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What is the original form of time?

  What is wish? The deepest beauty of life is that when we understand its nature,  our life becomes art.  It is such a wire of all of our lives that connects us all with each other. When the reality of life is formless, then the relationship of all of us with each other will be formless. What do we have to do to see this formless? What we desire is like a string, from which a pattern begins to form. We can see this pattern in every part of nature, which are shaped. Such is the pattern of words, which we call literature and the pattern of notes is called music. Those we know, but do not understand. The counting of this pattern is called Math. When our desire takes shape in space by becoming strings, thinking becomes in us. Thinking: Our desire begins to design. This pattern is the design of the universe. When we start to be free from every desire, then we start getting acquainted with the design of the universe. Because we stopped making our own design. Literature and music are only par

Religion is recognized by action - not by dress

  The world is a practice Life dimension is such a dimension,  which we can see as we like,  now the question is, then is life like this or a person? If we look around, we will know in thousands of years what we are and why? We will see an exercise in nature everywhere, which is teaching us something, but we are not learning why? Because the face of our mind is towards some other direction. If we had a feeling of happiness and happiness, we would have seen this, today we have the feeling of attaining the world, not the feeling of being happy. The world is a rainbow, which no one could catch until today. Because the world is a practice of teaching, which has evolved to teach us. Utility of Infinity Science and religion: both are one. Religion is a science and science is a religion. We believe religion because of faith, science because of convenience. Behind both is only our mind, not our heart. We win life only through faith and convenience. Religion introduces everything in a big way a

Think outside the mind ( love letter)

I share my life journey with universe  how I saw life and how life understood me. O Universe, How are you! Today I remembered you very much, because now I want your refuge. O Universe, ahead of you: First of all I thank myself, because: My first thought was that I wanted to see God and I believed in the existence of God without any hesitation, and then I thought about the mystery of his nature and sacrificed my own life in the name of God. I kept searching for God and struggled and gave away 32 years of life and finally found that I was covering my own thoughts. I realized that what I thought was my discovery. No. My search was not there, it was the shedding of my karma, which started flowing backwards. What I did through births, through which my temperament and habits started to develop, then due to which pride was born in me. When I was afflicted by my own activities, all my actions became free and I just kept getting empty. When I saw the emptiness of myself, I was surprised that th

Neither religion nor country, only understanding

Mysterious and unique experience Whenever there was an experience,  I always felt how easy and simple it is,  which turns itself on according to the understanding of the person.  1 -) I noticed that the more my spirit is soft for everything - the more the behavior of life with me is tough. The question that came in me made me feel that everything flows according to its own nature, only you have to balance your mind. The flow of life flows in a strict way so that you may be helped. 2 -) Whatever is in life, there are some rules behind it, which is based on the truth. Which is always strictly controlling all the universe, without any hindrance.  3 -) When I saw this rule of life, I looked at myself because I felt in myself that as much as my life was getting free, a part of my nature had become completely strict. The more I loved my freedom, the more I felt loved by my strict nature. Then a law of nature was understood that within strict rules, there is complete freedom. 4 -) When it sta

Will you trust that diseases also speak?

  Will you trust that diseases also speak? When the person knows to listen to own-self, then another study of the person starts,  which changes his thinking and feeling towards life. Today: I again told my life that I have to walk in beauty. I do not know how my life agreed my time and took me to the shore of the lake in the moments of sunset. When I looked at the sky, the color of the sky was blossoming in orange and purple. My body was incarcerated in a small disease (shingles), I could never imagine that the effect of colors is also healer, for me it was a medicine full of wonder and unique emotion that when I was wandering under that colorful sky If I was sick, then my disease started talking to me, and started telling me, 'Now I will go' After coming home, I told the family that this disease will go away in two days, this disease has told me this. And this disease ended after two days. I only had this disease for two days. Three months ago: This disease itself told me that

What Kind of life Do you Want?

  Pilgrimage of water Life is such a deep mystery  that if I think of it in the slightest, then I just make myself move my head  as if I want to sweep the name of life out of my head Today when the water said that I never flow, my feet stopped and my mind stopped. The lyrics of water made me silent in the stillness. I understood that everything in the universe is living in the Nirvana dimension. Water does not flow - water is practicing one's own meditation as it moves. This practice is its movement. When it becomes stable and calm in this movement it will be in the Nirvana dimension. I asked curious that: - 'O beautiful water, when are you still and calm?' So said of water, 'When my practice, means that I get comfortable in the flow of flow, that means I start flowing; This is my peace and my nature, which is my life. That means when I get absorbed in myself. ' - पानी की तीर्थयात्रा जीवन इतना गहरा रहस्य्बादी है  कि अगर इस के बारे में कुछ थोड़ी सी भी सोच मेरे मे

How I bought happiness with 'stupidity'

  When I know that I am not religious, then? If I am not a religious person, what am I?  This question of mine takes me into deep experience  and understands what I am. Since childhood, my thinking has been for me that I like the religious part of my life very much and I look at life from the religious part, think and behave again. Be it Baba Nanak or Hazrat Muhammad; Be it Krishna or Jesus, be it a sage or a saint, I would have a very deep impact and my existence would have descended into a valley of silence and spent many days there. When this effect became my inspiration, I would be filled with the feeling of becoming a friend of all the universe. My heart never felt in the world, I always felt a strange country. My feeling was always that God accidentally threw me into the world. I always found myself failing in every relationship. Till last year, I have been thinking that I can enjoy a mother's relationship with everyone very well. But the pace of time taught me that this thin

The aura of spiritual life

 Aura A good environment is the aura of spiritual life   When the Spirit spiritual thinking opens up the physical cells and atoms and frees their imprisoned life, which originally comes from the Divine Consciousness, or say that it comes from our real existence, which is a light, it should We call it aura.   How is Aura made? - When prayer frees us from the energy produced in the mind and body. Or say that when we are lightened by the heavy burden of earthly floor through prayer; Meaning that when we become independent, lightness comes from this freedom in us, waves of that lightness are called aura. What is that aura?  Aura is the name of our waves of peace, happiness and freedom,  that means our pure anergic light is called aura. Prayer is such an idea, which we can also call indiscretion. We can also call prayer as meditation. There is a deep prayer of chanting and meditation. There is no more chanting and meditation than a deep prayer. Prayer is also a thought, which is considered

Can sound Predict the color? mystery Says Maybe

When I saw the waving clouds in the lake, I became zero.  When I heard the notes of color,  I realized that everything in life is the same tone. The aura of sound is called color  The mystery of sound is not mysticism, but every part of life is mysterious. Sound is the formless form of color and color is the form of sound. We have always heard from religious books and found that there is a sound in the womb of the universe, and there is a wave, from which everything is born. The sound of silence, which produces everything. how? Everything is a mystery when we do not know it. When we know that everything is simple and easy. After knowing the truth of life, every true seeker becomes a lover of simplicity. Our own study is such a study that unites us with everything  'from matter to God.' Whenever we hear any sound, the first thing that we want to see is that we see the sound from where it is coming? The truth is that our mind does not want to see that this sound is coming from wh

3 questions that make a relationship beautiful

 If we travel from the place where we stand,  then we will be successful,  because we have taken the steps forward in our own capacity. Do we know the glory of a relationship? Relationship:What is the meaning of this and what is the glory of this. Have we ever lived a relationship, or have we used a relationship only for want?  We all took this question in our hearts I will share three questions with all of you on this question, we all have to answer only ourselves, there is no need to give it to whom. Why? Because when we become good, our goodness will smell itself. First of all we are very important to ourselves. 1 -) To which relationship are you closer? (Nature, Bird, Animal, Person, whatever it may be. Money and God too, speak truth, not lies, if life is to be lived happily) 2 -) Which relationship do you consider good for yourself? (This question will tell you about your nature) 3 -) Which relationship can you play best? (This question will give you the medicine to make you happy