Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is



blissful spring

blissful spring

Good Morning

Good Morning
Always Love

Beauty of Relationship

Beauty of Relationship/block-4

A Cosmic pause

A Cosmic pause/block-3

Beauty of Beauty

Beauty of Beauty/block-1

Beautiful death

Beauty of death/block-1

Beauty of Silence

Beauty of Silence/block-4

nature is spiritual

nature is spiritual/block-1

Adorable living

Adorable living/block-1

Beauty of Silence

Beauty of Silence/block-4

In one moment, I touched my entirety

In one moment, I touched my entirety
Science is Fact, Religion is Faith, Magic is Perception... Know these boundaries to discover WHAT LIES BEYOND

A Cosmic pause

A Cosmic pause/block-3

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My life with 'Me' has been and still is special,
 full of love, 
caring compassion 
definitely has taught me much about what love is and isn't.
 I do know today that love is a spiritual journey of personal growth. 
Me and My Life have shared this journey of love

The Creation

To the Creation

You are Special, so I fall in Love with You. 
O Beautiful CREATION, 'I Love You'.
 I Trust You know this---
 With Every Moment,
 that passes by, 
You are more the Shines-
 in my Life, 
so Loving- so Giving,
 your presence shines through, 
for all to see- 
I feel Bless-
 I am a part of YOU... 
Bow You O, 
Wonderful CREATION!

Ae,You--- You are Beautiful, 
you who read this status-
 you are Beauty of creation, so I Love you.
YOURSELF--as much as Anybody in the Entire UNIVERSE, 
Deserve Your LOVE and AFFECTION... 
So I Love you- 
if I say something Wrong-
Please FORGIVE Me.....


Life is a journey,
where our finish line is has yet to be examined. 
We are all on a pilgrimage to a final destination. 
Our choice of direction will lead us farther 
closer to home. 
Every day is an opportunity to train.
 To find the truth and to find ourself is really 
what the journey is about.

1)---I said to my mind, be still, and wait without hope

2)---For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,

3)--- For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith

4)---But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting

Who we are

 I have cleared many secrets 
that I carried through life knowing 
that clarity comes from me accepting all that I am, 
all that I have been, 
all I have done Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. 
Peace, love, light, blessings 
clearing for us all 
as we travel through our lives learning, growing, 
becoming who we truly are!

Love You World

Gradually as I came to the understanding of life, writing became my art of expression; my ways of distributing and sharing my experiences with my surroundings. Then gradually this assessment of life became the science of life. I began to feel that life was limitless and infinite. Our life is not as we know it; it has a circumference as vast as the circumference of the sky. Such a great truth, my existence could not digest. The greatest miracle for me was the ability to translate my experience in a literary form.

The Art of living

The only living art is the art which comes from a living source, 
and that living source is called inspiration... 

What then is Inspiration..? 
Inspiration is that same word which has been spoken of all the time; 
it is the hearing of the word which comes from within. 
A person hears it and expresses it in the form of line...(draws)---
color...( Paints)--Note...(music)--Words...(Writes). 
Whatever form in which the meaning of Life 
wishes to express itself within---
has another aspect different from what we see in the life outside

Life is a art

* Desire to live, Desire to know, Desire for power, Desire for happiness, Desire for peace. These five things work consciously or unconsciously in the profound depth of every soul.


= When the desire to live brings one in touch with one’s real life, a life which is not subject to death, then the purpose of that desire is fulfilled


=When one has been able to perceive fully the knowledge of one’s own being, in which is to be found divine knowledge and mystery of the whole manifestation, then the purpose of knowledge is fulfilled

= When one is able to get in touch with the almighty power, then the desire for power is accomplished

=When one has been able to find one’s happiness in one’s own heart, independent of all things outside, the purpose of the desire for happiness is fulfilled

=When one has been able to rise above all conditions and influences which disturb the peace of the soul, and found one’s peace in the midst of the crowd and away from the world, in him the desire for peace is fulfilled


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Love you

Love you