Have a beautiful life

Have a beautiful life

My serene already exists within me ( spiritual life )

- What do we mean by the spiritual life...!
- We mean by spiritual life a life like a sage's life, and a rishi's life...
- If we think sage's life is a spiritual life, then be like a sage...
- If we think our life is a spiritual life too, keep to it...
- It is not possible to say which life is best...
- IF we think our worldly strife brings us happiness, just keep to it
- If we think a sage's life gives us happiness, then give up our own path 

- Whatever makes us happy and makes us think we are doing right, go on regardless of what other say...
- If it gives us happiness, if we are satisfied while doing it, while reaping its effect, then its all right, go on with it, 
We will always be blissed

What a beautiful beauty all around us

What a beautiful beauty all around us
It is never too late to change. Everyday is new. Every breath is fresh new air. Life continuously renews itself. why should we not? All it takes is the choice to let go of the past. of that which does not work anymore and embrace the new with openness