Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves



blissful spring

blissful spring

May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always

May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always
O Beautiful World, - Love you always

Beauty of Relationship

Beauty of Relationship/block-4

A Cosmic pause

A Cosmic pause/block-3

Beauty of Beauty

Beauty of Beauty/block-1

Beautiful death

Beauty of death/block-1

Beauty of Silence

Beauty of Silence/block-4

nature is spiritual

nature is spiritual/block-1

Adorable living

Adorable living/block-1

Beauty of Silence

Beauty of Silence/block-4

In one moment, I touched my entirety

In one moment, I touched my entirety
Science is Fact, Religion is Faith, Magic is Perception... Know these boundaries to discover WHAT LIES BEYOND

A Cosmic pause

A Cosmic pause/block-3

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The Color of Beauty is Art

Anyone who says you can't see a thought simply doesn't know art

The Feeling of Oneness is Holy Taste

The Nature of Beauty is Happiness.

The Beauty of Understanding is Peace.

The Nature satisfies me more than the any Religious places

O, Wonderful Nature- 
I Love you, 
Just because you're beautiful 
perfect master!

O, Beautiful Nature, 
Whatever you doing, 
the way you Artistic, 
makes me


I can't be mad, because I can't stay upset with myself

I am in love with the Universe. 
The Nature makes my nature gentle, 
then I become one with it.
 Our deepest roots are in nature. 
No matter who we are, where we live, 
or what kind of life we lead, 
we remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation. 

 If there is any wisdom running through my life now,
 in my walking on this earth,
 it came from listening in the Great Silence to the stones,
the wild animals, 
to the pulse of all life as my heartbeat.


Season's are silent poetry

The creation of beauty is Art

Art is a human expression of nature

Words are signs of natural facts

The only way that we can know truth---
the spiritual truths of ourselves and of God---
is through the agency of nature. 
natural facts are symbols or metaphors, 
standing for something beyond 
the physical

Love You

 In short,
 in the first step of my journey of life 
began with the label of ‘Shaheer’ beamed the consciousness
 of all lying within my fold.
 In addition,
 in every moment of life,
 the echo of my sighs impinges upon the string of existence
in the motion of my breaths,
 it indulges in the paeans of rapturous delight. 


Oh, for the AHA that Moments into my soul.

 'AHA' rather than Sadness is the Beauty of Life



The tune and rhythm of ‘bravo’ becomes an ascetic act.

The echo of this ‘Aha’ becomes a holy recitation.

Aha Moments

The harmonious character of this vast existence
 takes every object within its fold of uniformity
unites uniformity with the Shape-determiner. 
The peeping of the sun into the calm moments of dawn,
 the chirping of the birds,
 the appearance of the trees in peaceful colors 
above the motion of breaths
 (the act of respiration), 
the muteness of existence—
the homogeneity of all these processes and then,
 merges them into the unknown feelings 

Making the bodily into the bodiless, 

Turning color into colorlessness, 

Turning shape into shapelessness,

beauty of moment

Suddenly something transpired, 
I realized that from beyond some feeling 
perception was waking my sense of existence 
with the twist of some emotion suppressed within me.
 What it was,
 there was no way to apprehend it. 
When the consciousness, 
lurking in the frown on my forehead, 
received the quiver of some sound 
through the cavities of my ears, 

To every human’s personalitiy, 
I felt incapable of conveying 
The shape of every happening, 
The awareness of every environment, 
the feelings
expressions on every countenance.

My Journey

In the depth of my being there is a soundless rhythm
Rhythm that lives in the Silence of the universe.
 It accepts to melt with Spring; 
now it takes shape like Flowers 
Aroma is it's Song without Words and Sounds.
 When I listen to its rhythm [Aroma] with my mind,
 I see only the beauty of its rhythm ; 
When I touch my being
 I listen to its beat 

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