Bless You

Bless You
Following the trail of colorful emotions and beautiful divine relationships. Now life Blossoms, beginning to love because it is a vibrant land of love and a beautiful feelings to wander across the heart during the journey of awakening. But here are some of the most stunning moments to witness life in full bloom with divine relationship and divine action like spring...And now thoughts are in bloom.



blissful spring

blissful spring

May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always

May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always
O Beautiful World, - Love you always

Beauty of Relationship

Beauty of Relationship/block-4

A Cosmic pause

A Cosmic pause/block-3

Beauty of Beauty

Beauty of Beauty/block-1

Beautiful death

Beauty of death/block-1

Beauty of Silence

Beauty of Silence/block-4

nature is spiritual

nature is spiritual/block-1

Adorable living

Adorable living/block-1

In one moment, I touched my entirety

In one moment, I touched my entirety
Science is Fact, Religion is Faith, Magic is Perception... Know these boundaries to discover WHAT LIES BEYOND

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We are never that which is observed
I am in love with the Universe. 
The Nature makes my nature gentle,
 then I become one with it.
 Our deepest roots are in nature. 
No matter who we are, 
where we live, 
what kind of life we lead,
 we remain irrevocably linked with the rest 
of creation

7 Chakras

 What is Chakras ?

Chakras are vortices of energy that tie the Five bodies ( Soul Body, Higher Mind Body, Spirit Body, Etheric Body and Physical Body)
together. The energy in each Chakra rotates in a clockwise direction and flows forcefully creating a shield that prevents negativity from entering. If rotation of the Chakras slow down and negativity enters the the natural energy flow is interrupted and blocks occur that creates an imbalance. 












- In the chakras, it's the heart chakra, Anahata, the central chakra, three above and three below, which symbolizes happiness and love, psychic oneness, spiritual understanding.
-  The heart chakra is the chakra of love and purity. Meditating on this chakra each day will give you humility, purity, and spiritual balance.
-  The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. Hold your right or left hand out. Now say “Me” and, as you do so, touch your chest. You will automatically touch your heart chakra.
-  Your heart chakra is not in your physical body. It is in your subtle physical body, but it comes in contact with your physical body in this location.
-  Focus on the heart center and feel love. There is a flower there, but it's like a rose folded up. As you meditate, feel that the flower is opening. Each time you open a set of petals you're going deeper into eternal awareness.

Survival–The right to exist. Deals with tasks related to the material and physical world. Ability to stand up for oneself and security issues.


Feelings—The right to feel. Connected to our sensing abilities and issues related to feelings. Ability to be social and intimacy issues.

Personal power–The right to think. Balance of intellect, self-confidence and ego power. Ability to have self-control and humor.

Relationships–The right to love. Love, forgiveness, compassion. Ability to have self-control. Acceptance of oneself.


Relationships–The right to speak. Learning to express oneself and one’s beliefs (truthful expression). Ability to trust. Loyalty. Organization and planning.


Intuition–The right to “see.” Trusting one’s intuition and insights. Developing one’s psychic abilities. Self-realization. Releasing hidden and repressed negative thoughts.

Violet / Pink :

Knowingness–The right to aspire. Dedication to the divine consciousness and trusting the universe. Learning about one’s spirituality. Our connection to the concept of a higher intelligence. Integrating one’s consciousness and subconsciousness into the superconsciousness.

The only true law is that which sets us free


Intelligible realities such as the praiseworthy attributes and perfections of man are purely good and have a positive existence. Evil is simply their non-existence. So ignorance is the want of knowledge, error is the want of guidance, forgetfulness is the want of remembrance, foolishness is the want of understanding: All these are nothing in themselves and have no positive existence.

 As for sensible realities, these are also purely good, and evil is merely their non-existence; that is, blindness is the want of sight, deafness is the want of hearing, poverty is the want of wealth, illness is the want of health, death is the want of life, and weakness is the want of strength

Death is the absence of life: When man is no longer sustained by the power of life, he dies. Darkness is the absence of light: When light is no more, darkness reigns. Light is a positively existing thing, but darkness has no positive existence; it is merely its absence. Likewise, wealth is a positively existing thing but poverty is merely its absence.

Ignorance is itself a torment, but it is a subtle torment; indifference to God is itself a torment; falsehood is itself a torment; iniquity and treachery are torments. Indeed, all the human imperfections are torments, but they are subtle torments. A person endowed with a conscience will certainly prefer to be killed rather than to sin, and to have his tongue cut out rather than to slander and lie.The other kind of torment is palpable and consists in physical punishments such as imprisonment, beating, expulsion, and banishment. But for the people of God, to be veiled from Him is still more grievous than all these torments

* unknown

The best way of living ( Natural life)

If I gaze towards the world,
 I feel the time of suffering;

the nature, I look the time of virtue;

the science, I see the treasure of knowledge;

the religion, I sense the time of war;

the technology, I feel the time of closeness;

the cultures, i see the time of blooms;

the nations, I feel the time of enlightenment;

the creation, I realize the aroma of purity;


If I gaze towards Shaheer, I realize the time of love...

All the world's religious saints and prophets hold love as a central value, the glue that anchors the universe.
We hear, "Love makes the world go round," and "Love heals all wounds." These are familiar themes: love of friends, ideas, and self. Love of God and of country. Even love of life itself. If I could only have one word for all eternity, love would be my choice.

Nature is Spiritual

I am living in that time now 
where my every moment is filled with happiness 
as my life is opening me how the natural 
and the spiritual are filling me with more deep understanding. 
Every day is my new day like new birth. 
I cant live without this Blissed atmosphere.
 It is life living inside me with her natural nature
 and her natural nature is spiritual...

The light of the Self

The more I accept the more I Die, 
and the more Alive I am. 
Total Acceptance, with the entirety of my being,
 is complete Death, FANA. 
And complete Death of the manipulative Ego is full Rebirth,

The light of the world

Even as I am writing, the word “real” seems to shine with this quality of realness,
 and the word “true” seems pregnant with Truth. 
Words at this level carry the truths that they are symbols for
When any word gives its taste, 

Life is full of Beauty

Simply sit down, keep quite.
 Keep quite for one moment. 
This is the moment we need- this is the moment of rest.
 keep quite for a moment without thinking 
and we will find Relaxation.
 When there is no thought there is Beauty,
 there is Love; 
So perfectly pure and Spotless-- 
that everything will be instantaneously unfolded before us,
this Beauty will hug Beauty itself

That's enough

I do not wish
To be famous,
You recognize me
That's enough.
Good as goodness, bad as badness
How I have been perceived
However someone needed me
Is how I was recognized
How uncanny life’s philosophy can be
Evenings do no pass
Yet the years are passing by.
Life is a strange race. 
If you win, you leave many behind. 
If you lose, your own leave you behind. 
Often I sit down on the ground
I live my own value.
I learned from the seas,
 the technique to living
Silently  flowing and
Staying in Your happiness.
It's not that I don’t have any flaws
But I tell the truth
        There is no untrue in me.
My enemies may become jealous of my style
For era’s I neither changed my love nor my friends 
Brought one watch and as I tied it to my wrist
Time fell behind
Thought I would build a home
And sit with ease. 
But the needs of the home
Made me a traveler
One  morning
When we used to get up laughing,
And today many times without smiling,
 it becomes evening
I know
I have no value yet
With some precious people

Real relationship

Relationships should make us feel wanted, loved, cherished, cared for. Every relationship has it's ups and downs... And every relationship demands sacrifice...
But, relationships are not all about taking, they are about giving too...Be with the person who brings about the best in us, then only is it worth being in it, to bring us happiness

Whereas any relationship that brings you pain and makes you question it's existence isn't worth anything in this world.
Sometimes, we don't expect a lot...Sometimes , a few words of care is all we need to feel loved

What is boundary?

What is Boundary ?
Everybody talks about boundaries, 
but I am not aware of my own boundary.
I have always found myself as unknown traveller in this creation; 
who is unaware of its own boundary.
While walking someone else's beauty-- 
sweetness of the voice--summit of thoughts
--deepness of emotion--
meaning any beautifying nature became tear in my eyes 
and the bow then where is my boundary!
While walking someone's sadness--thirst--hunger dwell inside me 
then where is my border ?
I could not find the same.

All I know is that I was born as a thought--
travelled as search and found life as an emotion. 
I kept on dissolving 
but could not find the boundary.

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