We must see What role our Personality plays

New name- Fresh Moment- 
New Atmosphere- Newness everywhere, New NOW!
This Newness is just like a light: 
when the light is in our house how can darkness exist there!
Newness means: Awareness! More Awake!

The LIFE absolute from which has sprung all 
that is felt, seen, and perceived, 
into which all again merges in Time, 
is a SILENT.

 Don't be a victim of bigotry. 
Be religious, 
but don't be a Hindu, a Muslim, 
a Christian, a Sikh, 
a American, a Chinese. 

- Let the whole Earth be Our Home, Our Church,

Let the whole existence be Our Temple.

Some people thinks I am Idiot. 
They say, 
'You take the life thing to seriously'.
 Well I don't know,
 but life took me seriously 
when life died for me in the Worry
-in the Pain 
in the Restlessness