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Signs of the Beautiful Path

 Signs of the Beautiful Path I remember not only that Day, but also that Time;   I remember not only that Incident but also the Situation; I remember not only that Moment, but also the Step; When I had given this decision to my Own life that - 'I am not because of you, you are all because of me' - From that Moment everything in life considers me to be the Master. When I listened carefully to the sound of footsteps while walking, the rhythmicity of each step made my living an art.

What happens When We Die?

 What happens When We Die? All the questions raised on life have been good for me, due to Which I got happiness, happiness and peace in my life. One of my questions is 'What happens When We die?' This is a question that I loved dearly. Asking this question made me feel good and beautiful. Although the answer to this can be given only by Death, then How will the 'die person' answer - then this question arises ahead. Our questions reveal How much We know. Such questions of life remain a mystery, but Why?  There are some questions like 'about life' and 'as life' Which become curiosity but cannot be answered. Thinking about such questions becomes deeper than the answer, because the answer to such questions will be found only at the time When the event is happening. This question of mine gave me all the Journey of life Which I had never imagined. What is it to see right, hear right, understand right and then use it right? - This question of mine identified me

What Name Shall I Give? {Auto Biography}

  Call it 'I' or the Universe; Call it a Walk or a Stop;   Call it Experience or Awareness; Whatever I say, Still it is Nothing, This Journey of Life What Name Shall I Give? Worldly Dimension: I did not like the character of Relationship, Which character am I hungry for and Why do I need a person of that Character? I got the answer to this question after 37 years - When I started feeling the same Character in Myself. This is What I have learned from worldly life that WE are What WE care for, no one else. ---   Mental dimensions:   Ours or Others, True and False, Good and Bad, Pass and Fall, Giving or Taking, Virtue and Demerit and Religion and World; With all this there is some Thought or Feeling – It was my nature to look deeply and understand that. When I saw that this discrimination is only a medium - through Whom one gets the experience of sorrow and happiness, Then I became empty. ---  Intellectual Dimension:   Who Am I? Who am Why do I need to be? I did not kn