GOD is the Verity of the Universe

The Cosmic Consciousness has made itself a Reflector to HUMAN beings...HUMAN beings reflect the powers that belong to the 'Absolute One'... ''ONENESS OF EXISTENCE'' 

The Universe is a whole, single being and a single Consciousness rules this single EXISTENCE...GOD is the Verity of the Universe...

To be objective means we must see what role our personality plays. It is this objective consciousness that can perceive the state of liberation, because it doesn't have any of the clinging attitudes or obscurations that block the perception. These factors are called factors of enlightenment not only because they will lead us to objectivity and liberation, but also because they are present in the state of liberation itself. WE are joyful, WE are kind, WE are energetic, WE are determined, WE're clear, WE're awake, WE're completely absorbed in our experience, WE're PEACEFUL !!! WOW---!!!