. Spirituality is an Experience of Becoming LOVE itself

1)--- When I, the separate self, 
take an honest look at my makeup, 
I fall to pieces. 
All I see, all I find, are fragments.
 Nothing of any substance can I call my own.

2)--- It turns out that the I
I have always thought I am is the wrong I! 
It is not an individual I made up of passing
 thoughts, emotions, sensations, 
 How mistaken could I be?

3)--- It’s the only I there is.
 The only I that can be. 
The I that knows all things,
 yet itself cannot be known. 
The I that cannot be found,
 yet is everywhere. 
The I that is beyond thought,
 beyond appearance.

4)---This I cannot fall to pieces, 
cannot be divided in any way.
 It would be like trying to cut the sky in half