What did I know that when I fell in love with myself, my romance with the universe would begin!

What did I know that when I fell in love with myself, my romance with the universe would begin!
When nature became a school, the subject became silent. When I started writing every experience in space, literature began to be created. The creation of literature itself began to understand every article of itself, so understanding itself began to adopt every understanding. This romantic journey of my experiences taught me to love myself. The deepest and most beautiful experience is that when we fall in love with ourselves, then the romance starts with universe, then the universe itself identifies us with every mystery.

Will you trust that diseases also speak? / क्या आप भरोसा करोगे कि रोग भी बोलतें हैं?

 Will you trust that diseases also speak?

When the person knows to listen to own-self,
then another study of the person starts, 
which changes his thinking and feeling towards life.

Today: I again told my life that I have to walk in beauty. I do not know how my life agreed my time and took me to the shore of the lake in the moments of sunset. When I looked at the sky, the color of the sky was blossoming in orange and purple.
My body was incarcerated in a small disease (shingles), I could never imagine that the effect of colors is also healer, for me it was a medicine full of wonder and unique emotion that when I was wandering under that colorful sky If I was sick, then my disease started talking to me, and started telling me, 'Now I will go'
After coming home, I told the family that this disease will go away in two days, this disease has told me this. And this disease ended after two days. I only had this disease for two days.
Three months ago: This disease itself told me that I am coming and I told everyone that this disease has to come and I did not know that diseases also speak. And they also treat themselves. This is an event that is difficult to trust. But with whom such an incident happens, what should that person do!


क्या आप भरोसा करोगे कि रोग भी बोलतें हैं?
जब व्यक्ति खुद को सुनना जान लेता है ,
तब व्यक्ति का एक और पढ़ाई शुरू होती है, 
जिस से उस की जीवन के प्रति सोच और भावना बदल जाती है।

आज: मैंने फिर ज़िंदगी से कहा कि मुझे सुंदरता में सैर करनी है। पता नहीं मेरी ज़िंदगी ने कैसे मेरे ही वक़्त को राज़ी किया और मेरे को सूर्य अस्त के पलों में झील के किनारे पर ले गई। मैंने जब आसमान की ओर देखा तो आसमान की रंगत नारंगी और बैंगनी रंगत में खिली हुई थी।
मेरा जिस्म एक छोटी सी बिमारी ( shingles ) में क़ैद था, मैं कभी सोच भी नहीं सकती थी कि रंगों का प्रभाव भी हीलर होता है, मेरे लिए यह हैरानगी और अनूठी भाव से भरी दवा थी कि जब मैं उस रंगदार आसमान के नीचे घूम रही थी, तो अचनाक मेरा रोग ही मेरे से बात करने लगा, और मेरे को कहने लगा कि ,'अब मैं चलता हूँ'
घर आ के मैंने परिवार के लोगों को कहा कि दो दिन में यह रोग चला जाएगा, इस रोग ने मेरे को यह कहा है। और यह रोग दो दिन के बाद ख़तम हो गया। यह रोग सिर्फ मेरे पास दो दिन रहा।
तीन महीने पहले : इस रोग ने खुद मेरे को कहा कि मैं आ रहा हूँ और मैंने सब को बता दिया था कि यह रोग ने आना है और मैं यह नहीं जानती थी कि रोग भी बोलतें हैं। और खुद का इलाज़ भी खुद ही कर देतें हैं। यह एक ऐसी घटना है, जिस पर भरोसा करना कठिन है। पर जिस के साथ ऐसी घटना घटे तो वो व्यक्ति क्या करे!

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The way of speech

The way of speech
This is what I learned and understood from life and also learned that every human being needs one thing very much, that is education. Education is not that one should have a degree, education should be one with which a person can understand life. What does it mean to know? What is understanding? What is recognized? And what to believe? When we understand these four questions, then the art of living comes in us. This art is such that life gets embodied in the veneer of health. Because we start seeing life so deeply that diseases are far away and we live life at the highest level. I will share these four questions with all of you from different direction and from different condition.

Thanks you came here

Thanks you came here
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