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Let's Walk Like a Mystic

Exploring the Self

  Exploring the Self Who am I?  What is this 'I' of mine?  What is my 'I-ness'? I see, I hear, I feel, I become a sensation, I become understanding, this I, whom I have to confront today. Is this 'I' my only thought? I see that my 'I' is like a wax, which molds itself into every shape. It is a power that keeps on molding itself according to circumstances and conditions. Because it always wants to keep itself in balance and live in harmony. This is a power to keep my 'I' in Harmony with me. Description: The questions and reflections you've provided delve into the philosophical and existential aspects of the self and identity. These inquiries have been explored by philosophers, psychologists, and thinkers throughout history, and there are various perspectives on the nature of the "I" or self. Who am I? This question asks about your personal identity. It's a fundamental question that people often contemplate throughout their lives
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Mind's Beauty and Silence

 Mind's Beauty and Silence Beauty and Receptivity of Mind How calmly and Easily the mind understands the laws of physics one after another! When the mind enters into the mantras of creation, it first understands that Silence is the deepest and vastest Mantra, from which all speech is born. Silence changes a person's personality and refines one's insight. One understands that all this beauty of Nature shines within oneself, and one can see all that beauty as one grows up. The person's journey is infinite because one can see it, and the universe becomes small because as soon as every law of the universe is known, all relations with Time and Space disappear And due to the stoppage of Motion, the person stops in eternity. Description: The passage I've provided reflects on the beauty and receptivity of the mind as it delves into the understanding of the laws of physics and the contemplation of existence. Let's break down some key points: Understanding the Laws of Phy

Journey to Inner Peace

 Journey to Inner Peace How did my existence become peaceful? When I understood that my breath also moves with the mercy of life, Then Every step of mine became the guidance of Light. When I raised my eyes and looked towards the Sky, the freedom flowing everywhere made me recognize my existence properly then I started becoming at peace within myself. Description: It sounds like you found peace and contentment through a deeper understanding of life and your connection to it. Your journey toward inner peace appears to be rooted in mindfulness and a sense of interconnectedness. Here's a breakdown of the key points in your reflection: Awareness of Breath : You mentioned that you understood that your breath is a reflection of the mercy of life. This suggests a realization of the vital connection between your existence and the natural world, as well as an appreciation for the simple act of breathing as a source of life. Guidance from Light : You mentioned that every step of yours becam

Living in the Present

Living in the Present  Why am I happy? When I asked myself this question, I understood at that very moment that I had lived my life considering every moment as my last. then an atmosphere of happiness started flowing in me. Description: It's wonderful to hear that you're feeling happy and have discovered a sense of happiness by considering each moment as if it were your last. There are several psychological and philosophical reasons why this mindset can contribute to feelings of happiness: Presence and Mindfulness: When you live in the present moment, you are more likely to be fully engaged with what you are doing. This mindfulness can lead to a sense of contentment and happiness as you appreciate the experiences and people around you. Gratitude: Viewing each moment as potentially your last can encourage gratitude for the people, experiences, and opportunities in your life. Recognizing the value of these things can enhance your overall sense of well-being. Reduced Anxiety: F

Life's Comfort in Rhythm

 Life's Comfort in Rhythm Why is my life Comfortable? Life's Comfort in Rhythm When I heard the sound of my own footsteps walking, I started hearing only the tune in the sound, then I understood a law of nature that 'What is the rule of rhythm?' The tune is always formed there - when the notes are at the right place, then my life has become comfortable. Description: It sounds like you've had a profound realization about the comfort in your life and the concept of rhythm. Let's break down what you're expressing: Sound of Footsteps: You mention that when you hear the sound of your own footsteps, you start to hear a tune in the sound. This could be interpreted as finding beauty or harmony in the everyday experiences and sounds of life. Law of Nature and Rhythm: You mention understanding a law of nature related to rhythm. Rhythm is a fundamental concept in various aspects of life, including music, nature, and even human behavior. When things are in rhythm or

Satisfaction Through Relationships

 Satisfaction Through Relationships Why is My Life Satisfied? When I looked at the World, I immediately recognized that the source of satisfaction is wisdom. Because I have always not treated relationships by name, but have considered them as human beings first, and then have seen relationships by name. Because of this feeling of mine, my life started becoming satisfied. Description: It's wonderful to hear that you've found satisfaction in your life through wisdom and your approach to relationships. Your satisfaction may stem from several factors related to these principles: Wisdom : Wisdom often brings a sense of contentment because it allows you to make better decisions and navigate life's challenges with greater ease. It can provide you with a broader perspective, helping you see the world in a more nuanced and understanding way. Empathy : By treating people as human beings first and foremost, you are likely to approach relationships with empathy and compassion. This

Moments of Stillness

 Moments of Stillness   I like to wake up early when everything around me is Calm and Relaxing! At this time, every discovery of mine is Right and Real, which answers my question, and keeps my life flowing. Every answer comes to me without thought and every experience of mine comes without enthusiasm. Then I understand that I am a deep vibration and a huge Creative force within myself. Description: I find peace and clarity in the early morning hours when the world is calm and relaxing. Many people cherish this time for its serenity and the opportunity it provides for self-reflection and connection with their inner selves. My experience of feeling that every discovery is right and real during this time is likely a result of my mind being less cluttered with the distractions and noise of the day. In the quiet of the early morning, I may find it easier to access my inner wisdom and intuition, leading to a sense of knowing and clarity. The feeling of being a deep vibration and a huge crea

Embracing Openness in Life

 Embracing Openness in Life Openness means keeping your mind and heart open to new experiences, ideas, and relationships. It means working to move beyond familiar boundaries, especially the walls that discriminate against us. When we live openly, we understand that life is constantly providing us with new information and opportunities for Growth, and there is always a flow in our lives. Description: Openness, as described in this statement, is indeed a valuable and admirable trait. Let's break down the key aspects of openness as outlined in this statement: Keeping Your Mind and Heart Open: This means being receptive to new ideas, experiences, and emotions. It involves not closing oneself off from possibilities and remaining open to different perspectives and viewpoints. Moving Beyond Familiar Boundaries: Openness encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and explore unfamiliar territory. This can lead to personal growth and a broader understanding of the world. B