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The Thrill of Life

The Thrill of Life is Learning   When we wake up, how does life wake us up from moment to moment,  such an experience that this awakening never ends Many years ago I gave myself a way to sit on one side and watch not only the flow of Life, but also the flow of Water and Time. This flowing flow of all THREE did not teach me to flow - taught me to stop - Why? Do you understand Why? - मैंने बहुत साल पहलों खुद  को एक रास्ता दिया कि एक किनारे बैठ कर जीवन के बहा को ही नहीं देखना, पानी और वक़्त के बहा  को भी देखना है। यह तीनों के बहते बहा ने मेरे को बहना नहीं सिखाया- रुकना सीखा दिया- क्यों? क्या आप समझते हो, क्यों? ---  It was a matter of many years ago When I told myself that one has to walk on the path of life as if there is no way. That place: Which is unpaved - on which no one has walked, it has to be walked on it in such a way that the path is not the way but the destination is also there. I kept on walking; One day it reached such a point that there was neither a path nor a destination,