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Deep Sense of Inner Contentment

Deep Sense of Inner Contentment To be objective means we must see what role our personality plays. It is this objective consciousness that can perceive the state of liberation because it doesn't have any of the clinging attitudes or obscurations that block the perception. These factors are called factors of enlightenment not only because they will lead us to objectivity and liberation, but also because they are present in the state of liberation itself. We are joyful, We are kind, We are energetic, We are determined, We're clear, We're awake, We're completely absorbed in our experience, We're Peaceful! Wow! - Description: What you've described appears to be related to Buddhist teachings and the concept of objectivity, liberation, and the factors of enlightenment. In Buddhism, the state of liberation is often associated with the realization of ultimate truth and the release from suffering, known as Nirvana. The factors of enlightenment are qualities or mental

The Transformative Power of Love 'प्रेम की परिवर्तनकारी शक्ति'

 The Transformative Power of Love That was Myself: Many Centuries Ago: When I saw myself walking on a dirt track passing through the desert and dry mountains. My Pathani suit was torn in many places. I was wondering Why my clothes felt wet in the heat. When my senses showed me that they were drenched in blood, the consciousness hovering in my silent circle quickly understood that this was not a wound inflicted by anyone, nor was it an incident of Menstruation; This is What I had just seen, Just gave birth to a child. Even amid deep Pain, I was surrounded by many questions and I was lost in my existence. I didn't know when I became unconscious, how long I remained unconscious, and where I remained for how long. One Day: Evening Time: As soon as I open my eyelids, I see a 42-year-old man engaged in my service. Lying on a wooden bed, I look everywhere. Apart from the two of us, no one was visible there, neither any family nor any human being was visible. I felt that I couldn'