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Mysterious Questions

The story of the mysterious questions: What if today I come to know that life till date is a false belief, my question takes me on a long journey Traveling in search of one's true form seems like a very risky job, just like we tell someone to go into a state of deep meditation. Just as people are afraid of silence, of death, of fear, of disease, in the same way a deep panic will be born here, when the question will come in anyone like me that :-  - What will be left when all the concepts are exhausted? - Who shall we be? - How will we see the world?  - What kind of feelings will we have?  - How will we see other people? - What happens after Nirvana?  - What is beyond the universe? - What will be the last step of all this life?  When this world has to end, what is the benefit of it happening again today?  Is there some other purpose of our life, which no one has come to know till now? Not all of us know the real to the real, nor do we really know the real reality today, and until we

3 step circumambulation

 3 step circumambulation: If we look closely at ourselves, we will understand very well that it is our- In personality we have desires, thoughts, feelings, feelings, beliefs, hopes, it is our only shield, which saves us from emptiness, because we are very afraid of emptiness. To know what is the truth of creation, to recognize the purity of life and to embrace the beauty of myself, when my 'I' took a dip in the ocean of time, I saw a fresh smile floating on every being of the universe. has been Sitting in the lap of this newness of creation, when a mysterious unseen realization took me in its lap, my soft gaze turned towards the world. It is a model of mystery, in which the secret of the depth of the structure is hidden. So my silence became silent and told everyone that: - Whenever you wake up in the morning - wake up as if you are just being born, and feel your birth --- Whenever you look at your existence, look as if you love yourself immensely.  ---Whenever you step out of

4 Step Biography

4 Step Biography   1- I don't know which hand it was that knocked on the door of my sleep and woke me up so that I could enjoy this fresh morning where we learn the true meaning of leading our lives... 2- I don't know what was that moment that dominated all the 'moments' of my life and made a new era for me... 3-  I don't know what was my step, which became my Parikarma  (  The circumambulation of a sacred place )   and started teaching me the lesson of perfection.   4- I don't know what was that breath, in which was the statement of my life printed on the emptiness of the atmosphere, in which was the key to my self-field... The experience of one's awareness is so full of mystery, when the experience is mysterious again, it fills life with a smile. Then I saw my building (life) collapsing, the building I had erected with the little bricks of my actions; Which had been standing inside me for ages, which was now starting to crumble, which people used to know a

Do we Know or Believe in religion?

 Do we know or believe in religion? Accepting religion is another thing and knowing religion is another thing Do we know or believe in religion? If you believe, then we are passengers now. If we know then we have attained the destination, then how can we stand in the world of discrimination, how? - Whenever the memory of Hazrat Muhammad flows in me, the love for the universe starts flowing in me, then I think that- How then does discrimination flow among people when they say 'Eid Mubarak' every year - how? -- Whenever I look at Krishna with love, not only my eyes, but my very existence starts flowing. Then the question becomes the person in me that -  How can hatred of words arise in someone's tongue - in which there is warmth of love, how? --- Whenever my head bows down to Baba Nanak, all my demerits start to fall, then a thought emerges from the spreading fragrance of my waning demerits that - How can someone's neck be raised again, when that neck bows before love, ho

Garland of Priceless Experiences

Garland of Priceless Experiences Not only a garland of priceless experiences, it is also a garland of words, as if nature has become involved in making me beautiful. When a soft leaf of flowers falling from the tree touched my feet with the support of the wind, a drop of tear reflected from the moisture of my eyes became the 'funeral' of that leaf. This feeling of love for both of us became the path of self-realization. - जब पेड़ से गिरती फूलों की एक कोमल सी पत्ती ने हवा के सहारा मेरे पैरों को छूहा तो मेरी आँखों की नमि में से झलकती आंसू की बूँद उस पत्ती का 'अंतिम-संस्कार' बन गई। हम दोनों की यह छोह की अनुभति आतम-बोध का मार्ग बन गई। --------------- I am small, I have a delicate shedding. I know neither any thought nor any feeling. I don't even know where to go. My feeling has taken hold of my thinking. When I was just a drop of moisture in my eyes - from that time I had learned to flow. No matter what the situation or the situation, now there is no hindrance in my hea

Beauty of Relationship

  I thank all of you from the heart that you all have come in my life. I feel so grateful and blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life. Seeing the kindness and blessings of all of you, my head automatically bows itself. And you all accept my Peace, Love, Light and Blessings, this is the gift I want from you. - आप सब का मैं दिल से धन्यवाद करती हूँ कि आप सब मेरे जीवन में आये हो। मैं अपने जीवन में इतनी सुंदर आत्माएं पाकर बहुत आभारी और धन्य महसूस करती हूं। आप सभी की दयालता और धन्यता देख कर मेरा सर खुद-ब -खुद ही झुक जाता है।और आप सब मेरा शांति, प्रेम, प्रकाश और आशीर्वाद कबूल करें, यही आप से तोहफा चाहती हूँ।  --------------- Precious moments are those, when our heart bows its head in thanks always in remembrance of all those due to which we have got the art of living My feet have always walked in beauty and my eyes have yet to see the orange and green autumn leaves falling. Because whenever a leaf fell, so did my arrogant feelings, when the deep autumn of sadness fell in me - मेरे कदम

Story: Of those lingering moments

Story: Of those lingering moments   The story of the moment When I felt the stopping breath out of the stagnant thoughts, I saw the moments getting absorbed in the moment. Which is the best subject of life, by talking on which both the world and life should become calm. Today the same question is swirling in me, and sleep has disappeared from my eyes. I have always stood as a question in life, today I want to become the answer for life, whether I will be able to become the answer or not, this life itself knows. Today when this question came to life, I started writing. - Have you ever seen 'raining' without clouds? - Have you ever seen 'answers' coming without question? - Have you ever heard 'sobbing' without crying? - Have you seen any thought becoming vomit ? - Have you ever heard sighs of happiness? When these questions of today happened to me, I only knew that I had descended into the deep valley of life. Here every page of the story of life passes through

Take a Walk with me (spiritual walk)

Take a Walk with me   If I close my eyes, I can see a smile smiling through the tingling of my half-open eyelids. And when I open my closed eyes, I get a mischievous and luscious feeling that emerges from every moment in my surroundings.  In my silent mind, the sound of deep music flows out of my mind, to the beat of the quiet. The relationship between silence and smile: The relation of rhythm with a  Amazement  heart: A stream of silence flowing from my silent eyes, which was getting deeper every moment.  When the solitude of my silence touched the stars, the waves of my own smile started flying in the sky within me. Then the mischief of a smile flowing from a moment, sitting in the lap of my silence, looking at me, said,  'Aren't we both enough for you?' ------ अगर मैं अपनी आँखें बंद करती हूँ तो मुझ को मेरी आधी-खुली पलकों की झनझनाहट में से एक मुस्कान मुस्कराती हुई दिखाई देती है। और  जब मैं अपनी इस बंद आखों को खोलती हूँ तो मेरे को मेरी हर तरफ के वातावरण में हर पल में से उभ

No difference between Age zone and Womb zone

No difference between Age zone and Womb zone Have you ever thought so? The world is the 'Age-zone', here we live in the womb of age and when we are born in another dimension, we say that we have died, perhaps in the same way when the child is born from the mother's womb, then the germ of the 'Womb -zone' would say that the child is dead What is LIFE? What is DEATH? AS you can see, this is a fresh, tender leaf, and it is gradually unfolding itself in the sunlight. What is born undergoes death also. What takes birth, and what is it that dies? We have no idea why we are born and why we even die? How can we expect to know death when we are clueless about our birth? We have not seen ourselves coming into this world (birth), nor have we witnessed ourselves exit it (death). Could it be that both birth and death are the same processes? We are experiencing every part of life in common in everyday life, when we look closely, then every chapter of the universe will be found op