My Profession is to always find God in Nature

My Profession is to always find God in Nature
What I knew was that the silence blossomed the heart. When the heart blossomed, there was a feeling of love. The romance started with me. When my romantic-mind took all my stress from me all the time, I could not know. I who I am, I am unknown, today I remembered Buddha in unknown happiness



 Despite my wish not to write anything, my feelings and perceptions standing in profound experiences are engaged in verbal clothing. What clothing do they wish to give my individual Life today? Will their flow never stop?

The awareness of the journey of the mind and the intellect began with materialism and passed through the emotive field to reveal the intellectual field. Today it becomes a Beautiful means to explain the wonderful, immaculate Life clothed in inexplicable garments expressing itself in these verbal forms.

It is that Beautiful means that makes the meaning of spiritual Silence present Life in verbal form teaching us the grandeur of spiritual Silence, but makes it wear the garments of words, which is replete with the consciousness of nothingness. However at the same time, it gives individuality a new direction, which is prepared to annihilate itself, but is at the same time entering the womb for a new pregnancy, which seeks riddance from egotism. Again at the same time, it is becoming a means for new feelings and perceptions—what is this Life and what is its labyrinthine course? What is its beginning and what is its end? Standing in the midst of a deep riddle and glittering through countless windows, it is engaged in self-play on its own theatrical stage; and today, my writing, is also a part of what is actually transpiring.

I feel—these words are the raiment of my Quietude and crave to make me enjoy the sight of a Beautiful, untouched, and invaluable field. This individual Life of today, which is flowing in words, apprehends the deep, latent Quietude concealed in words. This Life, which is hidden in deep and thick layers, always undertakes its journey in the imprisonment of words. This confinement itself becomes their release when I become aware that these verbal garments are a means to make us cognizant of this Quietude.
For my evanescent, weak moments, which take courage from words, twitter with wistful enthusiasm and seek assiduously to touch the Zenith—need no portrayal.
In Life nothing is superfluous, every article or commodity is meant to serve some need of ours. We only need that art which tells us the final limit of our need or requirement. Today, innocence is tingling us in its own hue—this unique hue is the hue of Silence, while Life is silent. To understand the nature of this Silence we have to travel through words.
However, the vast expansion of Life might be different, though it is common to us all owing to the oneness of the beginning and the end. It might spread in so many directions, may take the shape of infinite directions, but it is based on Silence alone. For this very reason, despite being sensible, it does unwise things.
The series of infinite impressions, the period of infinite occurrences, pulls this way and that of countless situations. The circle of countless desires—takes us away from Life and never allows us any time to understand Life; for Life means Silence, rather than the combination of entreating temptations—Silence can only be apprehend-ed in moments of Silence, but to reveal and express this Silence or quietness we have to resort to words. Yes, we have to present words for the revelation or expression of this Silence.
Today, my Beautiful feelings and perceptions are in a piteous state, which standing as a structure of desires, calls, “How may I explain all these words to teach me Silence.” Silence and speech have the same manifestation as they descend into the depth of Life—all are one and the same.
This awareness is an awareness which contains not even an iota of egotism or I-ness; the depth of this experience is the present moment.
Life means Silence—but the spiritual quest is always conducted through words
Life is nameless—but understanding comes only through name
Life is shapeless—but it appears always through shape
It is because my personal, individual Life seeks Silence—but only finds Silence in words—for these words have entered Life only through Silence and these words are linked with the world. The link ultimately lies with the Unknown. This consciousness enriched with experience expresses its feelings through words and gives Life a new direction, for these words are not vocal but form the garb of Silence and reveal this new direction of Life. Though it may be any Life, it is first understood through some shape and not through the shapeless objects.


Love you

Love you


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