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Everything is a religious book

When I share the new experiences of everyday with everyone in the form of a post, a question again started buzzing on the mind's shadow today. The question was- If I have any experience then why do I want to share with you all? If I came to the answer that this is the rule of my life that we are all aware of each other, then if I had the money to pay for a new experience, would I have shared it or just told it or how I got it? Money is very important. It is also natural to become greed of need. When does greed become necessary? When we forget the rest of our life. Necessity remains necessary - as long as we remain vigilant for every part of life. This mistake takes away from us the rest of our life. If I am the channel of experience today, then I am sharing, so no one comes to ask how we will have this experience - or that we too have such experience, if I were talking about money, what would it have been like? A very deep experience: which is very true: and very pai

Peer- fakir

LIKE: There would be no diamond mines in the earth if there were not one spark of a diamond which causes every other atom of the earth with which it comes i n contact to become a diamond. It is the same with the ruby. The diamond wants to make everything else become a diamond; the ruby wants to make every other atom into a ruby. In each age the message was revealed more and more, now is the time to awaken to the truth within ourselves. The prophets had renounced their self: that is why they were prophets. When the self is gone, then all the other selves come. When the self is before the eyes, then the soul is blinded. The prophetic tendency exists in every part of the manifestation. Among the jinn and the heavenly beings there is the prophetic tendency and also in every part of nature: in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, among the animals as well as among human


 ONENESS: The petals and leaves and thorns of the rose are all different, and yet there is one rose; the spirit of the rose is one, these parts are so many aspects of the rose. In the same way all spirits are different, but are the outcome of the one real Spirit. In reality there is only one Spirit and it is only because of a sense of illusion that there seem to be many spirits; every ray of the sun is accounted as separate from every other.


Mystery of reality!  life is a amazing and a unique mystery. Who are we truly ? The reality of life is a deep mystery. Wisdom, Conscious and true nature and their dimensions are powerful and how we feel ourselves as a universe. totally unique- amazing experience. Life's mystery is so big so deep we have difficulty explaining what resides beyond. What is time travel? We are time. Past- Present and Future all existing at the same moment in time and in universe and in us- How? Wow! we are planets and solar systems too but How?

Who has the power today? ( Corona Virus)

Today when I went for hiking in the morning, I saw the green veneer of nature spreading all around. Trembling at the sound of the moving wind, as if enjoying a kirtan (chatting). In this quiet chatting of nature, I felt as if there was a message and I sat there and began to watch it very carefully. Suddenly a buzz came from the brain Corona virus Only for human The rest of the universe is busy in its movement and is living. The person, who thought of the animal, the bird, only for himself/herself - one considered it as a gift to eat - who was able to accept everything God made, just for himself/herself. Only considered own-self the most beautiful art, today, person is locked - his house became those cage. Once upon a time, Aeriana ( daughter) told me that one day a person should be locked in a cage and all this world, country, roads, etc. should be all for animals and birds. Because we have seen in many countries that person is a very bad animal - and person does not beli

Did you ever wish that you too blossomed like a flower

No one can do anything, which we have got natural method, to heal any part of life, there can be no better method than nature. Just like today I look at nature, know and understand, which will understand me, when I want to explain that understanding, then I will not be able to say what I feel is 100%. Whatever may be a great person, one will never be able to say a part. Why? Because this part remains, this part is unique to everyone- and mysterious. It is from this part that a person reveals a different character, unique elegance. The deepest beauty of this part is that this part is the same but we all have different feeling to see, understand and believe and this part is very mysterious. The glimpse of this part gives us 100% confidence in God. Before this, no matter how much we say that we have full faith in God, this cannot happen. What is this glimpse - what is this? The center of the universe. Whenever we go, it seems that the moon is just with us. In exactly the same w


Relationship with nature is a best step like Beautiful companion  Friends, just as pale leaves of the trees indicate the advent of autumn, daybreak brings the message of sunrise,  in the same way today,  my ‘I’ or ‘ego’ gives a glimpse of its freedom from me.  Today, it seems to me that the  Time is coming for me to get rid of my ‘I’ or ‘ego’.  In doing this, what will happen?  I do not know.  During this period of forty-three years of my life,  the present moments are the most critical as they give the message of taking me away from myself.  When this message will find its fulfillment, I do not know.

The Law of Creation

The understanding of nature which reveals the Law of Creation My life remained ever involved in the consciousness of death.  There was a sleep that carried me far beyond death;  otherwise, I was never kept unaware of the idea of death.  The consciousness of death is only one and not more than one.  The death may be the death of the body or of the mind and the intellect,  all the shadows of pains and troubles in our life are the shadows of death;  for what is life is always without any shadow.  Life casts no shadow,  because life is a mere feeling or a consciousness which revels in itself.  Life is that element which can be come by only by eliminating one self.

Beauty of reality

The whole of life, everything, is the answer to our question.  Sometime Shaheer is thinking why should she speak to anyone  and writing these words,  and writing books,  WHY?  What should she ask and talk or Why?  because  There is nothing to ask  and talk

Nature of reality

When nature, when life itself covers its laws, then it means that they are best be covered. WOW!  Today! The Very Nature is the answer to the question.  With every question that arises to look at Nature  - there is answer.  Even a question about future  or about some inquiry is revealed  just by looking at a space,  tree  and  even inner Silence

Beautiful Moment

Learn to get in touch with the silence  within our own self  and  know that  everything in this life has a purpose. Use your brains and become a genius;  listen to your heart and love the world,  but  live with your soul to master life itself The heart is the plantation for the Last World.  Sow the seeds of Dharma in our heart.  Irrigate, fertilize and mature them with regular good deeds.  If there is kindness and energy in the heart  it will be fertile  and  an abundant harvest will result.

Art of dying ( Ego)

There is no relationship we can succeed at if we do not go beyond our ego, because the ego will inevitably foment conflict Silence is the art of dying. Then our ego will be shocked. And it is also truer to cal I it the art of dying, because our ego is not going to grow, our ego is going to die in silence. Silence illuminates our souls, whispers to our hearts, and brings them together. Silence separates us from ourselves, makes us sail the firmament of spirit, and brings us closer to Pure Life...[heaven]

Beauty of 'I'

Shaheer realized that in this creation there are no questions. This creation has only one answer,  but whose..? Our, I: Only I is a question,  the rest of creation is the answer to this I. The every question that arises in the heart of the Shaheer,  she finds the Answer in the Life before Her... She knows that: Every wave of the sea as it rises,  seems to be stretching its hands towards,  as if to say,  '' Take me up higher and higher''...

Life is a art

---#1 * JOURNEY OF DESIRE * Desire to live, Desire to know, Desire for power, Desire for happiness, Desire for peace. These five things work consciously or unconsciously in the profound depth of every soul. ---#2 * DESIRE TO LIVE = When the desire to live brings one in touch with one’s real life, a life which is not subject to death, then the purpose of that desire is fulfilled ---#3 * DESIRE TO KNOW =When one has been able to perceive fully the knowledge of one’s own being, in which is to be found divine knowledge and mystery of the whole manifestation, then the purpose of knowledge is fulfilled ---#4 * DESIRE FOR POWER = When one is able to get in touch with the almighty power, then the desire for power is accomplished ---#5 * DESIRE FOR HAPPINESS =When one has been able to find one’s happiness in one’s own heart, independent of all things outside, the purpose of the desire for happiness is fulfilled