Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path

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That is Love

Loneliness cannot create love, it creates need. Love is not a need. 

Then what is love? Love is luxury. It comes out of aloneness, when you are tremendously alone and happy and joyous and celebrating, and great energy goes on storing in you. You don’t need anybody. In that moment the energy is so much, you would like it to be shared. Then you give, you give because you have so much, you give without asking anything in return – that is love


The worship of the personal God is the art of idealizing,
 the greatest and the best art there is. 
We idealize the object of our worship as the perfection of all things
of love and justice and forgiveness and power and beauty.
 In the idealization of our object we offer all the appreciation 
and admiration we have, 
and when we have humbled ourselves before the object 
we have created,
 we have begun our journey 
on the spiritual path.


Stop everything and see what is there. 
What is always there?
 Just this gentle moment of freedom,
 so subtle, so little, so quiet, 
so You! And there am I, and you
 and all of us called human beings,
 right there in this breath!
 Breath now and feel the freedom 
that you are,
 that we all are. 
We are the Silence itself!


 The meaning of life changes as you change dimensional planes. 
The way human beings perceive the world
 is only one simple method of seeing. 
There are many ways to see life. 
Life has many meanings,
self realization is the understanding of all this

Have a Joyful Journey


Silence is a guru and silence is a scientist of the soul.
 it's religion does not consist in worshiping,
 its religion consists in transformation---
 the symbol of religion is fire 'element'. 
The symbol of fire is significant,
 it is the only thing that defies gravitation.
 It does not go down-wards;
 it always goes upwards,
 because silence is actually positive energy
 and energy is always fire...

* Have a Joyful Journey!


 I was Walking on the Tracks and at a distance people also walking. 
After few Moments my state of Mind changed.

I was walking, but I wasn't walking, 
as if someone walking for my body 
and I'm another person. 
When I came out of this state, 
I realized I was totally ALONE. 
Other walkers melted within me. 
They were not they- they were Me, 
Just Me. 
Totally Solitary...

My Tipsy state

If there is no root, then how will the tree grow? 
How will we be able to claim the branches 
the flowers and leaves as our very own? 
With the divine Love, 
we go first to the One, 
the Source, 
and from there we go to the many. 
We become one with the root, 
and then we grow into the tree, 
which will manifest itself 
through the branches 
and leaves, 
the flowers 
and fruits.


We live only to discover beauty. 
All else is a form of waiting.

Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love

Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

 They must be felt with the heart

Then starts spiritualism

An interview with my longing. 
I have always carried on my journey of life, besieged within my mind, my intellect as the blast of gunpowder. Just as I lose myself in the social and mundane spheres, in the same way the surrounding by the whirlwind of Peace and disturbance brings about a clash between virtues and vices. The thread of my breaths are running in a most critical and unendurable plight, perhaps it is the same Ocean of 'existence' which the sages and prophets of the past have hinted at, but a special longing keeps whetting my mind. For example, take Lord Buddha's spiritual quest: whatever passes in his mind, during the six long years of his mental and intellectual struggle, only the Buddha can explain. There is no account available. My 'self', however, ever requires a detailed account of that inner, spiritual conflict. In the same way there is, no doubt, a mention of the detached minds of Kabir, Nanak, Krishna, Jesus, and others; what were their feelings when their sanskars, gradually met obliteration? When all their trammels and restraints were broken, how did they feel? This question arises because everybody has their own experience, unshared by others. The longing, to know of their personal experiences, always stirs in my mind. We forever remain ignorant of this subtle, spiritual journey of great people personages. When accounts of these important moments of their lives are available, then we form an idea of their so momentous journeys. Then starts spiritualism. Every common person thinks that this path is meant only for special people, they are only mediocre. How can they embark on this spiritual quest? Someone might have thought about it as I do, or might have ignored it. But I have ever been longing to undertake their spiritual journey. Today, keeping in view my life's journey, I wish to fulfill this longing, for I don't know what my future has in store for me. If I look now in my life, I anticipate my future to be very bright. But when will this journey find its successful culmination? I do not know whether it will happen in the next life or during this very 'existence'. However, I will relate my subtle spiritual quest. There may be some other individual sharing with me my longing. So today, I entrust to you the second series of my longing. Whatever it may be, accept it as my life's journey.


 Woman the ideal of the man, free and delicate and graceful in bearing,
 is made to be loved and is herself full of love.
 Her voice is low and soft,
 her words are gracious, her expression is sweet and gentle; 
she is admired by women 
her friendship and presence bring heaven on earth to men. 
When she makes a friend of a man,
 it is something of a venture or a step, 
taken as it were out of her own circle; 
for women are her natural friends, 
to them she turns, both out of interest and for protection.
 In her heart is kept one beloved alone, 
whom nothing can remove.
 Her smile for him is as the unveiling of heaven,
 her kind glance is a lasting impression, 
her sweet words ring for ever in his heart. 
it is clear to all that she looks on him as her king

Human mind

The whole of Nature is a metaphor of the human mind.
"The visible world and the relation of its parts, is the dial plate of the invisible." The axioms of physics translate the laws of ethics. Thus, "the whole is greater than its parts;" "reaction is equal to action;" "the smallest weight may be made to lift the greatest, the difference of weight being compensated by time


 When I traveled to this mountain top where the clouds passing below the summit, mists and silence merging with each other - the tremendous beauty that even can not be imagined by the most talented artistic imagination and I came face to face this grandeur of beauty that is so vivid, I had an experience unlike anything before. 
The beauty was so intense that all I wanted to do was to die, right there, right then. Beauty which is beyond our ideas of beyond, that can make one wish to escape from this prison of body is something I was so unaware.


When I started Loving me, I began Loving Universe, 

The day I understood everything was the day 
I stopped trying to figure everything out.
 The day I knew peace

By great Bless 
I have found the humble Love 
 I speak the silent language of the Infinite

Stop expecting others to show you love,
when you don’t even show that to yourself

 Nature never repeats herself, 
the possibilities of one human soul will never be found
 in another

 I realised that the power of the moment
 is not in the moment itself. 
The power,
 is in 

 If you love me, let me know.
 If not, 
please gently let me 

What lies beyond the Enlightenment?

What lies beyond the Enlightenment?
 Nobody know what lies beyond the Enlightenment that we know.
 Our life and our universe may lie a super universe. 
Life outside Life and inside life 
that extends infinitely into what our little thought of a mind may expand into forever. 
 Why can't we know it or see it?

 There are many religious views about what may be in and out there.
 But since our view is so small and the life is so vast, 
we may only be able to imagine what is life. 
We may be only able to see the effects on a large scale 
views what is causing it.

A lot more universe of life exists beyond what we are able to observe. 
We don’t know what lies beyond the bounds of the observable universe, 
we do not know 
what lies beyond the Enlightenment 


I experience myself, without a feeling of self, as the simplicity of presence, which is now a simplicity of perception, a bare witnessing. There is no inner dialogue, and no commentary on what is perceived. The perceiving is without a perceiver, awareness without an observer. Without self-reflection, the simplicity of presence is merely the simplicity of witnessing.


You know what's good about morning?
 It's knowing that God still loves us enough
 to wake us up 
give us a chance to live another day


I live in the constant newness of aspiration. 
Whatever I think, I ignore. 
Whatever I feel, I don't trust.
 Yet I listen to my thoughts 
follow my feelings.


If I can write the beauty of Nature and its own nature means Laws,
 I do it- because this is my Holy Book


We have filled our minds with traditions. We have divided ourselves from each other with thousands of rituals, creeds, articles of faith, etc. which have created hundreds of denominations proving to the world that 'Religious places'' could not possibly be Divine because the Divinity is NOT divided!


The whole of Nature is a metaphor of the human mind.

"The visible world and the relation of its parts, is the dial plate of the invisible." The axioms of physics translate the laws of ethics. Thus, "the whole is greater than its parts;" "reaction is equal to action;" "the smallest weight may be made to lift the greatest, the difference of weight being compensated by time;"


Limitation is what one experiences, 
perfection is what one longs for.

Limitation is the condition of person,
perfection is his hope

Limitation it is to which all the tragedy of life belongs, 

perfection is the place where limitation ends.



I just love truth. I love seeing truth.
 I love experiencing truth.
 I appreciate truth for just being truth.
 I delight in the truth. 
Truth is my very nature, 
the very nature and essence of everything.


As a person’s level of wealth increases, 
their feelings of compassion and empathy go down, 
their feelings of entitlement, of deservingness, 
their ideology of self-interest increase

We need to remember money is temporary form of wealth when we decide how to use it!

Love said

 Again, Wow! again Today LOVE said:
''I can come with you, but you are in darkness and you will lead me in darkness. I have no abjection in coming with you. You cannot destroy my light; I can destroy your darkness.
I cannot lose anything by coming with you. You will have to lose many things by coming with me. And when you love someone, you are ready to lose anything, everything, even yourself. The moment you are ready to lose yourself then there is great beauty.

BEAUTY means Totality,

Totality means PURITY;

PURITY means Complete...
Complete means The TRUTH...


Can We remain completely ignorant, unknowing; can We let our mind go!!!
Why not stay with the question? 
What makes We think that salvation is the answer, that freedom is the answer? 
What makes We think that enlightenment is the answer? 
What makes We think that love is the answer?
We might feel that We want these things, but how do We know that getting them is the best thing that could happen in this moment? 
How do We know whether we're supposed to be dead or alive, rich or poor, free or enslaved? Is it possible to let our mind be free? 
This moment not trying to give us an answer; just giving us a question.

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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