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Life has no meaning at all, In these last twenty years I was searching for the meaning of my life.But I found that life has no one meaning. Since our knowledge as a mankind is still not enough how the universe was created!!! and this is all about own experiences and own thoughts how we take a action and reaction for another. If we are one then we are same and you find here some Spiritual quotes . This web site related to Lifestyle, Love,Peace and happiness site. Life is beautiful you feel here.

Beauty of journey

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Who am I

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A Cosmic pause

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Beauty of nature

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harmony. rhythm. melody,

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Space and Time

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Who are you

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Miss you

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Beauty of Religion

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Yoga and Ayurveda Magazine

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Ahah moments

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The art of living

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Beauty of death

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Amazing beauty

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The death of Ego

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The Journey

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Beauty of Relationship

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Beauty of oneness

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Let us remember to take time to connect with Nature... to breathe in and feel the Real Life

My life is flowing on and I am watching that,
 “When life becomes our guide, 
we enjoy the process of living; 
when we get freedom from our own feelings, 
we get a perfect existence.”

I Want to Die with my Romantic Mood,

The LOVE in my Heart,
THANKS in my Being,
Blessings on my tongue and

Laugh in my eyes, Ameen!

* Wish you ALL a Happy - Healthy - Peaceful and wonderful LIFE!!!

Though love is light it becomes darkness when its law is not understood

1)---Now what the ear likes to hear is music, 
the prohibition of it is what I call obstruction to the ear

2)---What the eye likes to look at is beauty;
 its not being permitted to regard this beauty I call obstruction of sight

3)---What the nose likes to smell is perfume; 
 its not being permitted to smell I call obstruction to scent

4)---What the mouth likes to talk about is right
wrong; and if it is not permitted to speak
 I call it obstruction of the understanding

5)---The comforts the body enjoys to have are rich food 
and fine clothing; 
and if it is not permitted, 
then I call that obstruction of the senses of the body

6)---What the mind likes is to be at peace; 
its not being permitted rest I call obstruction of the mind's nature

7)---All these obstructions are a source of the most painful vexation

8)---Morbidly to cultivate this cause of vexation, 
unable to get rid of it, 
and so have a long but very sad life of a hundred, 
a thousand, 
or ten thousand years,
 is not what I call cherishing life

9)---But to check this source of obstruction 
with calm enjoyment to await death for a day,
a month, 
or a year or ten years,
 is what I understand by enjoying life

The Human is very Clever Animal

 The Human is very Clever Animal:

~ Everything that has an inner reality, if not preserved through its counter part of it's outer reality and practice, then the wisdom teaching which is part of the inner reality gets lost over time. We have many historical evidences that will testify this that when the outer forms which hold and work as a container of the inner teachings and symbols are discarded, then even the inner reality is lost over time. 

Sacrifice of the animal is meant to sacrifice the inner animalistic attribute of human being.

*Sacrifice of animal is the outward action as a reflection of the inner reality of true sacrifice of the self --'The EGO'

Fall is but a word, but the feeling coupled with it to die for

How beautiful to be aware of what IS.
* FALL: 

To me it always seems to represent new beginnings.
 Special When Leaf's falling on the ground- 

I always feels that every leaf is me. 
'Fall Is a Second Spring When Every Leaf Is a Flower'. 
Fall is my love, 
watching the change color
 and fall leaves from the trees,
 like me, 
watching the change feelings 
fall Ego from the Core

Ae beauty of life- You are my Soul-Mate

From the moment I looked you I fell in love.
 Ae beauty of life- You are my Soul-Mate.
 I will always love you 
 I will grow in to be with you. 
Every minute I spend with you is a minute I will cherish for Universe.
 You symbolize who we are and who I want to be.
 I am so in love with you. 
I love you, for your Seasonally Personality, 
the warm embrace of your SUMMER,
 that endless love you share with us in SPRING,
 that priceless FALL, 
the way your Uniqueness melts my being like Snow-falling in WINTER
I can't wait to spend the rest of my life in your nature (Silence)
- O my Wonderful Nature 
I love you madly- like- I love myself

Silence is about communication. In the relationship between Soul and the God, this silence is the language of love

There is an ‘artist’ within all of us that is the divine creator.
 When we pray we co-create with God 
to raise awareness of wonder in the world. 
When we draw closer to God that reflection of love
 is what others will perceive in us. 
We become God’s instruments 
that generate images of compassion 
beauty in a wounded world.

I have searched myself

Life is a morning walk itself

Existence itself is divine

All things come in their due Seasons

Things moved in their cosmic beauty

I lost my mind and heart, I could not figure out Where the world of beauty and love begins and where it ends. But, Ae my shyness Life, I always Love you!


                                One day: in the early morning I walked to the Track 
as the Sun infused with the Horizon with PINKS and REDS.
 In that BEAUTY my being stood like a Statue 
and My Heart spoke, 'WOW'.
 I felt a Stillness- ' SILENCE', 
Deep Peaceful Atmosphere around me.
 But I did not know who I became. 
I just felt deep LOVE my in Being.
Then I allowed myself to be lost in CREATION's Love, 
 I wondered at The Very Life's Mystery. 
I gave myself to LOVE itself. 
I walked the Brave fully Painful PATH of CREATION's LOVE 
with Ecstasy and Moist being.
Then I realized that GOD comes to us through Mystery.
 To each of Us GOD comes in our own WAY, 
according to our NATURE and HABITS. 
Again I realized that NATURE is my PATH 
and the very NATURE 'CREATION' is my GURU,
 because- For Me, 
GOD is Visible in NATURE.

If one follows nature, one reaches

My Feelings were the Holy scripture,
 is the Holy scripture, 
will always be the Holy scripture! 
So I have so much place in my life for everything

The universe constantly and obediently answers

 to our conceptions; 
whether we travel fast or slow, 
the track is laid for us.

 I love to be alone. 
I never found the companion 
that was so companionable as solitude, 
so night time is my best friend

Clarity brings Serenity like Love brings Spring


                                      Only when one is connected to one's own core
                                                 is one connected to others,
                                                 I am beginning to discover. 
                                            for me, the core, the inner spring, 
                                                     can best be re-found
                                                         through solitude

All I know is that I was born as a thought--travelled as search and found life as an emotion. I kept on dissolving but could not find the Boundary


We are divorced couple but never fought ; 
From last 25 years: 
We are living together in divine-relationship 
and we are best friend. 
It is to transform living into an Art. 
Spiritual life and the art of living are,
 therefore, two ways of referring to the same thing.
 A real relationship is when two people are working. 
It can be in essence. 
When he is asleep she must be awake.
 When she is asleep he must be awake. 
When One is angry, 2nd one is silent.

We live in relationship, not only with other persons 
and our immediate surroundings 
but with the world, 
with time
with the mystery of not knowing who we are, 
where we came from 
and where we are going.
 Most especially we need to remember that 
we live in relationship 
with the fundamental principle of the Universe,
which we call God 
the Divine.

When we say that we want to be happy, 
that we yearn for fulfillment, 
we are actually expressing the human need to unveil 
the mystery of the Divine. 
We know that explanations of life 
and the world are not enough. 
We find real fulfillment 
only when the Divine becomes part of 
our self- awareness.