The Artist will always produce Art

The Artist will always produce Art
यह कॉस्मिक कला एक ऐसी कलाकारी है, जो कि खालीपन पर खाली रंग से ही की गई है। जब हम इस कलाकारी को समझने के काबिल हो जातें हैं तो हम खुद के रहस्य से जानू हो जातें हैं



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Beauty of Beauty

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Why is the color of blood the same?

Why is the color of blood the same?

My only question is how someone lives life with such thinking, when his mind is full of discrimination

Today, I have decided to walk along this dusty path that leads to a lake - it seems that the lake is calling out that it needs me and us! The path signifies a sense of loneliness and unattachment, as far as the meaning of life is concerned akin to bachelorhood. How we perceive life, and how we live life is very important and worth pondering.
In retrospect, when we examine life, there is a sense of feeling that somehow, we have failed to achieve all our desires! Why do we get that feeling, and what exactly is the reason behind it? There has to be a ground of thought behind such an assertion. Does this mean that the saints and sages of yore were wrong in their assumptions about how life has to be lived?
It is a fact of life that every individual seeks happiness, health, and peace to eke out an unruffled life. If the flow of life hinges on our thought process, then where have we faltered? This question will help us tread on the spiritual path. The combination of our experiences in life does not correspond to age or the size of our bodies. It depends on our thirst to know the truth through the study of the scriptures.
We must understand life well, and I wish to explain it with a perfect example. When a boy and a girl fall in love with each other in their heart of hearts, there is a desire to be the best couple and lovers in the entire universe, much like Heer Ranjha and Sassi Punnuh. The girl desires to be the best lover ever to grace the world and wishes that her love is immortalized. In every human being, there is an unquenchable thirst to exhibit love that reaches the greatness of zenith. 
In much the same way, when a man and a woman become parents, they want to be the best parents. They will be prepared to sacrifice their lives to bestow and propagate the love that their parents could not. We want to exemplify our uniqueness in life by being the best that we can ever be.
Why is it that we are attracted to the saints and sages in our lives? Needless to say, because, they are the epitome of our unfulfilled quest and yearning for acquiring absolute bliss. This is because they have already traversed the road less traveled and have attained the Highest Goal, thus they become our best guide!
I have never regarded human beings as separate entities, and I have never considered myself as a distinct body from Mother Nature. If your desire to be loved, respected, and honored, then how can you even begin to think that you are different from each other? The reason for this is that you forget to act as one unit, but rather, you react, which brings about the feeling of separateness and division respectively.
When I was in Vancouver city, Canada There was a sweet mart called Gyan Sweet. There chaat dish (chhole bhature), was very delicious. Whenever we ate at the sweet mart or ordered the chaat dish at home, Sunil, the owner who happened to be my brother Sukhdev's good friend, would take our order and prepare the delicious chaat dish and keep it ready for us.
I would playfully, tell God while eating the chaat dish, that have You been fortunate enough to have been served chhole bhature? Do one thing, why don't You come along and join me? I would remember, Bhagwan Krishna, and I would tell Him, are You so busy playing the game of chess with Arjuna? If You wish to eat chhole bhature, then You may join me. I would also remember Baba Nanak Dev Ji, and request him to visit Gyan Sweet Mart while He is on His way to Mecca or Madina. 
I always had God on my mind only, whether it is Baba Nanak, Peer Paighambar, Rishis and Munis of the Vedic era, Krishna, Buddha, or Hazrat Muhammad - I would not be scared at all thinking about them, because of my devotion and boundless love for them. If you love someone so much, then what is the need of being scared? One should build a bond whereby you can have fun with God. Play is among the most essential of human actions and is extremely important in our connection with God.
I would ask God why are you still asleep? Are you scared of me? I would then tell Him, that You know very well that I will claim rule to Your throne. When I do not consider myself to be the doer, then why must I be scared of God? He is the creator, and He resides within me. He is the One who talks and walks through my body - is He not then your best friend? It is the best relationship and a friend one can have!
Unlike the lovers, I tell God, that perhaps the Rishis and the Munis failed to look at you in the way as I look at you. I then asked Bhagwan Krishna, 'Do you discern the rose flower, in the same way, as I can?' In this moving water do you see God in the same way as I can? Oh, Hazrat Muhammad, do You see the creation, in the same way as I see it today? 
I asked Lao Tzu, 'How did you manage to study and analyze Nature so profoundly, that You were easily able to understand it so well?' When I look into a person's eyes, Then also I ask Hazrat Muhammad, 'How did You discern creation so well, that You were able to explain the significance and importance of relationships so well?'
Every boy and a girl in a relationship are pure and indifferent, blank just like a clean slate, and unconcealed. The latter means, that thinking or feeling is absent and that our inner Self is uncovered and pure! These three attributes encompass the following dimensions namely, mental, physical and spiritual. 
Have you ever wondered, when you are hungry or thirsty, what exactly is it that brings about hunger and thirst? In short, what is the essence of both hunger and thirst? If you can understand and realize this concept, rest assured you will figure out the selfless love of both lovers easily. 
I sleep well, and at that very moment I ask Krishna, 'Do You sleep just as well as I do?' T understand death, is as good as knowing the significance of deep sleep. We are all indifferent, blank just like a clean slate, and unconcealed. When True understanding dawns, the ever newness of creation is discovered. The moment, the beauty of LIFE touches your SOUL, you will experience the beautiful union of Oneness. Yet, LIFE will remain untouched and unsullied forevermore! 
The death of the physical body is inevitable, but to die before you die through wedlock with the Divine is the ultimate NIRVANA, just like a philosopher's stone was a substance that could turn ordinary metals into precious metals like gold. 
Can you even imagine, what it would be like to have Hazrat Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, Nanak, Lao Tzu, and Jesus hold a congregation? How would Hazrat Muhammad discuss Eid as He had perceived it and how would He relate to it being celebrated in the present times? Krishna would emphasize His role in the Mahabharata, and how He would examine the role of the current inhabitants concerning life! Jesus would explain how He was crucified, and He would question why the people today think and believe that I died for their sins?
This beautiful creation is fathomless, it is a pilgrimage, it is the final destination for Hajj, it is a place we can celebrate the festival of Eid thereby, completing the pilgrimage once in a lifetime to wipe clean past sins and start anew before God.
The expression of universal love is harmony with everyone and everything as you are a part of it all. The entire creation knowingly or unknowingly is following this dictum, because whatever the path, the underlying principle inherent is rooted in selflessness and pure LOVE only.

Depth comes from feeling, not words

Depth comes from feeling, not words

Just like every flashing thing is not gold, just like that.
 No matter how good the words are, 
they do not necessarily have depth.

Whatever happens or gets revealed to us can be said to be a faultless occurrence. Reality and Truth are the same aspects of the one God. Whether a person's thought, feeling, circumstance, direction, or situation may seem and appear to be wrong, but the unfolding of life is beyond our understanding and grasp. It never fails us - we as human beings can fail because of our inadequacies and lack of understanding.
How can we prepare ourselves to gauge life? Both the mental and sensory organs have their limitations? Life is given to us so that we can live it and not busy ourselves accumulating material things. A thought to accomplish something in life will become self-limiting. Our innate capability is vast and endless, and in creation, we can either ruin our life or glorify it.
Life can appear to you in any form and grant you a timeless lesson. We are not fully prepared to face life, yet we traverse its path in blindness. You may follow any one of these paths, a household, community, or even spiritual, but have you come across anybody claiming to have acquired happiness following these paths? We have neither understood nor appreciated life, yet we have continued walking blindly and in arrogance.
I realized quite early that to be happy in life, the need to pave my path was quite necessary. On the other hand, if I followed the religious paths available to me, then it would have taken me forever to arrive at happiness. It is the road less travelled that makes all the difference. However, if you take the road that is pleasing to the eyes, rest assured it will not give you what you have set out to search. The road will be perfect and pleasant in every way, but it will be bland and meaningless and it will provide you nothing concrete and useful.
It is the road less travelled, which is dusty and muddy and has yet to be traversed that will offer you with the benediction of what you have earnestly set out to acquire. Your search will not go in vain, because the road less travelled is within your very BE-ing.
I used to frequent the Gurudwara often. It was Mother's Day, and there must have been around 250 - 350 senior citizens present. It was Tuesday, and everybody usually gathered at around 10.00 am. This incident took place approximately 6 to 7 years ago. The women had gathered to pray for their children's longevity.
It is apparent, that words are very potent, and how we use them makes all the difference. How the words are uttered is most important, as it depends on feelings and emotions. Anyway, I notice around fifteen women asking God fervently, 'Oh God, it is Mother's Day today, and we pray that You bestow Your blessing upon our children. We ask that You bless our children so that they face no problems in life while we are alive.'
I have let life rob me of everything until the presence of complete emptiness overwhelmed my inner BE-ing. Worldly human beings think otherwise, and make provisions such that life does not rob them. Yet some, are kin to rob others in broad daylight! The satisfaction that one gets from being robbed is in no way comparable to that of ruthlessly robbing others.
Anyway, The ladies turned to me and asked me to pray and make a wish, so this is what I asked, 'Oh God, I pray to You that my children suffer in life in my very presence while I am still alive.' However, the day I die, I want their lives to be filled with much happiness, joy, and laughter from there onwards and beyond.
As I finished praying, both the men and women alike, stared at me, and yelled at me saying, 'Have you lost your mind?'
'I may have lost my mind, but I am certainly not selfish!' I exclaimed.
'How can you say that we are selfish?' they asked me.
My reply to them was, 'You have asked God to bestow His blessing on your children while you are still alive. This means, that following your death, God can impose suffering on your children. If parents become so selfish, then what will become of their children? A child's foundation is strengthened by the mother's selfless love and willpower. If a mother is steadfast in her commitment, then nobody can ever break her resolve and that of her child's safety.
A mother desires that her child prospers in life, and that he achieves all-around success and happiness, and that nothing unforeseen affects the child's future even if it means, that she is no longer alive.
Life assumes its beauty by your dynamism. There is no need to react to any situation in life, but rather to act and respond wisely. You must garner strong willpower, such that no situation in life can throw you off balance. When both your senses and your passions work in synch, you will begin to appreciate life fully. Negative emotions like anger will not disturb your mind-body complex.
The need to awaken yourself in life is a must. It will allow you to connect with the Oneness of life, in every sense of the word, and you will feel the interconnectedness and the inherent goodness of all beings.
Coming back to the discussion I was having with the women at the Gurudwara, my response did not go down well. The women stopped talking to me for 3-4 weeks.
What is Satsang (Holy association)? It means a sacred gathering to learn about the truth within (Satya). Before considering any relationship it is important to know and appreciate the person human being) first and foremost. I hope that you will kindly accept this presentation as a Mother's Day gift from me and keep in mind the importance of a relationship in life. Thank you very much, and may God Bless you all.

The Mother

The Mother

What is a motherhood?

 and what should be the education of a girl before having a child? 

The girls explain their reasons well, and when the fourth girl is asked to explain her reasons, the whole class, including the three girls laugh at her. the teacher, tells the entire class, that what the fourth girl has said is very important and deeply meaningful. At that very juncture, a thought came to my mind, so what do I want to become?
In life, events take place that is beyond us, yet in many ways, we go through similar phases of experiences. Life treats everybody equally irrespective of their differences. As you may notice, I am in the gazebo in the rear garden, from where I work.
Anyway, it seems to me, that the above story, which I have shared with you has been written by me. I will give you reasons why I feel that it is my work. I am sure that many of you will relate to what I am about to say - when I share my thoughts with you, many of you have may have felt, that whatever I said was meant for you only as you could relate to it.
It is Mother's Day today, and in the above story, the young girl expresses her wishes to become a mother. Does responsibility begin when a young girl becomes a mother? Or does it resume when she becomes pregnant? Or, does it resume when she decides that she wants to become a mother?
When a thought arises that we have to undertake work, it is self-explanatory, that we begin to focus our attention on the task there and then. When a young girl has the thought of becoming a mother, her duty must resume from that moment onwards. Your faculty of thinking and feeling should resonate with your desire to becoming a mother. For this, education is relevant, and first and foremost, a mother needs to be aware of the importance of bearing a child and therefore becoming a mother. Equally, important is the necessity of preparedness required to become a mother.
If a mother is smart and responsible then it is inevitable that the child will also be upright and virtuous. Likewise, the need to be independent for a girl expecting a child is pertinent. She will be required to be financially secure and with it the readiness and the strength also. She will need to forego the thought of expecting any support from her husband.
She will have to detach herself from the world and become a Sanyasi which means relinquishing or rather decreasing and then ultimately ending all ties of any kind with the world. Since she is on her way to becoming a mother, it means that she will be required to look after her welfare. Her only focus and attention are nine months of her pregnancy and nothing else!
This means she has to defend herself and be strong when facing any conflict. In short, she has to support herself in any difficult situation and stand up for herself during her pregnancy with grit. Support from her husband, her parents, and parents-in-law, and any relationships namely, friends and relatives need to be appreciated for their timely help! This is the level of commitment, dedication, discipline, and responsibility required for the mother-to-be.
Anything can happen in life, and God forbid if anything were to happen to her husband or even her parents, then her resolute determination and commitment to take care of her child has to be unflinching. The question is, will she be able to perform these tasks single-mindedly and single-handedly? The next step for her is to determine if she has the tenacity to bear the brunt of all hardships that she may have to confront.
With firm faith and resolution, she is determined not to depend on anybody during her pregnancy. This means that she will have to be very focused and mentally strong, such that her feelings and thoughts do not waver and break her resolve.
The most important factor to consider during pregnancy is decorating the room well and having pictures of saints, sages, and Gods within the four walls for upliftment and sanctity. It is equally beneficial for the pregnant woman to read the scriptures and to keep her thoughts positive and pleasant so that the child in the womb is benefitted from the positive vibes. Of course, she needs to take the utmost care with her dietary regimen. She will be required to eat and drink the right foods and beverages to maintain good health for both the child and herself. Motherhood is the most rewarding experience for women as a whole, and so it necessary to listen to devotional songs and to have the right congregation. Pregnancy and the feel of the child give the woman a sense of great joy and emotional fulfilment.
Plants need air, light, warmth, water, and nutrients to be healthy. If a plant does not have one of these requirements it could affect its growth or even die. Likewise, a pregnant woman will require a perfect environment.
I wish to share my tale of 'madness' with you all. When I became pregnant with God's grace, could you have even imagined or heard of a girl tying a cloth with a religious book inside it around her pregnant belly for 9 consecutive months? And the girl fervently prays to God that whatever You (God) may have breathed with your Divine breath into the soul of the unborn child, and whatever You have composed within the pages of this Holy book enters and pervades into the unborn child. I am that girl and that this is exactly what I had done for nine months!
I used to apply incense smoke over my body, while most people burn incense sticks as a sacrificial offering to various deities or to serve as an aid in prayer at God's altar or a place of worship.
I have always listened to the silent Divine voice of Mother nature (or Universe), and none else. Today I can say that by considering and embracing the entire Universe as Divine Mother I greet you all by saying, Happy Mother's Day!
It is easy to have children, however, becoming a mother is most challenging. When there is nothing but selfless love between a child and his/her mother what mother will not be contented. Can you even begin to measure Mother Tripta's love for her child? How about Mother Gujri's love for her child? Or Mother Yashoda's love for her child? And what about Mother Mariam's (Mary) love for her child? How could Hazrat Muhammad's Mother have showered her selfless love upon her beloved child? If this is not a maternal bond between a mother and her child, then what is?
The need for total independence for a pregnant woman is very important, lest she is forced by whatever circumstances to take a step that may be thwarted by society. The mother should be fully equipped mind body and spirit to be responsible for her stance in society. She must do away with unnecessary tension and anxiety, instead, she should affirm to build a sacred relationship and bond with the child in her tummy, much like a Gurukul with Shishya (students) and Guru (teacher) bond - a type of education system in ancient India.
The need and the importance of education which may have no meaning in one's entire life can inadvertently, become a boon for the mother during her 9 months of pregnancy! The fact is, that the child will not require any form of education for a lifetime, because she/he will perform only noble deeds (actions).
India was held as the land of righteousness by the ancient sages and saints. Where has that righteousness fled? I will not shy away from saying that the right way of living (Dharam) can be seen in America. To those girls who have daring qualities, willpower, and have a desire to become future mothers' with a clear understanding and faith that their child to be will be pious, righteous, and loyal to them I extend my greetings today!
The greatest contribution as far as relationships are concerned, that has been propounded, is by none other than Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. As we move along, each week I will present and discuss Baba Nanak dev Ji, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Bhagwan Krishna, Bhagwan Buddha, and Lao Tzu.
I will devote a live session each week to the above spiritual personalities. I will be presenting these personalities based on my personal experiences and understanding of how life introduces these charismatic Beings only if you can allow me to do so.
How can you build a structure when the foundation itself is faulty? Only if a young girl who is well prepared with the right education and know-how, can give birth to a perfect child. The child will lead a perfect life and will never react to any untoward circumstances in life. However, in our lives, we have only reacted to situations and we have failed to respond or act wisely. I would like you to think over this, please?
It is necessary to reeducate and revive our diminished and faulty understanding in our lives - a pregnant woman who eats and drinks without any self-discipline, for example, has no idea that the unborn child will imbibe and discern the mother's actions, conduct, and behaviour. The child will grow up to have the same behavioural propensities as his/her mother. If on the other hand, the mother prays over her baby during pregnancy it is a known fact that a grace-filled child will be born!
I wish to make a plea to those girls who are either pregnant or desire to become mothers that, please keep a watch over your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances surrounding you. The deeds you perform during the nine months of your pregnancy will bear sacred fruits in the years to follow rest assured!
The following simple suggestions will help you go a long way. Do not raise your voice, do not use bad words, and do not listen to bad things. With positive thoughts only and uttering God's name constantly, not allowing any negative input from your surroundings, shunning everything bad from entering your system, you can rest assured that your pregnancy will bear fruits unanticipated! Such a medicinal diet only can work wonders in your life.
With such preparedness, I wish all the young women a very Happy Mother's Day and I extend my heartfelt love to you all.

A Wonderful Art of Zero

A Wonderful art of Zero

This space is such a creation, 
in which the artwork is done only with emptiness,
 when I see it today, I get buried in zero.

Whenever we see any part of life from the deep, we will always stop coming to such a feeling that we will say that all this is such an art, which is only zero. If there is such a wonderful art of zero, what will be the art of 1 or 2?
 Zero or Space: This is a very deep mysterious completeness.
Whether it is zero or say that this space is, it is an artistry carved into such an emptiness that we can see it the way we want to see it. Its ground is just like water. A glimpse of the sky in the water is the same as the color of the sky, just as it is a space, which is full of such artistry. When any of the particles, thinking, expressions and anything in this space is there; Whenever that part takes any form of color or takes shape. What we can all say is that it is a universe, a creation, it is such a cosmic art, which manifests itself in a vast form in infinite and endless ways. In the emptiness, there is such an artistic picture made of empty color, which we too can see at the time when we too will become empty.
When today I have got the opportunity and blessings to see all this, then my hunger is always hungry, unless I write down my experience, or say it.


जीवन के किसी भी हिस्से को गहरे में से जब भी हम देखेंगे तो हम सदा एक ऐसे एहसास पर आ के रुक जाएंगे कि हम यही कहेंगे कि यह सब एक ऐसी कला है, जो सिर्फ जीरो है।  अगर जीरो की ऐसी अद्भुत कला है तो १ या २ की कला कैसी होगी ?
 जीरो हो या स्पेस: यह एक बहुत ही गहरी रहस्यपूर्ण सम्पूर्णता है। 
यह जो जीरो है या कहो कि यह जो स्पेस है, यह एक ऐसी खालीपन में तराशी गई कलाकारी है कि जिस को हम जैसी देखना चाहेंगे वैसी ही देख सकतें हैं। इस की जो ग्राउंड है, बिलकुल पानी जैसी है।  पानी में आसमानी झलक वैसी ही पड़ती है, जैसा आसमान का रंग होता है, ठीक वैसे ही यह स्पेस है, जो ऐसी ही कलाकारी से भरपूर है।  जब इस स्पेस में से कोई भी कण, सोच, भाव और कुछ भी हो; जब भी वो हिस्सा कोई भी रंग भी रूप लेता है या आकार लेता है। वो जो हम सब कह सकें कि यह एक ब्रह्मण्ड है, एक रचना है, वोही एक ऐसी कॉस्मिक कला है, जो खुद को अनंत रूप में बे-अंत तरीकों  से विशाल रूप में प्रगट कर देती है। खालीपन में खाली ही रंग से बनाई एक ऐसी कलाकारी तस्वीर है, जिस को हम भी उस वक़्त ही देख सकतें हैं, जब हम भी खाली हो जाएंगे। 
जब आज मेरे को यह सब देखने का मौक्का और दुआ मिली हुई है तो मेरी भूख सदा भूख ही रहती है, जब तक मैं आपने अनुभव को लिख न दू, या बोल न दू 

Ageless Masters

Are there really sages of 1000 years of age in the Himalayas?

When I learned that we were separated from our own five elements, how could I not believe that even today the sages have been living in the Himalayas for thousands of years?
Undoubtedly life's journey is quite amazing, but life on earth is also a testing ground. For example, if we introduce disease into our life, it is certain, that the disease will manifest, one way or another! The same applies to laughter and beauty, both of which will show up and take root within us. In other words, whatever we think and desire in life it will materialize.
I was awake since 2.00 am this morning, and I was thinking about whether there is any place where I can find absolute silence - along comes the answer from the mind you will never find a better place than the inner silence within. Next, I think where can I find a lofty place so that I can appreciate the beautiful panoramic view of the majesty of creation to my heart's content. My Soul tells me that you will not find any place loftier, than your Consciousness.
I get out of bed and go to the washroom, and as I was washing my hands I looked at the mirror, realizing that many years have elapsed and, that I have aged a lot. I asked myself a question, 'Have you aged so much, or do you feel a sense of youthfulness having taken birth within you?'
I then began to search for my Consciousness, and I realized that when the body gets old, how Consciousness assumes youthfulness and gradually begins to reject the ageing body. Consciousness finds a way to mold itself into the ageing body. This was a very intense experience, which took me further into a very deep enchanting space.
What is the power that causes the body to age? I then clearly see, that Moh (attachment), Lobh (greed), and Ahankar (ego or excessive pride) all together begin to pull and draw the force of gravity towards them. The more we get drawn into the force of gravity the faster the ageing process takes place. On the other hand, happiness, peace, and freedom are cords that help draw Gace effortlessly.
I ask myself, 'Would you like to attain liberation?'
'Today for the very first time in your life you have raised this topic why so?' I asked myself.
I am compelled to remind myself of the time when I came face-to-face with death. On this note, I wish to take you all along this journey of death, together with a fascinating look at the possibility and the truth about self-realized Masters and immortal beings who, walk the planes of the Himalayan mountain ranges even today.
Based on my personal experiences, I wish to share the facts of whether these age-old Masters are alive in the Himalayas, or is this merely a myth. Life's story or incident can only take place when both the subject and the object are present and not otherwise. In fact, without the subject and the object, there is no possibility of the birth and genesis of creation.
As I woke up this morning, in front of my very eyes I saw a lion. I am in a deep cave and I ask the lion, 'Who are you?' 'I am death', the lion replied. I asked him, 'I was in deep meditation, how come I am in your presence?'
'Is it my silence that has taken the form of death, or is it my experiences in life that have brought me face-to-face with death?' I inquired inquisitively.
I then asked, 'Why have you taken the form of a lion?'
'Could you not take another form of any other animal?'
The lion replied, 'If I did not appear in the form of a lion, would you have been scared of a dog?'
To instil deep fear in a human being is my strategy. If I appeared in the garb of a deadly disease, would you have been scared by it? I said, 'No!' However, I was scared by the lion. When one is gripped by fear in life, then know at once that is as good as being gripped by death.
Now tell me, 'Do you want to see me?' I replied, 'Yes!'
Meditation plays an important role to be renewed. It is a very powerful tool, which helps destroy the ego. Upon facing the lion, I noticed that the stronghold on both my feelings and thinking has lessened appreciably and I felt light as a feather.
That which I considered as the harbinger of death, turns out to be a divine life-giving boon. In meditation, as I hesitantly enter the deep cave and walk towards it, I see death before my very eyes. I am aware that it can pounce upon me at any time. I muster strength and fearlessness, and as I walk out of the cave I notice I am way ahead having left death far behind me. I had crossed the very line of death!
If death confronted me, would I be scared and shaken by it? While walking at this very moment, if death pounced on me, would I be frightened by its very presence? Would death bring about in me a sense of helplessness or restlessness? Would the veil of fear raise its veil and weaken my stranglehold on death? The answer to this question is, a definitive no!
Today I have a life where the word death has no meaning at all let alone any place.
I will continue discussing gravity. The greater the force of gravity in and around us the faster will be the ageing process. Needless to say, the greater and boundless the boon of grace upon us, the dignified our countenance and youthfulness.
I am reminded of Vancouver, Canada where there is a mountain and a village by the name of Whistler. In one of the mountain ranges, the force of gravity does not seem to exist. The sensation of weightlessness, or zero gravity, happens when the effects of gravity are not felt. This mystery spot may be on earth but just like space, it defies the law of gravity.
Why cannot a human being evince and experience the very same effect or phenomena? This is my question to you to ruminate. In California, there is Mount Shasta which is considered spiritual, just like the Himalayas. I happened to have the very same experience at Mount Shasta as I did at the Whistler Mountains in Canada. How is this possible on earth?
Many years ago I remember fervently asking God in my prayers to show me a place where the laws of gravity do not seem to work. God showed me 7 places namely, Mount Shasta, Whistler Mountains, two places in Europe, a place in Africa, and India in the Himalayas of course Kailash Mountain.
I decided, therefore, to visit the Whistler Mountain ranges and Mount Shasta of course. If we can overcome the laws of gravity or the force of gravity, then the question is, 'Could we achieve immortality?' This is my question to you, my dear friends.
I had no the least idea, that if the sense of attachment (Moh) disappears from our body then the element earth also disappears simultaneously. Thus, leaving us in what is known as the state of the bodiless body as expounded by the great sages and Masters of yore. We can only perceive and experience the subtle all-pervading spirit (Sukshma Sarira), yet some may define it as the gross body (Sthool Sarira) or the causal body (Karan Sarira).
If the earth element can disappear, then could the water element disappear? When the water element disappears, greed (Lobh) also vanishes. Next, when I notice the fire element also disappearing, I see that desire (Kamna) and anger (Krodh) simultaneously depart. Finally, when the air or ether element disappears, the person is pronounced dead. The remaining four elements are present in me. God in His formless realm reveals to me that when the air (ether) element disappears then the person disappears.
I was lying on the sofa and noticed my Consciousness leaving the body and the four walls. I could see myself lying on the sofa. However, when the air element vanished from my body, then for the very first time, I failed to see my own body. I could see my body when each of the remaining four elements vanished one by one. On that day, I remembered Baba Nanak Dev Ji, who requested His attendants to leave, as He wanted to take a rest and thereupon, enter into a deep state of absorptive contemplation. He asked the attendants to place a sheet of cloth over Him and requested them not to disturb him.
The following day, people gathered and noticed, that underneath the sheet of cloth was a flower. Baba Nanak was nowhere to be seen. The very same incident had taken place with Lao Tzu also.
This incident that had occurred with me was proof enough that The Great Himalayan Masters and sages are, therefore, present and roaming the Himalayan ranges even today.
Our bodies are like microscopic cells containing 126 minerals and metals, such as iron, calcium, nitrogen, etc. Likewise, the vast universe is much like a microscopic cell and we are akin to cells within a cell (i.e. the universe). The person in a car is nothing more than a minute microscopic cell within which is a life form (person seated in the car).
We have heard about a person afflicted with kidney stones. Have you ever seen a kidney stone? Are you aware that the kidney stone is no different from the cement that we come across daily in our lives? kidney stones look like the millet crop in colour much like a house made of cement work.
Life is fascinating, and it is my personal experience that the more you move from the grosser elements to subtler elements the nearer you are to the absolute truth or life. The shift from the grosser elements to the subtlest element air allowed me to perceive and encounter the state of formlessness. Thus, confirming that the Himalayan Masters and sages can use the subtler element to become formless through their own volition.
Endnote: The microcosm-macrocosm analogy refers to a historical view that posited a structural similarity between the human being (the microcosm) and the cosmos as a whole (the macrocosm).

My own experiences started saying that it is true that even today there are sages aged thousands of years in the Himalayas.

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The Border line of Foolishness

Do you know how far the border line of foolishness goes?

There is no limit to foolishness, how a person thinks, 
and the only question I have is, 
how can any person think like that?

Blessings to you all from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, USA.
This is going to be a recap of my thoughts and feelings that I shall be presenting to you today with regards to the current Covid-19 situation in India.
Yesterday night, I watched the news from three different news channels, and what I saw left me in utter dismay and disbelief!
India is the second-largest democracy in the world and the most populous country in the world. I feel ashamed being an Indian today because what I saw in the news is nothing short of feeble-mindedness and silliness. There is absolutely no discipline and etiquette in the country, yet its people praise and talk about Dharma. All I could see is stupid people advertising their ignorance and arrogance in the overcrowded hospitals. I was appalled to see a lack of mannerisms by families in the presence of their family member affected by the virus. Rather than maintaining calm and patience, these family members were vilifying and abusing the doctors left, right, and centre!
Righteousness is the road to life; wickedness is the road to death. With a little bit of common sense, this horrifying situation could have been avoided favourably. It is with grief and much sadness, having to say that, in broad daylight, there is theft of the oxygen cylinders and medicines which have been donated by countries around the world!
How can a hospital even handle a situation, where only five doctors are treating five hundred patients? And on top of that, you have families hurling abuse, and wailing to get attention. The situation is quite apparent, but people's attitudes and behaviour is gross, to say the least. The attempt to jump the queue in haste, which is so unethical when patients are waiting in the queue who have arrived earlier, exposes the sheer selfishness of the masses. This is a deplorable situation, and I hold these ignorant individuals responsible for the escalation of the deadly pandemic wreaking havoc.
The doctors who are short-staffed are doing their job as best as they possibly can under such dire conditions treating patients round the clock. They are required to follow a set of rules and protocols. However, instead of supporting, praising and helping the doctors and the nurses in tandem the families create a ruckus and make fools of themselves! No one has yet even praised the hard work and the hours put in by the doctors and the nurses alike treating patients with Covid. How can you love God, when you cannot understand and love one another? It is impossible!
The Indian public is brazenly blaming the Modi government for the current situation. The seemingly sensible public, however, is hellbent on spreading false rumours, yet these few 'responsible' individuals do not want to wear masks and do not want to get vaccinated... If you wish to continue defiling PM Modi then I suggest that you stop taking all the necessary precautions. Decide today itself, not to wear a mask and not to have a vaccination. When are you going to smarten up?
In Uttar Pradesh (UP India), I came across a 25-year-old Muslim woman having 5 children, and her older sister had 7 children, with no food in the house. I called the family and asked how are the kids? The 25-year-old said that 3 of her children have died. I asked how did this happen? She said they died of hunger. I asked the 27-year-old if she will have more children, she said that if Allah wills it then so be it. I told her, that you have no food, so how will you manage? She said it is in the hands of Allah to feed us. I then found out that her mother is also pregnant. Her mother was only 15 years of age when she had her first child, and the mother is pregnant again after 25 years. Both the parents should be ashamed of themselves.
In Ludhiana, Punjab, I met an old Muslim gentleman on the wayside, and he appeared to be troubled. It was the Holy month of Ramzan. It seemed that he had not eaten for at least 4-5 days. He was in a desperate situation. I asked him to get on the rickshaw and both Ravi and I took him back to his residence. His wife was also observing the fast, and there was no food in the house! The gentleman's daughter was very good, and she was about to get married. The old man's children were dying of hunger. His age was around 70 years, and this elderly scoundrel had married an 18-year-old girl who had 2 children. I could not believe this, "Has Allah not given you a mind to think?" I exclaimed!
The girl who was pregnant was suffering acutely from kidney stones, and both her children were suffering from jaundice. PM Modi's two-child policy in overpopulated India is the perfect solution to overcome this nightmare. What is wrong with this policy? All I wish to say is that I have never come across such infantile stupidity in my entire life!
It is our cancerous thoughts, that are ruining our lives and not only that, but such vile thinking spreads like a wildfire affecting and ultimately destroying the very fabric of our society. I wanted to help this family, but I decided not to and stepped back. Just because PM Modi suggested 2 child policy per family, he is considered a cruel unjust person targeting a particular community since he happens to be a Hindu.
Anyway, coming back to the point of discussion, it is my belief that we have to be patient, calm, understanding and learn to face the situation head-on. If we do not die today we will die tomorrow anyway, but it does mean that we break the rules of conduct.
If I was present in the three hospitals I would have definitely slapped each and every one of the individuals causing a fuss. Anyway, with my concluding words, I request every one of you to remain happy and calm. Try and seek refuge under a tree in the open where you can breathe deeply, and above all, I ask you to be cheerful regardless of the dire situation.
Please listen to me and take heed of my words, I request you with hands folded not to lose faith in God. Stay safe, and be happy, and have faith in the Almighty. We must work together and help each other because I need you, and if you can follow this through, we can bid the world farewell happily together by fulfilling all our goals!

The moment that stays in the moment

The moment that stays in the moment, 
even when there are moments in life,
 how do we identify the great form of life?

Blessings to you all from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California USA. I hope that you are all well and happy.
Today, I am in a small park where newly wedded couples have their pictures taken. It is a beautiful place, and before I present today's topic I will briefly try an answer a query that I have received about the video on Hazrat Muhammad. 
To ask questions is very important in life. This is a crucial step that will allow us to appreciate and value the importance of what understanding means. In deep selfless LOVE, silence will automatically take its roots. This in itself is the way for pure LOVE to pervade its fragrance of beauty in the vastness beatitude of eternal silence! 
Both happiness and love constitute lasting peace. However, in this tranquillity, a person may mistakenly assume that one is sad - a notion far from reality. Lack of understanding is the root cause of ignorance and slavery, simply because of the fact that we have very little understanding of LIFE let alone peace, faith and the feeling that arises from the very core of BEINGNESS.
God's true form is described as Sat (Being) Chit (Awareness) Ananda (Bliss). My Beloved Father passed away in my very lap. While praying I gently lay him on the bed. I backed away about 4 feet and all I saw was Father with eyes closed lying peacefully on the bed. At that very moment, and quite strikingly too, I remembered a Punjabi folk song by Hans Raj Hans (a famous singer from India). 
It had only been about ten minutes since my father's demise. with tears in my eyes, and the Punjabi folk song on the tip of my tongue, a powerful feeling overwhelms me. "Dad wake up and let us dance", instinctively and intuitively this thought in the form of a spontaneous question (inner voice) emerges.
My father did not live life in peace at all, he worried about everyone and everything around him. In my case, I cannot see myself ever being sad, simply because God has endowed upon me the gift of LIFE far beyond worldly pleasures. I say this quite often, that LIFE is beyond birth and death. The mind is your biggest problem - it is the major culprit running rampant with your ceaseless and unfounded and meaningless thoughts. The vacillating mind always finds a way to be unhappy!
Now I will come to the topic of the day: Suhag.
This is my first Suhag Punjabi rendition, and I dedicate it to the following three children namely, Ravi, Jivanji, and Fakir.
I first sang it at my brothers wedding 28 years ago! Two brothers are getting married, and my father has seen the brides family. The bride's name is Nisha, and her elder Sister-in-law's name is Bhupinder. Nisha is very beautiful indeed, and she happened to be 9 years younger than my brother. Being me, I was not sure whose side I was on... I have always disliked inequality. So I asked Nisha if she was deliberately pressured and forced to get married against her wishes. I told her plainly, that you are too beautiful to marry my brother who is not even that handsome. I told her to disclose everything without worrying unnecessarily about the probable consequences. I clarified that I will support her irrespective of her final decision.
Nisha confirmed that she is happy to get married to my brother. She then said, "I do not want to say no because I want to be around you". Both my brothers were living in Holland at the time. I told her, that there is a likelihood of my not being able to meet you.
In life, we tend to confuse everything and make a mess of every situation we get ourselves into. As the saying goes, "We should love the art form and not the artist."
We do not have the time to fully appreciate and understand the essence of LIFE. What we are seeing (i.e. the world) is truly a spiritual phenomenon. yet we take this so lightly brushing aside the magnanimity of God's priceless creation. It is the very core Atma or Consciousness that is responsible for the 'seeing' taking place. The eyes are simply the physical tools through which we discern the physical world. In short, the entire world 'seen' through the eyes is presented in our Consciousness within! Think about this? 
Anyway, I was with Nisha, in her room, and upon her approval to marry my younger brother, I recited to her the Suhag song to my heart's content.
Finally, I wish to redress what I have been saying for the last few days, and that is, please relax and worry not about the current situation at all. You must muster faith, courage, and endurance to remain in peace and happiness at all times.
This is going to be a short video because I have a very important meeting today, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
I hope that you have enjoyed today's presentation and the Suhag song. Please do comment to let me know your thoughts. Thank you and may God Bless you ALL in abundance!

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