET and STILLNESS, one door opens - it is the gateway to BRAHMAN. In such a situation, there is no past and no future at all -there is ONLY the PRESENT.
In this PRESENT, the three phases of TIME have no existence. We have heard that Bhagwan Brahma's moment is equivalent to thousands and millions of years - how can this be so this may seem puzzling and strange? It is because of PRESENCE only. LIFE or EXISTENCE becomes instilled in the PRESENCE. It means that SPACE and SPEED co-mutually support and enhance the Divine attribute of PRESENCE. At the mind-body level, this juxtaposition allows us to discern our past and future accurately - there is the birth of knowledge with this knowing. We have never learned to live or see LIFE the way we ought to see it.
Both Davinder and I went to meet somebody, and the person told me that you are a seer and that you can prophesy. I told the person one thing a worldly person will intervene in other's lives! We tend to interfere and intervene in people's lives, be it via thinking and Dharma - but a Divine Soul will give up his/her Self let alone the feelings of interfering and intervening anyone.
Rishi, Muni, Pir, or Paighambar (Dharmic) will never change anybody's thoughts, feelings, emotions, Dharma, and action. Such individuals are well-wishers, and they will pray for you, despite knowing everything about you because they are gifted and omniscient. These Divine Beings live in the PRESENT only. It is because the depth, length, breadth, and area of PRESENCE are INFINITE.
When I request you to join me to experience the beauty of LIFE - then one can say that only those among you who appreciate and value my presentation will be touched and therefore take appropriate action in joining me. It is because my words have positively impacted your Conscience. However, I would never wish to change your persona and character - I have no intention nor inclination to do so. Why would I change anybody? God has created the person perfectly as per His desire.
Let us take Ravi he, asked me, 'Maa, what must I do?' I offered him advice saying, 'Do this or that.' However, Ravi never listens and, that does not even bother me, to be frankly honest. I never question why Ravi did not take heed of my advice. The fact is Ravi asked me a question, and I offered him advice is what matters most to me. His Soul (Atma) has decided not to pursue and follow up with my advice which is his wish and not mine - after all, it is his Karma. He is my son, and I must support him - it is not my desire to change him.
It is easy to say that we are one, and we acknowledge this, but we fail to understand its import. In other words, we believe in what we know. Each to their own, as the saying goes. Suppose an event transpires which takes us by surprise just like a déjà vu, then this shows that what we were thinking at the time was apprehended in the PRESENCE.
As I revealed to you a few days back - I could somehow foretell what was to happen to a person in the next six months. For example, once I told a doctor that on the 11th of November, a daughter is to be born. I told the family that I am to get married in due course - and the person I marry will have such and such amount of money, and that he lives abroad and is in building construction field. How could I profess these things? It is because I was LIVING in the PRESENCE (Akal in Hindi).
The Sages of yore have come to know and understand the REAL TRUTH of LIFE - hence they rejoice and LIVE in the PRESENCE freely without meddling with God's Divine CREATION. I noticed that SILENCE gave me the incentive to know and realize the TRUTH by willingly offering freedom to my children such that I do not interfere in their lives at all. If the second step enabled me to provide help and support, and if the third step allowed me to appreciate God as the MASTER of CREATION in whom one has fully surrendered with dedication -how can that person speak and interfere or intervene? How could I interfere or intervene in the lives of Monika and Ravi?
The Divine personages will never interfere because they know that God's CREATION is taintless and each individual is unique and special. When EXISTENCE itself adorns BEAUTY, and a person understands this TRUTH, then how can he/her impose his/her will on anyone?
If Ravi approached me and asked me, 'Maa I, need your help?' I will inquire into the problem and ask him, 'Is it a physical or mental problem?' undoubtedly, I will offer him the right advice, and if he heeds my advice, then all well and good. It will help him and save him from wasting 6-12 months of his time. If he does not follow my advice, then Nature will take its course of action as per Ravi's requirements and needs.
Meditation binds us to SILENCE. Whatever the means, be it reciting a mantra or performing yoga and meditation, suppose if we become still in the PRESENCE itself directly, can you imagine the time we will save?
The Sages of yore work like an injection for us as they help remove our difficulties. In other words, the result will be prompt. The NOW will turn us into time travelers - our Presence is much like a Yuga (time). At the level of Consciousness, there is no TIME - which means we are BRAHMAN (Totality or UNIVERSAL) and this, shows that we are ideally speaking TIME TRAVELERS.
Would you not want to know how to LIVE a TRUE LIFE purely from the perspective of PRESENCE? Would you not want to LIVE in BLISS, without PAIN and SORROW? Why don't you wish this? Would you not want to embrace this beautiful LIFE and attain FREEDOM? The PRESENCE is our umbilical cord, just like a neonatal in the womb is connected to the mother via an umbilical cord - the PRESENCE is an umbilical cord that connects us to BRAHMAND (UNIVERSE). It is then that we realize we are in the womb of Brahmand. If Chetna is to take birth and we exit the womb of Brahmand then, what will happen? The next question is, what will be the next phase of Consciousness (Chetna) following its birth? That which is beyond BRAHMAND is not known even by science. If I were to say that I know what is beyond Brahmand? Will you trust me? If Chetna has shown me glimpses of this Divine phase, will you trust me?
The SILENCE in the trees is so deep that the Silence itself merges in Maha Chetna (Higher Consciousness).
What is beyond BRAHMAN? It seems I know what is beyond it.

Translated By Paresh Jivanji

Stress Relieving Music

Stress Relieving Music

Spiritual Quotes

Spiritual Awakening

 How lovely it is to stay in oneself, to be content with whoever is, and want nothing else, and want nothing. It is like a magic which even one cannot believe because it is a more mysterious miracle than magic. 

स्वयं में ठहर जाना कितना प्यारा है, जो भी है उसी में ही संतुष्ट रहना और कुछ नहीं चाहता, और कुछ नहीं चाहता। यह एक ऐसे जादू की तरह है, जिस पर खुद को भी भरोसा नहीं आता क्योंकि यह जादू से भी बड़ा एक रहस्यमी चमत्कार है 

My life had changed the day I saw that all my desires were behind me. Because I stopped asking for desire and started earning.

मेरा जीवन उस दिन ही बदल गया था जब मैंने देखा कि मेरी हर कामना मेरे पीछे रह गई।क्योंकि मैंने चाहना को मांगना छोड़ दिया और कमाना शुरू कर दिया।

This life is such a life, where neither two days are the same nor two hours; Neither the leaves of two trees are the same, nor the point of view of thinking is the same; for true art is that in which the actual creation of art is always different from each other.

यह जीवन एक ऐसा जीवन है, यहाँ पर न तो दो दिन एक जैसे होते हैं और न दो घंटे; न तो दो पेड़ के पत्ते एक जैसे होतें हैं और ना ही सोच को देखने का नज़रिया एक जैसा होता है; क्योंकि सही कला वोही होती है ,जिस में कला के वास्तविक निर्माण सदा ही एक दूसरे से अलग होता है। 

When my heart was opened, I knew how the real nectar of divine love flows within the body, in which all boundaries dissolve and all categories disappear. Then I became a flowing nectar, a blooming flower, and I remained an inner bliss.

जब मेरा हृदय खुला तब मैंने जाना कि कैसे शरीर के भीतर दिव्य प्रेम का वास्तविक अमृत प्रवाहित होता है, जिस में सभी सीमाएं विलीन हो जाती हैं और सभी श्रेणियां गायब हो जाती हैं। तब मैं बहता हुआ अमृत बन गई, खिलता हुआ फूल बन गई और मैं आंतरिक आनंद  ही रह गई। 


What is Energy?

What is Energy?

Energy is the name of the real DNA of life. Every living being and thing originates from energy. Color and form are born according to energy.

What is mist?

 The water became lighter through the air and started traveling in space. Meaning that the water should be light and enjoy flying in the sky with the wind.

What is energy?

The ability to do work is called energy, we will find this definition in Google. But what is energy? It is the ability to do work, it is a virtue of energy, not energy, so what is energy?

 We are all an electro surrounded by electro light like a faint mist. When an electro collides with another electro, the climate of the electro changes.

'Jal-Vayu' means that there was a change in 'Water' and 'Air'. There were two parts. positive and negative

These two parts which have become functional, this working is the energy.


जीवन के असली DNA  का नाम ऊर्जा है।  ऊर्जा से ही हर जीव और चीज़ की उतप्ति होती है।  ऊर्जा के हिसाब से ही रंगरूप और अकार का जन्म होता है।

धुंध क्या है? 

हवा के ज़रिये पानी हल्का हुआ और स्पेस में यात्रा करने लगा। मतलब कि पानी का हल्का हो के हवा के साथ आसमान में उड़ने का मज़ा लेना। 

ऊर्जा क्या है ?

किर्या करने की योग्यता को ऊर्जा कहतें हैं, यह परिभाषा हम को गूगल में मिलेगी।  पर ऊर्जा है क्या? यह जो किर्या करने की क्षमता है, यह ऊर्जा का गुण-रूप है, ऊर्जा नहीं, तो ऊर्जा क्या है? 

 हम सब हलकी सी धुंध जैसे ही इलेक्ट्रो रौशनी से घिरे हुए एक इलेक्ट्रो ही हैं। जब एक इलेक्ट्रो दूसरे इलेक्ट्रो के साथ टकराता है तो इलेक्ट्रो का जलवायु परिवर्तन हो जाता है।

'जल-वायु'  मतलब कि 'जल' और 'वायु' में बदलाहट हो गई।दो हिस्से हो गए।  सकारात्मिक और नकारत्मिक

यह दो हिस्से जो किर्याशील हुए हैं, यह किर्यशीलता ही ऊर्जा है।  

Is time also not an illusion? Part 3

Is time also not an illusion?

What is the time?
What is the definition of time?
What is the correct form of time?
Is time also not an illusion?
Is not our time also an illusion?
What is the relation of time with us?

I am a little late today, and I apologize for the same. My mother tongue is Punjabi, and I also speak Hindi. In whatever way I communicate in Hindi, I do so for you only. If I speak in Punjabi, I will only reach out to Punjabi-speaking people and not everybody else. However, if I talk in Hindi, then I will connect with everyone. If I speak in English, then I will connect with everyone. If I communicate in Silence, then I am sure I will connect with the universe.
I came to know that the realization of time is only with the 'I', then the speed of time is only the speed of awareness of 'I'.
In whatever I speak, I want you to know that I do it for you only. If I cannot express or say certain words correctly, then please kindly forgive me in advance for the same. I experienced something at night - we read words written by the Sages and Saints but, we never understand the reason, purpose, and the meaning or purport behind their penned accounts.
Buddha has said, 'As one thinks, so is human's deed or
Karma.' One can recognize a human being by his/her thoughts. Alternatively, one can identify a person's thoughts by his/her Karma. It is through thinking that one accumulates his/her Karmas via actions performed. I had known this fact, but I was not clear about it.
So at night, I prayed to God earnestly to understand the purport behind Bhagwan Buddha's words: 'As one thinks, so is man's deed or Karma.' We are constantly blaming and angry at life for not being fair and kind to us. How we had intended life to treat us seems not to be the case at all. Where then does this complaint and dejection for life arise? If we had understood Bhagwan Buddha's remarks, 'As one thinks, so is man's deed or Karma,' then the conflict would never have arisen, but we failed to understand the purport of Bhagwan Buddha's words.
Words alone can not bring understanding, but experiences in LIFE allow one to discern and understand its meaning and purpose. I had a thought which I wish to share with you all. I could not even think of having such a thought running through m mind. It was a sad thought, and I could sense that my mind also felt sad at the time.
I was observing both my thought as well my mental state of mind from two different angles. Thus, I noticed that both my thinking and mental state of mind were affected directly and proportionally. I see this entire event from a third perspective as a witness while keeping tags on the two facets of the mind - including its activity (action), be it good or bad. I was shocked to discern all this unveiled before me in its color, form, and shape inclusively.

Life then shows me in sleep lasting forty-five minutes how sadness befalls me and the thought that brings the sorrow, and in sleep, I rebuke a person responsible for the sadness I am experiencing in the dream. The dream I am having is seen from two standpoints - the first being that I am sad, and the second is the effect this sadness has on my mind. The third being that I am generally a happy person in life - yet in a dream, God presents a situation where I am sad and mentally perturbed by it.
What I am experiencing as of late is quite astonishing. I do not think that anyone has heard anything quite like this or even seen anything like this. I shared this with Davinder and told her unusual things are happening in my life as though there is a fruit tree before me, and I can do anything I want to the fruit tree. I can pluck its leaves or even its flowers and fruits also. I can break the twigs and branches also.
There is such closeness with LIFE. What God has shown me in the dream is something that happens in the life of a human being. The wonderful thing about this was that while there was a stream of thoughts bubbling up - my mind seemed to take delight when thoughts of happiness arose vice versa. Of course, the other thing was how my body was reacting to these thoughts. We have heard words and read the material, but we have never dissected these words to understand their implied meaning in the laboratory of life.
You can see as I pan the camera two men are walking along with a dog. The camera has captured this moment, as you can see. Our Consciousness compels the mind to click and capture a moment, but we fail to comprehend and appreciate these precious moments of the clicks. The mental faculty is akin to a camera that is constantly taking snapshots one after another, grabbing the moments via the clicks that are in sync with the thoughts and deleting the remaining. We fail miserably to recognize and give due importance to these precious clicks, which have a close relationship with our thoughts. It is just like Facebook - we appreciate some posts and images by giving them likes with a comment like blessings, beautiful picture while ignoring and discarding the remaining that do not appeal to our taste.

As the mind clicks away, we acknowledge it by accepting it as a yes or rejecting it as a no. What we fail to recognize is whether our thinking or the click of the mind is correct. Often we think, why isn't life good, or why isn't life happening the way I had intended it. I am sharing this experience I had at night.
Now I will discuss TIME - so what is time? Yesterday I spoke about SPACE, SILENCE (Chup), and LIGHT (Prakash) - these three are ONE. The definition of TIME is ambiguous, and you will not find its altruistic meaning via Google. The suggestion that you will come across will be about the changes that happen in the world.
Before I explain the definition of TIME, I will talk about 'I AM' or Mei in Hindi. 'I AM' is a reflection of TIME. In deep meditation, I was not aware that I am Jinder, nor did I know that I am in my room. I was lying on the bed in deep meditative Silence, also known as Jada Samadhi, where there is no awareness. It is more or less like deep sleep. A state where we forget ourselves akin to when we are born - much like the first 6-12 months of our life post-birth where there is no awareness. I recall that I somehow regressed in time - to a period when I was one month old, and I could sense my mental disposition during this phase.
About Four to five hours had elapsed in this state of unawareness before I wake up. Upon waking, a question arises, 'Who am I and where am I, why am I here, what place is this?' I glance at the empty room for almost twenty to twenty-five minutes. I am not aware of anything around me, including the country. Thus, this was the beginning and indicative of the mind gradually waking up. I started recalling that I was in a deep meditative state, lying on my bed falling to sleep. My name is Jinder, and I am in Canada. Indeed, I am Jinder; I had cooked and also eaten food.
I thought to myself, asking, 'Is Monika here or not, and the twenty or twenty-five minutes that had elapsed, does that mean I had forgotten myself - what exactly transpired?'
The pair of eyes that had glanced the room - what or who was that? How come I could not remember who I was when this was happening? How come I forget I am Jinder when this happened? Innumerable questions plagued my mind. What had happened is that I had reverted to a time phase when the mental faculties of the mind have not started to develop.
So does this signify that a one-month-old child is in a state of Jada Samadhi? On the contrary, the fact is that I was in Jada Samadhi and not the baby Jinder. I am thirty-two years old, and I had regressed to a timeline when I was a month old. So the blankness that I had experienced, what was all that? Who was it that asked, who am I during this experience? I was eager to know these facts as I was in utter dismay as to what had just transpired! Mixed emotions were arising within me of both a sense of alarm and gladness. I am never fearful because I am not scared of death. I have always been ready to play Kabaddi (a popular sport in India) with life.

It shows that a one-month-old has no concept of time, nor is there any understanding of his/her surroundings or who s/he is. Believe it or not, this experience tells me that even today - you have no idea of who you are? When you remembered that you are Jinder and lying in a room was not the REAL YOU. It was your body that was lying on the bed. Your Consciousness was AWAKE, but the memory stored was ruffled - thus reminding you that you are Jinder and you are from Canada, etc.
When there was no recollection of anything, be it a time or even memory, there was ONLY CONSCIOUSNESS. However, when I remembered I am Jinder, I was lying in a room in deep meditation, and so on was nothing but my mental faculty as memory reminding me all the facts. Thus, upon the memories flooding my mind, the concept of TIME also sipped in simultaneously. In a nutshell, when we realize that we are - it is there, and then TIME also reveals itself. When we are blank and void, then there is no concept of TIME. In Gurbani, this is described as AKAL or beyond TIME and DEATH. The mutual emergence of TIME and I AM signifies SAMSARA. So what is TIME? It is the collection of our memories - in essence, there is no such thing called TIME or YUGA, but these words hold meaning when the concept of 'I AM' arises. TIME is the shadow of I AM.
I want my experiences to reveal the mystery beyond Brahmand (Universe) through the allegiance of Maha Chetna (Higher Consciousness). The experiences of Rishi's, Muni's, Pir's, and Paighambar, including Spiritual and Holy Texts, will never afford me direct experience. However, my personal experience is the only means through which I can taste TRUE REALITY. There is no doubt that the Sages can become a source of impetus, hope, and courage in my journey to embrace direct knowledge, but they can never reveal the TRUTH. To experience the inevitable TRUTH, I will be required to walk the talk, as the saying goes!
This Mei or 'I AM' is Energy and Consciousness, and one can only connect with IT via SILENCE (Chup), Void, SPACE, or LIGHT - a vast field of immense KNOWLEDGE. The only means to access this beautiful LIGHT of SPACE called Consciousness is by being in the PRESENT NOW. In MEDITATION, our mind becomes PRESENCE. The present mental faculty or mind (90%) signifies our PAST more than our future (10%).
In deep Silence, the following becomes apparent, which is astonishing. The FUTURE has an activity and speed threshold of one percent, and the past has a threshold activity and speed of one percent. The liveliness in the PRESENT is 98% with regards to its connectivity (CLICKS, as mentioned previously, standing at 1%). The addition of 1% Conscious Knowing into 98% PRESENCE allows us to experience the phenomenon called TIME TRAVELLING. When there is such immensity of beauty and MAGIC in LIFE, what am I doing with a camera? Am I mad or what?
You can ask Ravi regarding my current state - a 6-year-old child who promptly woke up each night at 2.00 am to recite the Holy Book (irrespective of my age, I remain God's child). I felt old though I was only six years old. I would ask Mother to wake me up early to recite God's name and read the Holy book as I could hear a Divine voice daily in deep meditation and Silence. The house we lived in had one and a half acres of land surrounding it. At night around 2.00 am I would make my way running to have a quick bath. It used to be very cold, and I would sprint back the distance being about 100 meters.

That child is present in me even today. I pan the camera just like a child plays with a ball. Today I do not do anything - I have told the children that I do not feel like doing anything these days. I do not feel like cooking, let alone eating. When I observe the Present being 1% and having activity and speed of 98% - can you even imagine what potential we have to achieve all the great things if only we can utilize the present moment appropriately?
Do you know that I have only studied up to class 10? I was about to begin the 11th class, but then I got married. I moved and settled in Canada, and I was about seventeen/eighteen years of age. I was interested in education. I would question the examination papers that would ask, 'How many times did Humayun attack India?' My reply sarcastically would be, 'He felt the need to attack, so what am I supposed to do!'
I was interested in History. However, I was not keen to know about the number of times Humayun attacked India or who was Akbar or Babbar, how many battles took place in Panipat, etc.,? I was much rather interested in why there were arguments and fights in the house? I was eager to know why Mother and Grandmother quarrel? Why is Mother so angry all the time? Why is Father enduring everyone's words? I was keen to know and learn about people near and dear to me. As far as the History subject is concerned, we can learn a lot from it. I have imbibed from spiritual texts the lives of the Sages and their historical accounts because I keen to learn about their lives.
The desire to live in the PRESENT became my goal and a yearning since childhood. Life turned into a series of questions, and I was eagerly in search of answers. I remember being asked by psychologists at the University of Vancouver in Canada if I am acquainted with psychology? They were impressed with my level of writing. I have been asked in India if I have a Ph.D. in the Punjabi language? It seems as though God has gifted me with the ability to write well. I have neither studied psychology nor have I got a P.h.D. There is no psychology or philosophy greater than embracing a Spiritual Life (Adhhyatmik Jivan). You will never gain a better understanding than you can via Spiritual Life.
All I can say is that in LIFE, the path that I chose filled me with BLISS and FREEDOM. The PRESENCE is the KEY and the GATEWAY to ABSOLUTE FREEDOM! The understanding of which Science has called Time-Travelling and Religion has called it Telepathy. The rejection of past and future brings one the TIMELESS PRESENCE - the doorway to BLISS. In the NOW, there is no 'I AM.' It MUST be our goal to achieve 100% ONENESS and connectivity from the present 1%. At such a stage of accomplishment, we become AKAL ATIT or TIMELESS and DEATHLESS. We assume the TRUE NATURE, which we call God, Samadhi, Sahasra Dal Kamal, and Nirvana. Science has called it Time-Travelling, and Religion has called it SAMADHI or NIRVANA. One overcomes the cycle of BIRT and DEATH.
Tomorrow we will discuss SPEED. Be happy!
मैंने जान लिया कि वक़्त का एहसास सिर्फ 'मैं' के साथ ही है, तो फिर वक़्त की गति सिर्फ 'मैं' की जागरूकता की गति जितनी ही है।
Translated By Paresh JIvanji

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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