Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is


 I choose my own course
 through the Nature.
 Silence is my best subject. 
Today, I am Love With All Creation, 
I give thanks to the Creation has brought me 
to this very Moment

When I Love myself, I am nice with myself. 
        Then I know that Change what I see, 
                 by changing how I see. 
         Today is my day to laugh at Death.

Feel it now, this very Moment. 
The presence is here, as it is everywhere else. 
All that is needed is OUR falling into a kind of attainment, 
OUR falling inwards into a kind of at-one-ment.
 Then the cawing of the crows and the cuckoo calling from far away… 
and all is SILENT. 
In that Silence 
WE start becoming Aware of the impersonal presence
 that surrounds US…

The moments 
I was looking for 7 years prior came 
and disbursed in the present moment. 
When I was looking for them in the experience of death. 
To know that death, 
experience death was the main goal of life 
at that moment.
 I attended as many funerals as I could. 
I was experiencing death as a form of meditation. 

One day I saw death breathing life. 
The body was not breathing 
but the death was.
When the being thinks that the being is alive. 
The recognition of death swept away my feeling 
and my desires.
 Death that took over life was alive 
and was smiling at its glory. 
The smile of death made me aware of the pain within me 
my being felt alive in that pain of death.
 I began to grow in that death's womb. 

Although I have taken birth in this short capsule of time
 and although my age is very childish, 
but womb of death began to make me aware of the cradle of life;
 because I am aware
 that the death has to take the dress of life 
in order to take shape as death,
life has to pass through death to take life form.


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