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Secret Strategy to Stop a mistake Quickly

 My pilgrimage A pilgrimage is that which changes the direction of life  and the state of mind  A pilgrimage is not only about going to a religious place, when the mind becomes a pilgrimage place, it becomes a pilgrimage everywhere. Which can be deeper than nature? When the mind took a bath in beauty and wore a veneer of purity, everywhere became the abode of truth.  Something similar happened to me when I started visiting the Los Angeles lakes and hiking. Even the fallen leaf in the lake, introduced me to its beauty. The journey of the leaf falling from the tree started to look as if it had just come from Hajj and felt liberation of itself. Pictures of trees glistening from the water started to look as if I wanted to understand some incident of a Veda. And in the small waves of water, such a tale of ages is flowing, which gets absorbed into the depths within me. When I lift my eyes and look at the world, the circle of the world comes into my vastness, and that takes me into the vast s

What is the relationship between two?

 No part of my life could ever escape from any deep sighting of me,  no matter what my condition is,  one of them is going to see everything in a healthy sense. What is the difference between silence and dedication, and do they have a relationship? What is silent? What is surrender? Quiet is a very deep and very vast multiplication condition, out of which every living being is born. Surrender is a state of deep knowledge that confines the entire universe in itself. The status is always of the situation and the stage is always of the condition. We can also say that the status  is subject and the stage is object. Or we can say that silent is the quality of our existence and dedication is the knowledge of our life. Silence is the deepest quality. Dedication is the deepest knowledge of all. We have seen and understood the virtue and the knowledge that how knowledge itself leads to our life by virtue. Now we have to see and understand what is the relationship between silence and dedication?

Suicide of a disease

Autumn:   No leaves, my ego falls  As the color of the leaves changes,  as the leaves fall from the trees again,  I saw how the season of the mind changes, then the eternal dimensions of life are seen and that is what my thinking, every emotion, every experience is like Shrubs from me like these leaves are shrunk from trees and I always remain naked as naked. The lightness in my nakedness is my freedom. Now what should I say to these feelings going through every situation of my own? Now should I celebrate my freedom or should I regret those who are feeling my loss? When I knew that this is the color of life and life has to go on like this, then. Not only the four seasons of life, there are infinite parts of these four seasons, which are passing through me today and I see them all, how I am falling into myself. This is a very unique event and monument, which is adorning me, adorning me with royal veneer. Because I understood that if I have to wear royal veneer, then I will be worn naked

10 questions are enough to make life beautiful

Silence  is our immovable, stable and healthy land,  which makes us take full action  and gives us the sense to live and die. -  Have you ever heard the sound of the wonderful silence before dawn? - Have you heard the sound of calm atmosphere as soon as the storm is over? - Are you aware of that quiet, when you are passing on such a road, no one around here, even in the moving beat of fear, silent music, ever heard? - You asked a question to someone or someone asked you a question, did you ever pay attention to the inner silence before answering? - Have you ever felt that quiet, when you were passing through some small bushes, and you were so aware that you used to get scared even by the sound of your feet? - Have you ever had such an incident that you are alone in the house, and even a little hiccup outside makes you alert, do you remember the silence of that time? - When everyone is silent during the night, there is a loud blast of any kind, have you seen the response of that blast i

Is life Fatigue a Real Thing?

When my past was like my dream,  this thought became such a cave for me  that I got a diamond like my eternal existence.  - If I tell you that everything is changing every moment, would you agree? - If I then also say that everything is happening in every moment, do you understand? - If I again say that the next moment will come, but what will be his appearance, no one will ever know, can you believe this? This is my three questions to all of you Today we talk: - Does our past live forever or not? If it stays then why, if it does not, then why? My life is taking me through a very surprising path. There was a time when I used to forget the date and day and forget to take a bath today. After 4-5 days, remember that I have not even taken a bath; Then remember to fix the hair only after a week. At first, when I looked closely at the worldly and social customs, I did not see any value of these customs in front of the reality of life and today there is no value for my own body. Let us start

Why is the world a house of Sorrow?

 The nature of the quality of the world is negative, why?  Why is the world a house of sorrow  and how can we be happy in the world?  A soft answer to our original question,  which I got and my life became happy. Because we have always paid attention to the object, not the subject. Meaning that the focus is on the other, not on ourselves. When life started from me, when I have gained the world from my being, then I will get happiness, peace, love etc. from me, never from anyone else. No matter how much relationship I have with someone and how deep, I will walk with my feet only. - Until today, I did not have to be friends with myself, how will I ever be able to be friends of anyone else? Even if I become, then I will never be able to achieve the success that my soul desires. - Did I know myself, understand myself, because I always complain that no one understands me, why? - I have not yet understood myself, how can I call someone guilty, how? - Did I get my sense? - When today I am not

Observe yourself with amazing 3 questions

  This video and some photos are of the rising sun. Follow along with me and watch this video carefully and listen to my questions. The questions have to be answered by ourselves and no one else. Because whatever the answers will be, they will inform you that means you will be aware of you, which is very important for a happy and comfort life --- first question: 1.- Whatever feeling comes out of your heart after seeing this beautiful lake, do not forget that, remember and move forward. Because whatever emotion will come in you, we have to question that feeling later. 2-) Looking at the colors of the sun rise, remember whatever you have said to yourself. 3-) You are looking at the beauty of the rising sun, with which experience would you compare this beauty? These are three questions. From these three questions you will surely get an understanding that nature is our natural Dhrmshaala or to say that nature is our natural Gurukul. And now this Guru, meaning that this nature has united us