My Profession is to always find God in Nature

My Profession is to always find God in Nature
What I knew was that the silence blossomed the heart. When the heart blossomed, there was a feeling of love. The romance started with me. When my romantic-mind took all my stress from me all the time, I could not know. I who I am, I am unknown, today I remembered Buddha in unknown happiness


From my childhood, 
I felt a kind of restlessness with everything in life. 
Example: with every relationship, with every thought, with every action,
 I did not like the way people lived and thought. 
Always wanted to go somewhere,
 where I can not see anyone...
I want sit alone to get in touch with myself. 
Why that was, I did not know.
After 32 years:
When my being became restful, 
First I began to feel in touch with trees, then, with all nature, after 6 month with the stars. 
And then it seemed as if everything was talking with me 
and the Wholeness always looked at me. 
My shy being always walking around looking down at the ground...
Then I felt, water also wants to talk with me...
my being was flowering like the 

Love you

Love you


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Thank you for coming to see aelolive
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