My Serene already exists within me

My Serene already exists within me
Knock!--- Knock! May I come into your world? I bring Healing Energy, and Silence to keep Fresh, Prayer to keep Healthy, And Love to keep Smiling



blissful spring

blissful spring

Beauty of Relationship: جمال العلاقة jamal alealaqa

Beauty of Relationship/block-4

Beauty of Beauty: جمال الجمال jamal aljamal

Beauty of Beauty/block-1

Beautiful death ; موت جميل mawt jamil

Beauty of death/block-1

Amazing beauty : جمال مدهش jamal mudahash

Amazing beauty/block-3

Space and Time : المكان والزمان almakan walzaman

Space and Time/block-1

Beauty of Silence: جمال الصمت jamal alsamt

Beauty of Silence/block-4

Enchanting yogi : يوغي السحر yughi alsihr

Enchanting Yogi/block-3

What a love: يا له من حب ya lah min hubin

What a love/block-4

A Cosmic pause: وقفة مستحضرات التجميل waqfat mustahdirat altajmil

A Cosmic pause/block-3

Adorable living - العيش رائعتين- aleaysh rayieatayn

Adorable living/block-1

Beyond Enlightenment; وراء تنوير ; wara' tanwir

Our realization path is never stop after enlightenment- it has not stopped. Our realization continued. Every spec have a both side duality and non-duality. Like: individuality and unity and like: I am or We are. This is all concept and ideas for our journey. Reality is what it is. Reality is neither material nor spiritual. Material and Spiritual are also concept. This is our journey, we can not see reality in a few moments. Reality is simple and our mind is not simple

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Absolute mystery

'I' the absolute mystery,
 a vastness that has manifested itself within itself 
as a transparent sphere of conscious presence, 
whose center is a radiant point of light

When I loved myself enough, 
I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. 
This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits 
– anything that kept me small. 
My judgment called it disloyal. 
Now I see it as self-loving.


Every moment is priceless moment...It's the life I celebrate my every moment, it's the spring time for my feelings, the mood is happy in this creation and I feel so fresh, New, Aware and Alive enjoying Universe at every moment of my Life and my freedom is free when the Smile shines...

Relationship (Father and Daughter)

Nature or Temperament
—the most important part of Life, the most essential part of Life, is to make life explicit. The importance of Life is due to this temperament.
The first link 
 in my Temperament was my Stubbornness
This stubbornness was neither harmful to anybody nor useful, but it stood by me in good stead, even in my wrong steps.
I have always done what I liked. Even in the conjunction of some rare moments, I have never followed the desires of others. For me, the most important thing is the guidance of my ‘why’ and how I act upon it. I have a Beautiful aspect of my temperament, which keeps me miles away from partiality.

I was, at one time, well impressed with the lifestyle, nature, or temperament of a speaker and not at the relationship with that person. I could never become a part of anybody’s hauteur, envy, selfishness, and foolishness. At that time, I was not aware of my ‘why’, probably because I was lost in a thick fog. Perhaps the activities of my mind were an indication of this ‘why’ in me. In that part of my life, that has now passed, my ‘why’ applied to itself the label of stubbornness.
For me today, the most influential person was my revered father. But during his last moments I did not obey him. My father was a man of satu-gunas (pure virtue ), a man of action, a man practicing asceticism. His existence carried so much importance for me, which I can’t explain. However, his virtues were ill balanced. In order to acquire his virtues, I needed the watchman-ship of knowledge. I lacked the present moments; therefore, I could not understand him. But my ‘why’ understood his virtues. So his hesitancy, reserve, first preference for others, even though they might be wrong—always incurred my disapproval.
This was the most critical moment of his Satvik ( Pure) journey of Life that he could not call even a bad person bad. This state of his mind suggested to me some elements of servitude, settled deep at the depth of his being. His servitude, even though satvik, became for me only Freedom and still more Freedom. To reject my father, was for me, the rejection of the world. His death was the Death of a daughter—the Death of a daughter’s world! His cancer became for me the consciousness of seeing a bigger world!
But his pilgrimage of Life, which involved recognizing all relationships, left me a non-pilgrim; it became a milestone for me in my spiritual quest to know myself. For my ‘why’ having watched his life, stuck this poster to the four-walls of my life—that:
Relationships should not be taken in the sense of so many restraints, but as opportunities for mutual cooperation.
So breaking these restraints awards me the badge of stubbornness.

* Chapter: Journey through personality

How interesting it is to Die- - - (father)

What do you do when a someone dies?

Since my childhood, 
I have been thinking a lot about death. 
I love death. 
I have been trying to understand what death is, 
why I do like the idea of it, 
and how I arrange my life as a way of accepting it. 
When I left home to see  bapu ji{ father},
 when I was with him, his experience of dying was so obviously 
so much more about being
 than about nonbeing, 
and he shared it so clearly and strongly, 
that I came away with a sense of life deeply
—one more gift from creation, 
How interesting it is to die...

* Die before death

Happy Father's Day ; عيد أب سعيد eyd 'ab saeid

If you want to experience this creation 
as an active character, 
then read on; 

'Journey of Life' 

* When we solve who we are, creation opens it’s door... 

* Whatever happens to us or whatever we do, never dies... 

* Anywhere, anyone knows the result before the... action was taken, then no future is left... 

* We are from the energy not for energy... 

* For me and mine, 
realization of time is important 
through time is our journey

Beautiful artist

O Beautiful love, 
O! My Love, how wonderful your art, 
You are the best artist. 
So, I am open to receive your great Blessing

When love starts with me, and is given to me freely by me, it sure is easy to remember that it is me that is making memories for me.
Life is for living, learning and making memories to create a good day, moment by wonderful moment!

Successful (Time & Speed)

The slowing down of our experience of time will place us more 
and more in the present. 
The more we are the presence, the more we are in the present. 
So, the slowness of time has a lot to do 
with being in the present.

Our experience is always in the present, even though our mind might be flitting about in the past and future. The actual manifestation— what is arising in our experience—is always arising right now. This is also true of light. For light there is only now; there is nothing else. This fact is another consequence of the reality described by Einstein’s relativity equations.

In our universe, nothing can exceed the speed of light in space. And the slower you travel relative to the speed of light, the faster time passes. So for human beings, time passes very quickly relative to light because we move very slowly in space in comparison to light. Thus the combination of speed in space and in time always equals the speed of light.

Inner light

10 years ago, I came to realize I lost me.
 I stepped into a world of Nature…
 Nature's deep Silent habit was putting my Energy into the right places,
 what I say this is Nature's Bless,
 Life's trust or God's love who tried to ‘plan’ for the future… 
Which brought forgiving about the past…
to be ‘responsible’ 
Always; I wanted the Perfect Life, a perfect me, always...
One day suddenly, I look inward, to the Nature, 
the Powerful Energy that lives within everywhere ---
 everything and within me, 
That is me.
 Wow! This Light, this Consciousness connect me
 to the all Creation...


Is it realistic for a drop to expect a result from the ocean? The drop has no existence of its own, no existence at all apart from the ocean—the ocean alone is! We are not only a part of the environment, we are the environment.

normal life

The natural normal life, which is the life awake to the Life within—the source of the higher wisdom and power— guides us and guards us, not only in the face of harm or danger, but in every detail of life, if we will love it, open ourselves to it, live it, heed it.

Dying patients (death)

At the end of our life, nobody asks us how many degrees we have, or how many mansions we built, or how many Rolls Royce's we could afford. 

That’s what dying patients teach you:
After our death, when most of us for the first time realize what life here is all about, we begin to see that our life here is almost nothing but the sum total of every choice we have made during every moment of our life. Our thoughts, which we are responsible for, are as real as our deeds. We will begin to realize that every word and every deed affects our life and has also touched thousands of lives. I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime. There is within each one of us a potential for goodness beyond our imagining; for giving which seeks no reward; for listening without judgment; for loving unconditionally...
* Hug with Love

Fire- element

Silence is a guru and silence is a scientist of the soul. it's religion does not consist in worshiping, its religion consists in transformation -- the symbol of religion is fire 'element'. The symbol of fire is significant, it is the only thing that defies gravitation. It does not go down-wards; it always goes upwards, because silence is actually positive energy and energy is always fire...
* Have a Joyful Journey


I sat beside my window, and asked Myself:
''Where is this thing called life? Where is it? Why do I always seem to miss it? Show me, Shaheer please show me! I want to feel alive!'' because I felt always death not life... This world was death for me...
Just then, the bird came. The first little looking curiously down at me. I smiled [ unwanted], I felt that Bird smiled at me and tree gave him company –then something happened; --- a eyes with smile, every leaf filled with smile. There was a whisper within, '' Deep silence and I felt aliveness, Wow!

Then I smiled again, now that smile was pure 
and came from Soul. Aha!!

I offer you 'all' Love, Peace, Freedom and Happiness

Ae Love, teach me how to love like you. Teach me how to love unconditionally. I invite you into my life to show me how to love those around me. Please show me your unconditional love

Spiritual being

Shaheer has learned much about compassion, humility, and courage… On her journey, she has had to learn a great deal about forgiveness… which she now know is ultimately about love, for others and one’s self… Love led her to knowing that if She is aware, she is learning all the time, from what works well and even more from what doesn't. She grow from achieving her freedom and she soar when she conquer life`s challenges…
Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways… It took her many years to learn that people will treat us the way we allow them to treat us. She believe that sometimes people are put in our lives to test us until we stand up and say enough is enough…
She gives thanks to all of You, The Universe and her own Spiritual Being and The Every Moment...

Dua is the weapon of the believer

Although we see sun rising every twelve hours, but life has sun rise and sun set every moment in this time and space. In the embodiment of love a smile travels out of my being and sets on my lips.and stares, this smile of silence begins to ask me,
Why you have no trust?This question filled my eyes with nectar of tears as love. (Tears of love) This tears had an awe of Silence. As this tear travels down to be with smile. So friends! what was the question with in the question? Smile asked my being, "Do not you believe in your own love?When my tears of love hugged my silence smile, then silence accepted the words and smile became the paper and tears became the ink and love became the hand and the outcome was the ---"Total Liberation"
So the love says,
"No one ever faithfully believed in me, because i am the hottest desire for everybody"
Love asked my being,
"Was Jesus persecuted or me?
Were Nanak, Buddha, Muhammad or Krishna misunderstood or me?
---O My Silly Being, its me!
Who so ever I rule does not believe in me? because, limit is infinite and infinite is limit. O my childish-feeling! I am so vast that I have hard time believing in my infinity that how can I accept anybody to have faith in my being."
This statement of Love made my silent smile into peace; then i looked at my being and only discovered an Awe.

Beauty of 'I'

Shaheer realized that in this creation there are no questions.
This creation has only one answer, 
but whose..?
Our, I:
Only I is a question, 
the rest of creation is the answer to this I.
The every question that arises in the heart of the Shaheer, 
she finds the Answer in the Life before Her...

She knows that:
Every wave of the sea as it rises, 
seems to be stretching its hands towards, 
as if to say, 
'' Take me up higher and higher''...

Art of dying ( Ego)

There is no relationship we can succeed at if we do not go beyond our ego, because the ego will inevitably foment conflict

Silence is the art of dying. Then our ego will be shocked. And it is also truer to cal I it the art of dying, because our ego is not going to grow, our ego is going to die in silence.

Silence illuminates our souls, whispers to our hearts, and brings them together. Silence separates us from ourselves, makes us sail the firmament of spirit, and brings us closer to Pure Life...[heaven]


I was spending time with trees 9-10 years ago,
 and one day,
 as I was looking at beautiful flowers tree, 
suddenly I was filled with tree's presence.
 My mind was at a stand-still,
 in surprise,
 in shock.
 My body felt and moved the way tree moved.
 I was tree, completely tree.
 No difference and no distance whatsoever. 
It was eery. 
It lasted a minute or so, 
and then I was back, 
the usual feeling of me filling my body again.
 I've had many experiences of me being in everything surrounding me. 

Like: spoon, star, ocean ect.

Be free

Is there anything inside? No, nothing inside. Only creation, according to your interests or desires or attachments. If your mind has no interest in the world, automatically it goes back to where it comes from. There is no need for effort. If the mind does not go out, automatically it enters into the Self. No need of any effort...automatically it is going to its Home. Home is the Heart...

Be free of our free always. The bird is flying with freedom. Be free inside. We do not need any thoughts, any ideas, any mind...because Self Power is always limitless. If we have any idea, immediately there is, it is difficult to come out from our cage...

What a beautiful beauty all around us

What a beautiful beauty all around us
It is never too late to change. Everyday is new. Every breath is fresh new air. Life continuously renews itself. why should we not? All it takes is the choice to let go of the past. of that which does not work anymore and embrace the new with openness

Peaceful blessings: all around us; سلم سلمي salam silmiun كل ما حولنا kl ma hawlina

Peaceful blessings: all around us;   سلم سلمي salam silmiun كل ما حولنا kl ma hawlina
if we are totally free and can see and know absolutely freely, what do we see as the final essence or true nature of reality or all experience?