Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path

New year

Like birds, let us, 
leave behind what we do not need to carry from sadness, 
regrets and painful moments.

* Have a happy new year and new start full of joy.

We bow down 
Fall to the ground in humble adoration countless time,
 to that life who possesses all lives!

* Happy new year with blessed smile!

Bow in humility to the love
 over and over again, 
Enter the sanctuary of the God

* Happy peaceful new year!

Live in silence (Quietude)

If we one day find ourselves looking at the 'person' 
we once thought we were, 
from a place beyond the individual mind, 
we will realize what we are not.
 What we then find ourselves to be, 
will not be describable,
 but the 'person' we were will no longer seem so important,
 or even be seen as real or 'alive'. 
We find this place of Silence through surrender,
 after perhaps years of struggle
 to discover the false self.

I will never let you go (Faith)

 O, My Brave Faith,

I'm here because I want you to know
 that It's the middle of the Night 
and I was thinking about you.
 I want you to know how much I respect you. 
I honestly can't imagine life without you.
 I respect you 
that respect will only grow stronger. 
All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me. 
I've truly been blessed by you 
 I'll never let you go.
 I'm happy, 
alive because of you.
Thanks my unique faith, 
Thanks Lots


What joy Shaheer find in something 
as simple as the extended love - light 
coupled with the kinder temperatures of the faith. 
wow! aha
She is already looking forward to spring's arrival, 
means Nirvana's arrival


Rule & Law. (Zen)

Things are already going in a very strict way. There is no exception.


Wherever there is something, there is some rule or truth behind it that is always strictly controlling it, without any exception.

We think we care for freedom, but the other side of freedom is strict rule. Within the strict rule there is complete freedom.

Freedom and strict rule are not two separate things. Originally we are supported by strict rules or truths. That is the other side of ab- solute freedom.

When we get up we should just get up. When everyone sleeps we should sleep. That is my example.

If someone moves, we will notice. Even though we don’t try to hear it, if some sound comes we will catch it. If we focus on one person, the rest of the people will be very happy! If we don’t catch anyone, no one can move.

Healthy Life ( Love)

My mind is imbued with the creation's love;
 it is dyed a deep crimson. 
Truth and charity are my white clothes. 
The blackness of sin is erased by 
my wearing of blue clothes,
meditation on the Care's everyone
 is my robe of honor.
 Contentment is my cummerbund, 
my love is my health 


Always keep your mind 
as bright 
clear as the vast sky, 
the great ocean, 
the highest peak,
 empty of all thoughts. 
Always keep your body filled with light
 and heat. 
Fill yourself with the power of wisdom 

I exist (Absolutely)

1)---Let’s go directly to the source of our being

2)--- Let’s go directly to the source of our being. Just for a moment set aside your story – all your ideas, sensations, and perceptions of a personal self, of who you think you are. This includes your gender, age, body type, relationships, career, likes and dislikes, successes and failures, hopes, dreams, fears, and memories. Set aside all concepts, beliefs, opinions, positions, and theories of what you think and feel to be right or wrong, good or bad. Gently set all of these to one side and then notice what’s left.




Absolutely nothing.

Yet if we were to ask our-self the question, do I exist? We would immediately answer yes. We wouldn’t have to refer to anything to arrive at this answer. We just know this as an irrefutable fact. We know intuitively that even without all of our stuff that we are present and aware – that our essential being is an aware presence. If there’s any doubt, we can check this out any time in our own experience. You will always come up with the same answer: If I set aside all that I think that I am, I am left with nothing, an emptiness, yet I know that I exist, that I am present and aware.

4)--- Stay with this sense of being. Don’t add anything extra. And as we abide as this aware presence, let’s examine its qualities.

5)--- Can we find a beginning to this aware presence? A place where something else stops and awareness begins? Can we find an end to it? A specific place where awareness stops and something else begins? The answer to both questions is obviously no.

6)--- There is no indication whatsoever, no experiential evidence, that awareness has a beginning or an end, a birth or a death. In other words, it’s timeless, or beyond time. One word for that is eternal.

7)--- Can we find a boundary to this aware presence? Expanding in all directions, can we find an edge, a border – a place where awareness stops and something else begins? It appears as though awareness goes on forever, is limitless, or in other words, infinite.

8)--- Don’t believe a word of this. ''Look for yourself''. Experience for our-self whether or not there are any limits to our essential being as this so-called aware presence.

9)---If, in fact, we do experience the limitless, timeless qualities of this aware presence that appears to be who and what we are at the core of our being, ask our-self the question: If my awareness, or consciousness, has no beginning and no end, no edge or boundary, is outside of time and goes on forever, in other words, is eternal and infinite, where is there room for two of them?

10)--- If something fills up all space and time, better yet, goes beyond all space and time, it has to be everywhere. No room for two.

11)--- There’s just one thing going on, and you, I, we, all things, are IT.

12)---Just for a moment, before we begin to live again as the story we set aside a moment ago, bask in the pure light of this effortless understanding.


When we travel we experience,
 in a very practical way, the act of rebirth. 
We confront completely new situations, 
the day passes more slowly, 
on most journeys we don't even understand the language
 the people speak....
We begin to be more accessible to others, 
because they may be able to help us 
in difficult situations.

Celebration (Completely)

A Life dancing: 
she is not unaware, but she is dancing--
 life means surrender... 
completely surrender... 
Life is completely pure energy. 
When we are absorbed totally then we are in surrender
 -- absorbed totally. 
The self is there in its total purity.
So, On the path of surrender awareness is not the concern! 
Life is aware itself, 
She is concerned with being completely; 
completely means totality. 
Life is concerned with being completely without 'I' in the divine energy
-- with being lost totally in it... 
then we are the life, 
pure life pure alive


Then how could I become a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian, while religion is the mark of distinction of person and not merely his words? 
Then how could I tolerate to be called a Indian, american or a Canadian, while all are one?
Of course, a slight wave did arise and it became in the state of silence, a dedication, a devotion, an enthusiasm, a daring and firmness and it began to demand relief from every bondage. 
— I got the understanding but learnt no modes of worship or penances, but life itself became synonymous with prayer and worship and veritable house of prayer.
— I got the knowledge but did not learn how to do prayer and worship. When my feelings became prayer and worship and my world became a temple I never knew.
— I got the knowledge but did not practise Yoga or enter its stages, when my existence took ‘Sunyas’ (the path of renunciation) I never knew, I can’t say when my feelings practised Yoga and when my sense of ‘I-ness’ took its seat, when my breaths became my meditation and I during my life time performed my final rites and became a denizen of this world, denizen I never knew.
My life did its Phd. of religion from the university of the universe. Nature became my guide and understanding became my direction, which wiped out all ignorance and entrusted to me that degree which lets us enter real life and with it my lost balance got restored.
Thus, my life is flowing on and I am watching that, “When life becomes our guide, we enjoy the process of living; when we get freedom from our own feelings, we get a perfect existence.”

What is death ( Zen)

1)---DEATH. What is it like?
Zen Master: ‘Do you have a question?’
Student: ‘Yes, what is death?’

Zen Master: ‘You are already dead.’

But let’s not point any fingers. It’s a lovely concept and very catchy in its own way. Besides, what more enticing subject is there than death? Our time as a ‘living’ being on this planet is limited. Look around at the billions of people. Look at their faces. Listen to their story. Watch as they succeed and fail, celebrate and mourn. What’s the one thing that we know for certain about every human being, every living thing on this planet? We are, it is, they are, all going to die.

2)---What happens when we die?
Isn’t death the focal point of all of the world’s major religions, philosophies, and even political dogma? How about novels, screenplays, folk tales and songs, nursery rhymes and epic poems? Death. What is it like? What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? Resurrection or reincarnation? Heaven and Hell? It can’t really be the end of me, can it? Etcetera.

3)--- DEATH
There are two ways to interpret this term. The first would be to say that we are ‘already dead’ because we think our-self to be a separate entity made up of thoughts, memories, images, projections, sensations, feelings, and perceptions. All of these are fleeting qualities, coming and going like clouds in the sky, and cannot be considered real in the truest sense.

Yet we identify with them, and, in so doing, miss what’s actually going on. We might say that we miss seeing, or, more accurately, being, that which always exists regardless of the cloud cover – the clear blue sky. So, in this case, because you relate to everyone and everything through this filter of illusionary aspects of an imagined self, we are already dead to what is happening right now.

5)--- DEATH
The second would be that we are ‘Already Dead’ because our original nature, our essential nature, is that of formless emptiness. This is a more accurate description of who you, we, really are, although it is just a description, not the real thing. When we understand, recognize, experience, that all of the qualities we once attributed to our identity as a separate individual are false, all that’s left is emptiness without form – the clear blue sky. Clouds come and go, feelings arise and pass away, sensations become more and then less intense, yet we remain unchanged and all-knowing throughout.

Now ask our-self the question, am I already dead, or Already Dead? Actually, there is no correct answer – there is only This. And you, I, we, are that.

Happy mood

Every moment is priceless moment... 
It's the life I celebrate my every moment,
 it's the spring time for my feelings, 
the mood is happy in this creation 
 I feel so fresh, new, aware 
alive enjoying universe at every moment 
of my life 
my freedom is free when the smile shines...
 Please keep smile !

Knowing how to live alone (present moment)

 If we live without being imprisoned by the past, 
not being pulled away by the future,
 not being carried away by the forms 
images of the present moment, 
living each moment of our life deeply,
 that is the true way of living alone.


You are special, so I fall in love with you. 
O beautiful creation,
 'I love you'.
 I trust you know this--- 
with every moment, 
that passes by, 
you are more the shines-
 in my Life, 
so loving- so giving, 
your presence shines through, 
for all to see- 
I feel Bless-
 I am a part of you... 
bow you 
O, wonderful creation!

Eternal life

Now there is no future, no tomorrow
we cannot say,
"Today I am busy, tomorrow I will meditate." 
We have to drop all business.
 Now the only significant thing to be done
 is to be alert and aware, 
get rid of all our past, 
and move into death 
- innocent, clean, clear, unburdened. 
Then our very death becomes the entry into the divine.
 Then we are not dying; 
we are entering into eternal life.”
* Blessings!!!


When I first met nature 
began to change and deep experience silence, 
I didn't know anything about this silence.
 That didn't matter.
 What mattered was what was happening. 
What mattered was the kind of life this was. 

Then I see: 
Nature is my guru. 
Trees are, Oh my God: 
tress are my own being. 
Then, I live with trees.
 I became totally myself.
 I'm in relationship with creation 
this is a wonderful doorway.

Ultimate experience

Me is that which allows us to experience the I am. 
How could the universal be expressed, 
without the existence of the particular? 
Me is the experiencer of all states 
cannot cease to be present. 
When me dissolves, one returns to the original state,
 prior to consciousness.
 The I am which one experiences is not me
 it is that which created me.
 Me cannot become the ultimate, 
no matter how deeply it is awakened to the dimension 
of pure rest and wholeness. 
For the very simple reason that me always, 
regardless of the state it is in, 
feels itself. 
The nature of me, is from a certain perspective, 
much more subtle than all the inner states,
 for it is the nearest. 
Me cannot simply disappear in any state, 
for without Me the experience of that very state vanishes.
 What I am is not eternal though it evolves eternally 
within the universal I am.
 It is born and it dies. 
It dies, and is reborn into a new Me.
 Me expands infinitely into the vastness 
of the Universal Intelligence. 
It is the journey of the Spirit 
into the ultimate experience of love,

Have a safe and wonderful life

Oh, The beauty of creation: you all:

-What words should I use which could explain my love

-What comforts should I ask for which will give you happiness 
in the depth of your core... 

- What bliss should I pray for so that you may spread 
your fragrant like flowers...

Love you All


We are led through life with an open heart and mind, 
which allows space for grace to come in 
live through us.

I am grateful to be able to feel,
 to write and to share.
 All feelings are welcomed in gratitude 
they serve a purpose to move us
 to look deeper into
 what all of this truly means.

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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