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The Journey Begins

Thursday, January 13

 The beautiful experiences of traveling barefoot created beautiful notes -WOW

When did the journey begin, When will we believe that our journey has started. Since When did I start this journey, this question kept haunting me in the moment. The deeper my existence went on getting deeper in the moment, the deeper and bigger the moment kept on coming. When I saw the moment becoming an Era in the depths of the moment, I came to know Which was the first moment of the beginning of my journey and Which is Which! So now the journey begins for that moment


 यात्रा कब शुरू हुई,  हम कब मानेगे कि हमारी यात्रा का आरंभ हो गया।  मैंने कब से यह यात्रा करनी शुरू की, यह सवाल मेरे को पल में खड़ा करता चला गया। जितना गहरे पल में मेरा अस्तित्व गहरा होता चला गया उतना ही गहरा और बड़ा पल का आकर होता चला गया।  पल की गहराई में पल को ही युग बनते देखा तो मैं जान गई कि मेरी यात्रा की शुरूआत का पहला पल कौन सा था  और कौन सा है! तो अब यात्रा शुरू होती है उस पल की 

नंगे पैरों की यात्रा के सुंदर अनुभवों ने सुंदर सुरों को पैदा कर दिया -वाओ 

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Amazing Nature

Amazing Nature
When following the Trail of Colorful Emotions and Beautiful Divine Connection, Then Life blossoms, Love begins to flow because True and Pure feeling is the living land of Love and a more beautiful abode to live in the Heart during the JOURNEY OF LOVE Creating is a priceless feeling. But in Those moments there are some of the most amazing Moments too, Which become functional to see Life in full Bloom with Divine Connection and Divine Action like SPRING. When Our Thoughts also Blossom in our Life. It is these Moments that make us Aware and make OUR life an ART OF JOY...