Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path

How wonderful I am with my life

I adore myself, How wonderful I am with my Life


What a Life! 
There is no darkness- no light,
 nothing at all


Feel like: fly on earth.


 I am this, I am not that- 
Such thoughts melt away


The One who is free Always lives in his heart


The world with all its wonders Is nothing, 
then we become Life


When we know about Life's nature, 
then Nothing hurts us 
we become still.


All things arise, Suffer change, 
And pass away;  this is Life's Nature


'I' am the ocean. 
All the feelings are like waves


We know the Self, 
we are serene


What is beyond universe is still Universe, 
I Love Universe, 
I am Universe


When the Self is unknown The world arises, 
Not when it is known


All Nature's beauty is in the transparency,
 its enraptured 
and flawless purity

I am

Lighting-Thunder and Rain is my beings,
 I always safe with them 
Lighting shows me my Darkness, 
Thunder shows me my Silence 
rain shows me my Rudeness.
 I am so happy
 because I am not scared.
I always be safe 
nature's nature


I love rainstorms...the thunder, lightning, wind, all of it.
 So much going on at once, 
so many emotions...
just like me

Nevertheless, today,
 I learn that
 life is very profound and its other end is unknown;
 life’s field of experience is very vast
. With this awareness, 
still more energy,
 infinite courage, 
 deep enthusiasm stepped in. 
A firm resolve begins to visit wisdom
good sense


Love guided me Concentration, 
Meditation and then Silence. 
With its impression reflected in my Life, 
I functioned beyond my previous limited self
How wonderful, 
to discover that LOVE also was being guided 
through the its own impression 

Without Perception, there is no Life

Life is a long lesson in humility.
 Life consists not in holding good cards 
but in playing those you hold well.
 When I stand in front of God at the end of my life,
 I hope 
that I would not have a single bit of talent left, 
could say:
 "I used everything You gave me." 
Life is a journey, 
where your finish line is has yet to be examined. 
We are all on a pilgrimage to a final destination.
 Your choice of direction will lead you farther or closer to home. 
Every day is an opportunity to train.
 To find the truth and to find yourself is really what the journey is about.
 A humble knowledge of oneself is a surer road to God 
than a deep searching of sciences. 
When a person takes one step toward God, 
God takes more steps toward that person 
than there are sands in the worlds of time. 
Nothing has separated us from God 
but our own will, 
rather our own will is our separation from God

Then I Knew, Everything is Simply WHAT IT IS!

My life did its Ph.D of religion from the university of the universe.
 Nature became my guide and understanding became my direction, 
which wiped out all ignorance and entrusted to me
degree which lets us enter real life 
with it my lost balance got restored

Love is blind

We often hear we say that 'LOVE IS BLIND', 
meaning that it can see no fault in the Beloved. 
That kind of blindness is the height of seeing.
Would We were always so blind as to behold no fault in anything. 
Nay, clear and penetrating is the eye of LOVE. 
Therefore, it sees no fault.
 When LOVE has purged Our sight,
would We see nothing at all unworthy of 


 Small or big, a virtue is a virtue. I need it. 
I must cease the moment. 
This person will find that good deeds are connected 
to each other through an invisible web.
 Each one is a window to the world of virtue. 
The goodness generated in the heart 
by a seemingly small good deed
 may lead us to a much bigger good deed later.
 Thus through this regenerative and multiplicative process, 
even small acts may gradually bring a total change 
in one's life.

We should certainly go for the big virtues. 
we should also remember 
no virtue is too small

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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