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Love is the state of timelessness

Timelessness . Every passing idea, every fleeting fancy suggests the passage of time; every changing mood destroys Time. • The journey of ideas becomes knowledge. • The journey of emotions and sentiments turns into love. Through knowledge Time expresses itself and makes a person aware of ‘Timelessness’. It means it takes a person beyond time into the state of timelessness. — Love destroys time; in love a person loses all sense of time and only absorbs himself/herself in love and becomes love himself/herself. Love is the state of ‘Timelessness’.


Fear is a dark cloudy mist of ignorance.  And Knowledge is like the Sun,  in whose presence the dark cloudy mist  disappears instantaneously,  resulting in clarity of thought  and  profound wisdom


In the journey of this extraordinary journey—  The waxing and warning of passions,   The ebb and flow of feelings and emotions,  The occurring and disappearing of thoughts and reflections  Convey the same message.  What causes satiety is—religion;  What causes discontent is—irreligion.  What grants peace is—our true ‘self’.  What spoils our peace is—our fake ‘self’.  What grants us joy is—Unknown Energy.  What causes pain and discomfort is—ego  For I realized that:  When the manifestation of the world  Is deeper and more profound  Then we are mere bodies  When we are entangled in feelings and passions,  We are only ‘the mind’.  When reflectiveness appears, we are the intellect.  When some awareness comes from afar—we are actually divine.  When the tune of elation echoes our moments, aha!  We are chit (chit means our inner self).  When the state of “Bravo! Bravo!” dawns upon us,  We are truly worshippers.


My Openness, Simplified me.  When my openness felt that People think I am insane,  foolish ,  then my Openness put on a Mask.  My Simplicity named the Mask Toughness.  Toughness became a Rule;  Rules do apply unless their is Discipline,  Because of Toughness, my Delicate and Soft heart was protected.  Now:  toughness caused Tension  but my Openness always put me to easy and relax.  This Toughness from myself, made me Win.  however I always remained at the first step.  Today,  I see that Nature's One virtue {openness} gave me a Phd in Happiness,  in which Life became an Artist  and  living became an Art. As I watch this Art  and Artist,  Shaheer traveled to the nothingness dimension


Love is the attainment of emptiness or nothingness. Because Love is the Silence.  This nothingness, however, does not mean  that  we no longer exist.  Rather, it is like a mirror,  which reflects everything,  and  leaves nothing of itself,  even though it is still there.  If we can see reality as it is without bias,  just as a mirror reflects its surroundings,  we have achieved  enlightenment

Experience the grace in life that comes from knowing God

Great Saints that have awakened from the cosmic dream  and realized this world to be an idea in the Divine Mind,  can do as they wish with this body,  knowing  that the body is only a manipulatable form of condensed  or frozen energy.  Though physicist now understand that matter is nothing  but congealed (solidified) energy,  illumined masters have victoriously practiced in the field of matter control


There is a feeling of less crowdedness, as if the atmosphere got thinner and lighter. I learn that such mental atmospheres are the action of concepts. I view reality through certain concepts. That’s what I have been doing all my life, and so has everybody else. We always experience reality through the filter of our concepts of reality. Even when thoughts, feelings, and sensations subside there remains the conceptual atmosphere through which I look at reality. Awareness, cuts through the illusion of a separate identity. It exposes the lie of ego: that it exists as a reality

Spiritual Consciousness

What is real spiritual consciousness? * Spiritual consciousness is consciousness of the spirit. Before that consciousness the little self was covering it. When this is moved aside, then what is there? Then there is spirit. Call it whatever we may, it is what it is.

Where is the shrine of God? In the heart of person

LOVE: SILENCE: PRAYER: only gives us a stimulant, which is the spirit of all religion, which is the essence of all religion. It is truth itself. When nature, when life itself covers its laws, then it means that they are best be covered. When we uncover them we certainly commit a fault against the hidden nature of things So we can quite see that it is the path of silence. The more we keep our lips closed, the more the way is open, the more doors are open for us. The attitude itself opens them. We do not need to open them. We only need to expect them. What is not common is not common. When we want to make them common that means putting down the heaven on the earth, instead of rising the earth towards heaven. Our attitude therefore with the others must be humble, unpretentious and ordinary.

Happy days

I always feel  that the purpose of a new day is not because  We need a new day it is because we need a new us,  we are be new again. The quality of our lives  is based on the quality of our thoughts and actions.  May we have an inspirational every day,  with a lot of soul,  drive, full of compassion,  love and good health surrounded by good world.  Happy new days everyone!

May Your Life Be Wonder- filled... ( The art of Living )

Any topic of life whether Religion, devotion, knowledge or science, anything — all these are the mile-stones on the life track followed by the individual.  They come into life, go on a journey, then depart.  Now What is my path and who is my guru?  My path is love--happiness and all being myself. My guru is:  = flying bird became the symbol of my freedom   = flowing river became symbol of my life   = Telephone or television's invention drew me to experience telepathy.   = and the whole universe made me an artist, creative to play with art  and appreciate my being.   because,   This whole universe is an artist, so artist will produce artist.   because,   Since my childhood I viewed every being as an artist.   For instance: My mother was an artist of ignorance.  My father was symbol of simplicity.  So I view everybody good and evil as artistic.  So everybody and everyth

Smoothing River [ relaxing video]

Waterfall [relaxing Video]

The Love

The Love belongs to no Religion.  It is neither Hindu nor Muslims nor Christian nor Buddhist.  It is a simple and deep life.  its rebellion is total,  And it does not belong to anybody;  only belongs to itself.  Love lives in the Creation but we can't.......!!! * Love you 'All' Love: Love is the first flower that heralds the spring of Life. It is the deepest and greatest feeling of Religion. It is not a Theologian, and does not belong to any Religion. All religions belong to LOVE because Love is the Very Life. It is a great beauty, a great poetry, a great orchestra for Life... The Love say that Life is not a creation of something new, it is just enfoldment. You already have it; it just has to be unfolded, barriers just have to be removed. Obstacles just have to be put aside and your life starts unfolding. You are like a bud: when obstacles are no more there, you start flowering, your soul opens... There is only one life-sustai

bless you

Religion is the biggest discovery of human on earth. But religion is his most failed concept as it has divided people more than it has united them by creating a boundary where followers stop at and throw stones at others * Blessings


I am a little idiot and little-bit wise Person. I don’t pretend to be someone I am not. I am who I am. I am not Religious-being, just Crazy for Universe...I have one biggest weakness- I am enemy for pain... I am stupid in love. My nature like a Baby.You can love or not...I won’t change. And if I love you, I do it with my Heart. I make no apologies for the way I am... Because I fall in Love with myself, I Love myself so much- this is the reason I love you 'All' Have a Great Life with Light & Blessings

Be a Blessings

Today will never come again Be a Blessings I can't simply exist.  I want to live beyond these boundaries  and  know that we are more than skin and bone.  I want to be needed and I want to need.  I want to soar and dance with the clouds,  and sing to the moon,  and  whisper my secrets across the mountaintops.  And  when I look down I want to always know where you are at.  This journey was not meant to be taken alone.

Do we love them!

THINK ABOUT OUR OWN THOUGHTS: How can we love God whom we do not see, whom we have never known?' We cannot love God only because it has been said in ancient times that there is a God and that we should love IT, or because it is written in a book. If someone says that we should love God because IT is the Creator, we cannot praise IT [GOD] as Creator; for we have always seen that the Sofa-Shoes-Clothes are created by the their manufacturer and Pears' soap is created by Mr. Pears, and we know that the carpenter creates the chair and the table.   *Do we love them?

I live my life ( journey)

The beautiful sky with amazing clouds,  the rising sun, the song of a bird at dawn,  I am space for them too,  or rather I am .. Whatever appears, ugly or beautiful,  not because I know it or believe it,  but because I live it, am it."  It is beautiful to be able to say  that  and I am quite willing to believe  that this is a true description  of the way  I live my life

Peaceful Mind

The beauty of this [Oneness] special taste  is being supported by the whole universe.  Therefore, for the journey of every individual  the beauty of this universe is quite helpful  and cooperative.  To enjoy and apprehend the special taste of this beauty,  silence is the best medium.  Silence means absorption in the depth of one’s being. This beauty is peaceful mind,  peaceful mind is the art of the Art

What is me (Peace)

The green and blue mountains, the beautiful glowing trees, the distant clouds, the deep blue sky and very clear water, All is pristine, undisturbed by wind or any thought, in the deep peaceful- wonderful space in me appears with relaxed and gleeful atmosphere,  'WHAT IS ME?'


I feel that I do not know anything about everything.  There is mystery all around me.  I feel a profound sense of ignorance.  I wonder about life and death,  about the life of the body,  about everything  that I have thought naively  and arrogantly that I know.  I realize that all life,  and all objects and processes in life,  are full of mystery.  I do not really know anything Then: I see through Water-changing color with light... The universe is one infinite perfect crystal,  totally transparent, and absolutely clear.  The reality of the world is a solid transparency,  a compact emptiness so clear  it feels like the total absence of any sensation.  It is the virgin reality,  before mind arises,  before thought knows,  before memory is born...

Open Mind ( Love)

All Life is bound together by one common law of Love,  and Love is the Self-giving-ness of Spirit,  manifested in  and through all  that is visible and invisible. Life is filled with highs and lows—valleys and peaks that will test your resilience, that will push you to overcome challenges—and the lessons you’ll learn on your way to the top will only make you stronger, better. If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection Our body is not conscious of life, but our thought is conscious of our body; our body is operated upon by our thought; and it must also be operated upon by our memory, since memory is active. But, since memory is only the result of conscious thought, memory, of itself, is an unconscious operation


The first thing we need to know is that our personality or ego does not know how to love. It cannot love. When we say, "I love you," it is always a lie, because the person who says, "I" cannot love, and doesn't know what love is. The personality does not know how to love. The personality is the product of the lack of love, so how can it know love? The personality is what we usually think is you- that or this, what we call "I," "myself." When we say "I," it is a lie. "I" doesn't love.  "I" doesn't know how to love. "I" is there because we don't know how to love. "I" is there from the beginning because of the loss of love. The very existence of an "I" is the absence of love, the blockage and distortion of love. The "I" knows how to need; the "I" does not know how to love. It is not possible. What we call "I," our separate identity, is our

Living a religion

To obtain spirituality is to realize that the whole universe is one symphony; in this every individual is one note, and his happiness lies in becoming perfectly attuned to the harmony of the universe The person is not always able to follow and express, come naturally from the heart of someone who attunes her/himself to the rhythm of the universe. Every action, every word he speaks, every feeling one has, every sentiment one expresses, is harmonious; they are all virtues, they are all religion. It is not following a religion, it is living a religion, making one's life religion, which is necessary.

Silence is the place where nobody exists

My prayer to this Universe that:  " Every being experiences contentment"; This prayer's emotion touched my core again. Then my being ask the question to my Silence, " Is it you who's praying?" Then my empty Silence answered with mystic tremble,  "This is only Karmaic fruit of present moments, this has no relation to your any desire, ability and it has nothing to do with your praise." That moment: I felt deeply that the question arised from Silence and was answered by the same

Death Journey

There is a watchmanship of silence at work. Words turn a person into a beggar and silence places on the h uman head the crown of the emperor of the inner spiritual kingdom. The individual despite being in shackles is free; but for being in the grip of longing despite being free we are slaves. In the desert of burning passions one’s worth is not more than a fig, but you, see in the matter of dreams and aspirations even a king is at the level of the laymen, for I think that Whether there are dreams or aspirations,  Thoughts or reflections, all give us the message of our metropolis;   Death teaches the glory of life;  Mountains, valleys, seas, the sky give us an idea of our comprehensiveness.  The consciousness of time teaches us that infinite and eternal we are;  Air suggests to us the tune of ‘Oum’.  — Let there be the wails of lamentation or peals of happy laughter,  — Helplessness of circumstances or the sobbing state of the environment,  — Angry words of comp