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Let's Go to God

Let's Go to God Why do we seek God? What is God? Is God light, virtue or knowledge? How can we know that this is God!  1 That thing is natural - Which is common with every living being? This means that our common Nature is God. What is Our common Nature? - What is that Nature Which is the same in every living being? For Which We do not fight, We have got it only naturally. What is that? Let's see today and understand that! 2 Who are we all influenced by the most? By beauty: Whatever the beauty, We are bound to be impressed. Why? Beauty consists in the general form of many of our qualities. In beauty lies the flow of our qualities. Note and Rhythm are born out of every flow. There will be rhythm here too, where there is flow. There is melodiousness and fervor in the music. What is the source of identification of the attribute? One Who has that quality, means that the qualities make the matter to be identified. So How will We identify the world and with Whom? Who is with us, Who

The Journey Begins

 The beautiful experiences of traveling barefoot created beautiful notes -WOW When did the journey begin, When will we believe that our journey has started. Since When did I start this journey, this question kept haunting me in the moment. The deeper my existence went on getting deeper in the moment, the deeper and bigger the moment kept on coming. When I saw the moment becoming an Era in the depths of the moment, I came to know Which was the first moment of the beginning of my journey and Which is Which! So now the journey begins for that moment ---  यात्रा कब शुरू हुई,  हम कब मानेगे कि हमारी यात्रा का आरंभ हो गया।  मैंने कब से यह यात्रा करनी शुरू की, यह सवाल मेरे को पल में खड़ा करता चला गया। जितना गहरे पल में मेरा अस्तित्व गहरा होता चला गया उतना ही गहरा और बड़ा पल का आकर होता चला गया।  पल की गहराई में पल को ही युग बनते देखा तो मैं जान गई कि मेरी यात्रा की शुरूआत का पहला पल कौन सा था  और कौन सा है! तो अब यात्रा शुरू होती है उस पल की  नंगे पैरों की यात्रा के सुंदर अनुभवों ने सुंदर सुरो

Small Question: Big Steps

Small Questions: Big Steps No living being is completely unconscious, when I experienced this, my small questions became my small steps and became my guide.  When I recognized the silent laughter of nature, I settled in nature itself. Kudrat is not only a great doctor, it is a religious book. All the beauty around me is a natural way of purifying my ugliness. I have lost or found myself, this question was understood to me that I have become a nature. As I left a better life behind, I now have an even more beautiful life ahead of me. When we come to see the nature right and deep, then our living becomes an art. I recognized this today that nature is my home and the world is my discovery. The world is a hospice for growing up, not for living. To exist is not to live. Nature speaks with patience, you have to learn patience if you want to listen to nature.  All our lives are wonderful and miracles There are no shortcuts and no detours to a place worth visiting. Always take the beautiful ro

A Deep Death

 The progressive Path never Ends How the experience of 'I and Time' is one, Which gives me only a deep Death - my experience that takes me beyond Time. If we go in search of time, we will never find time, just like when we go in search of ourselves, we will never be able to find ourselves. What should be done then? What should happen then? The state of sleep is known by our waking up, in the same way the time is known by 'across the time'. In the same way, the self is known only after crossing itself. It is our idea that time is past, future is – time is a practical tool. When our thoughts or feelings come into us, then we feel that we are walking; We feel that we have started progressing; If we meditate today then we will become enlightened. Nothing like this should ever happen. If you look carefully you will know that we are only the present, and the present is now and here. If we want to find ourselves, we have to stay in the present. If we cannot stay, then we are m


Let's recognize the sound of Walking Steps from Today!    Have you ever spent time with wild things? Life: just be life! Recognize your beauty as you are! Self-identification is the best scenic route! A running thing can be seen only by stopping, whether it is water or life. Are you looking at me or am I looking at you? Can you believe that this can happen? This beauty just wants to make me dance. Happiness comes in waves and my lips begin to flutter. I have always lived with beautiful scenery. I wish you were there too. Not every paradise is tropical. I want to fly farther Today the sky is too small for me I am looking for more skies. Nature is a natural way to clear the mind. sunset and sunrise is my favorite color Wouldn't want to experience this with someone else? Nature's support will never let us get bored. Wherever you go, go with ease. I'm going to ride at sunset. I love nature because it always makes me realize how small I and my thinking are. Do you want to wa