The Artist will always produce Art

The Artist will always produce Art
यह कॉस्मिक कला एक ऐसी कलाकारी है, जो कि खालीपन पर खाली रंग से ही की गई है। जब हम इस कलाकारी को समझने के काबिल हो जातें हैं तो हम खुद के रहस्य से जानू हो जातें हैं

Spiritual biography

 Spiritual biography

Born and brought up in the state of Punjab, in northern India to Sikh parents - from very early childhood she had developed a loving and a caring character liked by everyone. This exceptional trait of course, has continued to this very day as she selflessly devotes her time wholeheartedly to the service to humanity, a life dedicated for a noble purpose. Simple, humble, firmly grounded, yet tenaciously strong willed and fiercely independent she had made her mind up to serve and help the needy purely out of compassion. 

Shaheer Sehyogi is a videographer, blogger, and a prolific writer par excellence. Above all she is divinely gifted with oratory prowess and uses her skills creating spiritual videos and short vlogs which she publishes on her blog. She has also written twelve books based on her personal spiritual experiences yet to be published - quite a feat if you think of it. 

She had developed a unique and an intense sense of appreciation and inquisitiveness about life and its intricacies. Being observant about her surroundings and her deeply ingrained love for Mother Nature meant that she would question and scrutinize everything about life meticulously. This deepened her ‘knowing’ and the secrets of LIFE, thereby gaining a better understanding of every specific event unfolding and its significance, that too purely from a spiritual perspective. 

From an early age Mother Nature had become her teacher and refuge showering upon her boundless joy, peace, and much solace. Her relationship has only deepened with time, the one constant in a sea of change. Whenever, she found herself amidst trees and areas containing a body of water she would find herself going deeper and deeper, plunging into ‘reverie’ of meditative silence. As such, her soul would settle into absolute peace, bringing poise or balance of body, mind, and spirit and she would experience the oneness with God.

Is it not a fact of truth that in Nature we find unassailable silence and it is in Nature that the trees, flowers, and grass grow in silence. And it is in the vast etheric realm that the stars, the moon, the planetary bodies and the sun move in silence. Thus, Shaheer Sehyogi not only moved in silence but through her very own personal experiences felt one with Nature heightening and facilitating her inner journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment quite rapidly. It seems that Nature itself as an ‘open book source’ was guiding her and it is where she was greeted with familiarity and she felt that it was ‘home’ already. The need for journaling her spiritual growth and voyage did not really matter nor did keeping her spiritual journal handy by her side. Both Nature and Shaheer Sehyogi are inseparable. 

Vehemently serious in her approach and deeds, she has followed the dictates of God only, which in the course of time has allowed her, through Grace to tap into the unifying principle of Consciousness, having undergone the coveted state of self-realization or enlightenment. Discipline, devotion and dedication, as well as constant inquiry about every aspect of life has enabled her to garner and therefore, make use of these Divine qualities to not only heal and overcome her own bodily ailments, but she has gone on to help many others who have no doubt benefited through her selfless acts. 

As a child she disliked school, and was not very studious, however who could have possibly imagined that this very self-confessed school hater, has written a dozen books! She is not only a successful blogger but simultaneously manages multiple Facebook pages to her credit and that too with a sizeable following from all corners of the world. 

It sometimes seems as though, that the very Divine Principle through His mercy, choicest Blessings and abundant Grace, has imbued the celestial gift to Shaheer Sehyogi by conferring upon her the ability to write and orate with remarkable proficiency. And it does not stop at that, in fact, she has developed the unique means to foretell the future and even predict a person’s life. She can also foresee death of an individual three weeks prior to his/her passing. However, she is quick to point that these abilities take place only under God’s providence as and when He wills it. In short, she is a psychic of the highest calibre as well as being endowed with the gift of healing. It is natural for someone to worry about their own health as they age, and the overwhelming fear of death is quite common. But for Shaheer Sehyogi, death is of the body alone and is as unreal as the body itself which ultimately merges with the 5 elements.

It can also be said that, when she creates a blog or a video based on her personal spiritual experiences, her ability to express and explain them is exemplary. The content is easy to discern, grasp, and understand with ease. This ‘gift’ is a result of an opening of the heart, which is an essential aspect of her being able to address the subject matter in a manner which directly impacts the reader or the listener. This is because they can relate to it at each of the three primary levels namely, mental (Mansik), intellectual (Bodhik) and spiritual (Aatmic) depending of course on the level of individual understanding. 

In her own words, ‘Experiences not only granted me the art and the talent of expressing my musings through writing, but they took birth from the very depth of silence spanning over 40 long years.’ The material she shares with the world is her own work, unplagiarized, and not lifted out of any books or from any source per se. It is neither reworded nor repackaged if you will to glorify it, since it is her original work, quite unique and owned by her with God’s Grace and His Divine Will. As such, it finds expression through written and spoken words from her BE-ing.

In total awareness, whilst conversing with trees during deep silence, she can at once feel the Oneness with Nature and God woven into one. Both seemingly existing as one charming entity mirroring the human experience, as well as summoning and teaching her how to live, love, and grow spiritually. Always aware of her surroundings, how then could she differentiate and therefore discriminate between a tree, animal and/or a human being? ‘Relationships, life and God are One - that is, all are one and One is All,’ so says Shaheer Sehyogi hence she savours every precious moment with mindfulness.

Having had a very deep and close connection with LIFE and Nature, Shaheer Sehyogi, is of the opinion that spirit and matter meet in the mind. The reason behind her conviction is very simple – both spirit and matter she explains, originate from God (or the Parabrahman the Unmanifest Absolute Reality) it is that simple. Thus, it becomes easier to comprehend her deep insight when she claims that the body and soul (or Consciousness), man and God, and spirit and matter as mentioned above are indeed ONE, because ultimately that is the only Absolute Reality. 

She explains in her own words, ‘Due to the effect of lethargy on our intellect, we fail to grasp the beatitude of this world and drown ourselves in the frenzy of worldly desires and attachments due to the overwhelming effect of Maya. However, it is this very world that becomes a spiritual dimension when we become enlightened.’

Though she is a voracious reader, having read all the books of the world’s religious faiths, she has nevertheless only followed God and the dictates of her heart with faith, devotion, and undying trust. She has never followed any Guru’s either, though she quite often cites the Vedas and Shastras (the books of wisdom of ancient India), in her blogs and videos respectively. Her deep and selfless love for Bhagwan Shiv Ji, Bhagwan Krishna Ji, Baba Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Bhagwan Buddha Ji and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad is ingrained in every cell of her body. She has personally witnessed astounding miracles and experiences (fifty eight (58) in total), with these Divine Beings, and she has mentioned them in her books.

Her obstinate nature means that she will not compromise the TRUTH! It is no wonder that her search for Truth has spanned over four decades. Here truly is a selfless, loving, spiritually enlightened BE-ing, in whom there is no deceit. Shaheer Sehyogi has acquired the status of faultless altruism through intense love, penance, and observance of silence through endless hours of deep meditation all her life. She has always placed much emphasis on living life righteously whilst embracing the qualities of respect, discipline, simplicity, and humility at all times.

On the other hand, she is totally against corruption, unfairness and deception particularly in the name of religion and socio-political injustices affecting our world. There is an aspect of human nature that she is clearly not too happy with, and it is her mission to create universally a just and a well developed system free of any suffering emotionally, mentally, and physically.

She talks a lot about silence; because it is only in silence can you derive maximum benefits by understanding your True Nature. ‘The deepening and the broadening of self awareness is the royal way - call it mindfulness witnessing or attention which ultimately helps you cross the ocean of Samsara,’ she explains. Self-realization is NOT something that you attain or long to accomplish. You are ‘THAT’ or FREEDOM itself and once arrived at it cannot be lost!

She has felt most comfortable and welcomed in the Holy lap of Mother Nature in whom she has confided wholly. Finally after years of deep contemplation Shaheer Sehyogi is happy to reveal that, her deep seated desires and dreams that she had envisioned are beginning to materialize. Her teaching style is very logical and practical and she is now firmly rooted, convinced and well prepared to guide the denizens of Earth, and walk with them hand-in-hand and side-by-side towards the Ultimate Path of FREEDOM and ENLIGHTENMENT. She has issued a clarion call to people of all ages to join her in this beautiful Spiritual undertaking.

For the last so many years she has lovingly taken under her wings the responsibility of adopting underprivileged children across the globe by providing support and funding their education. The world has begun noticing her noble and priceless deeds and teachings and as such she has gained much traction within a very short time span with a following from many parts of the world. The ardent followers lovingly address her as Maa (Hindi) or Ma (Sanskrit), which means Mother.

She is well settled and currently residing in a beautiful sunny city of Los Angeles California, United States of America. With her family she runs an NGO called Prego Dalliance which is a bird sanctuary housing rescued parrots and peacocks. Of course, she also maintains a spiritual blog through which she publishes, delivers, and shares her personal experiences spanning over four decades.

Shaheer Sehyogi does not propound any ideology or religion but gently reveals the mystery of the self. Her message is simple, direct and yet sublime. It is her wish and deep yearning to re-establish and revive the age old system of Gurukul (a centre of learning in ancient India) in each and every household. It is her earnest belief that this will help disseminate and therefore nurture the right values in our society, provided of course that it is taught to the children from a young age. According to her this step will herald a new dawn of spiritual unity, Universal Love and fellowship.


                                                                     Paresh Jivanji

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