Magnificent Moment

Magnificent Moment
जब मैंने पहली बार खुद को प्यार से देखा, ऐसी ख़ूबसूरती मैंने कभी ज़िंदगी में देखी ही नहीं थी, जो उस वक़्त मेरे में थी।



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meditation music

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What experience does death and birth balance? part 5

What experience does death and birth balance?

Everything in life is living in a balance, so how will that balance be when we come to know that we have crossed the balance of life and death?

Today the weather is quite hot, and it is very peaceful. I am in a park in Los Angeles. I noticed a tree, and I can see how the roots and the leaves grow from every nook and space around it. Similarly, Life is just like the roots and the leaves, and the emptiness that we continue to occupy in our lives also grows because it is full of energy. We live in vast space with boundless energy - due to seasonal changes flowers blossom, and wither.
One day just like these fallen flowers, we too shall fall. A rose flower has several petals - or rather, one could say that a flower blooms within a flower and decorate a tree with their beautiful hues and aromas. And The same flowers wither away and decorate the ground. Likewise, this is also the story of all human beings - we too get painted during birth and death. However, we fail to notice the decoration but, if we can experience death during our lifetime and embrace LIFE by understanding its TRUE NATURE, then even facing death will be, welcomed because it will vivify LIFE completely.
My LIFE centers around my personal experiences - I do not listen to anyone at all. I would much rather stay away from those who say one thing and do another. On the other hand, if a person is loyal to his words and deeds, then and only then will I listen and not otherwise. It is worth noting that the world adorns the world we live in while death adorns the UNIVERSE (Brahmand).
We fear death - what is death? Why are we so fearful of death - is it because it brings an end to a life that scares us? What happiness have we given to our loved ones to date? We have only exploited our loved ones, and the truth is that we have relationships, but it lacks LOVE, and we never live up to it. Aren't relationships meant to be LIVED? Why can't we LIVE in relationships?
A person who has MASTERED the ART of DEATH in LIFE will REJOICE it eternally - have you ever thought of it in this light? Anyway, this is the experience LIFE has brought to my attention today. All I wish to say is that the deeper I delve into LIFE, the mysterious it gets and the vaster and intricate it seems each time. As one attempts to understand LIFE and begins to feel that he/she has fathomed its intricacies, the more mysterious and complicated it becomes and infinitely inexpressible and limitless.

Irrespective of LIFE or DEATH, the one absolute fact I know is that 'I AM' is PRESENT and EXTANT! So the question is, what is the cycle and purpose of Life and Death? Is it because of a strong bond and attachment to loved one's that we oppose the possibility of parting one day - and inevitability undeniable?
Post-death, if a loved one appears in our dreams, thoughts, and visions, this speaks volumes about LIFE. When the door of one dimension closes, another one opens. Innumerous dimensions open up, and we never dissociate with anyone knowingly or unknowingly - we are all related and ONE.
Now, I shall discuss Space, Speed, and Time. The Divine feature of SPACE is SILENCE (Chup) in so far as DHARMA is concerned. Everything has its roots in SPACE - it is the platform of CREATION. SPACE is also LIGHT (Prakash) so, the attributes of SPACE are SILENCE and Light. In short, we are SILENCE and LIGHT. When the element of SPEED enters our SPACE, we become ALIVE and ACTIVE. In other words, there is not only Aliveness within us but, there is a presence of AWARENESS also. So what does this mean? It simply means and points to a revelationary TRUTH, 'I AM'! One realizes the SEED presence of 'I AM' or 'Mai' in Hindi.
Thus, with the presence of 'I AM' follows TIME - one can say that TIME is the shadow form of 'I AM.' God is LIMITLESS, and beyond TIME itself - He is TIMELESS, ETERNAL (DEATHLESS). Light, Silence, and Space are deathless. The sheer DRAMA of LIFE and DEATH takes place in SPACE. Science examines these three PROPERTIES for scrutiny through scientific instruments or OBJECTS. However, the Rishis, Munis, Pir, and Paighambar of yore revealed the TRUTH by themselves becoming, both Subject and the Object for examination of the HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.
Today I uploaded a pinned post with a picture of a green-colored parrot called Angel when he was a baby. I humbly request you all to take a moment to read the post you must do. Briefly, this is what I wrote: "When I observed my experiences in deep Silence, the very quiet molded into beatific words glorifying and expressing the Divine experiences..."
When I was in class 10, I can vouch that I had never written anything to substantiate my literary skills. However, the experiences turned into a fountain of words exuding their fragrance. A professor of psychology was quite amazed at my writing skills and content, saying that it deep psychology and philosophy.
Experiences do not wear any color, form, and shape. They happen in SPACE and, for them to get expressed, they have to be either written or spoken. A person's experiences automatically find expression - when and how does one know that these are his/her genuine experiences? When these experiences become his/her understanding.
It is the knowledge that brings out the creativity in the spur of the moment turning, us into artists of our masterpiece. It does not matter whether we are artists, healers, and sculpts - the innate understanding will naturally blossom. When an illiterate person writes books, it is indicative of the deep knowing that has taken place. The manifestation and spontaneity of words that took form and emerged from within in the vast SPACE signify the ubiquitous Law Of Creation as the Divine field of energetic activity.
This SPACE is energy that is both positive and negative. When we switch the television on and then switch it off, you will notice the formation of a zig-zag energy pattern, following which a few short seconds later, the television screen will either turn black, brown, or grey. When it turns grey, it has assumed its original status. Likewise, akin to the zig-zag pattern that we see in the television is also present in SPACE around us.
You can also observe this zig-zag energy in deep contemplative silence via meditation (Dhyana) - just like a bright Sun stops one from seeing it directly, similarly the zig-zag energy field will be hard to see directly.

Why can't we see this strange phenomenon of zig-zag energy that has the brightness of a Sun? How is it that the eyes are filtering or stopping us from seeing this amazing fact? Even the ears or the spine are both responsible for the balance. The lower spinal cord has a tiny minuscule pinlike structure that affords overall balance in gait. If this small projection becomes disturbed or moves out of its position, it will cause intense pain in the spine. Likewise, the ears are also organs that have a functionality of balance. Suppose if you draw a line ear to ear and another line straight through the third eye right the way through to the rear of the head, then the intersection of both these lines in the center of the head is the SPACE where you will find a small pin structure that is responsible for the balance. When this structure is affected, we feel dizzy.
If we were to detach, let go or reject the presence of the five elements that are a significant part of creation, then wouldn't we begin to experience the vastness and the beauty of CREATION? The LIMITLESS within will become our REALITY and our DIVINE EXPERIENCE also. We will become the UNIVERSE, then how can divisions and separations become issues? The limitations and the boundaries will fall as the ESSENCE of ONENESS percolates our BEING.
This body is as beautiful as CREATION or LIFE itself. It functions seamlessly due to the perfection of BALANCE. Suppose if we disown thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, trust, country, caste, and everything else - what would happen then? It is not only our thinking or feeling that is responsible for overall balance but, our ACTION is also equally accountable for the worldly DRAMA. Likewise, When one achieves the balance of meditative contemplation, then she/he will overcome the function of doership, and BALANCE will in itself equilibrate and, LIFE will HAPPEN and FLOW with SPONTANEITY. Our LIMITED Thinking and BELIEF binds us to the WORLD, but it is our LIMITLESS Knowing that FREES us from BONDAGE by PROFFERING BOUNDLESS UNIVERSAL FREEDOM.
If THINKING is responsible for our worldly experiences, then why can't we sacrifice our thoughts? If FEELINGS are directly liable for our happiness and sorrow, why can't we forsake our feelings? The follow-up question then is, why can't we sacrifice the limited space and accept BOUNDLESS Brahman?
The fact is that we cannot live without the art of stability or balance - allow me to site you an example, whoever Ravi meets someone, he will talk negatively about the person(s). he will say, 'Maa this, person or that person is like so and so.' His attention draws towards the negative aspects of the person(s), so as a result, his thinking is negative. He negatively sees the creation and dislikes death since his outlook on the world is cynical.
He desists from talking and meeting with people since they are all negative. However, if a human being, animal, or bird comes to his attention needing help, he will go out of his way to assist most selflessly and lovingly. In his thinking, the world is cynical, and likewise, people also are sarcastic and mindless. However, if anybody requires help, Ravi will serve him/her without fail. In this, you will be able to discern a balance. A smooth-talking individual will have a negative side to him/her vice versa.

To date, I have never heard Ravi saying, 'Maa, I met a person and, he/she is good.' He has no liking for anyone in this world other than me. However, Ravi will at once serve a wounded animal, bird, or even a human being. He will accompany a person to the hospital and help him/her and, he is fearless. In a nutshell, both his negativity and positivity cancel out and become neutral thus, establishing balance. Though he does not like people, he helps them in their hour of need? Why? It is because LIFE is equilibrating this disparity by drawing a perfect balance.
Now talking about my love for you all - I always keep saying that I love you all tremendously. If you meet me, then my affiliation with you all will not be of love but despise. Based on what I have discussed above, after all, I have to do things in a life embracing the law of balance. If my words and deeds match with my inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions, then my love will remain the same for you all.
Most people are like Ravi in this world. Why do good people face retribution? It is because it is a lesson for them to garner the strength to be able to fight.
In continuation, from above, if my words and deeds are in sync, then it is needless to say that I am STILL within my SPACE. It means that I no longer function from the mind-body complex but rather from BEINGNESS itself. Thus, space within and outside is in perfect poise, which means that our LIFE has assumed PERFECT EQUANIMITY. God, LIFE, loved ones, and everything else in LIFE is well balanced - it becomes ZERO (NEUTRAL). It is a stage where everything seems and appears as ONE. In this beautiful SPACE, our ACTION becomes defunct, and the 'I AM' or the EGO born out of time undergoes death and becomes purified to the LIGHT OF BEING.
Both extremities fall away in this beatific SPACE. This stage is referred to as NIRVANA while living, following which there is yet another form of NIRVANA called Absolute Salvation (Bedeh Mukti). Life is worth living when it flows in GRACE as SPACE or EXISTENCE (LIFE) itself. SPEED denotes ALIVENESS, and TIME is a shadow of 'I AM.' Every living form is benevolent in this CREATION, and it is the IMAGE of GOD HIMSELF.
Tomorrow I shall discuss YUGA (age or time) and time travel. I wish you all the very best. Be happy!

जीवन की हर चीज़ एक संतुलन में ही जी रही है, तो वो सन्तुलनता कैसी होगी, जब हम यह जान जायेगे कि हम जीवन और मौत की सन्तुलनता से पार हो गए ?

Translated By Paresh Jivanji

Meditation Rhythm

Meditation Rhythm

Such a video, in which music and photos will not only relax the mind, body and soul, the whole life will blossom.

ऐसी वीडियो, जिस में संगीत और फोटोज ऐसी कि मन,जिस्म और आत्मा ही रिलैक्स नहीं होंगे, सम्पूर्ण जीवन खिल जाएगा 

Why do waiting moments seem like ages to us? part 4

Why do waiting moments seem like ages to us?

The universe is in motion, whenever this motion stops, we recognize this stop as death because we do not yet know from the motion of the imperceptible part.

I see the reflection of a tree in the lake and, it is the same as the standing tree. The only difference is that the tree reflected in the calm waters makes a mirror effect - otherwise, there is no difference. Likewise, life (Samsara) is like a reflected tree. We see life through the lens of our thoughts, feelings, and what the eyes perceive. We have never seen LIFE in its correct form - just like a clean or a blank sheet of paper. However, we have always seen life, how people perceive us because we have never looked at ourselves - is this not strange and a feeble story of our life?
Life is the same as the reflected tree which, appears upsidedown and, this is a one hundred percent fact! When truth dawns, we begin to understand that life is no way near our beliefs or understanding based on our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Today when I came to this lake, for the very first time, I witnessed a tiny blackbird fighting against three rabbits. I wanted to capture this drama via my camera and video recording, but I could not as they were moving too fast. For good ten minutes, I watched this scene of how a tiny blackbird put up a fight against three rabbits and finally won the contest. Life is full of glimpses of such Divine beauty and vastness only when you can see it through pure and perfect eyes.
There is no point in seeing LIFE through anyone or anybody, nor should we accept anyone's feelings or religious duty to celebrate and appreciate LIFE. Only through unsullied pair of eyes must we apprehend the beauty that we call LIFE, and with clear thought, mental poise, clarity, and sublime feelings can LIFE appear New, Fresh, and Alive.
LIFE shows me the freshness of activity at every moment, and I often wonder whether this happens to me only? As you can see while panning the video, tiny birds are taking flight and learning how to fly. Wherever I go, LIFE presents me with lessons and understanding, just like witnessing the baby birds hardly 2" long that are learning how to fly. However, a child who is one and a half feet tall can not even talk. Let alone a child, but when one becomes 5 feet tall or more, he/she is unable to walk even then.
Creation fills with beauty, sense, and understanding, but it is a human being, believing himself/herself to be the image of God that, lives life in EGO the whole of his/her life. Human beings have imprisoned themselves due to the ego complex. Nothing is stopping him/her attain great heights, but his/her limitations become stumbling blocks. In creation, where God has granted power, you will also find a weakness in the same measure.
Life functions in balance and, how we go about living life depends a lot on our thoughts, understanding, and feelings. Anyway, this was a short preview of how LIFE grants me experiences every moment by teaching me LESSONS every step of the way which, becomes delightful obsessions, if you will.
Today's topic is SPEED (Gati), which is the rate of change of position of an object in any direction. Life and activity or Speed are synonymous. The action in life, be it via the act of thinking, feeling, traveling, working, or whatever else it is that we are doing, including mind-body activity, has its roots in the state of motion. The nervous system and breathing also depend on movement, and where movement ceases, DEATH is inevitable. This movement or MOTION is called ALIVENESS. The relationship between Time, Speed, and Space is ONE. It is a known fact that time slows down when the faster an object travels. If we become LIGHT itself, then time will STOP, it will cease to exist. God is eternal and TIMELESS (Samyatit or Kaalatit).
In short, where there is time, there will also be Speed and DEATH vice versa. Thus, when we become LIGHT itself, then DEATH will become a BLESSING in a POSITIVE manner. This STOPPAGE or DEATH is known as NIRVANA or the stage of SAMADHI. This spiritual LIGHT is in itself TOTALITY - so what is Consciousness and the SUN? Are they the same? Could it be that Consciousness through its subtle form appears as the SUN in its gross form?

Space is Silence (Chup) and, it also Light (Prakash). If we travel beyond space, do you think that there will be darkness or light there? To ascertain an answer to this question, then you must turn within yourself. I mentioned earlier that the tree appears upsidedown in the lake - but this could only take place if there is a tree standing in the first place, will it not? Hence, this LIFE (Samsara) is also like the reflected tree - which is comparable to the reflection of our mind, thoughts, and feelings alike. Time is, therefore, a reflection of I AM (Mai), and you will notice that in times of immense excitement and happiness, we cease to exist temporarily. Why is that during remorse, sadness, and bad times, time stops ticking? During waiting, time seems to extend and, why is that form, color, and size (shape) changes during such a disheartening phase?
During the phase of sorrow and sadness, grief, sorrow, and disease, believe it or not, our awareness increases tenfold. Though things seem to slow down and extend forever, our attention (awareness) gets the better of it. AWARENESS is LIGHT and, it also ALIVENESS because its momentum (SPEED) has increased and, the rate of time will slow down inversely. However, the strange thing is that the clock's movement remains consistent at all times, during sadness and happiness.
The clock's movement does not extend during the phase of anguish and vice versa - a phenomenon influenced by the Speed of Awareness. What science has discovered occurs within each of us yet, we fail to appreciate both science and religion (spirituality) because we have not understood our BEING and God's beautiful CREATION. Yet in, no time we stand up to refute world religions, country, thinking, and feelings.
Our energy flow seems to diminish and come to a halt where it is much needed. The pertinent question is, as mentioned above, how does the effect of time influence my welfare? The clock shows thirty minutes have elapsed, but due to sadness, it seems like eons. So what is the TRUTH here - is time rhythmically ticking away as it always does, or is our notion of feeling that time has stopped or extended forever correct?
Both aging and disease depend on AWARENESS, and because of our sheer ignorance, we have failed to recognize the importance of LIFE. If we can use AWARENESS during times of sorrow in a positive way rest, assured it would elevate us to great heights. Time would slow down and, we would feel younger and vibrant and, there will appear a glow of freshness on our body and face. Thus, if our SPEED is positive, then we will be healthy and vice versa. Time has no relevance with EXISTENCE or LIFE - its effects pertain to creation only. When LIFE is seen purely from within (BEINGNESS), it will be different because LOVE automatically will correct the anomaly of our seeing life incorrectly like, the upsidedown tree in the lake!
Only when our thinking, understanding, and feelings are in alignment can we appreciate LIFE - this means we will not need any medium of support.
In the next episode, we shall discuss the abode of heaven (Svarga), hell (Pataal Lok) and, earth (Mrityulok). In this episode, I wish to explain the movement of trees from a train. Why trees nearby move fast and so do the trees farthest, while the trees in between seem to be stationary. We can see things on the earth and the sky, but not those in-between why, so?

Science is also called specialized knowledge and has no difference from the Universal Law of Dharma. The Universal Law is not partisan - it is the same for humans, animals, trees, and birds. Baba Nanak Dev Ji shared His knowledge and personal experiences in Japji Sahib, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad shared His knowledge and personal experiences in the Quran, and Bhagwan Krishna appeared and shared His Knowledge and the TRUTH in the Gita via the Mahabharata war, Ashtavakra created the Maha Gita and Bhagwan Buddha established Ek Dhammo Sanatan. These are experiences shared by these Divine Beings as per their personal experiences via God-Realization.
Thus, as human beings, we too need to delve within our DIVINE SOURCE and gather the seeds of TRUTH and bring them forth by sharing their nectarine aroma. The other fact is that this knowledge can only be acknowledged and accepted with belief, trust, and faith since I cannot reveal it to you per se through a practical class in a laboratory.
Today's technology reveals the same facts revealed by the Great Masters and Personages of yore, such as Baba Nanak, Hazrat Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus. I consider technology as not only my Guru but my Dharma also. It will leave you astonished to learn how technology has benefited me.
I will need to present an essay on technology - I shall upload it on my Blog. I am talking to you all 15,000 miles away as you receive my audio instantly, meaning that technology has superior knowledge than we do. Dharma is not a problem, but we are an obstacle as far as Dharma is concerned in our Life. We have failed to overcome stress and sorrow in what way can we, therefore, comprehend Dharma? Without acknowledging Dharma and Science, we are simply flesh - science is a tool that enables us to understand the essence of Life. The need for Speed, Time, and Speed is a MUST as they are ONE.

Translated by Paresh Jivanji

ब्रह्माण्ड गतिमान है, जब भी यह गति रूकती है तो हम इस रुकने को मौत के नाम से पहचानते हैं क्योंकि हम अभी तक अगोचर हिस्से की गति से जानू नहीं 

Can you believe that Space, Silence and Light are 'One'?- Part 2

Can you believe that Space, Silence and Light are 'One'?

How can I tell how life looks to me, there is space and bright light, which obscures the mind in an instant.

Animal skin sells for a large amount of money, but human skin is neither traded nor sold. You may have the most attractive face, but it will one day merge with the earth. Life permeates with feelings, and as such, where can one find the essence of life's dimension and its source of existence? Who is the owner of LIFE, and to whom does it belong? It is non-other than our Consciousness (Chetna). Yearning for spirituality takes one to the corridors of the very womb of the existence and birth of LIFE.
Life has its roots in SILENCE alone. What is music, and why is it that we are influenced and touched by it? If music has such a powerful effect on our psyche, then can you even begin to imagine and unravel the influence the SOURCE from whence music is born will have on our bodies? Thus, the birthplace of music is Silence, so the follow-up question, is how does Silence give birth to music? The answer is, Silence stirs up the feelings which emanate as musical notes - no matter how I explain this, you will not be able to gauge the depth of the revelation of this enigma until it does not become your personal experience.
To hear these Divine musical notes via Silence (Chup), it becomes necessary to divinize the sense of hearing by making it pure (Sattvic). A person with a good taste for music will have a sharp sense of hearing. Thus, one can say that music is a Divine sound that originates from the fringes of the vastness of SILENCE alone. The music rising from the depths of Silence cannot be compared with worldly music at all. Similarly, worldly desires and influences are incomparable with the reality of our TRUE ESSENCE of BEING.
Any form or type of music like classical, modern, or even Shastric music, stands no chance against the Divine music springing from the very core of SILENCE. Our sacred existence is so beautiful that even when the doors of the heart cave open up in glee, the experience (even individually) will seem fresh, as though it is unfurling for the first time. When such an experience is born from the womb of utter quiet, untouched and pure, it will raise a question as to why the elevated Divinities the likes of Rishi, Muni, Pir, Paighambar, Buddha, Krishna, or Hazrat Muhammad, did not fathom this phenomenon. Why could they not comprehend it, or even see it, and understand it, and why did they not speak in such and such a manner? Both finger-pointing and suspicion will be apparent because of the priceless and profundity of the experience, unique to every individual.
However, when one delves deeper into this mystery, it becomes apparent that this happening is universally dynamic and implicitly statutory concerning the traits and 'functionality' of the ESSENCE of BEING. Silence has prompted me to tell several people including, Roopa and Ravi, the following - that when you delve, encounter, and personally experience this aspect of LIFE of Absolute SILENCE, a question will arise, 'How could I possibly sustain and forge a bond of relationship with this world?'
'How did muster the courage to even meet and speak with people?' Promptly the answer emerges, and my very EXISTENCE says, 'Perhaps this is the reason why God has filled you with limitless and selfless LOVE, such that you can express the same ALL.' The LOVE within me becomes the catalyst and SUBLIME action to emerge from the depth of SILENCE such that I can mingle with the world.
Thus, filled with boundless energy, happiness, and laughter, I once again partake in worldly play. When I speak to Paresh on the phone, there is nothing but a Divine fountain of joy and laughter exuding, which is undescribable having, no apparent cause for hilarity. Even a grave topic may turn into a burst of joy coupled with unstoppable laughing.
When I meet anybody, the immensity of LOVE is boundless within me because I see the person(s) before me as the beautiful creation of God's handiwork. The eagerness and the rush in me to meet the person(s) is beyond words. When the meeting draws to a close, and once again, the veil of Silence draws over me, lo behold Silence itself believe, it or not, speaks to me and presents to me its intrinsic MYSTERY distinctively. Everything around me seemingly fades into oblivion in the presence of SILENCE.
So, what does SILENCE tell me? It tells me that it is SPACE or void. Every bit of creation begins and has its roots in SPACE alone, including science, religion, psychology, etc. It is infinite, and the only way to describe it is through written words and speech. However, the only person(s) who can understand the language and the ESSENCE of SILENCE is the one who has experienced it.
Has anyone as yet understood the ancient scriptural texts? Never! Nobody has understood these ancient spiritual texts. Until we do not reach the state that Baba Nanak had attained, you will remain incomplete. You can undoubtedly trust and believe ideologies because they are a medium through which we can cognize and evaluate life and mentally comprehend it, but it remains incomplete and defunct!
If one contemplates understanding SILENCE via religious and spiritual context, then it can be defined as SPACE. If you describe SILENCE scientifically, then it can be defined as space or (ether). Silence and Space are ONE. When we become immersed in the 'element' of space, the need for any aircraft to travel becomes irrelevant. We become space and, we can therefore circumnavigate easily. A wingless flight becomes a possibility when one enters the Divine essence of SPACE a, miraculous affair that no one else can witness or understand, other than our BEING alone. This unexplainable feat is a FACT.
There is yet one more facet of SILENCE and SPACE and, it is LIGHT (Roshni or Prakash in Hindi). The deeper we delve into SILENCE the, intense will be the brightness of LIGHT - and the same holds for SPACE too, and this will be directly proportional to the attainment of WISDOM.
Our five feet four-inch body will become vast SPACE. How does this take place? When Consciousness (Chetna) abounds with LIGHT - call it the SUN which, is a reflective form of Consciousness itself (seen through the eyes from without), the LIGHT merges with the vastness of CONSCIOUSNESS. Why does science say that when the sun finally collapses, life too will come to an end? When the SUN dies or collapses, then Consciousness will end. When I am in deep SILENCE, everything
gets drawn into each other.
SPACE is another form of LIGHT, as explained above. The immensity of BRIGHTNESS in SILENCE can never be equated with LIGHT anywhere in the CREATION. Our very existence depends on SILENCE, SPACE, and LIGHT. These three aspects of LIFE are interrelated. Therefore, one can say that Silence = Space + Light, and Space = Silence + Light, and Light = Silence + Space.
As you can see visually via this video footage - I am standing by a lake. No doubt the body is here on the banks of the lake there, is sunshine and trees around me, but where is my LIFE at this moment? It is in SILENCE alone.
In life, I realized one thing that my LOVE for all was immeasurable and my weakness. I did not wish to part from these acquaintances. Everyone thought that I was crazy - but my love for the person(s) even, if it was for five minutes, was inexpressible. However, since the last week, a change has overwhelmed me because God revealed the third answer to a question I had posed.
The question I presented to God was, 'If you were in the process of creating Chikkoo (sapodilla), what was the conceptual thought running through the Mind that enabled you to give it a specific color, taste, and so on?'
My love for technology is immense, and the way technology has given me the nudge to question it is in itself an impetus to declare that a mobile phone is far superior since it is through it that I can reach a multitude of people. Without it, what is my value? We admire gold, we barter our own family, we value money (paper note), we sever relationships and hurt people, but the strangest of all is that we have failed miserably to appreciate our BEING.
I have noticed a transformation in the last seven days, whereby I can see a person's Karma. I have always doubted my feelings since childhood, but LIFE always proved me wrong as I stand tall today in saying that I was never wrong in my judgments and feelings for people or things and that I have passed in LIFE. To date, only 5-6 people have left a positive vibe as far as my feelings for them are concerned the rest were all negative in the past seven days.
When I return home and rest at night, I get the vision of the person(s) whose entire Lifetime of Karmic actions passes before my mind's eye. Very few lucky people have a beautiful LIFE since they are happy and contented as a whole. However, for the rest, it is terrifying. Yesterday Davinder and I met an individual - after seeing the person, I decided never to step out of the house ever again. I do not wish to meet people - I intend to continue creating and sharing my experiences through videos. If there are individuals like Davinder, Paresh, Ravi, or Monika, I will be more than prepared to travel personally to any part of the world and invite and ask them to join me and live with me.
I will not visit or meet any person as it is my final decision. God is showing me a person's record. I would much rather continue doing what I love, which means I will be happy to learn History. Since technology is also my Guru, I wish to make a plea that it confers support, and through it, I can maintain my rapport, friendship, and love with those of you who share the common goals we have.
In LIFE, people have only followed and appreciated those who are fake and liars. A person who is righteous and pious by nature will possess a unique aura of freshness and aliveness. People have failed to understand TRUTH - they would willingly follow news depicting lies and violence, but they fail to follow the Grace that abounds LIFE and run after worldly life full of negativity. We are unconcerned about our LIFE and, we have no idea how to live LIFE and prolong this beautiful aliveness forever. The interest within us has disappeared nay died altogether. Freshness and LIFE are synonymous and, when one starts to embrace the beauty of CREATION, s/he will blossom like a fragrant flower. The freshness experienced will be through SPACE, SILENCE, and LIGHT. Due to lack of understanding, we will never acquire FRESHNESS in LIFE, and when the confluence of Space, Speed, and Time occurs, know at once that both NIRVANA and SAMADHI as BOONS will become GIFTS to cherish eternally.
Stop entrusting everyone in LIFE. If by watching the video you find newness and freshness in what I say and that you trust what I share with you daily, then all I ask and advise you to do is to remain quiet for the next twenty-four hours. Once they have elapsed, let the mind ponder and assimilate this information and take it from there.
Tomorrow I shall discuss Speed, Time, and Space. When the confluence (Divine explosion) of these occur, what takes place.

Translated By Paresh Jivanji

कैसे कहूँ कि मेरे को जीवन कैसा दिखाई देता है,चुप ही स्पेस है और शुभ्र रौशनी है, जो पल में ही दिमाग को अलोप कर देता है।  

What is the State of Space, Speed and Time in Meditation? Part 1

What is the State of Space, Speed and Time

in Meditation?

The Wonderful Secret of Life When life's passage through experience reveals that silence is our space, full of luminous and mighty secrets
As you can all see, it is a beautiful day today. The flowing water is indicative of the speed and the direction of the wind. The sun is about to rise in its full glory, and the atmosphere is divine, gorgeous, and peaceful. It seems as though that something is overshadowing the sheer spectacle and presence of beauty here and now, thus reminding one of his and her lover - and there is no love greater than one's love for God Himself.
That which reminds one of his and her lover is bound to be the most beautiful and dear sentiment, and the very thought of remembrance saturates one with an overwhelming sense of passion undescribable. What is love? The one whom we call God is LOVE alone. The very act of creation, from whence life, sprung forth and in whose bosom one feels boundless joy and love, huddling is welcomed.
It is after three days that the mobile phone is finally working again properly, and it has taught a befitting lesson that, how ignorance can be a hindrance in life. It has revealed how an otherwise perfectly flowing life, could suddenly come to a halt, bringing with it much pain that can drastically affect the mind-body complex. Due to ignorance, we fail to achieve our coveted goals in life, and I have been thinking for long, the reason why I was disinterested in studies, and yet, I was so keen to understand life, perhaps this is what God had desired of me. I was not at all interested in the world, but my selfless love for the world was boundless rest assured.
Ignorance is the root cause of not only dis-ease in life, but it is the worst form of the disease, and it will not only be injurious to your life, but it will greatly affect you in the society you live in, including your spiritual life, mental wellbeing, and intellectually also, and it will leave you in a state of irreversible pain.
I wish to reiterate that in life, I have never listened to anybody or anyone. I have always believed in myself, and I always followed my gut instincts and my personal experiences. The very same is true with everyone else too, but the only absurdity here is that you are forced to listen through fear bit it religion, a Guru, and everything else in life. You should not accept anything or listen to anybody in life. My mother would order me to complete certain chores, I would ask her for reasons, as to why I need to even agree to complete the tasks handed to me. If the reasons offered, are credible and good for the welfare of everyone including myself, then I would consider them, otherwise, I would refuse. I would assess the task and the after-effect it has had as far as my mother is concerned, that is by agreeing to, and completing such tasks how did my mother benefit from such chores in her life?
If my mother did not benefit herself from such duties, then why would I even want to agree to carry out such tasks? Both relationship and life have their places including one's wishes, thoughts, and feelings too. Life is meaningless and a burden, if you do not adhere to being honest and truthful. Without these key traits, life will be hopeless and worthless, and your efforts to help others will be useless. It is easy to say that your honest, but it takes years to traverse the path to acquire the right to honesty.
One can easily say that I can meditate proficiently with my eyes closed. The fact that with eyes wide open you have failed miserably to master the art of living and appreciating the grandness and the beauty of creation, then by closing your eyes, how, and in what way has it benefited you? We decide to relax such that we may be able to comprehend life better, but if we are unable to relax at night by closing our eyes, then of what use is it to close the eyes during the daytime?
If I wish to talk about speed, time, and space, it becomes necessary for me to understand the meaning of LIFE? It is also important to discern and therefore understand the creation that we behold through our eyes, is it not? From the very outset, I wanted to understand Life's purpose - that is, why am I here? Although, I did not quite understand the purport of the word 'motive' or the reason behind this vast creation as a child. I simply wanted to know the vastness of this creation, since everything around me seemed rather strange as I eagerly sought to figure it out.
The desire to know stemmed from a very young age, and I often observed my Mother, and inquired, 'How does she walk and talk? Why does she fight with everybody? Why does she argue with Father? Why is there an argument in the household? Why is everyone reacting in this manner, and what are they all doing? How are they all benefitting by reacting in such a way? As a child, I would hide myself in a 5 square foot enclosure and spend 5-6 hours in a state of hollowness - from time to time all I could hear were the footsteps of family members walking past or around the enclosure. I could hear Mother yelling at me, and I could not even reply, to let Mother know that I am in the enclosure.
The family members would search for me, and they would realize that I was in the enclosure. I recollect, not even knowing my identity, as I would hide in the enclosure for hours on end with no particular reason either. The questions running in my little mind at the time were, 'Why am I born in this household, and what is my connection with these people? Why are Mother and my aunties behaving and acting in such a way? Why is Father such a wonderful human being? Why do these members behave in such a cruel manner with Father? Every scenario and moment turned into a question for me, and I wanted to get to the bottom of it all. While staring at the skies above, I would remonstrate, 'Oh God, I do not wish to be like any one of these family members!'
I do not need to be in this creation, then why am I here? I could never emulate a person nor even desire to become like anyone. I always felt and thought that I was a useless and irresponsible person in this world, as I have never been able to accomplished anything in life to date! Though I had a deep love for everyone, yet paradoxically I did not want to be like anybody. I started frequenting Gurughar (Gurudwara), and upon seeing the Spiritual heads, ceremonial readers, including scholars (Pandits), question after questions would arise, as I would observe them for long periods. People would kneel in front of them and take their Blessings, and there I was as an 8-year-old young girl, seated at the back of the Gurudwara, taking notice of every situation unfurling with keen attention.
I recall, at every stage in life I refuted and refused to accept the world - I did not even contemplate studying, nor did I want to watch any films. I was not interested at all in the things of the world - my only admiration and love were for LIFE alone, be it my own life or that of others around me. I loved LIFE and that is it - having an analytical mind meant that I would question everything, which includes my desire to learn why and how people think, feel, see, live, question, analyze, and perceive life as a whole. Understanding these facets of life from the perspective of human beings was my idea of understanding the basis of creation. Thus, when such a person has observed life in this manner, what has s/he learned and achieved, is what I yearned to comprehend, lest life deprived me of acquiring this understanding.
Whether it is the experiences of Baba Nanak, Kabir, Farid, Hazrat Muhammad, or Krishna - I just could not acknowledge them outright. However, if I underwent the experiences shared by these Divine Persdonages then I would bow my head in absolute reverence with love and complete surrender.
I was young when I first traveled by train with my Mother, and I noticed that as the training picked up speed, the nearby trees, plants, and shrubs also appeared to move in the opposite direction. In my little mind, I thought how beautiful this journey is going to be.
I noticed that as the train picked up speed, the trees outside also appeared to move along, which was rather exciting. I did not quite understand what was happening, and being a young girl, I did not know anything about time and speed? I remember asking Mother, 'When next will we be traveling in a bus or a train?' We boarded a fast-moving train once almost after 3-4 months, and we were traveling to a distant place called Malerkotla, a district in the Indian state of Punjab. While seated on the train, I noticed that the nearby trees moved fast, and the trees farthest would also move very fast. However, the trees in between appeared to be stationary, so I asked Mother, 'Why aren't the trees in between not moving?' Mother replied, 'None of the trees are moving, but what is moving is the train.' I exclaimed, 'No! If the trees were not moving, then how could we see them?' Mother replied, 'I do not know, but all I can say is that the train is moving.
Yet another incident that I wish to share, is that as a child of approximately 5-6 years of age I was asked to look after Preeti, who was my uncle's daughter. Whenever my aunty was busy, I had to take care of Preeti, and she would be next to me sleeping on the bed, and my hand would be on her trunk. I would notice from time to time that Preeti's breathing would stop intermittently, so I asked Mother, 'Bibi, Sometimes Preeti stops breathing.' I shared this fact with my aunty also, but nobody acknowledged this and no one listened to me.
I must have been around 17-18 years of age when I moved and settled in Canada. It is a known fact, that whatever we think and desire, LIFE somehow fulfills these wants. The very questions that arise within us, can pave the path that we end up traversing in the days to come. The questions we pose today, become the milestones of what is to unravel in the future. A doctor of pediatrics once appeared on the television show, where he discussed that children's breathing can stop intermittently and briefly for a few seconds for the first 6 months of the child's life.
At age 8 years, I had witnessed the trees moving with great velocity whilst I was seated in a fast-moving train. This particular event revisited me at the age of 12, and the answer to this anomaly dawned when I was 35 years of age!
What is Google? It is a fully automated search engine, comprising vast data from around the world in every field, be it psychology, business, etc. I have a question for you, 'What is that is similar to Google that contains all the information required that is inherent in us?' It is Consciousness (Chetna) and nothing comes anywhere close to Google than Consciousness.
Make it your point today to search for the world's Dhyana, and time via Google or even better via your personal Guru's website or perhaps in person. Try to find out what exactly constitutes Dhyana, and what is the state of Dhyana (in a person) with regards to his/her mental and intellectual including spiritual (Atmic) basis? It is a known fact, that the body is still during meditation and the eyes are closed, but the poignant question is, what is the individual's state of mind at the time of deep meditation (Dhyana)? The answer that you will derive will be incomplete and generic. However, to ascertain information with regards to Adhyatmik life and knowledge, then there is nothing more appropriate and better than Consciousness as the powerful RESOURCE of ABSOLUTE UNIVERSAL INFORMATION. It is the source of timeless information, and the Vedic scholars enunciated their thoughts by saying, 'This is it!' Thus, needless to say, that every individual is COMPLETE.
Is there any similarity between sleep and meditation (Dhyana)? Are they the same? Are we in a meditative state while we are asleep? When we have no understanding of sleep and it fails to induce rest, how then can we attain any peace during meditation?
What is sleep? During sleep, where is Consciousness and what are the states of the mind and the intellect? In deep sleep, where is the very Essence of the SELF (Atma)? Do you know? Life is so beautiful, simple, untainted, and priceless. It is the Dharmic Gurus (spiritual teachers), politicians, and actors that are responsible for brainwashing and bringing disrepute by severing our innate beliefs and values. We must begin our search within because LIFE is truly magical, and DIVINE beyond words. You are perfection itself, a walking Sacred Text as well as a Divine BE-ing and an era (Yuga) in its entirety. Knowing these facts, how then can I not LOVE you selflessly?
Believe it or not, I can discern information or something about a person very quickly. Even, at the age of 8 years, I felt as though am I being delusional as I could not quite figure out the dissonance when I questioned life. This has been the story of my life to date, but the flow and speed of LIFE are remarkable because though paradoxical they may appear, LIFE as a whole, nevertheless assists you through hurdles and failures to grow and progress until you PASS with flying colors. How and why then would you despise and dishonor LIFE? Dharam or one's duty in LIFE should be to honor everything in CREATION. A Dharmic individual will see and appreciate the ONENESS of LIFE through the art of PURE LOVE, and will NOT side hatred and brutality or division.
If LOVE does not endow one with the attributes of sacrifice and surrender, then this cannot be the definition of TRUE LOVE. Likewise, Duty is Oneness and duty is also Khuda (Godly) and LIFE itself is a Sacred Text. If you have failed to read the beauty of LIFE, then whom can you rely upon that will help you understand this TRUTH? I am afraid no one can, not even a Guru, Pir, or a Paighambar can help you understand this fact of LIFE until you do NOT understand it yourself.
Tomorrow I shall discuss time, speed, and space. I will endeavor to explain it well concerning meditation. Take care, and God Bless you ALL!

Translated by Paresh JIvanji

जीवन का अदभुत रहस्य जब अनुभव के राही जीवन यह बताता है कि चुप ही हमारी अंतरिक्ष है, जो प्रकाशमान और शक्तिशाली रहस्य से भरी पड़ी है

The Journey of 5 Moments

Whirlwind of Energy

The journey of my 5 moments was like this, which made me master with the understanding of life in such a way that my life became happy.


From the very core of my existence, my life-energy became active ever since I fell in love with the beautiful nature. As soon as the energy became active, the flow of joy, love, understanding, courage and peace started flowing in me, due to which I started opening like a flower in me. Now the universe has started blooming in my silent existence, so I saw myself full of 'Spring-Season'.

My opening in myself started becoming a surrender in myself. This surrender became a prayer before the universe. In such a beautiful time I saw how my every weakness became stronger in itself and how the great energies of nature flowed and gave life to the fullest.

Then I have not only seen and understood how nature has become my companion. Silence became my security that I became a unique way of controlling reality, and my silence became my weapon to feel safe. Now I know what these situations will do, so now I am always on top of the situation.

Sometimes I also feel that I do not know what is happening to me, so I cannot explain my experience. So I start writing down my own experiences, it is my writing that connects me to the silence, and then through understanding connects to reality.

Whenever I connect with every reality of life, I know that I only love the truth. I like to see the truth and hear the truth. I love experiencing the truth above all else. I just appreciate the truth for being true. I am happy in truth. Truth is my nature, and the nature and essence of everything. Of course I love reality, because I love who I am and who I am, because I love reality, because I love myself.


ऊर्जा का बवंडर

मेरे 5 पलों की यात्रा कुछ ऐसी ही थी, जो मेरे को  जीवन  की समझ से  ऐसे माहिर कर गई कि मेरा जीना सुखी हो गया 


 जब से मैं सुंदर कुदरत से प्यार करने लगी हूँ तब से ही मेरे वजूद की कोर में से ,मेरी जीवन-ऊर्जा किर्याशील हो गई। ऊर्जा के किर्याशील होते ही मेरे में आनंद, प्रेम, समझ, हिम्मत और शान्ति का प्रवाह  बहने लगा , जिस से मेरा मेरे में ही फूल की तरह खुल जाना आरंभ हो गया। अब मेरे चुप वजूद में ब्रह्माण्ड का खिलना शुरू हो गया तो मैं मेरे को ही 'बहार-ऋतू'  से भरपूर देखा।

मेरा खुद में खुलना ही खुद में समर्पण बनने लगा। यह समर्पण ही ब्रह्माण्ड के आगे प्रार्थना बन गया। ऐसे सुहावने समय में मैंने देखा कि कैसे मेरी हर कमज़ोरी खुद  में शक्तिशाली होती चली गई और  कैसे प्रकृति की महान ऊर्जाएं प्रवाहित हो गई और भरपूर जीवन दे देने लगी।

फिर मैंने देखा ही नहीं और समझा भी है कि कैसे कुदरत मेरी साथी बन गई।  चुप मेरी ऐसी  सुरक्षा बन गई कि मैं वास्तविकता को नियंत्रित करने का एक अनोखा तरीका बन गई, और मेरी चुप सुरक्षित महसूस करने का मेरा हथियार बन गई। अब मैं जान जाती हूँ कि यह हालात क्या करेंगे सो मैं अब सदा ही हालातों के ऊपर होती हूँ। 

कभी कभी मेरे को ऐसे भी लगता है कि न जाने यह सब मेरे साथ क्या हो रहा है,  तो मैं अपने अनुभव की व्याख्या नहीं कर पाती।  तो मैं खुद के अनुभवों को लिखना शुरू कर देती हूँ, मेरा यह लिखना ही मेरे को चुप से जोड़ देता है, और फिर  समझ के माध्यम से वास्तविकता से जुड़ देता है।

जब भी मैंने जीवन की हर असलियत से जुड़ती हूँ तो मैं जान जाती हूँ कि मुझे को सिर्फ सच्चाई से प्यार है। मुझे सच देखना और सच सुनना ही अच्छा लगता है। मुझे को सच्चाई का अनुभव करना सब से ज़्यादा अच्छा लगता है। मैं सिर्फ सच होने के लिए सच्चाई की सराहना करती हूं। मैं सत्य में ही खुश  रहती हूं। सत्य मेरा स्वभाव है, और हर चीज का स्वभाव और सार है। बेशक मैं सच्चाई से प्यार करती हूं, क्योंकि मैं जो भी हूं और कैसी भी हूँ उससे प्यार करता हूं, क्योंकि मैं वास्तविकता से प्यार करती हूं, क्योंकि मैं खुद से प्यार करती हूं।

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