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What is the reason for our failure?

'I' always exists  Whenever we fail in life, the reason for that is that we did not understand the base. We will never fail if we understand base If we were not absent, we would never have attended. We call death for non-attendance and life for attendance. Both of these 'I' mean that they grow on the page of time. Now the question is if we want to see our own non-attendance?  We will have to be non-destitute as we live.  The first step to being non-attendance is - 'silent'  We have to move forward by becoming a silent dimension. As we move forward, we will go through the experience that we are becoming selfless in ourselves. There will come a time that we have become 'unknown' in ourselves. If we digest this ignorance, then the next step will be our 'non-attendance'. * Our being always exists in our natural nature, so knowing one's own nature is the most important step. --------   What is the reason for our failure? We have always seen life f

Living bliss is heaven

Living bliss is heaven To live blissfully is called heaven. Whatever we have heard, if we are not getting it in the world, we will not get it even after we die, because every part will start from here . Seeing flowers everywhere, I started getting romantic in every particle. When I looked up at the sky from the flowers, a feeling of mischievous style arose. Living in its fullness fills every part of life. Today my romanticizing mood also became full. Today, there is such satisfaction in life that what is said to be filled with satisfaction, and by seeing it, it becomes complete. Such a precious feeling that the coming of thought is the fulfillment of happiness. And seeing is complete. So the question arose that, - Did my satisfaction reveal itself? Is it only perfection, which is fulfilled only by thought? Is it the entirety that a moment is fulfilled? Is this called heaven and this dimension is the 'kalpa tree'?  Romance with one's own. The romance within itself, which is

Did this happen to you?

Why didn't I do this,  If I had considered the properties as wealth then why did I not handle the wealth? Why didn't I think how people handle money and gold, so why didn't I learn this from them? Because I thought that money and gold are cheated, it lies ahead, it can be cheated at all. And no one can rob the qualities.  I was very wrong. This senselessness made me heavier than everyone else.  The world is intelligent, which also keeps its own money and gold, and I did not know how to handle my qualities. When I saw people taking advantage of my qualities, then I realized that I too did the same thing that my father did. ------ The world upholds virtues, and cash the demerits. I learned one secret of life and that if someone cheats on us in life, that cheating gives us some of our qualities or our weaknesses.   If someone makes us stupid, then we become foolish only because of our weaknesses or qualities.  In the world, if anything of the world is looted, then only our own

Mystic Level ( Harmony with Universe)

Divine-relationship We feel light and empty. We are lighter than light, emptier than space, a nothing that is the ground of all things. Sensing ourselves, there is nothing to find, just a lightness and an infinite openness. At the same time by remaining with this nothingness we realize it is also fullness, being-ness, and presence... We feel: here: this moment: One here feels oneself still personal, but in a very pure way. One is a pure person, without any roles, free from all roles. There is freshness, newness and a sense of eternity. It is freedom from object relations and the world of object relations. same tune: same feeling: even same steps: The two realities, the oneness and the person, are both Being; they are complementary. One is both. Aeriana and me

The action of consciousness

The Action of Conscious All the deepest feelings are of consciousness, how? Whenever we are close to consciousness, then the qualities of consciousness come in us. Which chemical chemical in love is what makes our condition childish and makes the state a child? Love is the action of consciousness. That which is our consciousness, conscious, our awareness, light is just its aura, consciousness is like space, which is, but is not visible. When we go into our conscious form for the first time, our condition is such that if we want to express it, we will not be able to do it. When we are unable to describe our own condition, then how can we give a feeling of consciousness? As much as it is overlooked, it is lovely. Can we see sleep? Can we see the thinking? Can we see the experience? No, we can only see the action of these, meaning that till date we are aware of their shadow only. Now the question arises, if I want to see all these, then? Answer; I have to be thinking. How can I become th

A look at technology from spirituality

A look at technology from spirituality   We have never learned to see right. Today we live in the era of tachnology. Can we understand tachnology today. Never. When we have not yet understood ourselves, how can we understand this era?   One day he used to read the book and just repeat the word. Whether the book is religious or worldly - it doesn't matter. We never learned to read the book. So today we read a lot on the Internet, do we actually read? Or is it time away?  When we read something on a paper, there was a very deep secret in it, we did not understand it. Today when we read the words on iron and plastic, we still do not understand. Neither do we know to read nor do we understand the 'base' that we get. Those who understand are the same%, there is no difference in that also. The world can lose money from us, can take the wrong benefits of our qualities, but can never take away our qualities, our capable, our ascendant from us. Today's technology era is explaini

What is the relationship between silence and death?

Silence and Death The feeling of deep silence is death.  The living part of death is silent and silent is the unconscious death   'I think too' I am not; 'My feeling too', I am not. I am not me; 'I' is a very beautiful flow flowing in deep silence. Which is taking many forms. Sometimes by thinking and sometimes by feeling, it gives me the knowledge of experience that I am silent. Silent is my dress, silent is my feeling. Whenever I go towards the quiet, as soon as the quiet enters inside, then the feeling of quiet is exactly the same as the person goes to death. Death and silence. These two are the same. Silent is death Because silent is the door of the universe, in which a person enters unconsciousness at the time of death and when consciously enters 'silent'; This is the silent one whom Jesus, Buddha and Baba Nanak along with Hazrat Muhammad said that 'die before death' Silence and death are the same thing, there are only two sides of the sam

Why is our 'being' important and was it? 'amazing conscious'

Why is our 'being' important and was it?   When I started to identify with silence, it was a matter of time that I realized, - 'Every creature in the universe is like this ant, till the time it creeps on the ground, we don't even know, when this ant touches any part  of our body, how our hand' without seeing 'ant Removes from the body? ' Till date my position was like this ant, and I was crawling on the ground. There was a lot of pain. When a person begins to see his own position, the pain is very deep, and thanks also awakens. The more I understand life, the more the vast universe stands in front of me, which has questions in every part, which is eager to liberate me. today When I started going to sleep 4 hours ago, when I lay on the bed, I started seeing the stars! suddenly: Which is the secret of life that wants to complete itself, by awakening the 'consciousness' within every living being. At the same time I saw myself as if I was smaller than a

Why don't we like to die?

My life is my pilgrimage  "Let us all be fruitful, increase in quality and live life to the fullest!" Spring, Autumn: These are my stages, every stage I have lived to the fullest, that's why every stage of mine is going to give and take happiness,  tree said.. What is living full?   When we eat food we like it very much. And we chant just one word, 'wow', which is enough to express our satisfaction. In the same way, when any person lives to the fullest, that person gets such satisfaction that even death becomes his/her enjoyment. Every person in life dies in childhood, only someone dies when they are old.  Why don't we like to die? Because we are learning to live. Until we know how to live, we will never like death.  Just like: When a person suffers pain, one likes to die, this 'liking' is fake. This person is running away from something, is afraid, is weak. Death is liked by a person who is full of happiness. The person who knows the nature of life -

Let the spring come

 Let the spring come   Pure silence is our land from which everything originates. It is such a discovery that every discovery is identified by searching. This discovery is the spring season, which never ends, in which everything always blossoms. This is the most amazing dimension that we can ever discover and start any moment. We are nothing. We are only a state of pure silence. It is our color, form, shape, body, brain, a chemical reaction; One who has blossomed into a flower that has been named, 'Conscious'. There is no 'I' and 'You' in the conscious form. We are exactly the same in our entire state. And that dimension is our spring season.  Let us also take our own hearts to the ground of happiness. Our heart also needs to blossom before the fall.  Before autumn Autumn becomes a celebration for those who have lived spring Seeing the flower bloom, my particle starts blooming. So the moisture of my eyes starts flowing to 'thank' the flowers and my feet

Walk Carefully- Show Some Garce

Our Life is our State Our life is a state, in which everything is good and bad. Be it thought or emotion, these are the paths of our state. Our desires are the same as our local trains. Our 'motive' becomes our 'highway'. हमारा जीवन एक स्टेट है, जिस में अच्छा और बूरा सब होता है।  सोचे हो या भावना, यह हमारी इस स्टेट की राहें हैं। हमारी इच्छएं  हमारी' लोकल ट्रैन' की तरह ही है। हमारा 'मकसद' हमारा 'highway' बन जाता है।  Very beautiful title of life, that life is also a state, we should understand it Our life is such a state in which everyone wins only by drinking poison. Whether good or bad; Whether right or wrong, all of them lose their lives. In this state, we all commit suicide. Whether to commit suicide slowly or do it quickly. Natural deaths are rare.  हमारा जीवन एक ऐसा ही स्टेट है, जिस में सब जहर पी कर ही जीतें हैं।  चाहे अच्छे हो या बुरे; चाहे सही हो या गलत, सब के सब जीवन को खो देतें हैं। हमारी इस स्टेट में हम सब आत्महत्या ही करतें हैं।  चाहे

Just like a flower, I’ll grow on you

Hello Spring 

How the Right Thinking Can Strengthen Our Life ' Living'

 When I entered the temple Life flows, teaches life, steals life, empties life, and I am nothing other than this. Freedom is the new zeal of my life. My new zeal made the universe a temple for me. The path of this temple is silent and the door of this temple is natural. Life has turned my mind into a priest by becoming a guru. Who woke up the candle of understanding and started reading the book of the world. When every subject of the world became my chapter, I recognized that my trust is my worship. When I saw myself carefully, my love became my prayer, became powerful in me and freed me like the sky. And when I flew in the sky, I entered my temple which was real and right for me, which was beyond every subject, where there was only the rule of nothingness. "How the Right Thinking Can Strengthen Our Life ' Living' " Find the secret My search continued to make my life thirsty, which teaches my thoughts to be action to take long flight. Makes my emotions deep and huge l