Game of Death ( Corona Virus )

Game of Death   ( Corona Virus )
Following the trail of colorful emotions and beautiful divine relationships. Now life Blossoms, beginning to love because it is a vibrant land of love and a beautiful feelings to wander across the heart during the journey of awakening. But here are some of the most stunning moments to witness life in full bloom with divine relationship and divine action like spring...And now thoughts are in bloom


What should I name this What should I name this! 
When I saw today…. 
What should I say, Who was seeing and what was being seen? 
My being or the creation! 
Oh, Myself. 

Then I realized, I am the creation but ignorant… 

In the vast deepness of my being for myself. 

the eyelid opened to view the Nature… 

There is neither denial nor the acceptance… 
What ever is suppose to happen is happening… 
Wow! Then, the life forcasts this is life… 
I travel through a moment in century so that century can become a moment… 
I deny so I can experience the accept.
Humm! The time played game with naughty smile
which became deep question,
“Who am I and What is time”
If time exists then my being exist… 
If there is no time, then there is no being. 
Then the creation answered, 

I am timeless, but I exist in time 

I am shapeless, but take shape 

I am the destiny, but become the path 

I am but only I am, because I am formless. 

Then saw only saw…
in the womb of moment taking birth of my being on the bed of death…
 I am infinite like the sky…
Empty, yet full…

I am nothing, 
but still very healthy-blissful-carefree 
and the festival 
only festival.

Love you

Love you


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