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I Adulated ' in me'

I had just fallen in love with a beautiful Nature ,  when gave me the task to accept my emptiness by my life.  I loved myself too.  It was the first time I adulated 'in me'   that my heart actually opened to a nature  and creation in a very deep and intense way.  I was very much in touch with my feelings  and I felt so hungry for nature's acceptance.  I trusted in life and in God.  So... Nature said I looked good  Life said I never looked so alive It was like just being born in a new world,  or with a new body like these buds.  I felt that I am flowering.   Accepting my emptiness is a state of fullness ,  a state of grace,  the flowering of selfless love


From my childhood,  I felt a kind of restlessness with everything in life.  Example: with every relationship, with every thought, with every action,  I did not like the way people lived and thought.  Always wanted to go somewhere,  where I can not see anyone... I want sit alone to get in touch with myself.  Why that was, I did not know. After 32 years: When my being became restful,  First I began to feel in touch with trees, then, with all nature, after 6 month with the stars.  And then it seemed as if everything was talking with me  and the Wholeness always looked at me.  My shy being always walking around looking down at the ground... Then I felt, water also wants to talk with me... And  my being was flowering like the  SPRING...

What is it

While we are resting in that state,  and "sensing" this Witness as a great expanse,  if we then look at, say, a mountain,  we might begin to notice that the sensation of the Witness  and the sensation of the mountain are the same sensation.  When we "feel" our pure Self and we "feel" the mountain,  they are absolutely the same feeling. That one goes 'up' or 'down' a mountain,  for example,  is not a valid description of the activity other than  what is relative to the observer.  Even to agree to call it a mountain,  one must realize that its name is not a description of essence,  but rather it is simply a term of agreement,  a label,  for the purpose of communication and conceptualization.  This is a fundamental misunderstanding in the human conditioning,  that to know a name is to know what it is. *Zen

Whole mind

Only whole mind can know this, and that is 'That I am' Only when we realize that, in split-mind,  I-as-subject must always be itself an object while  it also has its own supposed-object,  do we understand that this constitutes an infinite regression,  and that final transcendence is the understanding  that I am not-subject, for,  since in reality there are no objects,  there cannot be a subject. *** In order to understand God,  we have to learn to listen.  We''re thoughts talk very loudly all the time.  But God is very, very, very quiet.  God doesn't speak through words or thoughts.  God doesn't speak.  God is silent.

There is no I, but I. ( Veda)

What is 'I' if it is not a presence?  I am a presence, if anything.  But where there is a presence there can be an absence.  Therefore if I am a presence I can also be an absence.  But then, of course, an absence implies a presence.  An absence is also a presence, a presence an absence,  and 'I' am not-I, and 'Not-I' am I.  Non-existence implies existence,  so that I cannot not exist without existing. 'There is no 'I' but I.' 'Then is there no "you" but you?' 'I, always I,' 'Gives me to think, I will meditate upon it.' 'Do nothing of the kind!' 'To "meditate" means using split-mind: just look from within and see - See that so it is! Stop splitting and stay whole!' Only Absence can do.' 'Gives me to think,' 'Waste of time, 'Waste not, want not - just do.' 'But how do?' '"Do as you would

The Nature

Hon-our  Your Nature In today’s world of unabashed marketing and advertising,  the truth of our uniqueness has become the first casualty.  If each one of us is a unique being  (and I have no doubt about that)  how can the same diet and lifestyle be good for all of us?  Thousands of years ago, our rishi-munies knew  that one person’s food is another person’s poison.  They also knew that the cause of all our problems is pragya-paradha,  crime against wisdom, or insult of our inherent intelligence.  We insult our intelligence when we believe in  ‘one shoe-fits-all’ solutions.  Ayurveda is designed for those individuals  who believe in their uniqueness,  and are ready to take responsibility for this uniqueness.  Its ultimate purpose is to make every home a happy home  – a true haven

Science & Mind ( belief)

1)----Our senses tell us that the table seems solid.  Our science tells us it is not so. 2)---Our senses tell us about the beautiful blue sky.  Our science says it is not blue and there is no sky. 3)---We hold the core belief that we are a person.  Our science says there’s “nobody home”. 4)--- Everything in the universe is in a perpetual state  of energetic flux.  Nothing is solid.  Within this flux and despite the compelling evidence,  there are the humans seeking permanency,  seeking constancy. For anyone needing a definition of madness,  this should suffice. *zen

Honesty. (Naughty smile)

When I glance at the world, I find honesty everywhere.  Everyone is honest. Some are honest for:  Themselves, Money, Desire, Relationship,  Country and Religion.  Then I ask myself,  '' Where is my honesty- Am I honest or not?''  Then my silence gave me a naughty smile  as I glance at her with depth,  then my silence replied,  '' You are only honest for a moment ''  My silence vanished and left me with a single thought.  ---'' So I am only honest for one moment  and nothing else'' --- With this impression deep smile Imprint upon my being.  This smile is the same naughty smile  of silence

Love ( Religion)

The Love: Love is the first flower  that heralds the spring of Life.  It is the deepest and greatest feeling of Religion.  It is not a Theologian,  and does not belong to any Religion.  All religions belong to love  because Love is the Very Life .  It is a great beauty,  a great poetry,  a great orchestra for Life...

Journey ( Inner journey)

We have to enjoy the journey  and be fulfilled by the journey.  This is because the journey is the destination.  Destinations are always the end of one journey  and the beginning of another.  Life is a never-ending journey  and a never-ending destination.  It is an endless circle.  A spiritual being lives in the center  of the circle of life  by seeing it all Enjoy each moment as it exists, it will never return again… Create well

Nothingness (Anhad naad)

Truth cannot be spoken.  Because inhaling and exhaling is a meaningless  occurrence involving a temporary combination  of earth elements,  it is in the silence between those actions  that  truth  can be understood in the moment  of non-action.  Quiet meditation,  therefore,  was intended not to still the mind  but to focus on the nothingness  during that breathless span of freedom from body  and mind activity,  wherein truth can be realized  during that empty moment

Spiritual path

Speak only about things that really concern us,  and  stop talking about things that are no concern of us. This is why the Prophet (Allah  bless him and give him peace) has told us: ''When someone really knows Allah, his tongue becomes weary.'' That person's speech will then come to be a remedy  within a remedy,  a light within a light,  a truth within a truth,  a rightness within a rightness,  a purity within a purity,  because he will speak only at the behest of Allah  (Almighty and Glorious is He),  through the medium of his heart. There is nothing really worth talking about,  until we can speak at length  while sticking closely to  the spiritual path

Lover & Beloved

 The lover has faith,  but one also experiences agitation and disturbance.  The beloved has a feeling of calm tranquillity,  dwelling in the chamber of grace and sleeping therein.  The lover is in a state of exhaustion,  while the beloved is in a state of  comfortable relaxation.  The lover is a learner,  while the beloved is a learned scholar.  The lover is imprisoned,  while the beloved is at liberty.  The lover is crazy,  while the beloved is perfectly sane.

God ( Oneness)

 Human is the individual and God is the Universal. Human mind is made out of God's mind, and all that person i s or ever will be, all that one has or ever will have, must partake of the Divine nature. Person did not make it so, but it is so, and one must accept the fact and see what one can do with it. If one has the same power in his individual life that God has in the Universal, then this discovery will mean freedom from all bondage when one learns how to use his power. The question, then, naturally arises: Why did God create person and make him/her a free agent? If God had created us in such a way as to compel us to do or to be anything that was not of our choosing, we should not have been individuals at all, we should be automatons. Since we know that we are individuals, we know that God made us thus; and we are just discovering the reason why. Let any person wake up to this, the greatest truth in all ages, and one will find it will answer all questions. One will

Nine Treasures

Nine Treasures come through the experience of God, of Love and of Silence.  They are: 1. Bharosa - faith. A deep and awareness of the presence of God. 2. Leenta - An absolute and deep attachment to the Infinite. 3.  Santokh - Contentment 4. Non-attachment to family, friends and worldly possessions. 5.  Hukam - Awareness of God's will and complete surrender to it. 6.  Sehaj - Equilibrium and equipoise of the mind. 7.  Anand - Perpetual delight and a deep sense of joy. 8. Vismaad - Ecstasy. The moment-to-moment awareness of moment - the presence of God in every fibre and cell of one's body. 9. Nadar - Humility. The understanding that all blessings in one's life come by the Grace of God and not as a result of one's own efforts.

Silent Space ( The entire universe- Zen )

1)---Our understanding is Dualistic: When we see something, if we see it in its true sense there is nothing to be seen and no one to see it. Only when we analyze it is there someone seeing something and something that is seen. It is one activity that can be understood in two ways. I see something, but really there is no one seeing it and nothing to be seen. Both of these are true. 2) We understand things in a dualistic way, but we don’t forget that our understanding is dualistic. I see. Or someone or something is seen by someone. These are interpretations of subject and object that our thinking mind produces. Subject and object are one, but they are also two. 3) When we say “eyes,” eyes include the form. When we say “form,” form includes the eyes. If there is no form and nothing to see, eyes are not eyes anymore. Because there is something to see, eyes become eyes. The same is true of ears, nose, and tongue. “If there is no river, there is no boat.” 4)

Blossom (Spring)

 Emptiness is bound to bloom,  like hundreds of grasses blossoming.  Wow! I rise from emptiness and say:  Welcome to the wonderful every moment!  Salute to you;  Come down to me,  Oh, my beautiful unknown life!!! Because;  Now: I know that the unknown life is full of mystery  and I am an idiotic player... * Be Aware Always!!!

Understanding (Relationship)

O You, we all are the love. I know that that little Bud of love that is now in Bloom and my love for you has blossomed from bud to flower.  * Relationship is the awareness of interconnection between two people...  Relationship means communion without fear, freedom to understand each other, to communicate directly... One who loves does not talk about responsibility - One loves...  Relationship as a means of gratification, which means I do not want to be disturbed by my Relationship... Relationship is Self-revelation. O You, we all are the love. I know that that little Bud of love that is now in Bloom and my love for you has blossomed from bud to flower.  * We see the ways of the intellect but we do not see the way of love. The way of love is not to be found through the intellect. When we love, we co-operate, we are not thinking of our-own-self? That is the highest form of intelligence - not when we love as a superior entity or when we are in a good position, wh

Guru - Kul. ( The Home )

My soul,  A mountain of creation where upon its feet lays  the valley of heart, absorbing The flow of love Then: I would say home is where love is, and love is in every spec The home is the best Guru-kul for person Where we love is home ‎Make a home for our own self- our own heart.  We'll find what we need to furnish it  Love, happiness, freedom, peace, prayer  and friends.  We can trust, love of learning,  and other such things.  That way it will go with us wherever  we journey.

Relationship between lovers (Growth)

Every relation in the world is unique.  Much of Love teaching is deeply  and  universally based in a particular beautiful relationship  between Lovers.  Love taught me to grow love wider than all creation,  and to feed all in fierce expansive compassionate understanding. There I was  a beginner on the Love path.  Fly along as Love guides me  through the winding routes of Love’s progress,  growth and development.  As the tree is contained in the seed,  so the full flower of this understanding  and its fruit are contained in Love.  The seeds are advice intended for  my particular personality.

The Law ( Spirituality)

We see no imperfect results. We see nothing but perfection.  Perfection means that the Law operates with immutable precision.  Spiritual law always operates perfectly.  If the individual thinks constructively, results are constructive,  harmonious.  If one thinks destructively, one reaps exactly what one sows.  The Law works perfectly.  We see no imperfect results whatever.  We may freely choose what we think,  but the result of our thought  is  governed by an immutable law...