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Monastic dimensions- part one

 It is just as if nature has given itself a work contract. That is to meet me with every particle and see what my reaction is and the effect on me? Like, there is a rapture in every moment that he thinks of making his existence like that. So the moment also thought of becoming a companion of nature. Whichever way I look, it seems that every gust of the universe wants to visit me only. There is a strange atmosphere on every side, in which it seems that the eyes of everything are looking towards me. And I am standing in such a spotlight that I cannot hide myself anywhere. I look deeply into you as if no one can see that I have started seeing myself. I have a wonderful distinction towards me, like I am trying to talk to someone else, not me.  Without speaking, the art of speaking my words is coming from me, so when I lifted my eyes and saw who was giving this learning to me, I saw that a leaf falling from a tree in front of me was traveling towards the ground is. Seeing that falling leaf,

How a New Kind of thought Improved My personality in a month- part 2

  In our common life, if we ask anyone whether you want money or God. So our answer will be money. Why? Because we want to clean that place first, we get up and sit at the place.  Here too, whether we are standing or sitting, making that place clean, beautiful and capable of living from all sides is the first step of our life.  Now how do we complete our first step?  We want to be successful from all sides, how will they happen? To understand and to know is always oneself, to recognize and to believe is always to another. That means always understand the subject and know it. Identifies and believes the object. When we know the subject, then when we use the information of the subject. How we use our knowledge, it introduces us to our understanding. Just like when we identify the object, then we recognize this identity, which is made towards the object. Because this is true for us. We believe that which is true for us, and no one else. Now we can get this question that we have divided th

How a New Kind of thought Improved My personality in a month- part 1

  This is what I learned and understood from life and also learned that every human being needs one thing very much, that is education. Education is not that one should have a degree, education should be one with which a person can understand life. What is knowing? What is understanding? What is recognized? And what to believe? When we understand these four questions, then the art of living comes in us. This art is such that life gets embodied in the veneer of health. Because we start seeing life so deeply that diseases are far away and we live life at the highest level. I will share these four questions with all of you from different direction and from different condition. From today onwards, we will follow the path of life that makes life an art  and tells you how to live! मैंने ज़िंदगी से यही जाना और समझा और सीखा भी यही है कि हर इंसान को एक चीज़ की बहुत ही ज़्यादा ज़रुरत है, वो है एजुकेशन।  एजुकेशन वो नहीं चाहिए, कि उस के पास डिग्री आ जाए , एजुकेशन वो चाहिए जिस के साथ व्यक्ति को जीने की

After death, taking love is my last job

miraculous experience of unique question  Today's experience is the grandfather of all experience. Today I thought all day what should I do? What is the work in life, which is capable of doing, which even if thought about, would have ended its death. Not only of my experience, the answer to every question would also stop at death, the character of my thinking would also stop at death, every relationship would also stop at death, so what should I do to get ahead of death? Which step, which thought, which emotion, or which character is such that one who crosses death, this thinking was my way to this day and I traveled 12 hours on this path. So in the deep atmosphere of silence I asked the moment how to use you, because if I use the moment properly, this moment will become my guide. When I was not feeling anything, I prayed to God that now you can come and live this moment. (God means the deepest conscious form) I had said that as soon as the old door opens on a far distance and the

How Much is 'awareness' Costing Your life?

Nirvana journey of flower  Today, I asked the flower how are you such a full blossom?  So the flower said,  "When I am here with life and in life, I am here only; I am completely here so that I can understand the science of this new movement of nature and identify myself. Because I have seen and understood that we are born in time, that we can go into eternity. Time is the world and eternity is God; Horizontal is the world, vertical is God. From here and now I can go on two trips: One: My journey in the world, which I shall call the future. Secondly in my journey to God, which I shall call depth of reality. '' I again asked that the statement of depth be told openly. So the flower said again, "Depth" means that as my seed sprouts and I start taking form, color and  shape. So when my awareness for this form also increases, then I see how I get vastness, bigger and freer in my growing color and shape form. '' Then I quickly asked the flower how it was? Flow

Don't let the feet hit the ground

  From countless end to infinity When the pulse of life becomes the identity of a person,  then life becomes a very beautiful game There are infinite parts of life and there are infinite ways to see it, understand it, which then go towards infinite directions.  But the destination is one. This infinity leads only to that one. Despite being infinite, the end is only on one. The art of seeing a small particle also opens the door to that infinity. No matter what dialect or any words, all of them also knock at the door of infinity. Whenever the freshness of the morning opens the door of my eyes, it also opens a new window to the art of seeing life. God can be earned not just by religious name but by every name God can be earned everywhere, not only from a religious place Only we need our powerful trust. Trust is a weapon that does not need war, which wins at the end, no matter the direction.  Just like our face should be towards the sun to see the sun, in the same way our face should also

Draw world in With Your Creative life Cover Designs

  Natural Walking This is my journey, I keep going, but in which direction or towards which direction am I not knowing anything. I only know that if the journey has started, it will end somewhere, maybe today and now. How will it end? The martyr started as it was. My experience of this journey has been that I could never become the inspiration of anyone, but my inspiration should be all that I get; Whether it was a flowing waterfall, singing birds, dancing air, swaying trees, blossoming flowers, the rising sun or the hiding sun, shining stars or thundering clouds, any community or any country or any thief, Or a saint. Did i get it? I was born as an unknown little particle. Even though I am still unknown today, I am not a particle, but a great one. Which has countless twinkling stars of experiences, like an open sky. सुभाविक चलना  यह कैसी यात्रा है मेरी, मैं चलती जा रही हूँ, पर किस दिशा की ओर जाती हूँ या किस राह पर हूँ , कुछ भी नहीं जानती। सिर्फ यही जानती हूँ कि अगर सफर शुरू हुआ है तो क

Improve Your Era in Just a minute Per Day

 Is there any mystery in this shape of ॐ? What is ॐ, is it not shaped by a unique experience or is it a story of a sage to whom it has been given? Have you ever thought about ॐ? If you have done, then identify me with that thought, if not, should you come with me? Once I went to the 'Upasana Meditation Camp' in Vancouver (Canada). Our teacher instructed us to pronounce this name as I say. I would have done that name in just 5 minutes that I started getting inspiration from within me that I want to pronounce ॐ, not this name. So I started pronouncing ॐ according to the inner inspiration. It just went awesome. The first time I was inbound with ॐ. After that my love became even deeper with ॐ. I had such a deep intoxication of ॐ that if I had seen ॐ's sign somewhere, I would have been absorbed in ॐ itself. If someone had listened to ॐ's speech from his tongue, I would have reached the dimension of silence. I felt that my relationship with ॐ is very old. My journey with ॐ wa

Proven method: Master a New in living in 3 month -part 2

Let's enjoy this stage of life too When I was writing yesterday, my mind was moving along with the thought that what can I do then? If there are parts of life that I cannot even think of, then there must be some that I can enter that part of my life without any hesitation, what are they, about them today Let's talk something First of all: 1. I can call any unknown person quickly, I can talk to him/her. In the same way if I am hungry, but I do not eat hotel food outside, then I immediately tap the door of any house and say comfortably that I am hungry and I have to eat the food of the house. So give me food. Like any business person, you have to buy something from him/her, how is his behavior, according to behavior, I give the value of the thing.  (This happens in India)  In America, there are people with such work, wherever I go, just friendship. I take the thing, just as we in India give some gifts in the form of love, so I give the money as a gift. Meaning that no matter what