Life has no meaning at all, In these last twenty years I was searching for the meaning of my life.But I found that life has no one meaning. Since our knowledge as a mankind is still not enough how the universe was created!!! and this is all about own experiences and own thoughts how we take a action and reaction for another. If we are one then we are same and you find here some Spiritual quotes . This web site related to Lifestyle, Love,Peace and happiness site. Life is beautiful you feel here.

A Cosmic pause

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harmony. rhythm. melody,

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Space and Time

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Who are you

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Miss you

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Beauty of Religion

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Yoga and Ayurveda Magazine

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Ahah moments

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The art of living

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Beauty of death

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Amazing beauty

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The death of Ego

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The Journey

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Beauty of Relationship

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Beauty of oneness

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WE don’t know the Nature of the present moment; Because, we don’t recognize what is right in front of us

We have to enjoy the journey 
and be fulfilled by the journey.
 This is because the journey is the destination.
 Destinations are always the end of one journey 
and the beginning of another. 
Life is a never-ending journey
 and a never-ending destination.
 It is an endless circle. 
A spiritual being lives in the center
 of the circle of life
seeing it all.

How can absence, which is not existence, have qualities like radiance and density?

I now experience my identity, 
which is the nature of everything, 
like rainbow,
 like reflection 
but Absence. 
I feel myself, my existence, 
as the immensity of presence, 
absolutely emptiness 
and infinitely deep.
 Yet this immensity and density feels totally light
 and weightless, 
completely devoid of any sensation. 
It is so empty it is total absence.
 It is nothing,
 but at the same time it is dense presence.
 I see everything but nothing- 
unique realization
How can absence, which is not existence, 
have qualities like radiance and density?
 This is absolutely paradoxical, 
but this is my experience

Without the experience we will never get the meaning

Without the experience we will never get the meaning

Mystical is pure phenomenology 
and has to be experienced. 
It’s easier done than said!
 Language will not take us there. 
Insight must come before the word if the word, 
so to say, 
shall become “flesh” 
filled with meaning

What is Yoga!


*Being in total Harmony with Human Nature, 
with the eternal LAWS that Govern the COSMOS,

So: What is God!

What is GOD?
1)--- Synonyms: God, Void, One, 
Absolute, Tao, Being, 
That, Is-ness, Such-ness, No-thing, 

So what is God?
2)--- Can we describe it?

So what is God?
3)--- What are the attributes of 
the Absolute?

So what is God?
Immaculate. Pure. Clearness. Absence. Void. No-Thing.

So what is God ?
No size, no boundaries. 
Neither infinite or infinitesimal, 
nor both nor neither. 
The concept of space-size, 
boundaries, distance
—does not exist. 
God occupies no space.

So what is God?
Totality. Everything. 
Nothing outside it. Nothing it is not.

So what is God?
7)--- Indivisible
No separation possible. Unity.

So what is God
The concept of past,
future does not exist. 
To say God is eternal is meaningless. 
Eternality is an aspect of time.

So what is God?
No capacity for thought or knowledge. 
Pure unknowing. 
Pure mystery. 
It just IS.

So what is God?
Wide awake. Self-aware.
 "A No-Thing aware of itself 
as No-Thing is really quite Something." 

So what is God?
Which is also the answer given to
 "Where is God?" 
Only Here. Never there, 
except when there is Here
—which it always is.

So what is God?
12)---If we're at a loss for words, 
we can refer to the list of God's attributes. 
Are we not pointing to emptiness? 
An aware emptiness of unknown size 
that encompasses all? 
Are we not this that we have described? 
Are we not This?

I feel,Something liquid falling down on belly-button from my head

The intimacy is not only a matter of me being intimate with another person, 
or with the environment. 
It is not a matter of a subject intimately relating to an object. 
I recognize that intimacy is a quality of spacious consciousness.

Intimacy discloses itself. 
What's its nature and When everything is sharing itself, 
with total generosity and complete openness,
 this means that blue level refined consciousness intimately 
in contact with its very nature...

I feel everything is open for each other- we are one - Now

As I proceed to the park,
 I feel myself inseparable from the total stillness of this loving space.
 The mind is quiet and peaceful, the body relaxed and its movements easy. 
As I begin look around everything,
 the sweet quietness envelopes us. 
I slowly realize that I feel intimate not only with myself,
 but also with the trees, flowing water, flowers,and even with the wood fence.
 I feel intimate with everything I am aware of, in an atmosphere of gentle quiet and relaxed openness. 
I feel everything is open for each other- we are one-Now, 
this ONENESS give me taste of sweetness of love not only my tongue but all my being, 
I feel this wonderful taste on my head 
and my stomach...


We will feel the fullness of our Blessings

This whole phenomenon of the universe is the phenomenon of beauty... 
We are all travelers and the Traveler sees what he/she sees.
 The Tourist sees what he/she has come to see,
 that's all...

 In the name of Love
 'Shaheer Sehyogi' begin and in the name of Love She end. 
She began Her journey the day She was born 
her FEELING told her destiny
 yet it remained hidden for Her to discover. 
She traveled through THOUGHTS and FEELINGS, 
to get to a destination which 
She was Seeking.

Love is the time and space where "I" give myself the right to be extraordinary


The whole world is wonderful and we need hardly take special steps to find wonders and miracles by going to seek special phenomena. There is no end to the wonders around us! Our life consists of so few days that, if we realized the privilege of life and were thankful for its opportunities, we should devote our time to attaining what every soul really longs for...

You must understand the whole of life, not just part of it. That is why you must read, you must look at the skies, you must sing, you must dance, you must write poems, you must suffer, and you must understand. For all that… is life

We can not always get the perfect moment, sometimes we just have to do the best we can under the circumstances

Anything beyond this moment 
we can’t be conscious of. 
We never know when our gifts of moments 
will be no longer in this reality. 
we’ll always be consciously unconscious. 
And it’s a beautiful mystery
 that is revealed to us 
each moment.